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He reddened deeply and scooted up further in the tub, very glad for the soap that he was conveniently using to cover a certain part of him. Dipper leaned over and lightly pecked Mabel on the cheek before turning to leave. But it was Dipper! When Mabel decides that the competition for the sticker has gotten too fierce when they try to kill Pacifica, she rips and eats the sticker and makes a speech to them. October 26, No. Retrieved on July 28, They care deeply about each other and are easily willing to risk their lives for the sake of the other.

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Ariana marie danny d Big Tits Brunette Hentai. Blonde Hentai Pussy. Big Tits Cartoon Gravity Falls. Anal Ass Blonde. Dipper peered through the sheer shower curtain, and tried hard to ignore the fact that she was naked. His heart started pounding and his face flushed.

The last time they had bathed together was when they still actually bathed. It had been years ago, and now they were both much older, and they had grown up Nearly thirteen is far too old to take a shower with your sister. Dippers eyes grazed across Mabel's preteen curves, her soft body starting to get softer in more womanly places.

His eyes started creeping downward but then he remembered his place and quickly turned away. She was, after all, his sister. Bleep bloop! But Dipper didn't only feel fingers poking him. He felt something very soft pressing into his back, and it didn't take long for him to realize that those were Mabel's nipples.

He reddened deeply and scooted up further in the tub, very glad for the soap that he was conveniently using to cover a certain part of him. Mabel seemed completely unabashed, while Dipper was very much so. Mabel stood there rinsing off her body, occasionally brushing her wet limbs against Dipper's, which wasn't helping matters.

Dipper was growing very flustered, and the steaminess for him was rising with that of the hot water. He couldn't handle having Mabel's body slide across his, hear the water hit her chest and drip to the floor, and being so close to her while they were both naked. He was irritated with himself for feeling this way about her, his own sister. So as Mabel lathered her hair, Dipper just stood there, awkwardly using the soap to hide himself.

She wrapped an arm around Dipper to steady herself as she used her free hand to reach out and around. Dipper was distressed to find that he enjoyed the contact, so he began to squirm uncomfortably. Despite Dipper's protests, Mabel was able to curl her fingers around something This was Dipper's push point. He let out a gasp as he felt his arousal become obvious.

Mabel felt it too, and she hastily recoiled her hand. The soap slid down to the bottom of the tub, no one bothering to pick it up. Mabel meekly stared at the hand that had just been holding onto something so intimate of Dipper's. She could still feel its pulse as hers quickened, and her wide eyes were starting to glaze as she realized she wouldn't mind feeling it again.

But it was Dipper! Her brother! Dipper was too anxious to move. No one had ever touched him there before, and he would be lying if he said he didn't like it. But it was Mabel! His sister! Blood was pounding in his head, and the steam from the shower was fogging his senses. Mabel suffered the same conditions, and both of them were starkly embarrassed.

They both just stood there, each passing moment growing more unbearable as they felt their faces flush ever deeper, their surroundings growing ever hotter. Dipper was throbbing and was just itching for Mabel's touch, but he knew it was wrong for him to think this. He tried hard to ignore his desires. Mabel was actually feeling pleased with herself for getting Dipper this wound up.

It had initially come as a shock to her, but now she didn't unwelcome the idea of being the cause of his pleasure. She did feel a bit ashamed for these feelings, and stood askance, trying to ignore her own desires as well. The passionate thoughts and shower steam whirled about their heads, causing Dipper and Mabel to ignore reason, and inch slightly closer to one another.

Dipper's breath came out deeply, and Mabel shuddered with delight as she felt it settle upon her fiery face. Each of them knew they shouldn't be feeling the way they did, so they avoided eye contact at all cost, and bashfully extended their arms, as if wanting to start off slow with an embrace. They immediately jumped apart when they heard Grunkle Stan's voice roar from the floor below.

Hope you like cold showers, haha! The insufferable steam that had been building suddenly evaporated as icy water began to pelt Dipper and Mabel. Each of them let out a yell as they hurried to escape the chilling wrath of the shower. They tumbled out of the tub, landing upon the tiled floor, Mabel on top of Dipper.

Being left cold and shaking, the fervor of the moment had dissipated. But that didn't mean that it wasn't awkward to be sprawled across your naked twin. Mabel clumsily stood up while attempting to conceal herself. Before this she hadn't been embarrassed to bare all around Dipper, but now…there was longing behind her figure.

Mabel turned off the shower head and looked down to give Dipper a half smile. Dipper returned a wary one of his own as he donned a towel and handed one to Mabel. After she had covered herself, she pushed her wet mop of hair behind her ears and looked at Dipper meaningfully. He wanted to return to the heat of the moment and feel Mabel against him so badly, but the curse of being a planner was that you always thought ahead.

He knew there was no way doing something like that to his sister would be justified, and they would get in a lot of trouble. Dipper suspected that Mabel held the same passion, but she was withholding it to follow whichever suit Dipper was going to deal. She didn't want to be the one to ruin the beautiful platonic love they already shared by sub-texting her romantic intentions.

Looking at Dipper, it was clear that he was giving a tacit command to just let it go for now, and Mabel felt obligated to comply, because Dipper always knew what to do best in situations like this. Mabel had always admired him for that, but now all of his qualities had transitioned from merely being redeeming to now being endearing.

She wondered if Dipper noticed the same thing about her.

Dipper attempts to persuade Mabel to leave her imaginary world but Mabel instead shows she created a more supportive brother, Dippy Fresh , in replacement of Dipper and prefers to stay. Duration minutes. Dipper laughed and felt a fresh warmth towards Mabel that wasn't instigated by their siblinghood. They try to stop Gideon, but he takes Mabel for his "queen. July 12, The passionate thoughts and shower steam whirled about their heads, causing Dipper and Mabel to ignore reason, and inch slightly closer to one another.

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Wendy Corduroy Gravity Falls. However, in " Weirdmageddon 2: Journal 3 by Disney Book Group.

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