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Call - HeroHotBods. Love it!! Medusa Grill and Bistro. And the third and fourth, nothing. It was clear this man cared about this restaurant, and wanted his diners to be happy with their experience and happy with the pizza, and I was, mostly.

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Outdoor Fun When you can't be on the water, you should at least be outside. Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio's first summer resort! This week at the lake. Sportsterz More Info. The Cove More Info. Yankies More Info. Celebrating years This year, Geneva-on-the-Lake is celebrating its sesquicentennial, or in other words, our th birthday!

Updating Map There are no pins in your viewport. Try moving the map or changing your filters. Thank you for your interest. This feature is coming soon. All Things to Do. Clear all. Good for a Rainy Day. Free Entry. Hidden Gems. Good for Couples.

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Good for Big Groups. Lake Geneva weather essentials Month. Not this one, not any one. The location is not ideal, but it works.

The interior of the restaurant is decorated like the basement rec room of a Schaumburg tudor in Chicago Bears and Bulls memorabilia, along with a few token Packers pieces covered the walls. A life size cutout of Michael Jordan and another of a younger Brett Favre kept watch over the dining room. This is a fast food restaurant.

The tables are covered in wood grain formica. This is a place for eating. At The large cheese pizza was 16 inches, the same size as the large at The Next Door Pub. I ordered the pizza half cheese, half super supreme, minus the black olives because those are disgusting no matter what anyone says. The order-taker struggled with my order.

The way I saw it, she had a few different options for my bill. Or she could charge me for the super supreme, and that would be that. I was wounded. But I paid the tab, tipped her for her self-inflicted trouble, and sat down at a table near Brett Favre. It was Then I waited. And waited.

I thought the wait was too long, especially for a chain restaurant that should, at this late date in their business history, have the art of quick pizza making well refined. I also thought of how I received the Next Door Pub pizza quickly, and that turned out to be fatal speed, so I waited. Thirty minutes after I ordered, the pizza was brought to the table. It was large, greasy, well browned, and cut tavern style.

It looked pretty good. And it was pretty good. There was a school cafeteria vibe with the crust. Toppings were applied with a heavy hand, and the cheese was thick, but not so much that it was a burden. It was good because I was hungry, but was it something unique, something worthy of praise? Still, we ate the pizza and were satisfied. The pizza was fine. We do fine really well here.

Lakefront buyers know that a hunt for a lakefront house can be fun. Can, being the operative word there. It could be fun. Should be fun. But often, in this market, it is anything but. No inventory, stubborn sellers, too much competition amongst other, potentially more motivated buyers. But in the process there is an education, as buyers come to understand what it is they should expect at certain price points on this magnificent lakefront.

Enter Park Drive. Park Drive has a three car attached garage, into which you enter off of a private, paver driveway capable of holding several cars. Parking and a three car attached garage? I have a lakefront home built in with Viking appliances and multiple fireplaces and so much glass on that lakeside wall.

Yes, you can find an old cottage on a hill for this price, with those fifty skinny feet and that little pier, but why would you keep looking for that house when this better house is right here, right now, ready for summer ? Three bedrooms, two baths, a three car garage, private pier, huge lakeside deck and patio, 79 feet of dead level frontage, turn key condition.

On December 17th, I decided to try the Keto diet. The timing was complicated, so close to Christmas, a holiday revered in my family for its significance, yes, but also for the candies, the breads, the pies. In spite of the temptations, I adhered closely to this diet. No sugar, no bread, no starch.

I was proud of myself for enduring the way I did, steadfastly from that day in December right up until a day during the last week of January when I realized that I am nothing if I not a bread eater. I like pizza. Quite a lot, but maybe not more than the average American, or European. Even when my wife and I traveled through France last spring, we often found our meal of choice in the shape of a circle.

My mother made pizza on Saturdays. A homemade crust, thick and doughy, sauce, and toppings that generally steered clear of anything exotic. Sausage and pepperoni ruled. Later in my life, I had a wood fired pizza oven built at my house so I could experiment with my own pizza making, the results of which varied wildly from pizza to pizza.

Later, I built a fly fishing cabin, and added a wood fired oven to that home as well. My pizza making skills evolved, but consistency still haunts me, even to this day. Earlier this week, I posted a picture of a floppy slice of pizza on my Facebook page. It was a woeful slice, indeed.

I announced the beginnings of a pizza review series, and the response was enthusiastic. Some warned me against local pizza. Go to New York or Chicago for pizza, they said. This place is the best, some wrote. Try this place, order the pizza well done, someone suggested. Pizza, while not a particular strong suite of the Lake Geneva area, is something that matters.

In preparation of my review series, I decided on the process. I will order one large pizza, half cheese and half supreme or whatever the establishment calls their pizza with some vegetables and sausage. This is what the man says before taking his bite. I know this concept to be preposterous. One bite does not tell the tale of a pizza.

What if the first bite is good, but the next thirty-four are mediocre? This will not be a one bite review, this will be a pizza review. How else can a dish be judged? That brings us to my first google search. This is what I typed into my browser.

Tripadviser, Yelp and others told me there was a consistent opinion in our market. With the reviews of the people considered, I made my first decision. This establishment on the north side of Lake Geneva is one that I know well. The space is quite basic, nothing fancy.

A couple of dining rooms and a bar. But at 5 pm on Tuesday night the place was hopping. The clientele was diverse: My son and I were seated at a four top near the front door, and then we waited. Ten minutes later, a waitress made her way to the table and took our order. We sat and listened to the conversations of the surrounding tables. No one had anything interesting to say.

Ten minutes later, the pizza arrived. It felt like it came out a bit too soon. We had waited more than ten minutes for our waters, and expected to wait another 15 or more for the pizza. But ten minutes later, there it was. A large pizza, half cheese and half garbage, cut tavern style. That style, by the way, is the common style for pizza in the Lake Geneva market. This pizza looked fine, but the cheese on top was quite white.

There was no evidence of browning, no bits of char. The crust was limp, as evidenced in that damning photo above. It was soft, soggy, undercooked. The crust was soft and too thick to be considered proper tavern style, the sauce was a touch sweet, which I actually prefer. The sausage was fine, not too loaded with fennel seed, which is a vile seed that should never again be planted.

The vegetables were adequate, not too crunchy, but here they are placed under the cheese and stacked high, which means great care must be made to pull a square of pizza from the plate and not have all of the toppings slide onto the table. I recognize people love The Next Door Pub.

Here we are again. In February. The snow is still flying, but we know what we know. Summer is coming soon. With that in mind, buyers are looking forward to maybe, potentially, perhaps, spending this summer in a different place. In this place. Our place. Many are waiting. But January is spent and February is aging and the wait continues.

Inventory was a concern heading into this new year, but I was more concerned about the stock market. Concerned about stability. The December market slide has reversed course, leaving my worries to the singular: For all of the inventory concerns I had at the end of , the first 42 days of brought eight new lakefronts to market, and several of those were indeed new offerings.

And what of the buyer activity this year? Expect contracts to pick up in February and March as buyers either pounce on new inventory, or realize their options for are going to remain limited and turn to the existing inventory to scratch their summery itch. We meet electronically this morning at a moment of unlimited potential. As we begin a new year, I sit here ready to work with you to achieve historic breakthroughs for your family, that prized collection of individuals who count on you to ignite their weekend, lakeside dreams.

Our fellow Midwesterners are watching us now, hoping that we will not vacation as two parties, some seeking solace on these shimmering shores, and others still wandering blindly towards a great big, unusable lake in a lesser Eastern state, but as one Nation, united in the desire to spend weekends splashing and playing. The contrast I will lay out this evening is not a Republican agenda or a Democrat agenda, not an agenda for those in Winnetka and another for those in Hinsdale.

It is the agenda of the American people, those who have come here, weary of their work and seeking rest. There is a new opportunity in American vacation homes, if only we have the courage to seize it. Victory is not winning the bid. Victory is winning the bid on the right house, on the right lake, at the right price. This year, we will recognize an important anniversary that shows us the majesty of this great Lake Geneva mission.

This year, we mark 23 years since the start of what I would call a most illustrious Real Estate career. Should I have gone to college and law school? And when this mother searches and strives and brings her family to the lake this summer, and oh so many summers after, this is when the dream of my father, and of her father will have been realized.

Of course, that assumes her father dreamt of this in the way that my father did, but still. The results of this work, of the street plower dutifully fulfilling his pledge, and of the mother looking and then buying the most perfect lake house, is that our market has never been stronger.

We have never been stronger. We own the Midwest vacation home market, and it is all but assured that the coming year will be as bright as the years that preceded it. No, brighter, as if that could be possible. We do not shut off our lights, or turn away any weary travelers just because we are content in our own strength, proud of our resilience and upper bracket liquidity.

Instead we offer benevolence to the lake weary, to those who toil and labor in cities and in suburbs, and we offer them shelter because that is what we do and this is who we are. How can we call ourselves Americans if we do not encourage those with the means to lay down roots near our shores? The only wall that Lake Geneva needs is made of Hydrangea, and it blooms as bright as the faces of our sun-kissed children.

The question for us today is actually only for you. If you splash your way through every summer, this is not a charge that you need to consider because you have already passed this greatest test. The question today is for those who sit at their computers, who sit on their couches, who spend Saturday wondering what Sunday will bring even though you know it just brings a long line and then brunch.

Maybe a stroller ride through an insufferable park. The question is what, exactly, are you doing? Do you not dream our same watery dreams? Do you not wish for your own American dream? This is America, if the entirety of it would be washed in clean water, surrounded by a lush green shore, where every family gets a boat in every slip and some gas in that boat and a few hours of leisure.

This is what we offer, and in the coming months you must make a decision to join us or forever get out of our way. In God We Trust, yes but do we not also trust in blue water and soft summer skies? Do we not trust in weekends that are different than weekdays? In summer that is different than fall?

We can make progress this year, together, but we cannot do this without your cooperation. We can lead you to the water but we cannot make you swim. We cannot simply urge you to join us if you will not make even a modest effort. Do you not aspire to join us in our greatness? But today is for the laborer.

The partner and the founder. The director and the vice president. They rise and they work, and they rise and they work. They wake on Saturday and they pretend that this day is somehow different. That this dream is unattainable. They live as though their pedigree is in question, as though they cannot consider Lake Geneva because of its long enduring reputation as a place for the very best among us.

And so I make this decree, by executive order, under the authority bestowed upon me by myself, I hereby demand every vacation home seeker of some means to at least consider a Lake Geneva vacation home. Your complacency cannot thrive under this bright lakeside sun, and so this command today by me, your market leading agent, shall be followed otherwise the willing dissenters risk being labeled enemy combatants and foist into the darkness of a Pure Michigan weekend.

We may disagree on the course of value, or on the benefits of one shore over the other, or on which restaurant is worthy of our breakfasting intentions and which restaurants are not, but we can agree that Lake Geneva is the place to be. In fact, it always has been, and it always will be.

If we can summon the courage to live in a way that finds our weekends at the lake, then we can achieve a new standard of living for the twenty-first century and beyond. May God bless you, and may God continue to bless Lake Geneva and no place else. Monday we were roused from our slumber by snow, perhaps six inches of it, and we were glad. Or at least my kids were glad, because snow days are to be celebrated.

Then the temperatures dropped, and Wednesday school was called, followed by Thursday. It was terribly cold, but you know this because you were there. Or here. The week was memorable, and in the dark depths of this important winter it would be easy to forget a very basic truth: Summer is coming. This is true, whether it feels true or not. There is no way around it. Summer will be here soon.

January is gone, the boring, tedious Super Bowl is over, and what comes next is easy. It will still be cold. There are months worth of fires left to be burned. There is work to be done, wintery work. Ready or not. I have to tell you this now because now you still have time. If you close in late March or April, that gives you a handful of weeks to prepare your new property for summer.

There are sheets to buy and pillows to fluff. There are walls to paint and cabinets to wash. Hardware should be upgraded, because we all know you cannot abide a full summer with those terrible doorknobs. I like June buyers. Showings are easy and weekends are soft. June buyers are simple. To be a June buyer is to be motivated, sure, but motivated for what?

To close quickly in July and suck a few extra weeks of real summer our of ? How much better it would be to be a February buyer. You see behind the veil. There is no clarity of vision in June, there is only the overwhelming urgency of summer. The lake is frozen and layered with weekend slush. The driveway is plowed. This is the time of year when social media feeds are filled to the brim with mockery.

Mockery of our place, of this place, of the cold. The snowbirds are on beaches, toasting to sunsets. Karen guessed the exact time the sun set and she won a free T-Shirt!! They offer up lip service to their northern friends. Stay Warm! They say, with their feet in the sand. Another Boring Sunset! Why Do I Live Here? I was driving home last night in a snow squall, the wind whipping across the road, drifts creeping towards the center line.

I drove in my car, my steering wheel and seat warm, my four wheel drive confident. There was no crisis here. I pulled into my driveway and into my garage. I walked into my house and lit a fire. The night would be easy now. The cold outside of no concern. The scenery and the excitement of severe weather both to my liking.

If you park your car outside your primary home at night, every night, that might be pretty difficult. I remember the days of scraping windshields and dead morning batteries, and those times were indeed more difficult than these times. In the same way, if you live in the north and you lack a fireplace, this would make winter far less appealing. Why would you invite this condition upon yourself?

We all make mistakes that we have to live with, but no fireplace in Wisconsin? This is about you, and your vacation home, and how you can enjoy winter without stressing about your vacation home. But today, with temperatures well below zero, I know my little cabin is just fine.

Because of technology. Cheap technology. I have a single camera in the house, and a single thermostat. Both connected to a single app on my phone. With this set up in mind, I can look at a live feed of my little cabin living room and know that the temperature outside is , but the temperature inside is This is the lesson.

Times were, vacation homes were drained of water, covered in plastic, and turned off. This would happen in October, and the old cabins would sit, freezing and dry, until the following April, or May. That was nice back then, but this is now. The days of seasonal ownership are long over, as owners have realized that winter here is enjoyable in its own way. The first step? Leave your heat at 63 degrees or more.

Why would you turn the heat lower than that? About that camera. It can be as simple as a single camera that will alert you to motion or sound. Can it nab an intruder for you, too? No, but I find that just a little peace of mind is better than none at all. Keep the heat up, turn the water off. Check in once a day with your app. And if you do come up for the weekend, be sure to have some firewood.

Make that fire. Enjoy that house. And remember, it could be worse, your life could have been reduced to watching a sunset and hoping the waitress calls your name. No one cared about it, then. Cars drove and people walked, stores sold goods and life was as normal as ever. Things changed when the thing found its way onto the radar, close now.

Nebraska, then Iowa. Soon enough, the state line. Cars are driving faster now. Gas stations rationing gas. Five Gallons Per, the sign reads. Women are nervous and in the distance, the sound of a man, gently weeping behind his garage, where his children cannot see his tears. Emails to check this morning.

Trying so hard to find a distraction from the thing. Maybe this email will say something about anything else. Something about the shutdown, about the wall, something about Nancy Pelosi on the tarmac. But no such luck, the topic is consuming. News organizations, once enemies battling for clicks and subscribers, united in this front. United in their warning. A modern day electronic air raid siren.

Nothing else matters. A mighty wind, some would say, maybe the greatest wind ever.

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Sign up Sign in. The initial crust test was astounding. It was his time now. It was large, greasy, well browned, and cut tavern style. Inventory was a concern heading into this new year, but I was more concerned about the stock market. Good food and outstanding wait staff. For all of the inventory concerns I had at the end of , the first 42 days of brought eight new lakefronts to market, and several of those were indeed new offerings. Back again?

Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio's first summer resort!:

  • This was widespread throughout the vacation home market, from entry level cottages to lakefront estates.
  • I had left my 10 year old niece at the table, and when I came back, she had received a soda, and the wait person had left mimosa for me.
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  • My driveway is impassable, my yard a slick, thick sheet of frozen snow and frozen rain, the lake, deep and dark and thick with ice.
  • This would happen in October, and the old cabins would sit, freezing and dry, until the following April, or May.
  • But no such luck, the topic is consuming.
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Easy Bites. I highly recommend this restaurant. Celebrating years This year, Geneva-on-the-Lake is celebrating its sesquicentennial, or in other words, our th birthday! Lake Geneva weather essentials Month.

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