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Conventional wisdom says men are the competitive sex. Not because it's disgusting porn, but because it's not. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. No one in society gets to use their own personal problems or suffering to inflict suffering on others. Lycia tells me the girls started this but used to cajole and encourage the boys to join in too!

We call them cheerleaders. Men have also gone to war to honor and protect their wives and girlfriends. Hell, men have even started wars for love. Helen of Troy gets credit for that one. And how many men want to be successful at business so they can afford a beautiful babe on their arm?

Or for that matter how many regular Joes simply want to hold down a job, find a nice girl, settle down and raise a family? The fact is female beauty inspires men, period. No, women don't have to be topless or stark naked to inspire anyone, but when you consider all the benefits of beauty inspiring anyone, isn't it rather odd that more women aren't allowed to be nude in our society?

Even the small ones can effect the entire course and ultimate outcome of our lives. But choices artists face when creating art are even harder because nothing will force them to make the right ones. If they choose wrong their work will be crap, but people may still like it and be willing to pay for it. See the entire realm of abstract art.

Meanwhile the only real reward for the artist with the courage to make the right choices is beauty. Ruthless selectivity is therefore quite rare, even among dedicated artists. Even rarer are the artists whose choice is to create a view of the world that is full of hope, beauty, and happiness. Creating such a view, the kind of sense of life that we here at Body in Mind adore, requires incredible integrity.

Artists must resist the temptation to corrupt their images with elements that please the senses but not the mind, with something they saw on TV, or with settings that reflect the world as it really is instead of the way it could be with a little extra effort. He creates uniquely beautiful images of a world where we want to live, a world where pretty women feel perfectly natural and safe being naked and admired, right smack dab in our daily lives, in any setting.

We love Jeffery's work because it demonstrates simply that a nude woman in any setting is not improper. It says the world should be a place where such a scene would be considered perfectly natural. It says that the men and women who admire her are good, not bad. It says female beauty is not naughty, but nice. This might sound like an easy choice but with the entire world howling about the evils of female beauty it is not only the rarest choice, it's an heroic one.

We hope you'll make that choice too. Okay, wise guy, here's a question for you. What do the following have in common: They are all a challenge to think, and more, to live, to strive, to be successful and to be happy. Only those who want to live a full, long and happy life have any use for these things.

The anti-value people out there, the ones I call 'death worshippers' do not. The once-human part of them senses that they should, but rather than listen to their conscience they resent it instead. They are the ones who you always hear attacking female beauty, or any human accomplishment, including money, or modern medicine, or justice, or science, or space travel, or, well you get the idea.

We've been thinking lately, of the god-like powers female beauty seems to have to motivate men to achieve good things, to create wealth, to pull off daring rescues, to break through boundaries, to discover new lands, to develop new drugs, to defend themselves from evil, etc.

Sex images wet girl with perfect natural tits

Huge tits blonde teen Of course, there is no such thing as God, male or female, but as I've said, female beauty is as close to anything I can even conceive of as God.

Beauty is a godhead beaconing and welcoming those who want to live, the pro-value, the human. It is one of the greatest human motivators we know of, and has always been a most marvellous spiritual inspiration to us. Hopefully the desire for a woman of your own will make you go after your dreams too, be it the career you've always dreamed of, the success you've always wanted, the life you most want to live, the idea you've held so dear.

In fact maybe Mia will be the one to remind you how much you want to be happy. So enjoy the beauty in these new photos of Mia. It's the smart thing to do. The converse of this bit of wisdom is less said, but equally true, and extremely pertinent to today's gallery. It goes like this: We hope the beauty of Laura can make everyone think twice about the mounting movement to ban nudity from public display, and how much they will lose from it.

For example, this particular set was shot on a very special public beach in the UK in the middle of summer. It is one of the increasingly rare places of incredible natural beauty where this is still possible. If nudity ever gets so stigmatised that it becomes impossible you would lose not only this set, but all nudes in nature. Models like Laura would lose their careers and you would lose all photos of women beautiful enough to be models.

So before you think that campaigns against Page3 or girly mags or bikinis in stores or sexy ads don't concern you or your love of natural nudes, think again. Join Permalink. Our personal view is that make-up is one of the few holdovers from another century that is still popular in this one. Obviously it was invented to make women look more beautiful, but how did we decide on big eyelashes, dark eyelids, even skin, rosy cheeks, high cheekbones and red wet lips?

Each of these represents a desirable quality. Big eyelashes represent youth, dark eyelids represent seriousness, even skin represents health, rosy cheeks represent purpose, high cheekbones represent strength and red, wet lips represent sexual availability. Beauty is the representation of values, and since make-up represents those values, it creates beauty.

But it's our belief that there are more important values in life than the ones represented by make-up. For example, intelligence, benevolence, morality, courage, innocence, wisdom, etc. We find that NOT wearing make-up is the best way to project these qualities.

Which is why NOT wearing make-up can often make a woman more beautiful than wearing it can. We think this is true in this set of Rhian. What do YOU think? Her work with other photographers for us was always gorgeous and fun, and we knew she had a happy, vibrant personality to go along with her megawatt smile, but we'd never had the opportunity to actually meet her in person until very recently on our trip to the UK when we were lucky enough to be able to shoot with her ourselves - a longtime goal for both of us.

It was beyond amazing. In person Kelly is even more vibrant, more fun, and more beautiful than photos can capture. She has an infectious laugh and a wicked sense of humour, is as generous and open as your best friend, and a total pro as a model. Truly one of the most delightful people we've ever met. As photographers we were thrilled to discover she also has that elusive top gear, easily shifting into being sexy, sultry and sophisticated on top of everything else.

She really does have it all - beauty, charm, wit, intelligence, and sizzling hot sex appeal. The ideal combination for creating the ultimate scorching beauty. Sounding exactly like religious fanatics, they cite their belief that Page 3 is nothing but porn and doesn't belong in public. What a sorrowful lack of vision these women - and men - seem to have, apparently seeing nothing noble, honorable, or beautiful in Page 3, and perhaps in the female body in general?

Just across the channel, however, France is still honouring the female body in public places, government buildings, even on their money, and has been for about years, in the form of la Marianne , the topless female symbol of Liberty and Reason captured so beautifully in the painting by Delacroix.

This view of the nude female as something profound can be seen around the world today whenever you see a bare breast in an old public sculpture, usually representing Truth, Justice, Freedom, or Victory. But why should these pillars of civilization be relegated to the past and forgotten in crumbling monuments?

Especially considering that women in Britain are among the freest in the world, it would be an epic fail of national proportion. Two things that go hand in hand. In my world the word was created for her. From her beautiful, radiant eyes that will melt your heart if you look into them for longer than 2 seconds, right down to her pretty foot tattoos, every inch of Mel is a sight to behold.

But if you think her talents end there then you're sorely mistaken. In a world where so many misguided, ill-informed people come to the conclusion that models are nothing more than sex objects, Mel is one of many that defy this ridiculous logic on a daily basis. Two massively successful careers and all at the age of Porn lovers tell us we're a poor excuse for a philosophy site, that we should just drop all the words and just give them something to drool at.

The desire to remove our minds from sex is the desire to get away with perversion, and the desire to remove sexuality from philosophy is the desire to get away with prudishness. What's surprising is that in the common example we gave it's the feminists who want to remove the mind from sex and the pervs who want to remove the sex from philosophy!

Somehow we simply don't mind looking silly to such people. And if you work at Body in Mind you even see them at your job. But none of that really matters if you don't have a naked woman at home. All of those other places and publications are really meant to show you how to get a naked woman in your own home, in your own life, in your own way.

You can be an artist, an athlete or an anthropologist; you can be 18, 38 or 68; you are never too old or too out of touch to want or to get a lovely naked woman in your home, which means, in your life. And all you have to do to get it is be interesting or in love enough to make a woman want to be that lady. But it's not always the easiest thing to do. And to all the naked ladies in the world who will always have a home in our hearts.

We have reality for reality. We need the media because we need a place to dream, to invent, to sort, to take chances, to make mistakes relatively safely without risking our lives, to try one wild idea after another and see what works, what doesn't, and what we never thought possible.

The media is our dreamscape, our vacation from reality, our great escape. If reality is our body, the media is our spirit. Those who want to control the media not only want to control our minds, they want to break our spirit, outlaw beauty, dictate our future, and cripple our dreams.

People who want to control the reality of others are bad enough. They are the thugs, criminals, and looters. But beware even more of anyone who wants to control the media. For they are the harbingers of living death. Are women trying to screw themselves?

Ironically they are doing it in order to "protect" children. Let's stop for a second to make sure we understand this point. These women are teaching their children that their mother's body - the thing that attracted their fathers to their mother and gave birth to them - is a bad thing.

Never mind that you can't protect young girls by teaching them that their bodies are horrible. Never mind that teaching boys that women are evil will make chauvinists and predators out of them. So we watch with horror as women the world over attack sexy models on the covers of magazines in grocery stores, as they publicly shame women at the beach for wearing bikinis, and as they press their politicians to outlaw attractive women on TV, for stricter dress codes at work, and stricter "morals" in music videos.

It's just as if women actually want to be politically and forcibly reduced to nothing but rightless breeding cows under Sharia law. If that is what they want they are on exactly the right track. And if it isn't, well, so far, they have sure fooled us. From where we stand, it definitely appears the start of the new millenium will go down in history as the era when women the world over totally screwed themselves.

Ladies, please please please prove us wrong. Nudity alone is not enough to quality a woman as undignified, therefore nudity alone is not enough to qualify as objectification. Objectification also requires a woman to be treated as a tool for others' purposes. Glamour photos may be a "tool" for titillation, but the models are not.

Nor could they ever be, unless they were slaves. NoMorePage3, however, which is a campaign to fire all Page3 models, does objectify women. It robs them of their dignity by treating models as mere tools for NMP3's political gain - as mindless, expendable objects, neither asking the models' opinion nor giving them any choice.

Like anyone who tries to victimise innocent women NoMorePage3 tries to dehumanise their victims. This is one of the reasons we like to do Day in the Life series on BiM. We treat models as real people with real lives with real feelings and real power over their lives. Most of the nipples freed in public will belong to breastfeeding mothers and most of the nipples freed in the media will belong to models.

The group doing this in Britain right now is called NoMorePage3. Page3 is a daily topless glamour model in many of the tabloids that has come to be a bit of an institution over the last 40 years to the point it now uses its popularity and power to promote many important charities. Britain has also had legalised public breastfeeding for roughly the same period.

Britain freed the nipple long ago. Canada tried to solve the "problem" of topless models when it freed nipples. This somewhat ambiguous message resulted in very few women actually going topless in Ontario. Nipples were free in public, but not in the paper. The old laws were gone, but the stigma remained.

And so did the sleeping power in women's breasts. This is the real reason to free women's bodies: The aesthetic power of the human body has always inspired morality in humankind, from Greek gods to the Renaissance to modern superheros. It's time to free women's bodies - to free the nipple culturally and commercially - on main street and in the media, so the world can finally have the much needed divine feminine as a model and equal influence in building a new ethos.

Scout rightly reminded this person that the model is a person who deserves respect. Personally we find it odd that so many people make so many assumptions - usually negative ones - about beautiful women, especially those who pose nude. Perhaps this is one of the reasons so many women these days seem to resent glamour photography.

So in the interest of fighting this kind of lookist bigotry we thought some of you might be interested to know that the model in the censored photo and in this "Breathless" set is not a professional nude model or porn star. There's a reason bigotry is wrong. Lookism, racism, sexism, ageism all cause us to commit injustice against good people, and make only the person doing it look bad.

After all it's women who are changing the world these days, not men. And they're doing it with their breasts. Armed with an irresistibly good nature and of course breasts the size of So to speak. We sincerely hope breasts do become the new symbol for bravery. If they do, it will change forever the meaning of the phrase "She's got real boobs!

And with 7 billion people on the planet we'd say it's doing its job quite well. What most people don't know is that nature has an additional purpose in mind for female beauty, one meant to temper blind reproduction, and that is: Beauty inspires morality by lighting up our brains every time we see the image of our values.

For example you will find your dream home beautiful, or a country that has the sort of geography you prefer will be first on your vacation plans because it will look beautiful to you. Female beauty is no different. It always represents your values in a woman. It doesn't matter who you are or where you live it will always be true. It is an objective unchanging principle of female beauty.

Ethics is part of our nature, as sure as reproduction is. And female beauty inspires both. It's our hope that human beings will learn to use the power of female beauty ethically as well as sexually, to inspire change in ourselves and improvements in our world, just as nature intended. If we don't learn, the future doesn't look very bright or beautiful.

Inner beauty versus outer beauty Many people claim that when it comes to human females, unlike everything else in the universe, beauty is actually on the inside. But by praising "inner beauty" they are actually attempting to downplay and belittle "outer" beauty. This is why they never tell us exactly what character traits actually create this "inner beauty".

But in reality, "inner beauty" is responsible for making a woman beautiful - not figuratively, but literally. If a woman like Vika appears to possess these things then she becomes more beautiful, not just on the inside, but outside , where it counts.

Inner beauty already has a name. It's called character. Let's give outer beauty its due, and its own word. How about "beauty". The unbearable innocence of Page 3 Page 3 is the most innocent form of female nudity possible. It is not porn as many of its protestors claim, it's not even sexual. The models are young, healthy, confident women who generally just stand there topless, smiling benevolently.

There are no overt sexual overtones, no bitten fingers, no fake pouts, no guilty sneers or coy slyness, no feigned moans of sexual ecstasy. Just a pleasant woman with a nice body. Plain and simple. And beautiful. And innocent. We believe that is precisely why Page 3 is so often attacked. Not because it's disgusting porn, but because it's not. Launched in the s at the height of the women's movement Page 3 introduced nudity to newspapers for the first time and remains a placeholder and touchstone of freedom and empowerment for women.

For example, FEMEN's topless public protests would never get the media coverage they do today if not for Page 3 and what's behind it: Page 3's innocent virtues have garnered respect for the female body from a majority of an entire country. To our knowledge this has never happened before, ever, anywhere. Unfortunately, it's also attracted what sexy women always do: For centuries ignorance of the female body and the nature of its beauty led to fear of female sexuality on an almost hysterical scale.

Virgins were believed to have enough raw sexual power to appease gods and were summarily sacrificed, witches were burned alive to rid the world of a power people could only conceive of as satanic. It's been easy for haters to make people see female beauty and sexuality as a scary and powerful force.

And they used this fear to deny women freedom and rights throughout history. But what is this scary, powerful force in female sexuality? Satan himself? It's innocence. Innocence is the force people have feared in women for millennia. They fear it because it threatens the moral stranglehold they've had on women. Of course Page 3's enemies will never admit they hate Page 3 for its virtues.

Instead they try to stop us from seeing them. They shamelessly denounce Page 3's charity work as an attempt to justify porn in the paper and suggest Page 3 models should just go into mainstream porn. They claim it's because Page 3 is more ubiquitous than porn. But we suspect it's because Page 3 is simply more respectable. After all, the common is the morally acceptable and thus the influential.

In fact the nudity, beauty and innocence of Page 3 was one the early inspirations for bodyinmind. We think Page 3 should be proud of its virtue, because at the end of the day, only the depraved find it unbearable. I mean what kind of people value porn more than charity?! Many claim Page 3's protestors are simply jealous of Page 3 models' beauty. But in reality it's what's inside, it's innocence they can't stand.

Feminists are famous for claiming they would love to see a world created by women but if true why then do some of them waste their efforts trying to take over the world created by men and devote themselves to killing anything that grows naturally from the beauty, sexuality, and natural power of women? Such as beautiful photos of happily nude women?

The answer is simple: They are fake feminists. Instead of seeing women as noble creatures, intelligent, proud, strong, they see women as small, powerless, and stupid. They appoint themselves champions of those few fainting females who are unable to fend for themselves in "a man's world".

They assume to do the thinking and parenting for young women who are supposedly hopelessly confused and frightened by sexual imagery and fashion ads. And they consistently attack the few strong women brave enough to openly use and enjoy their beauty and sexuality. In fact, we can't even imagine men seeing women as poorly or treating them as badly as fake feminists do.

Women are not the crying, cringing, clinging creatures fake feminists make them out to be. Women are nothing more - and nothing less - than half the human race. Reminding us that women already ARE men's equals in every conceivable way is what real feminism is all about. Can you name even one?

And if you can, can you also say if she earns her living from it or not? Do you even know if any of them do? Don't assume. You might be surprised. Body in Mind has worked with nude art models for more than 16 years. The sad truth is that even the best of them can rarely make a better living than they could as teachers, waitresses or hairdressers.

One of the reasons for this is that so many people are willing to enjoy their photos without so much as a thought for the them. Many "fans" even claim to worship the ground the models walk on, yet will not cough up a dime to pay for any of their pics. In fact, since joining Twitter we have discovered hundreds of tweeters posting thousands of nude photos to millions of people all over the world looking for free nude photos.

Denying credit is art theft, and retweeting uncredited photos is dealing in stolen goods. So we urge you, if you consider yourself a fan of nude models, start by treating them with at least the same respect as your waitress or hairdresser. Pay her for her services or at least give her credit. And refuse to retweet any uncredited photos.

Otherwise you are robbing models of their livelihood, and ultimately yourself of your favourite models. Doesn't really make sense now does it? So let's all support the profession of nude modeling. Let's help the models make the money they deserve and achieve the fame they need to make the photos we love. Pin her up; don't cut her off.

Superbeauty is pretty much what it sounds like. It's female beauty that takes beauty to a new higher level. Superbeauty also looks like something from Playboy, except with a completely non-sexual moral slant. This has been the goal of Body in Mind since it began - the infusion of objective human values into images of nude women. It's a chance to catch our ladies in their most relaxed, comfortable and real moments, just being their effortlessly lovely selves, as Alece is in this set.

She'd been working on her body very hard and was proud and eager to show it off. Naturally we accepted. What resulted are many many wonderful sets of Alece expressing her pride in her body and her love of being beautiful. There are few things on earth more charming than a truly happy woman, and few things that make men fall in love quicker. We invite everyone to fall in love with Alece, as naturally and effortlessly as we did.

No man wishes his girlfriend or wife would wear MORE make-up. The truth is women don't wear make-up for men. They do it to compete with other women. Conventional wisdom says men are the competitive sex. But the truth is women might be far more competitive than men. Even to the point of obsession. For example, can you imagine men being more interested in images of other men than in images of women?

Yet women would rather look at other fully dressed women than naked men! Furthermore, the whole feminist movement, might it simply be about taking over the political and cultural reigns of civilisation? Since men already seem to be quite afraid of them, women taking over the world really means taking over control of other women. Perhaps this is why beauty-hating feminists are so determined to eliminate images of sexy women from our culture.

And why they want to so badly that they are even willing to condemn anti-cancer campaigns that employ sexy spokesmodels or no-make-up selfies by beautiful women. And why they're not concerned with magazines that viciously attack female celebrities for being too thin or too fat. And why they consistently paint other women as victims when they're not.

And why their solution is to force equal numbers of women into government when women themselves don't want to run. Guess who'll get those positions? Thank goodness we no longer expect each other to do so. We can only hope women will become less estranged from their natural sexuality too, will start looking at men more than women, and will lighten up. Make-up is really pretty silly, on men, or women.

And so it trying to stick your pointy shoe up the world's ass. Can the same thing be said of human beauty? If the beauty of art can make us more human, cannot the physical beauty of the human nude do so as well? Couldn't this be the reason our culture is obsessed with images of beautiful women? Cynics say "sex sells".

But is this really the full explanation? Images of beautiful women date back to pre-history, and aesthetics, the science that studies the role of beauty in our lives has been a part of every serious philosophy since the ancient Greeks invented it. We humans do not. We have to choose what is good or bad for us. Instinct cannot help us, but beauty can. This is how art makes us more human.

And it's how female beauty does too. Beauty inspires good people to admire it and to be better. Unfortunately it also inspires bad people to be worse, to hate beauty and attack values. There is perhaps no more depraved question a person can ask than "Why do we need beauty? To dismiss artistic images of human beauty as merely sex inducement is to completely miss the value and beauty of female beauty itself, and is to miss out on being fully human.

In fact even our own Rhian received thanks from a man for saving his life. Sorry, but when people let their resentment of sexy women get in the way of common sense we have to speak up. Asking sexy women to stop promoting charities is so outrageously mean spirited that we almost choke in anger and disbelief. Of course cancer patients and survivors deserve consideration for their feelings, commiseration for their suffering, as well as admiration and praise for their courage.

However being a cancer patient - or professing concern for one - does not mean you get to insult others with impunity. It doesn't mean you get to stop attempts to prevent cancer because you don't like the spokesperson. And it certainly doesn't mean you get to increase the risk others will get cancer just because you did.

No one in society gets to use their own personal problems or suffering to inflict suffering on others. In the last few years sexy women have shown an amazing ability to raise awareness and money for charity, and their ability to raise so much to fight cancer is a reason to admire them even more, not less. Regardless of their differences, Page 3 glamour photos serve the same function for men as romance novels do for women.

The most obvious difference is that topless men appear on the covers of romance novels, while topless women are hidden on Page 3 of the paper. Society has taught us that the only purpose of the female body is sex and that sex is something to be ashamed of, so topless models on the front page wouldn't fly. Another difference is that Page 3 contains nudity to titillate men while romance novels often contain very explicit sex scenes to titillate women.

Women's sexuality has to be hidden, again this time in the pages of a book. But the main difference is that romance novels are words and Page 3 is photos. Both serve the function of beauty, art, and romance but Page 3 is a man's type and romance novels are a woman's.

Modern science has shown us that men's and women's brains develop differently. So men prefer images of happy, sexy women in romantic locations and women prefer stories about strong, sexy men in romantic relationships with women. So perhaps women can be forgiven for thinking men are as easily excited by Page 3. But men know better. We know it's just an image, albeit a very pretty one, just as women know the hero in a romance is just a story.

Perhaps in an ideal world all men would be heroes and women would be more sexual and we wouldn't need romance novels or Page 3. But until that world arrives, let's be glad we have both. And let's change the question from should "porn" be in a newspaper, to should men's idea of romance be allowed in public like women's is?

Of course you do. The sexiest gunfighter ever. I particularly remember the reviews for that movie. They were especially critical of Sharon's performance in spite of the fact that she's sexy as hell in it and it's still completely watchable today nearly 20 years later. But I wasn't surprised by the critics attacks.

I've seen sexy women attacked all my life, always, apparently, for no reason. Knowing he would lose the bad guy shot and killed the good guy's wife instead of shooting at the good guy, knowing full well the good guy would shoot and kill him. We figured after 20 years it's high time for a sexy gunfighter to kick some more evil villain butt.

Men want to keep women down. These are the two most common modern sexual prejudices. They are also 2 of the oldest. They come from a time before birth control and before paternity tests. Back then women were naturally very hesitant to have sex outside of marriage. There were no welfare programs to help pay for their children's care.

A man's problems were different. Capitalism was still a thing of the future, so making a living was rarely an option. Thus paternity was everything. A family's survival depended on knowing your sons were really yours. Working out of the home, getting an education, being single, were all frowned upon and discouraged in women, by men. Happily times have changed. There is no longer any basis for thinking women don't like sex or in keeping women down, and these prejudices are disappearing.

If you doubt it you should join us on Twitter. If you do you'll discover 2 wonderful things: Peepers are those people who selfishly enjoy a photo or video of a nude woman without once asking who she is or where the photo came from. To them it just doesn't matter. They don't care what her name is, who made the photo, or how it came to be on their computer screen.

They make no attempt to know her, compliment her, or pay her. They take an eyeful without her knowledge, simply because they can. They don't care if the photo was stolen, published without permission or shared illegally. They don't care if the model makes so little money due to file sharing that she has to quit and do something else.

And most worrying of all is that they don't care if the model gave her permission for them to see her naked. Such people invariably claim to be admirers of beautiful women, and that they didn't mean to take advantage. Search All Classifieds. Featured Ads. Rekindle the Gift of Life Saturday, Apr 27, 8: On April 27, teens are invited to a free workshop on the fundamentals of jQuery!

Join us to learn how to speak to your webpage and tell it to do Partially furnished - Stainless steel fridge and stove and washer and dryer; finished basement; attached 2-bay garage. Here it is the UCLA girls and their sexy costumes again. It must be hard trying to act all sexy when someone is lifting you up in the air.

Somehow, however, this minx manages to pull it off. She also has a behind to kill for, which helps. It can be hard for college cheerleaders to reach the same level of sexy as NFL cheer squads, but it looks like this team has been taking some pointers from the older ladies. Smack dat! The one on the right is mega hot too.

In fact, they look like UK college cheerleaders! Those tiny, tiny outfits are one of a kind for sure. It is hard to imagine certain sports like basketball and football, for example, without the addition of motivational cheerleaders raising the spirits of the crowd, gaming participants, and anybody else that is near the sporting event — along with the onlookers from afar and the people watching the game via the TV or the Internet, etc.

Images of hot cheerleaders! Every single one of them. It would have taken you days to find all the sexiest cheerleaders photos floating around on the Internet yourself. Besides me, who has that kind of time on their hands? The Alabama cheerleading girls were showing off a bit of Alabama Glam in their seriously hot costumes. Feel free to hit us up on Twitter with any hot cheerleader-related questions.

A person could find loads and loads of this type of pictorial bliss, but we decided to stop ourself after finding enough for the image gallery. Well, all we got to say is: Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Skip to content. Flaunting It Either the person taking this picture was in the exact right place, or these college cheerleaders actually know how to flaunt it.

Whip My Hair Sweat is sexy on the right person, and this cheerleader knows how to pull it off. Three in One These three are absolute super babes with smiles and eyes to die for!

We were once-in-a-lifetime lucky to have worked with her on these costume tests a few years ago and we think if anything her body is even more amazing than our early drawings. It amounts to: But so would the number of people who think it's perfectly okay to break them. Holy macaroni! We won't tell you what the answers are. And there's every reason for women to have the same affection back. The aesthetic power of the human body has always inspired morality in humankind, from Greek gods to the Renaissance to modern superheros. Could feminists really be such failures in one area but so brilliant in another?

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In reality though, judging from the world around us and the number of marriages and romances out there, most men see sex as something that is shared with an interested, consenting, sexy partner. These are the two most common modern sexual prejudices. But because of it we often miss many golden opportunities for deeply meaningful relationships. And she is about to learn something important about beauty. In a free society there is no other choice.

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One day, I would like to have sex

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The girl with the freckles is the best.Why no black girls in this clip I love to see white cream covering their pretty black faces.