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Keep it up! So maybe it can be done, but will it require an inordinate amount of silicone to physically hold the acrylic in place, more bonded to the glass than the acrylic? Business, Finance, and Investing Making money, investing in markets, and running businesses. We are here for the awesomeness of nature. Submit a new link.

Eric Evans and Brent Baines

Be my guest. WTF are you talking about? It's right there when you quote the post. I hope with this level of intelligence you're not studying something like medicine? What an irredeemable dumbass. Your little "show you're a dumbass then pretend you're just playin' when you embarrass yourself badly" act is pretty common and not that clever.

You're not fooling anyone at this point. Ironically this thread has outed you and not me. I'm like the Henry of BFI. Loser takes a shot, it backfires, he goes nuts and gets a little obsessed and makes a transparent ass of himself without realizing it. Shouldn't you be studying? I will start posting some daily trades after next week if nothing big comes up I was also out when Powell made his comments on Wednesday which was also very easy money with SPY dailies, and I'm taking time off this week too.

Should be easy enough to get there with the last three weeks of the year. If not I'll hail Mary the hell out of it on the 31st of December, which is conveniently a Monday. Doesn't even get a full 20 sessions in the month of December, Will be a hilarious weekend in here December if still nothing has happened. He doesn't trade. Likely, doesn't have an account. I'd say vegas would offer even money this guy isn't legit.

All these accolades he bestows on himself and zero proof rendered. Going to start Pm'ing mods to get him perma banned for trolling. Needs to at least post some pics of this awesome traveling fx fin twit master status. At least the shills can rent a rolls for the day. Doubt this guy could rent a '99 neon on credit.

Seems like he has a great personality. I bet mods would forgive him if he came clean on his bs. Just a thought. Last edited by ToothSayer; at I offered you a highly generous 3: You declined, saying you had to "study for finals", which everyone mocked you for.

I'm not sure whether you're broke or just desperate for attention from your betters me , but at this point you're just a worthless zero content troll with a weird obsession about me. I can't imagine how sad your life would have to be to be obsessed with me. I guess you're one of those really creepy losers you find sometimes on the Internet.

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Mia malkova face fuck Smilies are On. Forum Rules. All times are GMT The time now is Computer Technical Help Programming. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Business, Finance, and Investing Making money, investing in markets, and running businesses. Page 21 of Thread Tools. Jul Posts: Brian completely unofficial and illegal prop bet Thread is a fascinating honey trap.

View Public Profile. Send a private message to case3. Find More Posts by case3. Find Threads Started by case3. Jan Posts: Brian completely unofficial and illegal prop bet Quote: Send a private message to JCA Jun Posts: Originally Posted by stinkypete These analogies are getting dumb. Send a private message to Do0rDoNot.

May Location: Bay Area, CA Posts: Brian completely unofficial and illegal prop bet Hedge funds are getting destroyed YTD when they are supposed to be generating alpha given the environment. Send a private message to ASAP Dec Posts: Send a private message to bodybuilder Find More Posts by bodybuilder Find Threads Started by bodybuilder Aug Posts: Send a private message to turtletom.

Find More Posts by turtletom. Find Threads Started by turtletom. Send a private message to Made my day rofl. Mar Location: Been around Posts: Originally Posted by turtletom Lol, I'm not going to waste my time Send a private message to de captain. Find More Posts by de captain. However in the atheist sub I would have to say this is theoretical anyway: Nobody should worry about judgement if you live a good life as religion always repeats justice.

Making progress with tripteron based printer. Just add an extra arm in the opposite corner and the effects are countered mostly. He could even add an arm in all four corners to guarantee the printhead stays in the plane. They have a nice low gate threshold voltage between 1v and 2.

PWM would enable dimming even. Can--and should--I run Homebridge on my Pfsense computer? In general it is not recommended to have any extra services running on that box as it is more likely to make you vulnerable to outside attacks. Struggling with Huawei b 4g router in Ethiopia.. I have a similar Huawei here that is very picky about its location.

Underclocking by trader in pihole. Spend 3 bucks extra to get the p variant if your network can handle it. Also, I highly recommend not trusting any IP rating on the cameras, rather screw them open and coat all pcbs with nail polish to prevent corrosion. Internet cable split by Rias7 in HomeNetworking.

Maybe this? Spotify Connect Control through Homebridge? Maybe if you are running homebridge on the same box as a Spotify client you can emulate media-key strokes. I know Pi Music Box does a Spotify connect client. Connect is able to control the songs on another player. Just bought a GH4 by LeaJohnson31 in gh4. Bare basic: Try having it to the right without a sharp cutoff.

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The cube is up! Good luck. I'm trying to go super slow with this tank and let it find its own balance. While a single apple is a metaphor for Original Sin in Renaissance paintings of Adam and Eve, in 'Retroactive 1' an astronaut parachutes back to earth only to land in an upturned box of the 'forbidden fruit' - a symbol of how man's potential for evil has multiplied in the modern world in Latin, the words for 'apple' and 'evil' are identical in their plural form: Your little "show you're a dumbass then pretend you're just playin' when you embarrass yourself badly" act is pretty common and not that clever. I think he also realized he fucked up right away. Maybe this? Originally Posted by stinkypete These analogies are getting dumb.


  • I think nobody should worry about hell in that case, because you get there if you want by living an atheist live , or alternatively you go to heaven if you choose to by devoting your live to god.
  • The composition recalls early religious icons where the central figure of Christ or a saint would have been surrounded by some smaller narrative panels.
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  • Right, the fin thing.
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  • Jasper Johns' early artworks question how we look at, perceive and make art.
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  • Waits all year to make the big daddy trade that wins him this bet.
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