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That story was plastered all over the media. As I say, the story largely strikes me as just too good to be true -- and yet something about it keeps tugging at my imagination. West performed was thrown out because Dr. I have a post-op checkup with him next week. I am so pleased with my results. Anonymous Story: I now am looking forward to doing my arms and a breast lift.

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You cannot let your personal feelings about the value of your Catholicism which I'm sure has real value in your life get you sideways about the truth about in the power structure, especially the top. The Bible describes the rise of the Roman Catholic Church into a persecuting entity, and if you dig deep enough in secular material all roads lead back to the Vatican.

This isn't a "bash" it's the truth. It's like calling someone an antisemite for pointing out the Jewish bankers in the NWO - in other words dishonest. You know we got to sit around at home And watch this thing begin But I bet there won't be many live To see it really end 'Cause the fire in the street Ain't like the fire in the heart And in the eyes of all these people Don't you know that this could start On any street in any town In any state if any clown Decides that now's the time to fight For some ideal he thinks is right And if a million more agree There ain't no Great Society As it applies to you and me Our country isn't free And the law refuse to see If all that you can ever be Is just a lousy janitor Unless your uncle owns a store You know that five in every four Just won't amount to nothin' more Than watch the rats go across the floor And make up songs about being poor Blow your harmonica, son A far more relavant FZ quote would be: Perhaps Jerry was moved by this staggering generosity.

That might be the reason why Falwell publicly urged his friend President Reagan to pardon Moon's tax evasion convict. I think it's a foregone conclusion that the Catholic Church is no innocent. As someone said in a previous post, power itself attracts all sorts of nasty people who are drawn to the power and get carried away with it.

There are plenty of levels of power in the Catholic Church from the nun in the classroom that whacks the 6-year-old child to the former Nazi sympathizer who's running the show. Nice link to Pop Occulture. Too bad the moderator cheapens a lot of the discussions with an "I'm right, you suck" tone.

I guess he's just a kid doing it out of his parents' garage. Jeff, keep up the good work! I follow all of the links in reader comments to other blogs and you are clearly the best. Feliz Navidad if you celebrate. Mucha paz a su familia. Caryl Johnston, perhaps you need to research the history of Catholicism a little more closely.

After all, the present structure is vastly different from that which obtained early in its history. Furthermore, many of the 17 centuries that the Catholic Church has existed have been full of blood. The anathemising of the Aryan 'heresy', the deliberate usurpation of Childeric's throne by Pepin under the fraud of the Deed of Constantine, the Massacre of the Cathars at Beziers in from which stems the famous line from Arnaud-Amaury, the Papal Legate and Aboot of Citeuax: Intellectually, you need look no further than the Modernist movement - founded by the Vatican in order to use modern scientific reasoning to validate the historicity of the CHURCH as pposed to the Biblical narrative.

Whe nthe first Modernist writings - written by devoted Catholic theologians, but using proper research methods rather than parrotting - could not provide any support for the Church tradition, the Catholic church banned their entire corpus the Index Librorum Prohibitorum grew tenfold in ten years , and banned membership of the modernist movement - even to the extent of manking mew seminarians take an anti-Modernism vow.

All of a suddent Ratzonger is behaving like any of the hundreds of other bit-players in the drama that is the Myth of Christ. And yes, I ahve said before, I am a Freemason: Freemasonry is not hostile to the Catholic Church - the hostility goes the other way since Freemasonry will permit a Catholic to become a Mason, but Catholicism - when practised in line withthe Codex Iuris Canonicus and subsequent ex cathedra statements - will then deny him the sacrament.

GT, would you like to confess to any historical sins on behalf of your organization? Or is your organization pure? Catholicism was also instrumental in the rise of scientific materialism in the 's. I have some old notes in my files on a book by David C.

Lindberg and Ronald L. Numbers called "God and Nature: Historical Essays on the Encounter between Christianity and Science" According to what I jotted down when I read it, what was originally called the "mechanical philosophy" arose in the 's out of French Catholic attempts to refute Italian natural philosophy, with its underpinnings of Renaissance occultism.

The motivating idea was that it was necessary to expel the supernatural from Nature in order to reinforce the sole power of God as a source of the miraculous. This same approach then got picked up by the Protestants in England, particularly after the restoration of the monarchy in , and for much the same reason. It was only much later, in the 19th century, that materialism got picked up by political radicals as a useful tool with which to dislodge God-the-authority figure.

At that point, the elites had to drop it and figure out new forms of superstition to control the masses. Thus the emergence of fundamentalism in the late 's. But materialism started out as an elite contrivance for restraining the power of science and natural magic. And it was the intellectual clout of the Catholic Church that made it possible.

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Lexa doig cleavage porn What Bush and Moon are providing us with is a "sterling" example of pathocracy: Political Ponerology: In the course of human history, it has affected social, political, and religious movements as well as the accompanying ideologies… and turned them into caricatures of themselves….

The problem is our materialist scientific culture does not readily admit that evil actually exists, per se. Are the moonies that powerful? I mean it's not like any of this is exactly secret. Yes, the Catholics. I thought they were the ones behind And the martyrs in China Thanks for the really useful posts--it's like the scales have fallen from my eyes! Many moons ago when I first moved into student halls of residence I got into a boozy discussion with a fellow student who mentioned during the conversation that he attended a catholic school run by nuns.

I was very curious as to what it was like and so I asked him. His reply shocked me at the time and has stayed with me ever since, He said, "contrary to public opinion, nuns are bastards. To anon at Every organization has right and left hands. The Catholic Church has some beautiful teachings but is also directly or indirectly responsible for many problems the human race has weathered in the past centuries - including what it does to individual minds who are infused with a guilt complex, among other things, from the beginning.

My wife is Catholic and I don't think she'll ever untie the knots they put in her head. As for Freemasonry, there are probably many evil men who are Masons. There are probably even some Lodges that are evil P2 for example. There is little 'real' Masons can do about that. Masonry unites people of every sect and opinion, and tries to find the common denominator among humankind's spiritual doctrines.

There is no teaching that Masonry will quash, and no group that Masonry will try to destroy through an 'inquisition. Can you see it from your grave? I agree with tmb's comments about the Roman Catholic Empire -- with one exception: Ironically, to prove how opposed Rome's actions and teachings have been to those of Jesus Christ, one need only read the same Bible Rome herself uses but mostly ignores.

Were the Early Christians Roman Catholics? Aryan -- very different! This notion has led to nothing but corruption, bloodshed and misery. Yet it shall not be so among you; but whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant. And whoever desires to be first among you, let him be your slave — just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.

No thrones. No power. No "authority" except by voluntary recognition and respect of the diverse gifts of the Spirit as given to all. No fighting, either. Just people serving God and one another. WHY would they or it go through all the trouble? WHAT is the purpose of it?

For all the discussion here on evil cabals, evil in high places, the reasons are obvious for men, but not for what controls them or influences them? The Devil controls and influences them. The Devil is not a myth. He exists. The Devil is now ruling the world. The Devil controls and influences them..

OK got that. Now tell me WHY? In detail-. Everybody's telling me to listen up They're trying to run my life for me I'm gonna tell I'll tell 'em Their term's up Chorus They've just given me their Last orders x4 Everyone's in prison or in the army All sincere, all phoney Reading all the books, taking in the news Chorus I don't dig their dead-end options I'm not hurt by their rejections I'm no sell-out, and they've found out Chorus Everybody's telling me to listen up They're trying to write my life story Joke's on them It's the end of the rap Chorus.

What do you do with the defective slaves? Do you set them aside? Do you boil them in oil? Do you deceive them, As, you bleed them, All the while? Do you get them to fight one another? You know, To save you the bother? Effectively, cajoling away, Away down the river, Away till the time, A will and a way, For the defective slaves. C Kris Millegan. He also created All things, including hosts of extra-dimensional beings, angels of various kinds.

These being non-mortal beings whose level of existense and substance far exceeds that of mortal flesh and blood. Of God, it is said - contrary to the notion of the force of the I Ching and George Lucas movies - it is said "God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. However, he did make intelligent beings, angelic and human, with the power to choose good or evil. And in so doing to choose love and loyalty, or selfishness and disregard for their Creator.

Some angels, perhaps because of pride, choosing the latter, became fallen from the original intent of their creation, and so became evil, corresponding inversely to the various degrees of their original glory. Those becoming most evil, being filled with insane hatred for the God who created them. And so in spite of, or possibly impelled by, the just destruction that awaits them, they work to oppose and undo, if it were possible, the works and purposes of God, of Love, of Light, and of goodness.

They have no power to directly injure of even threaten the I AM, nor the angels loyal to the Creator. Their only recourse is to kill, steal and destroy, where possible, the things that give God pleasure, which are His creations. This they seek to do with a vengeance. However, God places limits, and possibly conditions, upon their powers to directly affect and damage the things pertaining to humanity and the natural realm of this world.

God has some primary purpose in creating man, and has even originally created man in his own image or likeness. Therefore, the greatest insult and sorrow the fallen ones can perpetrate against God is to lead man to join in their rebellion against God, and to abuse, defile and destroy His image in as far as they possibly can.

MHO, Peace, Onward to the utmost of futures! One thousand thanks GT for the cascade of links you unveiled. I visited your rant site as well, and though most of it is unfortunately Greek to me, there was a sense validation of a certain unease with the current accounting and rosy economic prognositications pimped, - I mean lauded by the neo-fascists in the Bush government.

If I may convey another Vegas tidbit. There was a certain notable morman family I knew, through illicit connects who were the owners of the most illustrious and profitable printing company in Vegas. Bowman and Sons somehow came upon a map supposedly leading to a large cache of gold stashed away by the Japanese in the Phillipines and were bent on casing in, and living even more happily ever after.

They entire family was delirious for more than of bizarre, but intrepid preparation. As a periphial spectator, I would here periodic updates of the plans and intrigues and sordid dealings and the certainty of unimagined riches. The Bowmans were already millionaires, and the he "son" I knew vicariously was far from religious, the father pretended otherwise and presenting a morman piousness.

This little treasure escapade transpired more than a decade ago, but I watched their successful printing operation fall into rapid disorder in disbelief. There entire project seemed wildly out of context for the lot and was planned with a kind of maniacal obsession bordering on lunacy that confused and alarmed friends, psuedo aquaintances, unfortunately business associates.

The patriarch of the family endeavored to commission an expidition cloaked as morman archeological research. Amazingly after artful negotiations, siphoning considerable loads of money out of the printing business, the new Phillipino government agreed to sanction the research in the spirit of christian brotherhood. A haphazardly assembled team hastily set out for the Phillipines in search of ill-gotten booty.

Months went by. The looser son terribly mismanaged the business which was loosing clients, suffering liquidity problems, when - Allah be praised the map did indeed prove accurate and word was returned of a find that would allay all their financial problems forever. Bus gold shining so bright and weighing so heaving the hearts and minds of mere mortals lured a loosing of lips, which eventually alerted the newly formed Phillipino government Aquino's husband I believe to send in the military to investigate the morman expiditions finds and eventually confiscate the loot as a Phillipino claim with all rights and privileges denied to the lying Americans.

Further a surly suggestion was delivered to the disheartened morman team, that perhpaps a quick return to the desert was the best, least costly and painful course of action at the time, and they were alerted never to set foot in the Phillipines again. The Mormans were sent on the not so merry way with a hardy thanks for unearthing a substantial treasure in gold, but without a single trinket to take back to the shaitans, - I mean elders in Vegas.

The company went bankrupt. I move to NYC and lost touch with these freaks, and had not thought much of the episode until reading your links today. The world is truly wierd and wild at heart. Finally regardig the caltholic church or catholicism, the chorus of stinging rebukes should should give you pause and reason for research Caryl Johnston.

While you're at it, perhaps you can explain how or why the holy apostolic church covered up rampant pedophelia amongst its freakish clergy for more than a decade. Forgie the typo's, - but for clarity I meant to say: What a powerful lesson for the Mormon family, and anyone else who hears it. They might have a better understanding of this scriptural verse now: How sly.

Likely, had they managed to have acquired and kept the treasure, it would have worked far more evil in their lives than the bitter medicine of a costly but valuable lesson. They could have just as easily been murdered. The modern harlot is not the same city as in ancient times. It is today a world empire, which currently rules primarily through its control of the world economy and banking system.

By the power of money, it has spread its tentacles into every facet of life—social, judicial, political, and religious life. The greatest tragedy is that churches have also succumbed to her spell, and this is seen most visibly on television in the great ministry money powers. Many have sold their souls in order to build their own kingdoms.

Moon owns , hectares in Paraguay's arid Chaco, below which sits the worlds largest aquifer. And as it's not just about oil, it's not just about water, either. It's about drugs and guns, as well. They seek to subvert government control and are effectively building a state within a state. I believe they are hoping the local population will leave so they have unquestioned authority in the zone and are free to do whatever they want.

A map check reveals that the Chaco area is some distance from Ciudad del Este. Paraguay is a fairly small country, however. Evidence of many different groups has been uncovered by the varied international intelligence agencies concerned with the development of the area. Without doubt the two most prominent of these are the Lebanese Shi'ite Islamist movement Hizballah, and the Sunni Islamist group that requires no introduction, Al-Qaeda.

In addition to Islamist groups such as Al Qaeda and Hezbollah, the region has become a base for neo-Nazi operatives, as well as groups from European countries. The area is formed by the junction of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay and the proximity of these three enormously corrupt countries has made the region a hotbed of criminal activity of all kinds. Hezbollah and Hamas cells easily integrated themselves into this tightly knit Muslim community.

Not only is it an ideal place to blend in, but a huge amount of money is funneled back to Lebanon to support the cause. Bank records show that a Lebanese businessman named Assad Ahmad Mohamad Barakat—who owns one of the largest shopping malls in Ciudad del Este—has transferred thousands of dollars to Hezbollah over the years. A month after the September 11 attacks, Paraguayan police, under intense pressure from the United States, swept Ciudad del Este and arrested a dozen or so suspected money-launderers.

Barakat himself managed to escape the raid, but in his office the police found scores of copies of an al-Qaeda promotional video. He had been making them, apparently, to distribute to extremists in Triple Border. And there were Americans at the camp as well. Risi learned about one of them and on January 12, , he says, he took a polygraph test and made a statement to the Federal Court in Buenos Aires testifying to everything he knew about this American.

He returned home to join the Michigan Militia, then converted to Islam, worked in Jordan, and became associated with another American, who had been investigated by the D. Now, according to Risi, the Vietnam vet, who speaks Spanish, is in Triple Border with two other American extremists, acting as an instructor at one of the terrorist training camps.

He is also responsible for security operations and provided armed guards when top al-Qaeda and Hezbollah associates—in particular, Muganiyah—were in town. AJ, you wanted to know why evil entities want to mess with us. Before I could get around to replying, Anon No problem! Try our adult search tool now! Why not setup your own porn profile and let people know you are here!

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West has taken all that ugliness and made me look like I did when I was eighteen. By this time my breasts were two different sizes, my aureoles were not symmetrical. West at his office, the clinics and the many hospitals where he operated, testified that they never smelled alcohol and absolutely never suspected he was under the influence at any time. Feliz Navidad if you celebrate. The world is truly wierd and wild at heart.

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West filed a police report about the fake MySpace page, the officers recommended that Dr. Thanks so much!

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