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Whoever drinks from me will become a tiger. When the king saw him he said to his huntsmen, "Chase after him all day long and into the night, but take care that no one does him any harm. That door in our house that slammed itself Any protest I had was quickly silenced and I could only watch as my room, my one free area that I had any say in, was transformed. She shifted position slightly, which caused her pussy to rub Jake's hip.

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Fucks gorgeous babe and masturbating. Her wife after fucked while hard. Hot mom with huge juggs chicks share to fuck. Hot finger fucks in the fingers her bed. I rub myself sometimes, too, but nothing squirts out. He knew that some of the girls at school did that, but he never would have thought of his little sister doing it at her age! An awkward silence fell other Jake and Katie.

They both seemed to realize the intimacy of the secrets they had just shared. Finally, Jake said, "Let's go to sleep. Jake put his arm around her, and the two of them drifted contently off to sleep Katie woke up in the morning still snuggled against Jake. She shifted position slightly, which caused her pussy to rub Jake's hip. A tingle traveled throughout her whole body.

She ground her pussy into his hip some more, then got into a steady, pleasurable rhythm. It feels good. Katie ground hard against Jake's cock, grunting with each thrust. Jake moaned with pleasure as cum erupted from his penis. When his penis began to soften so that she could not longer rub herself on it, Katie laid down on Jake, resting her head on his chest.

She felt his warm fluid ooze between her body and his. Just as they were both drifting back to sleep, the alarm went off. Katie reluctantly climbed off of Jake and out of his bed. She picked up her panties and t-shirt from the floor, then walked to the bathroom.

Katie was amused that Jake was still hesitant to get out of bed while she was still in the room. She liked being naked in front of her brother. Why was he so shy about it? Whatever the reason, it gave Katie a sense of power over her older brother. It was something that she was brave enough to do, and he was scared of.

Once again, Jake spent the day thinking about Katie. Since school had started, he had been trying to devise a plan for getting one of the girls he knew to fool around with him. Despite his flirting, he had gotten nothing more than a shy smile from any of them. He had already done a lot more with his sister than he had realistically hoped to do with any of the girls at school--and, it hadn't even been his idea: Katie had started it all.

It wasn't long after their mother left that night when Katie sat down on the living room sofa next to her brother. Let's go to bed early, tonight. Are you? I don't want to go to sleep. Her older brother knew so many things that she didn't, but he seemed to be a little slow concerning their new game. Katie laughed again when her brother blushed.

Katie put on another show before jumping onto the bed. She started to pull the covers off of Jake. Jake grabbed them. I wanna see! Eventually, Katie wound up on her back with Jake between her spread legs. His stiff penis resting in the folds of her vagina. They both froze--neither one sure what was going to happen next. Katie's laugh broke the silence. Jake laughed with her, then began rubbing his penis against her slit.

Several times, the tip of his penis caught on something. Jake pushed harder to break it free. Then, instead of riding across Katie's pussy, Jake's penis slipped into her vagina. Katie's gasped as Jake's penis tore through her hymen. Jake was equally surprised to find his penis suddenly inside of his sister. It had been more of a shock than something painful.

Katie's breathing slowed, and a smile came to her face. Jake took her smile as a sign to proceed, then nature took over. He began thrusting in her vagina. As his pace steadily quickened, Katie began emitting grunts and moans. Her sounds really turned on Jake.

The faster and harder he thrust, the louder Katie got. Finally, Jake thrust hard and deep into Katie, letting out a forceful grunt as he flooded her vagina with his semen. The intense pressure pushed Katie over the edge, and she experience the first orgasm of her young life. Jake collapsed on top of Katie. She wrapped her legs and arms around him and held him tightly.

Eventually, Katie relaxed, and Jake rolled off of her. They looked at each other and smiled simultaneously. Jake reached over and turned off the light. They snuggled close together and fell asleep. Jake awoke with the ache of a morning erection. He knew immediately what he needed to cure it.

He ran his hands over his sister, feeling her breasts, buttocks, and pussy. Katie opened her eyes and smiled at her brother. She instantly read the question in his face. She rolled onto her back and spread her legs. Jake wasted no time mounting her. They fucked like wild animals, both making considerable noise.

When they were done, the were both a little embarrassed by the sounds they had made. Katie sat up to get out of bed. She was stunned to see traces of blood on her pussy and thighs. She turn her around so Jake could see. Jake rushed to her side of the bed. In so doing, he noticed the bloody streaks on his now limp penis. He pulled the covers back, and they were both shocked to see spots of blood on the sheets.

Jake and Katie quickly examined themselves and were relieved to find that neither one of them was still bleeding. What happened? Let's just get cleaned up. Then Jake took the sheets off of the bed and put them in the washer. When their mother came home, they were eating breakfast silently in the kitchen. At school, Jake made some discreet inquiries among his friends.

He tried to find an explanation for the blood without either telling his friends he had sex with his sister, or appearing to be ignorant about sex. By the end of the day, he was greatly relieved. When Katie got home, Jake took her aside. It won't happen again. Of course not. What's going on? His mother looked at him suspiciously. I spilled something on them.

It was just a drink. Try to be more careful. She was tempted to ask another question, but then a thought came to her and she walked away instead. She looked through the dirty laundry basket and found a pair of Jake's underpants. Examining the front, she noticed some tell-tale stains. Now she understood why Jake was spending so much time in the bathroom after school.

She realized that he must have soiled his sheets and didn't want his mother to find out. A smile came to her face: Should she talk to him about it, or let his father deal with it? What would she say? She decided to think it over for a few days before making a decision. Shortly after his mother left for work, Jake went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Just as he was walking in, Katie came out of her room. Could I? The thought of having his sexy little sister in the shower with him even made him forget his shyness about being naked in front of her. Jake scoffed then tossed with clean underpants into the laundry basket with his dirty clothes. They sat together on the sofa watching TV. Actually, Katie spent as much time watching Jake's body as she did the TV.

She was fascinated by his penis. It has seemed so much bigger when it was stiff and buried inside her vagina. The rest of Jake's body looked like that of a sexy man's, but his limp penis looked like it belonged on a much younger boy. Jake noticed how his little sister kept staring at his penis. Why did he feel so self-conscious? When he went around the neighborhood in nothing but a pair of shorts, he was proud to show off his body.

It gave him a strange thrill when he caught someone checking him out. He had been naked in front of his sister before--when they were younger--but this was different. He felt like he was more grown up, but he still thought of Katie as his baby sister. But she wasn't a baby: Neither one of them was paying much attention to the TV program. One time, they caught each other each looking over the other's body and smiled.

Jake turned off the TV, grabbed Katie's hand, and led her to his bed. Neither one said a word, but the grunts and moans of their animalistic mating filled the house. When they were done, Katie kissed Jake gently on the lips. It was the first kiss between new lovers. Their mother was off work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night, so Katie had to sleep in her own bed. It was torture, but she and Jake made up for it Monday night.

Once there mother was safely down the road, they both shucked their clothes and fucked right there on the living room sofa. They spent the night trying to fuck as many different places in the house as they could: Katie wanted to fuck in their mother's bed, but Jake thought that was going too far.

For three weeks, they fucked every night and morning that their mother was working. The hardest part was making it through the three whole days that their mother was off. They would fuck Friday morning, then would have to wait until Monday night to fuck again. The following Monday, Katie came home from school feeling particularly horny. She couldn't wait for her mother to leave for work.

She put her books down and went into the kitchen to get a drink. She saw her mother through the kitchen window. She was out back working in the yard. She would probably be there for at least another fifteen or twenty minutes. She went to her room and removed her clothes, then walked across the hall to her brother's room. As usual, he was sitting at his desk working on his homework wearing only a pair of shorts.

She walked up behind him and gave him a hug. He turned to kiss her on the lips. They had been stealing kisses whenever their mother was at home, and it had become a game to see how often they could kiss without their mother catching them. Are you crazy?

What if Mom sees you? She won't be in for a while, yet. I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me right now. I'm not leaving until you fuck me. Jake could feel his penis stiffening. He wanted her bad, but he was terrified of getting caught. He looked at the door, expecting his mother to walk in at the very moment. Maybe they could sneak a quick fuck in, but Katie was right: His hormones made his decision for him.

He pulled his shorts down just enough to expose his erect penis, then pushed it into Katie's wet vagina. He strained to listen for the sliding glass doors opening while he thrust like a jack rabbit. The thrill of risking getting caught put him over the edge quickly. Katie didn't have an orgasm, but she felt incredibly naughty sitting at the table having dinner with her mother as her brother's cum leaked from her vagina into her panties.

After that night, it became a challenge to see how often Jake could get his penis into Katie--whether or not their mother was at work. Mom would go out for groceries, and Jake would be between Katie's legs.

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That was the last prediction for a long time. Before this morning, she had just been the brat that lived in the same house that he did. She was loud, but not loud enough to make out parents hear, I think she liked the thought that her brother had to listen to her moan. If you have something mean to say He was groggy and confused to find someone in bed with him.

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