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Stats Page generated in 0. Props for actually using her new canon name! My Little Pony: Rather than let the snow be an obstacle, they work around it, spending their time making snowponies; or at least, that's what Bon Bon does. The necklace served as a reminder of Equestria, she supposed. But these humans He also wrote poetry, and said that there was no difference between poetry and music.

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Normally Lyra would have no trouble saying they were wrong, but she was still thinking about the war. No… That was ridiculous. She picked up her journal off the nightstand and looked through it again. Her dreams had most likely been things from her own world, not from Equestria. It would explain why everything looked so different from the books.

Just how much would be the same? There was something floating in the air next to him, glowing blue. Some flat rectangular object. It floated over to Lyra, and she took it with her magic. Things that fell through the rift along with you. She wanted to study them. But I kept this one.

Two of them — a man and a woman — standing in front of a large house, and one of those self-moving carriages from her dreams. The man had dark hair and a beard, and had his arm around the shoulder of the woman. She stared up at him. She was speechless. She set down the photo on her nightstand, but could barely manage to tear her eyes away from it.

Any photographic evidence of humans would have been exciting, but that … Well, of course her birth parents would be humans, but actually seeing them suddenly made it all so much more real. Dewey nodded.

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If you leave Equestria, you might never come back. She looked back at the photo on her nightstand, the picture that still seemed so impossible, and then back to him. Lyra laid in bed all night, but never got to sleep.

She was staring at the faces of those humans. Or in her dreams. But these humans They were real. They were still out there somewhere. Canterlot was familiar to her. She could stay here. Passing by the train station, she watched as an engine pulled in. Lyra could easily go back to Ponyville later tonight if she wanted.

Go back and pack up all of her books, tell Bon-Bon that she was finished with humans forever. She passed by the stadium where the Wonderbolts derbies took place. There were posters up with a date, saying that there would be a race there in a few days. Lyra liked seeing those…. Her pegasus heritage was all a lie.

And when she actually did use hands to play, it seemed so much easier. Ponies, dressed in their fancy hats and high-class Canterlot fashions, passed by her, without a second thought. They had no idea she was something that was only supposed to exist in myths. Nothing was different. The only difference was that she knew about it now. And it was a good thing. Because all of those fears about humans were completely unfounded.

Lyra stopped and stood there for a moment. She let out a sigh. She just had to make her final decision. Canterlot Castle felt different in the daytime than it had at the Gala two days earlier. It was brighter, but so quiet. Dewey was recognized as the head librarian, so he had no trouble getting in. Princess Celestia had instantly known what they had come for.

Cirrus seemed restless, Dewey kept on starting to say something, then his voice would trail off. She had her lyre, of course, in a large saddlebag at her side. And the photograph of her human parents. She was going to find them… somehow. Your species survived much longer… Their technology is far more advanced. Lyra could feel her heart pounding.

Soon enough she would no longer be a pony. Princess Celestia was the only one powerful enough to do this kind of transformation spell… No, it was the opposite. She was removing the spell, that was all. This will only take a moment. Her horn glowed softly, pure white. Lyra had gritted her teeth, expecting the process to be painful, like the times she gave herself hands, only multiplied by a thousand, but… now she was transforming and she barely felt anything.

Bon-Bon had started to feel concerned. Yet, honestly, what could have happened to her? Bon-Bon was a little ashamed of herself to be so worried. There was a knock at the door. Bon-Bon's head jerked up, and she went to answer it. She pushed the door open. A grey pegasus stood there, eyes skewed in two different directions. There would probably be time to take this over before clocking in at work.

That ended up not being necessary, since Rainbow Dash showed up right behind the mail mare carrying another letter in her teeth. I have yours. It felt heavy for some reason. There was something extra in there. Rainbow Dash turned to the other pegasus, standing there looking downcast. I only had to go to one house this time. Bon-Bon took the letter back into the house, wondering what it could be.

Some kind of an explanation for why she was running late, maybe. At least Lyra had the consideration to write back if she was held up for some reason. As she opened the envelope, a few gold coins fell out and clinked on the table. Actually, after shaking it out, there was a substantial amount of money enclosed. Frowning, Bon-Bon took out the letter and began to read.

Sorry for the short notice. This should cover my rent for the next few months. Maybe you can find somebody else to room with. It was great knowing you. Thanks for being so patient with me. She stared at the hastily-written note in disbelief. Lyra was really moving out, just like that?

Had she been too hard on her about that cart incident? Bon-Bon scowled. It was just like that pony to do something so impulsive. Still, this was drastic. Lyra must have been spotted at the Gala and hired for a symphony. Celebrities from all over Equestria would have been in attendance, so there was really no telling where she could have ended up.

She would have moved to a big city, probably, wherever the symphony was located. But she had just gotten up and left. Not even so much as a goodbye, other than this letter. Was it possible? Lyra had finally figured out who she was. She was destined to be a successful, daresay even famous, musician.

Her days of hunting for humans were finally over. Lyra stood in the private bedchamber, examining herself in the mirror. Reaching up to her forehead with one hand, she felt the smooth skin behind her bangs. No horn. If she tried reaching out with magic to move something, nothing happened. Lifting up her hands, she inspected the fingers. Compared to these, though, her past attempts had been crude — the fingers had been too thick, not as flexible.

These were real human hands. Slender, graceful, and completely amazing. It seemed like a fair trade for her magic. But she did have the same light-colored skin like most of the humans in her dreams had. In fact, she kind of liked it. She was dressed in a simple green shirt and tan pants, and shoes — those had been somewhat new to her.

Now that the skin of her feet was so soft, instead of hooves, shoes were going to be necessary. Which was gone, just like her horn. She'd checked over her entire body. The necklace served as a reminder of Equestria, she supposed. Being a human was a surreal experience, yet still somehow familiar.

I'm sorry, but I really don't Add the proper artist tags. And don't delete the Lyra Heartstrings ? My Little Pony ? Friendship is Magic ? Bonbon ? Twilight Sparkle 63? Equestria Girls 63? Rainbow Dash 62? Pinkie Pie 56? Derpy Hooves 55? Octavia 53? Vinyl Scratch 51? Rarity 50? Lyra has a more outlandish design in mind for her own creation.

Will feature multiple ships from multiple fandoms. These will all be quickly-written, silly drabbles so please don't judge them too harshly. Can Fluttershy stomach up the courage to take her relationship with Rarity to the next level? Does Sweetie Belle really have good reason to worry about her and Spike's future together? And just why has Pinkie Pie been so keen to hang out with Twilight lately, and what does she mean by the "prophecies" coming true'?

But their problems are only beginning. Trouble is brewing in Equestria. Strange things are happening all over the land: Rarity becomes desperate to find her special somepony once and for all as an air of romance in Ponyville continually surrounds her. But little does she know that her own best friend has been secretly harboring a crush on her for a very long time.

A lone Black Lantern Ring flies towards the outer reaches of space and eventually lands on the Moon of Equestria, invoking the release of the Nightmare Moon herself! Back on Equestria, the citizens of Ponyville find themselves under attack by demonic undeaf ponies. As many ponies flee from town, several rings land across Equestria, each one being found by ponies drawn together by the threads of fate.

But not all the ring wielders will show restraint with their powers, as the darkness grows stronger, who's side will be taken? Discord decides to visit Fluttershy and give her a gift, but finds himself quite nervous, as he has been harboring feelings for the beautiful young mare. The draconaquus hopes to at least be able to give her the gift and leave without slipping up about the truth of his feelings, but he gets more than what he bargained for.

Three weeks after the incredibly odd night involving being kidnapped, moving statues, and an apocalypse, things are starting to return to normal for Lyra. Well, as normal as things are for a member of Luna's secret task force. Sadly, the respite from weirdness is broken by their patron princess. Ponies are disappearing in Whitetail Woods, and they're on the clock to find out what's behind it, and neutralize it if possible.

When the young Bonbon gets bullied, a boy with mint green hair comes to her rescue. Who is he, and why does there seem to be more to him than appearances show?

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T Leap of Faith: Still, other ponies might not understand, so That's all. Statistics Blog Posts Download. I love the smell. Bon-Bon was a little ashamed of herself to be so worried. Shame, Bonbon was always a very nice pony name. Lyra was now almost at eye level with the Princess, though her size was still impressive.


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