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Evidence for settlements along the coasts of North America would have been destroyed, as all the coastal land sank and flooded after the ice age. Since settlements have been dated to around 35, years ago in South America, the continent must have been colonized much earlier. The Mammoth Hunter culture stretches from the Atlantic coast and may even have reached North East America that way across central Europe and South Siberia, and dates from about 55, years ago - when the physical type was still the rugged "Neanderthal" - to about 15, years ago - when the great mammoth herds were a thing of the past and the ice-age was coming to an end in rapid climate changes.

Mammoths lingered on - much reduced in size from the giants of the ice-age, on isolated islands in the Arctic and North Pacific to as late as 4, years ago when even these were hunted to extinction.

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Taboo toddler download mobile porn We can talk about a "mammoth-hunter culture" because although there are many differences over such a vast period of time - there is clear evidence of interaction, trade routes, and the sharing of ideas.

From about 55, years ago to about 15, years ago, the mammoth hunters are distinguished by their yurts built of mammoth bones. During that time their physical appearance changed from the rugged Neanderthal type to the more modern type like ourselves. This was part of the process of neotony. It is the process found in domesticated animals like dogs and cats. It is the retention of juvenile characteristics.

In this case we were domesticating ourselves with our improved technology. We did not improve physically. We became less robust and strong. Our faces are flatter, our noses thinner so our sinuses more likely to get bunged up, our mouths smaller, so we get impacted wisdom teeth, and our teeth have weaker roots so they are more likely to rot.

And also our brains shrunk to two-thirds of the Neanderthal size. Shortly before birth, the modern human foetus loses lots of brain cells. What we have lost is much of our innate senses - our ancestors were far more in tune with their environment. The architecture of the yurts improved until 15, years ago, they were neatly constructed with the bones fitted together in patterns.

Society seems to have developed too, with larger villages and the yurts arranged along streets. And with a ceremonial lodge as a main feature. The Impact of the Sewing Needle and Thread A major development in technology which actually physically changed people into the modern people we can easily recognise as our ancestors was invention of the sewing needle about 40, years ago, which enabled water-tight skin boats, as well as waterproofed clothing.

Warm boots were now worn, and cosy clothes were made cut and sewn to fit comfortably. A survey of the remains of feet bones shows that about 30, years ago people were wearing boots or shoes all the time and not going barefoot most of the time as before. Still today, the sewing needle is a prized possession for women living in remote parts of Siberia.

Many of the needles discovered were of bone, rounded in cross section with sharp points and a small eye for the thread. These were not likely to have been used with fur and leather. You need something harder with a triangular cross section to pierce holes in leather without splitting it. The bone needles indicate woven clothing, which is also indicated on the little mother dolls.

Also they could be used for tattooing which is also indicated on the little figures. Woven linen was a technology which was not beyond them at all but we should be very lucky to find any trace of it surviving in an archaeological site. And much of the weaving equipment would be perishable too, wood.

But some bone artifacts which have been found might have been used for some kind of weaving or knitting and for spinning and preparing the material which could have been from sources like nettle fibres, or hemp. Leather probably had holes drilled round the seams ready to be stitched with needle and thread - which could be spun from animal fibres like sinew reindeer sinews were used until recently or vegetable fibers.

The drilling of holes in the needles, as well as the huge number of drilled beads that were found indicate another new technology - the bow drill. This was also used to make fire. And although it could take 20 minutes to get a fire going - it was at least a reliable method.

One that was in the domain of the housewife. So much so, that the hearth was in the control of the housewife and in Siberia women shamans are called "Udagen" or "fire" or "hearth" woman. And a female spirit controlled the fire. The bow drills were themselves regarded as sacred objects. However they were of perishable materials so did not last long.

The mammoth hunters discovered preserved in frozen tombs, dated to around 25, years ago, wore clothes made of fur and leather, tailored and sewn and decorated with embroidery, beads and fringes. They wore jewellery, tattooed and painted their bodies and dressed their hair in elaborate braided styles.

They also decorated their homes, and many objects both for use and for their religion. Workshops have been found where bead making has been concentrated, and other manufactures - showing specialization and trade. When the mammoth hunters first arrived in Europe from Siberia, about 30, to 35, years ago, they brought with them a far more advanced technology and culture to the native Neanderthal population.

Although the Neanderthals at the time were not far behind, this new culture was far more advance in so many ways that the European Neanderthals were from that time history. This is referred to as the Aurignacian culture and sites have been across Europe as well as in Siberia.

These perhaps represent the first wave of "modern" European settlers as can be traced in the Y chromosomes of European men as originating from South Siberia. They did not yet have the fine bone needles which indicate they would have had woven clothing and sewn water tight boots and watertight skin boats.

They did have lots of decorative jewrellry, beaded and decorated clothing and since they also painted pictures over cave walls, probably painted and tattoed bodies. The site recently excavated by the river Yana was inhabited from about 19, years ago to about 18, years ago.

At the coldest period in the last ice age. As it is at latitude It was not covered by ice and snow though - because of the extremely dry climate, only the ground was frozen. And in summer they were able to enjoy continuous sunshine. Winters were cold dark and miserable. They must have had hearth fires, oil lamps, and warm waterproof and windproof clothing.

Also the technology to store food for the winter months. The picture shows one of the stone tools and part of a carved wolf bone. News from the Cosmic Elk.

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Mammoth Hunters of the last Ice-Age, their legacy, and "World Surveyor Man".:

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