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Said at the pirate games when Willie Stargell was up to bat. Facebook Twitter Print Email. First electric plane that can travel on battery power The Telegraph. Oh mah gersh, ers a sputzee up air. It should tell you the options to resupply each day.

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Is purchasing meals at the various stops the best way to go for food? How much would the trip cost if you camped each night? I would be flying from the United States. On the nearby Haute Route I illegally wild camped for free each night. Cooked all my meals over a camp stove.

Except one night. Decided to try one of the European huts. Paid too much for a noisy, crowded shared bunk bed and two meals. Decided not to bother with European huts ever again, if I could avoid them. Also consider that locations you can use may not be near a water source.

Why not bite the bullet and stay in the huts on the tour. Saves the weight of tent, sleeping bag, roll mat, stove, pans, gas, food! This might help in France:. Duncan International Mountain Leader http: My wife and I want to bring our two dogs with us. Is the trail dog friendly? Are there any restrictions on the trail as fats as pets go? Anything would help.

Good question. My best guess is that dogs are not welcomed in those mountains. There are local by laws in some areas where dogs must be under control but no reason not to take doggies. Just remember the following: Pet Passports are required, with the appropriate jabs and stamps prior to entry to each country during the tour Rabies, worming and in some cases tick treatment Water — You may have to carry double the amount to have enough for your dog — most streams are glacial melt and not suitable for anyone to drink from directly.

Distance — is your dog young and up to the standard mileage of the TMB kilometres per day for 11 days You may need more overnight stays to shorten each leg. Or do half TMB this time and return to finish the following summer. There are people who bring dogs the refuge usually has a dog house you chain the dog to or it sleeps outside tethered to a tree.

Certainly none of the Italian huts on the TMB offer this.

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Only the Bertone hut has a tree outside! Hopefully this is still active. I plan on doing the hike this year I just had a couple questions or two about gear. We are going the hike in August, what kind of rating would you suggest for the sleeping bag.

Yes that tent will be about perfect if you split up the weight of the fly, poles and tent body if there are 3 of you- just need to keep the dew and rain off you It will rain. An ultralight 40 F sleeping bag should work depending where you sleep it could get cold or be hot at night.

A word of advice keep packs under 15 lbs. I am specifically talking about Elisabetta they have a dog house but they actually let the dog sleep in the front porch. We kept pace with 2 woman from England that brought their dog the full length. It was a very well behaved dog and did not bark. When I say dog house I mean a small 1 dog miniature house not a kennel that fits multiple dogs.

I heard the interaction between the 2 ladies and the hut keepers several times and each time they figured something out. Great guide, best part was definitely the video at the very end. That Mark guy was seriously handsome ;P. Thanks for putting this together, I know George and I would have benefited from the information here, when we did our trip. Do you have any advice on making hut reservations to do this tour in early July ?

Is it possible to reserve via email? Or is a phone call preferred? However, I have started having knee problems and I am worried. Since I have already paid for the housing in the huts, is there a way to get transported to each hut so I could wait for my friends and at least sleep and eat where I have paid.

Danielle mentioned above that she was worried about getting from hut to hut with knee problems. Although there are some huts that are inaccessible without at least hiking a little bit, there are several transport options that will help reduce the strain in case hikers are not feeling up to the challenge for the day.

For example, you can take the Cableway at Les Houches to Bellevue to save a couple hundred meters of elevation gain. You can do the same thing coming down from Plan Chericout to Courmayeur, which saves meters of elevation loss. Going downhill is often worse on the knees, so this cableway is a good one to utilize. Also, there are several sections where buses are possible including the Val Ferret after Courmayeur.

I put together a quick overview of an 11 day itinerary with transport options listed for each stage. We also organize self guided treks for hikers as well, in case your readers were interested in an additional option. Happy New Year everyone. I can also cater for those who are less confident with navigation but would like to self guide. Details of the self guided tours and Navigation courses based in Chamonix can be view at:.

Hope this thread is still active. We are planning to go between August 25 and September 9 AFA camping is concerned, in Italy — Bonatti, they asked us to camp away from the line of sight of the hut. Which we did. Elizabeta folks were nice enough to let us camp outside their hut. Especially during the high season of July and August.

They are usually helpful in booking your next hut or equally calling to cancel a space if your route changes. You can call ahead on the day to book so why wait until you arrive. We are starting TMB next week. Your best bet is to hike up to Elisabetta and camp outside the hut.

Else, practically, anywhere you can find a flat ground would be a good spot to camp. Great post and some very helpful replies! And how is the water situation up there? How far is it on average between water sources and are campers allowed to take water from the huts?

I have some questions: Is it possible to rent a tent at any campsite along the route? How's come 'dat arn ain't on ice? Used by parents to convince their children not to follow the crowd. But mum, evrybuddy's gettin' their tongue pierced! If your friends jumped off the Westinhaus Bridge, would 'ju?

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It's jisabaht time ta go. Means your zipper on your pants is down. Ki help yinz? A statement of surprise or disbelief. Sorry to hear abaht your uncle. Where's he being laid aht? Also may be used to refer in the past tense to sunbathing. Submitted by Jill Petersavage and Jamie Keglovich, West Mifflin Lazyman's load To carry a large load of groceries in at once because you're too lazy to make two trips.

I could hardly git up the steps 'cause I was carrying a lazyman's load. I can't do it like at. Hold da ball like iss. He beat the living daylights out of him. That jagoff was drivin' fittee mallanar! Last summer was hot, we runned the air every day, and mandar lectric bill go up. As refered to by older Pittsburghers. Submitted by D. I actually said this to my best friend and he had NO clue as to what I was saying!

Mills on Wills don't never bring halupki, haluski, or kolachis. Are yinz gonna eat this last sammitch? Mize well. Jeez, molahta jumbo! Momanem's dahn at da gian igl shoppin'. Yinz musta had at least twenty arns. Mummell do it. Muppear from Picksburgh!

Performed with a "sweeper", known in other parts of the country as a vacuum cleaner. I don't like thisson, why don't yinz bring me nothurn? I can't believe it. Nuh-uh, yinz didn't rilly meet Jaromir Jagr dahn Chauncy's! It is nunya business. Another Mike Lange quote. Makes fun of the way we "crickers" say the word "creek. Oh mah gersh, ers a sputzee up air.

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Hi — wondering how the hike went for you in May? Your best bet is to hike up to Elisabetta and camp outside the hut.

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