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Chung hopes that Giphy fans will end up becoming contributors or curators on the site. Gaming Minecraft Earth hands-on preview: Do not create or upload any GIF meant to hurt another individual. Did you see this in the news? Need a little inspiration? Image vis iStockphoto, Stratol. Fiat chooses natural gas over hydrogen - no, you can't call the Italians 'gassy'.

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Below we explain each so you can find your own GIFs from here on out. Tumblr is the GIF's natural habitat. Here they populate blogs like rabbits. While Tumblr search isn't particularly streamlined, you'll find the biggest variety of GIFs here. Tumblr's tags are very powerful when executed correctly — use them to browse through posts. A lot of popular emotions and actions are simple to find by appending "gif" to the end of your search, for example, "dancing gif," "deal with it gif" or "eyeroll gif".

You'll probably end up finding something like this:. Another great search technique is to look for "reaction gif" or "gif reaction" to find users' GIF-ified responses to everything from television shows to daily life. You'd usually have to type your search query plus "gif" into the search bar, and hope that all your results came up animated, or move into advanced search to select a file type.

Thankfully, Google has devised a way to refine your search so it only includes animated images. A page full of GIFs to pick through. You can still refine the search to crawl popular GIF repositories like Tumblr or Reddit by formatting your search to include "site: Reddit is the GIFs other home turf, and there are plenty of ways to track them down on the social news site.

The ever-popular reaction GIFs also have their own subreddit , as well as a useful iPhone app for easier browsing. Plenty, as it turns out. While humorous GIFs can boost engagement on social and make a brand more relatable, there are lots of other ways to use GIFs to showcase your brand.

Business 2 Community suggests using GIFs for to animate data, play ads, or create more compelling how tos, product demos, ads, and more. Need a little inspiration? Check out these five brands using GIFs the right way on Twitter. Nothing too show-y or too branded.

Capture great moments [and] best one-liners for reaction GIFs. Keep it simple and skip the over-done branding in favor of a mini logo in the corner, some subtle product placement, or no official branding at all.

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Want to learn how to make your own GIFs? Sign Up for Hootsuite. Kendall is a digital marketing specialist and freelance writer.

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That mixed in with some fun tagging games and an army of crowd-sourcers hopefully will give us a really great database of GIFs that the world can use. Do not create or upload any GIF meant to hurt another individual. Hydrocarbon alternatives exist, but what will it take to make the switch? Posted 5 weeks ago — By Matthew S. Or target plenty of Imgur albums dedicated to collecting the best ones. In the past five years, nobody has dominated the GIF market quite like Giphy.

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We once calculated the number of laughs we had in a day just by counting how many laugh and humor tags that were being searched. Individual celebrities also have the option to invoke so-called "right of publicity" laws that allow public figures to control how their image is used, a ccording to Fortune 's Jeff John Roberts. Despite the absence of any legal decision, social media networks have already adopted measures to protect themselves while owners of copyrights attempt to counter the spread of their content. Violating any of these rules may result in the removal of your content, the suspension of your account, or you may be banned from using GIPHY.

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