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She said, "Weirdo, what are you doing? I walked into the staff room and was greeted by dirty looks from the other teachers. Remember Me? Dee Dee shrugged and left to go play with her Darbie doll. I liked the bios you gave all the characters. She couldn't imagine what kind of Eldritch looming in her house could have made a sound like that. So, after the last experience story, a lot of you gave me advice on how to proceed.

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He would even be considered a genius. But despite his skills at math and science, he is still pretty much a normal kid unlike Jimmy Neutron. He doesn't like vegetables, he gets annoyed by his sister, and he doesn't undersatnd a lot of adult things.

Real Monsters , and Bunnie Rabbot from Sonic The Hedgehog in the first two seasons, the movie, and the first few season 3 episodes. Boy Genius , and Snap from ChalkZone for the rest of the series run. Dee Dee: Dee Dee is Dexter's hyper-active, annoying older sister. She is always trying to get into Dexter's lab and destroy his stuff.

But whenever Dee Dee makes up some kind of crazy story, Dexter believes her. Dee Dee is remembered for her catchphrases "Hiiiii Dexter! What does this button do? Koosy is of a species Dee Dee made up called a koos-a-la-goop-a-goop. Dee Dee was first voiced by Alison Moore in season 1, then by Kathryn Cressida in season 2 and 3, then Alison Moore returned for the fourth, final season.

Dad is Dexter and Dee Dee's somewhat childish father. It is never revealed what his real name is, so that's why I'm just gonna call him Dad. He loves watching golf on TV. In fact, one episode was about him trying to watch a game of golf, but always having some sort of distraction. Dad is a great, and really funny character. Dee Dee sort of seems to be Dad's favorite, of course he'll never admit that, but it's pretty obvious.

It is revealed in The Muffin King that the only reason he married Mom is because of the muffins she makes. More of Mom's personality can be seen in Dexter than Dee Dee. Such as her being sort of a perfectionist, and how just like Mom is smarter than Dad, Dexter is smarter than Dee Dee.

Mom is always seen wearing her yellow rubber gloves, and in one episode she freaks out when they're missing.

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Just like Dad, Mom's real name is never said. Mandark is Dexter's arch-rival. First appearing in the episode Dexter's Rival , Mandark is as smart, and mabye even smarter than Dexter. He also has a lab similar to Dexter's except it looks more like an evil lair.

Mandark isn't in every episode, he is more of a reccuring character than a main character. Mandark also has a huge crush on Dexter's sister Dee Dee. Something Dexter really takes advantage of. Mandark is voiced by Eddie Deezen. There are also back-up segments like "Dial M For Monkey" and "The Justice Friends" I liked these segments, but they weren't as good as the Dexter cartoons, and I don't think they would've worked out as shows by their-selves.

As I mentioned earlier this show launched the career of a few well-known cartoonists. It didn't completely start their animation careers, but it was one of the first full animated TV shows they worked on. Some of these cartoonists are: Clone Wars , and more recently Sym-Bionic Titan. The first two seasons of this show were brilliant. If it stayed the way it was, I would say it's one of my favorite cartoons of all time, but sadly Chris Savino's episodes are unforgivable.

They're really that bad. The first two seasons were very well-written, the animation looked a lot better, and Christine Cavanaugh was a better Dexter. But that doesn't mean the show isn't still overall a good show, because it is. The greatness of the old ones over-power the new ones.

And there were more episodes of the original Dexter than the crappy new Dexter. So now time for the good things, bad things and the rating. Very good characters. I love all the characters in this show. I love how even though Dexter is a genius, he is still very gullible. And I like how Dee Dee is pretty much a parody of how most young girls act.

Great characters that sadly weren't as good in the newer episodes. Very clever, very funny jokes, and parodies. This show is FULL of pop-culture references. Cheese to Star Trek. And the jokes that aren't parodies are great too, but remember this is just the episodes.

You started to walk to your mother's room and started to smell something weird. You walked in to your mom's room and there is no one there. Then out of nowhere you mom hits you in the head with a baseball bat and you were knock out. You woke up tied down to you bed with something heavy on your face. Whatever it was it smelt horrible. Then you heard your mother. Your going to be my cushion for a while.

Your mother was sitting on your face. You struggle to get your mom off but she said " if you keep struggling I'm going to make this worse. The you felt her butt clench and felt something come out. So, the boy genius did all he could, work for hours on end in his secret lab.

Dexter had his giant mind set on one thing, creating a cure for all sicknesses so that he would never again miss school. After much sweat and determination, it was complete. At least, he thought it was. Dexter had to test it on someone, and there was only one other person in the house. The young boy sneaked his way out of his lab, all the way downstairs to the kitchen, where his big butted mother stood, cleaning dishes.

For me? Thank you! Mom's Farts Martin, a 14 years old boy from London, came home from school, he got a failing grade. His mom, a 30 years old girl who is very nice, tried to comfort him. Erika Martin's mom: They are noxious" Martin: We haven't chilled in since forever! Nope, just us. Gogo followed with her usual cool strut. Burrito-King bag in hand, Honey splayed two paper wrapped goodies onto the kitchen counter.

She picked one up and tossed it to Gogo, who of course flawlessly caught in with one hand. Honey giggled again. She gave an exasperated moan on pleasure as the beans and vegetables entered her mouth. Real Life Stories: My ex-uncle moved to California and my aunt was mentally destroyed. She left me with Milly while my parents brought her out for a nice dinner and a few family visits.

I began hatching a plan to cheer Milly up. It came to me, do something weird. She got up and walked out of the room in her tee shirt and swimsuit combo. She returned with a plate of ham in one hand and a pepsi in the other. She saw me with my head on her chair. She said, "Weirdo, what are you doing?

I shook my head and waved for her to sit on my face. She obliged reluctantly and let my nose slide between her swimsuit clad cheeks. She put more weight on the chair and wiggled to get comfy. I gave her a thumbs up, signifying that I was ready. She lounged for a good half hour, giving me air every 5 minutes. Now she. You've got your fantasies, and I've got mine. If you don't like the story, don't read it.

No one's forcing you. Shall we? She was wearing Abaya and Hijaab. An abaya is similar to a robe. It is more or less, a robe. A black color robe. It stretches down to the feet and has long sleeves. A Hijaab is a scarf that is wrapped around the head, also black. This kinda dressing is very common within the Arab culture. Marwa was a slightly bulky not too much , healthy 45 year old woman.

Standing at 5'5", she had a very nice figure. But despite how Dipper was treated by her, he had to admit, she was gorgeous. From her stylish getup to her long blond hair, all the way to her admittedly big ass that on more than one occasion Dipper had starred at.

She treated him like dirt and he loved it. One fateful day, Dipper heard a knock at the door of the Mystery Shack, he opened the door and, to his surprise, there was Pacifica Northwest. She was stunning in her long purple and black dress, which complimented her curves perfectly.

View Gallery. Featured in Collections Sexy story by minecrafterjwc5 Elastigirl Fart Story Helen stretched herself upon the ceiling to avoid eyesight with syndrome's guards. As soon as they faced opposite to her, she contracted herself and landed cat-like on the floor. A circular door closed behind the guards as they walked past the crevice.

The tightness of the uniform only accentuated how round and massive her posterior was. She placed a hand on it and sighed. She noticed a small pressure within her belly that slightly ached. Suddenly, the same door opened and another faceless guard walked through. Thinking fast, Helen wrapped herself around the shape of the circular door.

As soon as she was sure she was out of the guards sight, Helen slinked back to the ground. As Helen slowly backed up, a door slammed upon her wide hips. Her legs and sizable backside were trapped on the other side of the door. The pressure in her stomach grew, and alongside with her new fo.

I was fresh out of college, and it was fair to say that I didn't have a lot of money. It was hard being a 25 year old girl with average boobs and a mediocre ass, to fit in. I strolled down, observing the surroundings. I walked into the staff room, and greeted all the teachers. They were all mainly women in their forties. Suddenly, I saw a beautiful girl calling me over.

She had boobs as big as volleyballs and an ass as big as two basketballs. She was about my age, with blonde hair and the kind of face and body you see on magazines. I sat down beside her and she told me that her name was Fiona, and I told her mine was Sarah.

The teachers started piling out, going to their various classes, but I noticed Fiona didn't either. We were all alone, and turned to face each other. We started talking about our backgrounds when suddenly when I was talking, Fiona lifted her leg up to her chest and I heard pppppffffffttttttttt. Gassy Ms. Garner and I Perfect. Just perfect. For the first time ever I'm stuck in detention Just because I had the 'audacity' to defend myself against those jerks.

Not only did they deny that they threw the first punch but also convinced everyone else to say that it was I who started it. What a load of bull. The other benches are empty. Except for Ms. Garner, I'm the only one here. At least I have something pretty to look at while stuck in this prison. She's a bit chunky but that's alright.

I've always liked bigger girls anyway. It's funny. Every time she accidentally knocks down something with her plump butt, I'm the only one not laughing and she always give me a warm smile when that happens. She's so darn adorable. That ass she has. It's out of this world.

Not size wise but its shape is just amazing. Don't get me wrong, each cheek is big as my pillows at home, but as I said, there's something about their shapes. Perfectly round and firm yet they quiver like jelly with each step she takes. Stories by Farttfan Raven and Starfire Fart Story It was a bad morning for Raven, although to be fair, their weren't a whole lot of other kinds of mornings for Raven to have.

Her head was pounding and she couldn't move her eyes around without it hurting. As she floated down the corridors of Titans Tower, the one thing that stood out to her was how desolate and quiet it was. That was almost never the case, not with beast boy and, yeah just with beast boy around.

Raven drew a great breath from her nose and exhaled out of her mouth. She felt better already with her new found privacy. She flew to the kitchen, humming all the way. She stopped dead in her tracks when she found another person in the house. All Raven could see was a few pink and green polka dotted tentacles writhing outside the bowl.

This task proved to be easier said then done as Candice's girlfriend Francine was an absolute knockout. Short brown hair circling her beautiful latina face just above her perky breasts. Further down Francine's hourglass figure became known with a tiny waist and hips as wide as they could be finishing off with her perfectly toned tight butt. Compared to her Candice paled in comparison literally.

It made the incident all the more unfortunate for her. She loved Candice dearly but every now and then she could be well Shantae just rolled her eyes and flicked a strand of violet hair from her face as she vanished behind the curtain. When she arrived, she had found a small bottle of green liquid on her nightstand with a piece of parchment tied around the bottle's neck.

It read: Stories by crazykid Mom's Farts Martin, a 14 years old boy from London, came home from school, he got a failing grade. His mom, a 30 years old girl who is very nice, tried to comfort him. Erika Martin's mom: They are noxious" Martin: The Windy Babysitter A year old kid named Nathan and his mom are in the living.

The mother is very well dressed. I'm going on a fancy date with this interesting guy I met online. I'm waiting on your babysitter to get her. Just then, the door bell rang. The mother walked toward the door and opened it. She was wearing tight skinny jeans emphasized the size of her hips.

And make sure he is in bed by 9: She then went to the fridge and found some leftover nachos. I'm sure your. They called the ambulance, but the police did nothing, as he voluntarily entered the fight. Everyone was acclaiming, I felt so good knowing the true power of my fists.

Nobody wanted to fight me, as they knew I was really strong! It will be such an amazing dinner.

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Nobody wanted to fight me, as they knew I was really strong! Dee Dee sort of seems to be Dad's favorite, of course he'll never admit that, but it's pretty obvious. At first Frisk was enjoying the warmth of her ass, but was frightened by what's going to come out of it. She was about my age, with blonde hair and the kind of face and body you see on magazines.

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They wouldn't realize this until one fateful day. Artwork - Gallery Marwa was a slightly bulky not too much , healthy 45 year old woman. Well then lie down Alex did what she told him to do and before he reacts Dexter's Mom jumps on top of him, smothering him with her breasts. If it was just a little bit longer, I think it could've been released in theaters. It tasted… not as bad as it looked actually, honestly it was pretty good, she started to crave it.

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