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Slowly raising her body temperature to a normal level, Rukia notices a small cut on her finger and wonders if she stayed at absolute zero for more than 4 seconds. Enhanced Endurance: He looks very young and wears the Karakura high school uniform with the jacket zipped up. Rukia exhibited some spiritual power during this time. He allows them to return to the Human World. The day after Orihime Inoue is kidnapped by Ulquiorra, Mizuiro and Keigo welcome Ichigo back to school after a long absence due to the latter's training with the Visored and his second fight with Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez. Rukia comes to Ichigo's aid at the five towers at the center of Las Noches.

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Mizuiro went to Hiragi Junior High, along with Keigo. Mizuiro went up and introduced himself to Ichigo and Sado despite Keigo telling him "Kurosaki and Sado" were rumored to be "hoodlum bullies from hell". Mizuiro reasons that if it is only a rumor then it might not be true, because Mizuiro introduced himself to Sado and Ichigo, the hoodlums who were fighting with Ichigo turned on Keigo and Mizuiro.

As Keigo was being stomped on the back, Mizuiro explained who Keigo was, greatly praising him to Ichigo. Ichigo noted how unusual it was for a guy to praise his friends like that and asked Mizuiro if he was good at making excuses. Mizuiro answered in the affirmative and so Ichigo asked him to make a good excuse so that Ichigo and Sado were not suspended for saving Keigo.

As Ichigo rushes off to save Keigo, Mizuiro notes that he is filled with a feeling of happiness, noting that communication has been established. At Karakura High School, Mizuiro explains to Tatsuki Arisawa and Orihime Inoue that Ichigo might not come to school because a truck crashed into his house the night before. He assures them that no one was hurt, but Ichigo was needed to help clean-up the mess.

When Ichigo shows up at school later that day, Mizuiro reminds Ichigo that they have social studies for 3rd period. They are interrupted by Rukia, who Mizuiro introduces as a new transfer student. Ichigo is shocked at Mizuiro's declaration, but Rukia prevents him from causing a scene.

After Ichigo agrees to assist Rukia with her Shinigami duties, Mizuiro joins them for lunch and warns Ichigo about how it appears to others that he hangs around Rukia so much. Ichigo responds that if he cared about what others thought he would have dyed his hair black a long time ago. As Mizuiro starts to introduce himself to Rukia, Ichigo interjects that Mizuiro's hobby is womanizing.

Mizuiro is mortified at Ichigo's accusation, but Ichigo presses ahead and warns Rukia to be careful. Mizuiro protests that he only dates older women. Ichigo responds that that is why he is warning Rukia. They are then joined by Keigo, who wonders what Rukia is doing there. Mizuiro pipes in that Ichigo lured Rukia up there.

Ichigo tries to protest, but is ignored. He is present with Sado when he introduces his newly acquired talking parakeet. Mizuiro tells Ichigo that he has not seen Sado, Ichigo immediately rushes away. Mizuiro and the rest of Ichigo's friends wonder why Sado's parakeet is no longer talking. He then greets Rukia and notes that the other is unusually late to school.

He is harassed by Keigo for being popular with the girls, when he attempts to teach Keigo about liking both Rukia and Orihime, or any girl who is pretty. Mizuiro then seeks sanctuary with Sado just as they arrive at their classroom and find Tatsuki in a fell mood. Mizuiro is rightly terrified. They are then interrupted by a teacher, who demands to know what's going on.
Shemale ass gif porn The other girls start to blame Ichigo, but Orihime interjects and informs the others that, the person who caused the commotion was not Ichigo.

Mizuiro, along with Keigo, then wonders what is going on. The next day, the 16th of June, Mizuiro arrives at Ichigo's house to walk with him to school per normal. As Ichigo is running late, he invites Mizuiro inside as he gets ready, which is when Ichigo notices that Mizuiro has had his memory altered to erase the events of the day before.

He then hangs out with Ichigo and Keigo at school. Mizuiro greet's Ichigo with Don Kanonji 's trademark "Bohahahaha" greeting. Mizuiro joins Keigo in confronting Ichigo with the fact that he turned-up to the shoot despite previously saying he would not. When Orihime comes to apologies to Ichigo for doing the Bohahahaha greeting when he despises the show, Ichigo revels that Mizuiro, as well as Keigo, knowingly harass Ichigo with the Bohahahaha greeting.

Keigo tries to get Mizuiro to do the pose just with him just as Mizuiro spot a pair of pretty ladies. Mizuiro plays cute and pretends not to know the pose, the ladies immediately groom on to him as Keigo is left crying on the ground. Mizuiro escapes out the window with the others as Rukia distracts the teachers with her tears. Later he is with the rest of the group, thanking Rukia for getting them out.

A few days later, Mizuiro comments on the poor nature of Keigo's school exam and admitting that he is no better. When Ichigo tries to comfort Keigo, Keigo grooms on to him and asks him to share in the pain of being morons. Mizuiro warns him not to say those things until the exam results come out and brings out the list of the top fifty students in their year based on their mid-semester marks, revealing that Ichigo was 18th in their year after the mid-semesters.

As Keigo teases Ichigo for being a nerd, Mizuiro quietly compliments his academic prowess. Ichigo states that he studies hard and keeps his marks-up so that the faculty won't be on his back due to his quick temper. Mizuiro comments on how much trouble that would be, even for Ichigo, but Ichigo brushes it aside, saying he's used to it.

Mizuiro then asks why Ichigo is not hanging out with Rukia. Ichigo owns it is because there have been rumors circulating about the nature of their relationship. Unbeknownst to Ichigo, Mizuiro started the rumors. When the class rankings come-out, following the results of the final exam, Mizuiro and Keigo initially take comfort in the fact that none of them came in the top fifty.

However, Keigo then notices that Ichigo came twenty-third and attempts to shield Mizuiro from the reality. Mizuiro, however, cannot bring himself to join Keigo in threatening to exclude Ichigo from their group. Keigo then turns to Sado for comfort, only to find that Sado came eleventh. Shocked and upset, Mizuiro runs away with Keigo.

They day after Ichigo and Ishida's encounter with the Menos, Mizuiro learns from Keigo that the latter saw Ishida was talking to himself. Overhearing the conversation, Ichigo deduces that Keigo was nearby and comments on how dangerous that was. He then eats lunch with the others and upon seeing Ishida and Ichigo interact, deduces that in reality, Ichigo and Ishida are very much alike.

In the last day of school, Mizuiro reveals that he is going on holiday with his current girlfriend and nine of her friends, and that is why he cannot join Keigo at the beach. He is harassed by Keigo as a result. He is with the group when Tatsuki and Orihime arrive, and is present when Tatsuki tells them how she went in the Judo competition. Mizuiro encourages the group to move closer to where the fireworks will actually take place and eagerly joins Isshin Kurosaki and his daughters as the former has booked a place close to the fireworks.

Events occurring in this arc are only in the anime and do not constitute canon material. After Ichigo punches Keigo, he walks up to Mizuiro and greets him. The two of them then walk into their classroom and greet their classmates. After noting that Ichigo and Sado got tans, Keigo walks into the room and asks them if they went off somewhere together.

He then asks them if they had some summer camping romance and Ichigo punches him yet again, telling him to keep his imagination in check. He then runs off crying. A few days later, Mizuiro and the others greet Rukia when she returns to do battle with the Bounts. A while later, Mizuiro shows Keigo that he has acquired two tickets to a show, but says he has a date and can't make it.

He hands the tickets to Keigo instead and asks if he can get someone else to go with him. Keigo whines about being left out, which causes Mizuiro to comment that Ichigo and the others just don't like him, much to Keigo's chagrin. On the first day of the new semester, Mizuiro greets Ichigo and Keigo.

He teases Keigo for being hurt by Shinji's familiar nature. Unlike Keigo, Mizuiro does not interact with the Shinigami group, and after they leave, comically steps on Keigo, telling him "you make a superb foot-rest, Asano-san" , to which Keigo angrily says he will kill him. Later that night, Mizuiro talks on his cell phone with a friend.

He threatens to leave Keigo behind if he doesn't stop talking. Just then, Keigo spots a weird flying creature in the sky, but this only makes Mizuiro want to leave the former behind all the more, still calling Keigo " Asano-san ". The day after Orihime Inoue is kidnapped by Ulquiorra, Mizuiro and Keigo welcome Ichigo back to school after a long absence due to the latter's training with the Visored and his second fight with Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez.

Rukia thought this was a transfer order, which Kiyone denied, reminding her of her previous mission to the Human World, which Rukia still failed to remember. Rukia thanked him for telling her. Ukitake asked if she had told Byakuya about it, but she stated he would not wish to be bothered with such a minor thing.

Ukitake offered to tell him for her, for which Rukia thanked him. Ichigo tells her he can hear something howling. Rukia realizes it is a Hollow, but is confused by how Ichigo heard it before her. She rushes out of the room to confront the Hollow, refusing to free Ichigo.

Rukia shields him with her body, rendering her unable to fight. Seeing that Ichigo is truly determined to protect his family, Rukia offers to transfer half of her power to him. However, Ichigo somehow absorbs almost all of her power instead. Rukia realizes it was Ichigo's power which had confused her senses earlier, leaving her wondering just who he is. She quietly threatens to kill Ichigo if he reveals anything about her true identity.

Later, Rukia explains that her power is still inside Ichigo, preventing her from returning to Soul Society. She reveals she is using a Gigai to recover, enabling normal Humans to see her. Rukia tells Ichigo he will have to take over her Shinigami duties, which he initially refuses to do. Rukia, forcing his Shinigami form out of his body, takes him to a park where a Hollow is about to appear.

Rukia arranges for Ichigo to undergo some rudimentary training to improve his combat tactics. As he trains, she studies modern speech by reading a horror manga. Rukia notices a mark on her leg left by a Hollow, and asks Ichigo about her before leaving. She tries to warn him of a Hollow attack just as a large hand bursts through the floor.

When Orihime, waking up, starts to ask Ichigo questions, Rukia replaces her memory. Ichigo says Mizuiro's hobby is womanizing, especially older girls, and warns Rukia to watch out for him. Keigo Asano, arriving, introduces himself to Rukia. Rukia tells Ichigo the spirit of a lonely Plus is inside it, which they should send to Soul Society that night.

She notes Ichigo is now concerned about other people's safety. The next morning, Sado disappears and Rukia searches for him. She later tells Ichigo she did not find him, nor has she received any word about Hollows from Soul Society. Rukia orders Ichigo to take her home so he is not distracted while fighting. Brushing off Ichigo's concerns about her fighting a Hollow, she runs after Sado.

Rukia is attacked by a Hollow called Shrieker, but is surprised when she survives his initial strike. Surprised by his calmness, Rukia verbally directs his attacks towards the Hollow. She and Sado hide Ichigo's body and the parakeet in a safe place.

Rukia questions him about this. Rukia explains Hell to Ichigo. After examining the parakeet, she, determining he cannot be returned to his body, reassures him about going to Soul Society. Ordering various goods, she pays for them with the bounty from Ichigo's defeat of Shrieker, shrugging off Urahara's concerns.

At school, she gives Ichigo the dispenser, stating it will allow him to transform into a Shinigami without her help, while placing an artificial soul in his body. Ignoring Ichigo's unease with the idea, she makes him use it. As they search, Ichigo and Rukia argue until she tells him of Operation Spearhead, revealing that according to Soul Society's laws, all Mod Souls must be destroyed.

After it is defeated, Urahara arrives to reclaim Kon. Rukia tells him she is content with her purchase, and he does not have to worry about it. Later, Rukia and Ichigo see a news report about the incident on TV. Ichigo asks what they should do, but gets no reply. On the 16th of June, Rukia notices Ichigo is very distracted. The following day, Rukia waits for Ichigo near Masaki's grave.

She questions Ichigo about his mother's death, asking if a Hollow killed her. Angered, Ichigo tells her he was responsible for Masaki's death. Kon, crawling out of her backpack, asks to go home, but Rukia insists they must be nearby in case a Hollow attacks. She rushes towards them, meeting up with Ichigo on the way.

She tells Ichigo she will not ask about Masaki any more. Finding Ichigo's sisters, she sees Ichigo being confronted by Grand Fisher. Rukia, telling Ichigo about this infamous Hollow, berates him when he recklessly attacks it. When she honors Ichigo's request to stay out of the fight, Kon asks her to save Ichigo.

Rukia rushes back to watch Ichigo's battle. When Ichigo collapses, she begins healing him. Afterwards, Ichigo asks Rukia if he can remain a Shinigami for a while longer. One Sunday morning, Rukia stops Ichigo as he beats Kon clean against a wall, revealing she has arranged for an implement to clean him with.

She proceeds to use the school's toilet brush on Kon, but Ichigo orders her to take it back. Rukia declines, politely saying she is too shy. The following Wednesday evening, Rukia accompanies several of her classmates to the broadcast at an abandoned hospital. Telling Ichigo he must be tired from his dual life, she instructs him to relax. She reveals she does not know what the "festival" is about.

Ichigo explains it to her, but she still does not understand. He asks Rukia if there really is a spirit there, thinking the Shinigami would have dealt with it. As the show begins filming, Rukia, turning her attention to the events unfolding, is impressed with Kanonji's entrance.

However, Don Kanonji jams his staff into the hole on the Demi-Hollow's chest. When Ichigo is pounced on by security after attempting to stop Kanonji, Rukia, trying to change him into a Shinigami, is caught as well. Urahara frees Ichigo, prompting Rukia to ask what he is scheming.

Urahara, claiming he is there because Ururu and Jinta enjoy the show, frees her. After Urahara knocks the guards unconscious with a blast, Rukia berates him for using Soul Society's tools so freely. The following day, Rukia and the others are called before the school principal over their appearance on the show.

When Kagine notices the others are gone, Rukia escapes as well. That afternoon, she receives an order and leaves with Ichigo. Ichigo suggests her Denreishinki is broken, but Rukia insists it is working, rebuking Ichigo's suggestion that there is another Shinigami defeating the Hollows before him. Rukia is unable to get the Plus to reveal who saved him, but determines somebody is responsible.

Rukia decides to call Urahara to ask whether her Denreishinki is broken. When he does not answer, she complains about him to herself. After school, she and Ichigo arrive at yet another site with no Hollow. Later, she visits Urahara, and after scolding him for not answering her calls, asks about the Quincy. Seeing a large number of Hollows, Rukia goes outside and notices a spiritual disturbance in the sky.

Later, Rukia is attacked by a Hollow. During the fight, she realizes, with annoyance, her power has not recovered, despite her being in a Gigai for two months. Kon, arriving, subdues the Hollow, but Rukia bickers with him for forgetting what he was supposed to tell her. Ichigo, arriving, argues with Kon. Ignoring Kon's advice, she goes after them. Realizing she has become too attached to the Human World, she ties up Kon and writes a coded note for Ichigo, telling him not to look for her and to go into hiding.

She then leaves the Kurosaki clinic [91][92][93]. Lost in thought as she runs, Rukia is surprised by Renji. Complaining she has become too soft in the two months she has been missing. He demands she summon the Human she gave her powers to. When Rukia denies doing such a thing, Renji asks why she is acting like that.

Byakuya appears behind Rukia, surprising her. Hoping Ichigo will run away, Rukia leaps on Renji to distract him. However, Ichigo, continuing to fight, ends up being greatly injured by Byakuya. Ichigo grabs Byakuya's leg, relieving Rukia. However, she kicks his arm away from her brother to prevent Byakuya from attacking again.

She tells Ichigo to know his place and accepts her arrest, saying there is no point in finishing off someone who is clearly about to die. She tells Ichigo she will not forgive him if he tries to follow her. Refusing Renji's instruction to eat something, she mocks his eyebrows and new rank. Rukia asks if she is going to be executed.

Rukia disagrees, saying she knows what type of person he is and he has not truly looked at her once since her adoption. After Byakuya leaves, Rukia tries to cheer Renji up by saying it only makes her more determined to escape. She makes fun of his tattooed eyebrows, angering him. She quietly asks Kaien if she is worth spilling blood over.

When Ganju realizes Rukia is the one who killed Kaien, Rukia urges him to kill her, saying she will have no regrets if she dies by his hands. However, they are interrupted by Byakuya's sudden arrival. Rukia tries to stop the fight, but is unable to handle Byakuya's Reiatsu because of the Sekkiseki's effects.

She is shocked when Ichigo arrives, but becomes angry at him for attempting to rescue her. Ichigo, ignoring her protests, fights Byakuya. The following day, Rukia is told her execution has been brought forward to the next day. Attributing this to a dream she had the previous night about Kaien's death, she reflects on her role in his death, wondering why she did not stop him.

After telling her he was trying to rescue her, Gin offers to save her friends for her. Reflecting on how much she has hated Gin since she first met him, Rukia briefly wonders what he would have to gain from such an act, only to learn he was joking. After he leaves, Rukia reflects on how Gin's lie restored her will to live, leaving her disgusted.

She wonders to herself whether it is because of Yamamoto's promise or because Byakuya ignored her. She reflects on her life, concluding she has no regrets. However, Ichigo, arriving, manages to halt its advance. After overcoming her initial shock, Rukia becomes upset that Ichigo is attempting to rescue her again. Ichigo dismisses Rukia's protests, but she refuses to thank him.

Renji arrives moments later, much to Rukia's relief, but the moment is cut short as Ichigo throws her to Renji. Rukia and Renji scold Ichigo for being reckless, but are told to get to safety. As they are escaping, Renji refuses Rukia's demands to release her and help Ichigo. Insisting they have to run, he tells her Ichigo feels he owes her for allowing him to protect everyone.

Aizen demands Renji hand Rukia over to him. Rukia offers to surrender herself, but Renji silences her. Ichigo returns to defend the pair, but Aizen, defeating them both with ease, grabs Rukia. Rukia listens as Aizen talks about Ichigo's role in his plans and about how to overcome the limits of a Shinigami. Byakuya tells her about his deceased wife, Hisana, revealing Rukia is actually Hisana's younger sister.

He recounts to Rukia about how Hisana had regretted abandoning her, and had kept searching for her while they were married. He reveals she asked him to find and protect her, as well as why he had sworn to always abide by the rules, thus leaving him torn between two promises when the execution was announced. He apologizes to Rukia for his actions.

She reveals Ukitake had already told her what had happened. The group, saying goodbye, leaves. Events occurring in this arc are only in the anime and do not constitute canon material. Rukia accompanies Ichigo to the Kurosaki Clinic, where she is greeted by an excited Kon. Stomping on him, she bickers with Ichigo.

After Ichigo shoos away the eavesdropping Yuzu and Isshin, Rukia, stating his family has kept its charm, watches as the other members of Hitsugaya's team enter the room. As they explain to Ichigo why they are there, Rukia assists with some drawings, throwing them at Ichigo when he criticizes them. Rukia passes Sado halfway there. She expresses her happiness at his safety, but he runs past her.

When he states he told him to step aside, she, ordering him to do likewise, leaves her Gigai, saying he runs the risk of losing control again if things go bad so soon after his previous fight. She tells Ichigo that Urahara's Gigai was responsible for her powers never returning, and she has recovered. Shortly after, Grimmjow confronts Ichigo and Rukia.

However, Grimmjow impales her with his hand. Rukia, stating she healed incredibly fast, thanks Orihime, noting her skills have improved. When Ichigo asks how she is, Rukia tells him not to blame himself for her injuries. She suggests he ask Urahara about his inner Hollow. The following day, Isshin and Yuzu ask her if she has seen Ichigo, and she goes in search of him.

At the Urahara Shop, Rukia encounters an upset Orihime leaving the store. Rukia is angered to hear that Urahara told her to stay out of the battle, insisting it is not right for her to be cast aside so easily. She tells Orihime, who is worried about being in the way in battle, that the ones who get in the way are those who lack resolve, not power.

She states if any one of those who came to rescue her were not there, she would not be here today. Rukia later finds Orihime leaving theVisored's hideout. When Orihime tries to explain, Rukia tells her she felt a bit of Ichigo's Reiatsu when she arrived, and is content he is safe.

The pair spend a month training. As she rushes to the Senkaimon, Rukia wonders why the Espada are attacking so soon. Ichigo comments on her power, prompting Rukia to state he was using a reckless power himself. As she ponders the Arrancar's sudden retreat from battle, she decides to go outside to cool her head.

She finds Karin and Yuzu outside the door, who ask if it is alright to have dinner with Ichigo.

He was not expecting to see another within his lifetime. When Aizen emerges unscathed from the attack, the group runs. He is not completely undeserving of this treatment as he is highly perverted in nature; he is drawn to girls with big breasts and displays attraction towards Rukia despite her lack thereof, but more because he believes she saved his life and, when inhabiting another's body, spends his time trying to look up skirts since "it will not be [his] reputation that gets sullied". Ignoring Kon's advice, she goes after them. It also caters to a more select crowd of spiritually aware beings, providing them with merchandise it has acquired from Soul Society.

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