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Pizza also wrote some funny one-liners, but otherwise she reblogged jokes, switching back and forth between fashion and comedy. Oz hailed the substance as a miracle fat-burner in , he began a raspberry ketone media frenzy. After launching, they landed 20, followers in their first month with a simple formula: So-Relatable was trying to build its Twitter presence, so they agreed to exchange promotional posts with Hegstad. Its stars often have as far to climb, at least socioeconomically, as their fans. I love you.

12th February 2011

After launching, they landed 20, followers in their first month with a simple formula: Convert into an image and post. Soon, Lilley and Greenfield told me, they were getting 15 million page views a month. They had more than , followers on So-Relatable and were growing several other blogs. It was an enormous reach for two teenagers from a Rust Belt town of 88, people, and they did it by tapping into the essence of what makes content shareable: The walls were bright red, and we lounged on an overstuffed wraparound couch.

Except these videos were ones they made as kids. Instead, they gave me the secrets to virality. Lilley is tall and lanky, with dark brown curly hair. Greenfield is shorter, with glasses and honey-brown hair. They both wore plain polo shirts. Summer had just ended, and there was a pool in the backyard, but they were quite pale. They were witty and warm and very smart, and I liked them immediately, but they were total nerds.

It surprised me, because nerds are often defined by an inability to read social interactions and respond in a way that makes them cool, confident— relatable. So I gently asked Greenfield how he was able to make these minute social observations that hinge on complex emotions being expressed in subtle facial expressions when, perhaps, this was not his strong suit in real life.

His answer: Researching their way to relatable played out most interestingly in one demographic: As of last fall, only 10 percent of internet users use Tumblr, according to the Pew Research Center, but 23 percent of teen girls do, compared with 5 percent of teen boys. At one point, Lilley and Greenfield noticed, 65 percent of the So-Relatable readership was female.

Lilley showed me a post about a girl asking a friend to check her pants in the bathroom. Lilley and Greenfield had figured out an array of tricks both obvious and not, some technical, some thematic. Lilley and Greenfield interacted with followers as well. When they posted a recipe for a snack on another of their blogs, Lifehackable, readers would comment with photos of their version, and Lifehackable would reblog them.

Tom was not good at it.

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His life hacks were less hacks than poor life choices. Danielle Strle told me about Cornputer ; I had to tell her that Heckacute had gone password-protected. I had been trying to interview Pizza for a year before her blog disappeared in August It took almost two years to get her to talk to me. Based on a few posts about blogger meet-ups, I knew she was Australian, but nothing had been written about her in the Australian media.

I sent her a direct message on Twitter, to which she responded with interest, giving me her email, but after an exchange, she went silent. I asked Tumblr to try contacting Pizza for me. No response. I started to lose hope. And then, in August , Jason Wong gave me a new email for Pizza.

Jess Miller is a year-old recent high school graduate who lives in Melbourne, Australia. Almost her entire teenage life has been lived on Tumblr, and over the past five years, her fame spread offline. Her Tumblr was her little secret place where she could go and blog and say what she wanted. Arrowsmith is a realtor, and once, while showing a family a house, she mentioned her kids sat at home on the internet all day.

At one point, according to Miller, she had 9, concurrent visitors on her blog and she received over 2, angry messages, some of them telling her to kill herself. When I asked Miller about the posts, she sent me a long apologetic message:. There are still false rumors floating around that Pizza was terminated by Tumblr for being racist.

An anonymous user left a message on her new blog, Jess Cats. When he reached out to So-Relatable, Hegstad had a big Twitter audience, millions of followers across a dozen accounts. He had figured out how to monetize it, but he wanted to get into Tumblr. So-Relatable was trying to build its Twitter presence, so they agreed to exchange promotional posts with Hegstad.

Tumblr teens need to be sophisticated about making money, and they have clever tactics to increase traffic and followers and revenue, often helping each other to game Google AdSense. Why game AdSense? So that means most eyes, and the most dedicated fans, rarely if ever see those banner ads. Tumblr has always had a complicated relationship with money. It really turns our stomachs.

Tumblr was, at that time, still a unicorn; the possibility of making money was just as powerful an asset as the actual making of it. In a sense, Yahoo faces the same problem as Tumblr users: Yahoo is experiencing declining revenue in display ads and the company is trying to make up for it with native advertising—ads that look like human-created content but were actually made for brands.

Likewise, some Tumblr users have tried their own kind of native ads—posts endorsing products that link to the stores where you can buy them. Tumblr does not like this. With AdSense banners, users get paid when a reader clicks or views an ad. Google has bots looking for that.

So teens have schemes to evade the bots. There are a handful of secret Facebook groups and multi-member chats for Tumblr users with high follower counts—between 10, and , or even more—with names like Wallflowers 2. The blog must be refreshed until a better-paying ad shows up, like one from a bank. Lilley and Greenfield felt the sting of a bad exchange a few times, but the biggest lesson came with Lifehackable.

Now Lifehackable. Though Tom is handsome, he lacks an easy charisma and JusstTom is not very popular. Its stars often have as far to climb, at least socioeconomically, as their fans. Why do I have money to go to college? That fall, Hegstad gave Lilley and Greenfield some valuable tips: The end of the year is the most profitable time for banner ads, and he taught them how to tweak the layout of their site and the display of their banner ads.

Fairly subtle stuff, but they made thousands more dollars the next month. In January , they quit college. It was lot of money for internet jokes, a lot of money for two year-olds from Reading, Pennsylvania. Lilley had wanted to get out of his hometown for years and proposed moving in with Hegstad in L.

I was skeptical about these numbers, so I asked Lilley and Greenfield to drive me to their bank and print out their records. The teller knew them, and asked if they missed Los Angeles. They said it never rained. I also asked them to show me three years of tax returns. They did that too. It took a few months, but Lilley and Greenfield decided to move to the West Coast.

Lilley made of all of the arrangements with Hegstad, who agreed to be their roommate. Originally posted by partofyourtaleasoldastime. Originally posted by urielm JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts.

Grid View List View. Tom Holland fashion teen boys cute boys aesthetic boys beautiful guys chin jaw hot boy sexy gorgeous handsome rings pants jacket actors photoshoot nature ocean fire chair. Show more notes. Men need inside jokes with their coworkers and friends they can turn to after a hard day. A man who isolates his female partner and controls her social media is quickly marked as an abuser.

If the idea of other women following your boyfriend on social media or complimenting his appearance fills you with rage, you are not ready to date someone seriously. Loving someone means placing trust in them, and wanting to see them happy and supported in all areas of their life. These Indians are literally lighter than she is in the gif which could be from lighting from the movie or from whoever made the gif in the first place.

Oh just remember when they called Rami Malek white and complained he was playing an Egyptian…. Y'all be reblogging memes about being petty and emotionally abusive to boys then in the next breath complain that y'all are still single! I heard that you, personally sometimes only hear about things that news sources in your specific cultural sphere pick up on. Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive.

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It took almost two years to get her to talk to me. Powerful users send a joke ricocheting around the globe. They said it never rained. Lilley would eventually recruit a few hundred kids, mostly teen humor blogs, whose combined Tumblrs would total an estimated 35 million followers. In July , Exposely was banned from AdSense too. While other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn generated billions upon billions of dollars, Tumblr gradually evolved into a fast-moving conversation focused on jokes, art, and sex. They joined an affiliate marketing program with ChaCha, which offers a service in which users can submit a question and a ChaCha human will answer in real time.

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  • In July , Exposely was banned from AdSense too.
  • It had taken Pizza more than two years to reach this milestone.
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  • That fall, Hegstad gave Lilley and Greenfield some valuable tips:
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  • The culture of Tumblr began to be dominated by teens—weird teens.
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  • Exposely still exists, and Hegstad is listed as the founder on its web site, but the day I talked to him the site was down—its security certificate had expired.
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