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They later decided to try again for a second child. Weiss commented: Callie Torres is introduced as an orthopedic surgery resident with a crush on intern George O'Malley T. She was introduced in season two , as a senior orthopedic resident , as a love interest for intern George O'Malley T. Shonda Rhimes spoke on Ramirez's abrupt departure, saying, "This one was different because it wasn't a big planned thing. Torres survives, and agrees to marry Robbins.

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Grey's Anatomy. SheKnows Entertainment. After talking about it, the couple agreed to postpone their dream to have another baby until they're on more solid footing as a couple. At the beginning of the eleventh season, Callie and Arizona gave therapy another chance in order to help mend their marriage. Oprah Winfrey. Bitch Media. February 27, Callie is heartbroken and Arizona states that Callie lost nothing in the crash, to which Callie responds that she, apparently, lost Arizona.

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  2. When Torres explains her desire to bear children, Robbins expresses disappointment, and their differing stances on the matter lead them to break up.
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  4. US Weekly.
  5. She's very competitive but does have a sense of self, so she doesn't need to win all the time.
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  8. When asked of this, Ramirez said:
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