Zoey Watch Your Ass Left Dead Ganassa Alessandro

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Posted on 07 April , I played L4D a lot, and this never happened on any of my playthroughs. Posted on 18 September , Look at the background. Posted on 17 June , Posted on 01 July , You have to register before you can add comments.

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Front Page. H entai V erse. Watch Your Ass! Left 4 Dead. No Replaced Language: Add to Favorites. There are newer versions of this gallery available: Left 4 Dead , added Posted on 15 June , Wait, she had a Boomer blow up on her and there's no horde of Commons? Man, this comic is totally inaccurate! Posted on 16 June , Posted on 17 June , Posted on 02 July , Posted on 12 July , Posted on 20 July , Mindavarious, When Valve decides to move into porn business But seriously this is great!

Posted on 26 August , Posted on 20 March , This dude Posted on 27 March , Posted on 31 March , Posted on 02 April , I'm baffled by the fact that somebody has spent so little time on the internet as to flag something like this offensive, while at the same time being aware of this website. Posted on 20 April , That smoker fucked 2 mouthes and 3 asses at the same time, he won for sure.

Posted on 21 June , Posted on 24 June , Posted on 25 June , I would question the hygiene issues as these are basically corpses with rotting flesh and what-not, but who am I kidding? This is porn and such issues don't exist. Posted on 23 September , Posted on 24 September , Posted on 28 September , Posted on 29 October , Haha, Bill's gonna get raped by a spitter: Although, if they use a bile bomb to get Louis gangbanged I may die from the laughter.

Posted on 16 September , Holy shit, Ganassa picked this back up?! This is goddamn zombie-porn Christmas right here Posted on 17 September , Not to be that nitpicky prick but Zoey wouldn't even be partially infected since they are all carriers they have anti bodies that makes sure the virus can't take over, Still that aside it's some good shit.

Posted on 18 September , Posted on 22 September , Da Bomb. BenWhite They have antibodies sure, but if a survivor were to be overloaded in large quantities with the virus then the antibodies wouldn't be able to effectively prevent the infection. Posted on 29 September , Bill's pants are all ripped apart while Tank-o over there has a pair of pants and shoes that would make the Hulk green with envy.

Oh wait Impregnated, corrupted Zoey At least the wait's given us this! Posted on 11 October , Well she lost her pregnant belly fast. And without scars or sagging skin Posted on 13 October , I don't think it was a pregnant belly, just a womb entirely flooded with tank jizz. Anyway, this is really good. It's always been hard to have the willingness to kill the witch I know why now Damn, where the heck you could find cute zombie-hybrid baby?

Posted on 14 October , Fantastic art. Reminds me of the old marvel comics I used to collect as a kid. Posted on 16 October , Posted on 18 October , Posted on 20 October , Loki The Flameshield. Those zombie babies are so adorable Posted on 23 October , Posted on 01 November ,

Oh wait Holy shit, Ganassa picked this back up?! Posted on 10 November , Posted on 07 April , ShinKensou Actually, the mob did show up. Posted on 08 September ,

[Ganassa (Alessandro Mazzetti)] Zoey! Watch Your Ass! (Left 4 Dead):

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This is porn and such issues don't exist. Looks kind of like it but I'm not really sure. Where are those kickass military sniper rifles? You have to register before you can add comments.

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