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Devastating hotness. This thread is not about Jessica Alba and Katie Featherston. I sped up near the end and popped right as Danny unloaded on her face - perfect timing, then grabbed my schlong with my fist and beat out the rest of a massive load, moaning as loud as I could. Blasted a huge load love showing off the size of my cumshots earlier to Penny Mathis but going again to some Dylan Ryder, Sammy Braddy and Alice Goodwin. So relaxing.

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Twerk https: I think a lot of us who read and post on this thread understand the power and devotion there is between us, our dicks, and the women we masturbate to. For me it's often more than just a physical drive. It's emotional. I want to, I need to, give her everything I have. Having a long hot session to her, climaxing with a tremendous orgasm When it's over, I feel so satisfied knowing I'v given her what she wants, what she deserves.

Heres more about what it's like for me to jerk off to Ana. They are all incredibly hot women who want us to see their amazing tits. I'v cum to each of them many many times 3. They are all 36G cups 4. They all have fake tits. Now, today I sessioned a woman who shares the first three common with them, except her breasts are completely real: Petra Verkaik.

At nearly 50 years old she is still so fucking incredible and always will be. Rabbit room, stroking and chatting, come join in if you want: Squeezed in a quick solo session just now. Been doing the Tumblr thing for this jerk, looking at the girls on there. The content on Tumblr is awesome, I really like it. A taste of what I am looking at: There is a good amount of it on Tumblr.

I jerked it to Valentina Nappi today.: Here's my blog and the stuff I'm into http: Now on kik messenger, lordkruger7. Hit me up. Always enjoy stroking and chatting with others whilst enjoying my favourite porn. Like what you see? I just had an intense solo session to Paris Milan, eventually cumming over this pic http: I would like to find a porn buddy I can watch videos with.

Tons of hot porn out there to view, it would seem to be better with a buddy who also loves porn. After a long time, my apartment is empty and that means only one thing: Hot anal images!!!! Hit me up at dino1smith yahoo. I could always use more porn buddies: I think all the female porn stars are hot: I fucking love this little hottie.

Discovered her in some gloryhole vids and stroked it all day to her. Love to join you some time if you're down. Hit me some time bro and let's enjoy some good seshes to some hot porn. My solo session using old pics on my hard disk of Paris Milan inspired me to look at my other pornstar collections.

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Huge boobs brunette cam I have pics of Desirae Spencer on my hard disk, and it would take me 3 hours and 20 minutes to see every single one in a slideshow where each pic is shown for 5 seconds.

I tried to see how far I could get before cumming on my latest blog entry. You can read all about it here: I love collecting porn and edging for hours. Chatting and trading with like minded strokers. I love using photoshare. Lord 7 on skype, and lordkrugerseven on Kik messenger.

LOVE stroking and chatting with people whilst watching porn, I am an avid fan of masturbation and greatly enjoy 'sessions' with other guys. Hit me up where I've stated or PM me. I fapped 68 times to 61 women from 15 countries from January 1 to June 30 This is the equivalent of fapping every 3 days. Most Fapped to Ethinicity 1.

Caucasian 56 faps 2. Latina 7 faps 3. Asian 4 faps 4. Black 1 fap Top 5 Most Fapped to Countries 1. United States 45 faps 2. Czech Republic 5 faps 3. Canada 3 faps 3. United Kingdom 3 faps 5. D 20 faps 2. E 16 faps 3. C 12 faps 4. B 9 faps 5. No pornstar on freeones satisfies all the above. Raven Alexis comes closest she is an Aquarius. So far I have not fapped to her this year.

Really impressive work by Pelvis and hhfjody! I've made this collage recently and I think this pretty much says it all. That's a great report, very cool to see all the stats. I should start doing something simmilar. I was looking through Pelvis's twitter feed http: You can read about my session in my latest blog entry: It was a super intense session, starting with sharing pictures and talking about why we liked her, and then we began to mike and it was super arousing as we spoke about what we would do to her, what it would be like to DP her and appreciating each others enjoyment.

Eventually there was a video where she slowly undressed and we had to cum, and we finished with an incredible ejaculation, I was utterly drained. Great session, and looking forward to the next one with Ana Rica, always happy to chat with new jerk off buds also: GREAT material for a session.

Love those two babes on the bottom especially. I don't have any particular kink or turn on. I love watching everything from the newer more stylish stuff at Babes. Hit me up if you join sites and have a deep knowledge of porn and want to talk with someone who is a true perv. I was reading the daily mail the other day and noticed this incredible babe in one of the side links.

I clicked, and in seconds I was hooked. Here she is - Well, I was admiring her incredible body, when a buddy of mine logged on. I sent him a few pics, and it was on. For the next 2 hours, we become completely enveloped in an ocean of raw lust for this woman's extraordinarily sexualy arousing figure and gorgeousness. After a little while we turned on our mics so we could hear each other cry out to her and moan to her, as we sent eachother pics and described how good we felt and how much we wanted to fuck her.

Her body is simply flawless, and that became her nickname for us. We were masturbating to Flawless. And we wanted it to last forever. Though after a couple hours we both released our cum in incredible orgasms to her as we fantasized about her, looking at this photo. Then tonight my buddy logged on as I was putting together a gallery of her. There's going to be a lot of pleasure that we're going to have jacking to her together, session after session, in the coming weeks and months and so on.

It's going to be awesome. It's been almost a month since my buddy and I discovered 'Flawless', and we've been having some more great sessions in between. The last hour and a half we mic'd. It was so fucking intense. We were just breathing and moaning — sending the pic every couple minutes was more than enough for us to be aroused and pleasured by rubbing her hands up and down our hard cocks.

Both of us really wanna fuck this woman. So, we spend a lot of the sessions fantasizing about doing double penetrations on her. Just talking about positions, all the ways we would do it Which we are. Definitely can't wait till our next session to her.

They're wonderful! Well, we did it again last night. Another spectacular session between my online jerk off buddy and me to our beloved Daphne Joy a. I noticed he logged on and I said hello Enjoy the sample of our Skype chat below as a hint at what the sessions are like. Unfortunately we couldn't mic but we're gonna need to make up for that real soon.

I really enjoy having a regular online JO bud. We pump our cocks and urge each other on while boning and moaning over tight teens, busty latinas, work-out babes, etc. There are times I just can't keep my hand off my hard cock while juicing to babes with long legs and round tits. It is especially awesome when you are into the same thing. I never in a million years thought I would be into something like having a JObud.

Hell, just the other night we had a like 3 or 4 hr session culminating in a rod-pumping euphoria of vids. Since the new Yahoo Messenger is terrible I switched to Skype. Some of the girls I like to masturbate to are in the list below: Another incredible session to Daphne Joy. Thought I'd share some of it Enjoy - Having had some great sessions with dcopley I can say that JO buddies are great.

I don't have much time anymore but when i'm on I'm keen for it. Lord on skype, feel free to send me a chat request. Loving this thread. Been awhile since I have posted on here. Had an awesome session with and old jerk off buddy last night. We were sharing pics, mainly from Tumblr, with gifs in the mix as well. The content we were sharing was unreal. Wasn't as long as I would have hoped for which sucked, but got in some good edging and it felt great.

Haven't edged like that in a long time. When I did release it was amazing, such a powerful spray. Right now though I am enjoying looking at Summer Brielle pics and vids, edging and leaking a whole lot of precum. Haven't posted here in a while to this thread, but here's my update. It's been fun quite alot dedicated porn groups , also discovered a chat room called Rabbit.

You can make a user there and have your own chat room with a pasted porn URL streaming the video. Also allows to play your cam done it a few times too while the video plays. Today, busted a nice load to Kendra Lust https: Lord on skype, feel free to send me a chat request That's awesome dude, great to hear. Good to have a Jerk Off buddy that you can fap with and enjoy the same porn.

I started doing it about 5 years ago and I'm so glad I did. Nice one. Kendra Lust did it Again Kendra was on my list again this session, started on Skype, ended in a Rabbit chat, hot. Twice cummed to Kendra already http: I'm on the hunt for new JO budies as I've lost contact with mine so hit me up, lord I love chatting and stroking to porn duh , Usually hard core stuff of all the popular babes here on freeones.

The other day, though, I got into a session with a bud over celebs and he was sending me pics, asking me what I'd do to them. Then he slipped in a pic of his wife and asked me to tribute it for him. I've never done that before and, wow it was fucking hot, an intense orgasm and huge load over his wife's face -- and he loved it.

Done the same with two buddies, it's different to Porn and pretty intense, plus one of the wives found out and really enjoyed it, so she actually wanted to watch our chat as I responded to her pictures. The camming after that was really fun, especially watching her getting off to me masturbating over her images. Such a great body, breasts you wants to smother your face in and an ass you want to grip with both hands whilst you plunge deep into that perfect cunt.

What a glorious figure, and her face, great mix of beauty and innocence, and she really enjoys performing. Currently waiting for some downloads so I can enjoy her work more, and so I can work my cock for a good few hours to this stunner. Currently waiting for some downloads so I can enjoy her work more, and so I can work my cock for a good few hours to this stunner I agree on all parts there dude, just awesome.

I checked her out for the first time and she got the blood flowig to the places I wanted it too. Just awesome. Great material to fap to. One of my online jack off buddies and I have been really going at the last few months. I've posted above about the amazing sessions we've had to Daphne joy — who we call Flawless. We share a great taste of these gorgeous big titted babes, and we've been having some more mind blowing sessions the last few weeks.

Each session lasts about 2 hours, trading pics and chatting very dirty. The last half hour we get on the mic and really let loose. A lot of very graphic talk about how we're going to fuck them together — especially double pussy penetration. Its very uninhibited. We're horny, hard, and absolutely love it that we can fantasize about our cocks filling up the pussy of one of these babes together.

We will definitely have a session to Jana where we fantasize about grinding our cocks in her pussy and cumming inside her together. It's total fucking ecstasy. I have some screenshots of the chat sessions I could share. I imagine if a bro out there was listening in on our mic sessions they'd find it to be really fucking arousing and would really want to join in with us.

Both of us are fucking addicted to this. It's great logging on Skype and starting to chat. Cause we know what's about to happen…: Masturbated hard to Peta Jensen this morning, can't see an image of this woman lately without needing to jerk off. She is an incredible performer and clearly enjoys what she does, as well as being stunning. She ticks a lot of boxes for me.

One of my favourite scenes or stills is of a performer surrounded by hot cocks, or even a good DP, especially when they are on their knee's worshipping cock. She's worth checking out if you want to enjoy a great performance to work your cock too. She's worth checking out if you want to enjoy a great performance to work your cock too Yeah, Peta is amazing, no doubt about that.

Love to jack off to Peta. I couldn't even get far into it, and had to break up the video. I've busted several more times since. Still haven't watched all the segments yet. Many more nuts to cum. Peta Jensen keeps cumming, now with Nicole Aniston in a new scene Hey guys, I haven't made a post on here before but I've been lurking for a while haha.

I'm 24, from the US and love to masturbate to pornstars. I have the weekend and Monday off, so naturally I'll be spending it masturbating to porn. If anyone wants to chat with me on skype, I'm r. Hoping to meet some cool people! I've had some really good bate sessions over the past few months with some buds from this thread on rabb. Alot of us used to pound our rods together on YM and even Chatzy.

Eventually moved to Skype which has been ok. Skype is pretty decent for swapping pics and then using mic to urge our loads on. Group chat isn't bad, but not great on Skype. I've had some epic bate sessions on Skype So moving on to rabb. There is a sidebar for chatting and swapping pics in addition to mic and cams.

Even cooler is the web browser that you can control and everyone can see real-time. You can play vids, browse pics, etc. The browser in there is not great, a bit laggy, but it gets the job done. Sometimes when pumpin' and typing at the same time gets old, its fun to let your bud take control of the screen and have them show off all their fav pics and vids.

I particularly like sitting back and then double-hand pumping while a bud is flashing his fav porn on the screen. Of course I like reciprocating and showing off all my favs while everyone else can just sit back and chill with their dicks. Anyway, I'll still be on Skype at enzzzo91 and you can find me at the same name on rabb.

I guess if I had a 'wishlist' for shared 'bating I'd love to host a session, but if I have to drop off for travel or because I got a work-related call, it can continue. That's my 'wish list' for shared 'bating. Hey guys, I don't get on here as much I used to or get to fap as much I would like.

But still enjoy coming on and reading the posts on here. This is an all time thread for me. Today is one of those days I do get to enjoy with my porn and my stroking. Happy days. Keep up the amazing postings and happy fapping. I have been on a bit of Peta Jensen kick of late, when I get the chance.

Tip of the hat sir. PETA never looked better, now I know where to spend that 14 day load. Looking forward to that lol. It was pretty good, the best part being the end with all the cum shots. Some of them were amazing. Great stroking material to get started on, very good.

Hey guys, just posing a fapping question to the group. For some of us, this is going back a few years but I am curious. For me, it was Krystal Steal. This was the first pornstar that I really got into and couldn't get enough of. To name just a few. Let the group know who it was for you. Someone post pictures cellulite ass riding and blowjob on her knees soles feet showing please. Later on came Shyla Stylez, Carmella Bing etc.

When I started buying what I jerked to, Racquel Darrian had just begun her career. Back when beating off to a magazine in the john was state-of-the-art fapping, she was one I made a note of to look for. She popped up in a Swank, or something, something not on the level of a Playboy or Penthouse.

Devastating hotness. Remember how you'd try to avoid nutting right on her, as much as you wanted to, because then the pages would fuse like it was Satan's snot, and you'd never get those pages apart again? Fuck it, I just blew it all over the page, eventually. Summer Cummings is one of my favorites also. Pandora Peaks never ends to set me off.

Tawny Peaks is another one. Teri Patrick was it for me. First porn video I ever bought starred her. Man was I into her. I was fapping to her multiple times a day, day and night. Anyone want to plan a solid time to wank and chat over Peta Jensen? Hoping to start a blog soon about my masturbation experiences, to be posted here and on another site.

Will include the girls viewed, the conversations about them and the pleasure that comes from a shared wank over a stunner. New lube added my session collection, tried it for a quick wank this morning: Yesterday was a pretty damn good day as far as masturbation goes. In the afternoon I logged on and hooked up with a buddy of mine who enjoys jacking off to Armie Field just about as much as I do.

We had a nice hour long session to her. Both of us were home alone and miced without any inhibitions. So let me just say it got pretty fucking loud and really fucking intense. It was very aggressive and very passionate and incredibly satisfying. Our orgasms were really strong and it was great to give our cum to her. We chatted a bit and then went right into a session on Petra Verkaik, fantasizing that we were double pussy penetrating her.

We ended up miking, talking about how much we want to fuck Petra. Another amazing orgasm and neither one of us can wait for our next session together. All in all, a really satisfying day of masturbating on the mic to big tits with a couple buddies of mine. Looking to start chatting again. I just created a Skype since YIM is garbage now. I know you all know that wonderful feeling of stroking your dick until you get the tingling sensation throughout your entire body.

I love bring myself to the edge and then backing off. It is the best feeling in the world. Anyways, I would love to chat and share pics of hot chicks fucking, preferably barefoot, while stroking our dicks to the edge. Here is a pic that drives me crazy every time. It is taking me a long time finishing this post because I can stop pulling my dick, LOL.

This shit feels so fucking good. Can't stop stroking right now. I don't want to cum because edging feels sooooooooo good, but I've been going at it for hours. That tingling feeling throughout my body right now as I approach that limit is so damn pleasurable. I'm going to go for another minutes. Can't wait to feel that warmth travel through my body as I release this hot load.

My very first was actually Pamella Anderson. I discovered her images on line and went to a friends house and we jerked off to her for hours. Next I remember Aurora Snow being one of the major stars I followed, saw her in a gangbang video and my entire world opened up. I still can't make it to the end of that movie without cumming hard.

I really liked Dylan Ryder, got as much of her work as I could. For me it was Shannon Tweed in "Scorned" and other late night "Skinemax" softcore movies. I remember sneaking to watch her on late night TV in the mids. When I was able to start watching internet porn in the late 90's early 00's, Tera Patrick ended up draining my balls constantly.

Celeste, Jenna Jameson, Brianna Banks and other regular sized fake tit pornstar of the 90s Nowadays I like even bigger fake tits: Love Summer Cummings still Love them all! Nina Elle has been the girl today. Been edging for hours now watching vids and looking at pics of this amazing pornstar. Nice ones. I remember looking at all those girls as well, blew many a load to those over sized titties.

I went through a phase where tits like those were all I wanted to stroke to. Going a little old school on myself here, Eve Laurence. I had a big thing for her for a long time and pumped so many loads to her big ass titties. So many. Just been enjoying vids of her going at it hard, as I edge even harder.

Getting in some really good edging sessions lately. Gooning so hard right now, I have a rough deep throat vid playing of Eve Laurence on one screen and watching Phoenix Marie working hard on cock on the other. I'm stroking hard and riding the edge to hot barefoot women riding cowgirl like this right now. The sensations going through my entire body right now is so amazing.

I love it and don't want to stop. My dick is feeling so good right now. Something about seeing barefoot women riding dick like this drives me crazy. I imagine the pleasurable feeling of pumping a hot load into her. Thinking about that makes me stroke harder and ride the edge.

Destiny Dixon https: I didn't want to end but I had to. I wish I could stay here all day and just edge for hours then release a huge load. Jaye Summers get the honor of causing me to release my load. I love the way she look back at the camera as she rode some lucky dude's dick.

I imagined releasing my hot load into her as she sat on my lap. I'm still riding the high of that session and love the warm feeling going through my body right now. I know all of you know that wonderful feeling. I was so close to going to bed about 2 AM in the morning here and I happened to stumble across some pictures of Gia Paige getting fucked in a new scene.

Now I am in full gooning mode and I am in such a high that I do not feel any tiredness or fatigue. So recently I've been thinking of going back through and working wanking through all the women I've masturbated too over the years. All the major players, the ones that I remember being obsessed with for a while or discovering new pleasures or shared experiences with.

If anyone else is interested in doing so, i'd love to chat and share images, to talk through how you enjoyed them and what it led to and so on. Happy to chat through any of them. The very first I thought I would share here, Pamela Anderson. The first time I ever strayed onto the computer to look at the glory of a naked human body I remember looking through her images, and being incredibly aroused, my cock already leaking precum and pressing against my boxer shorts, needing to burst out.

I remember this image in particular because it was the one that I came so hard too, I don't particularly remember why, but it sent me over the edge. It's been a long time since I came to this pictures but I'm going to gather a collection and get into it! I've then got to go searching through Freeones with details of the stars I can remember, and see if I can find the same videos I used to watch.

I'll post my progress here, would be interested to see if anyone else gets involved. I think if you are ever getting a little tired of the new porn you are looking at, get nostalgic. It will take you back to that easier time when all your considerations were getting hard and stroking. It reminds me of exploring the world of internet porn and and all the joy it brought me. I remember huge sessions when I was all alone and could just spend hours and in some case days, just at the computer stroking my dick.

I for sure will be getting involved when I have the chance. Such a good idea. Going on the nostalgia train, I went back in time and started looking at old sets and videos of Michelle Thorne. Michelle Thorne in particular was early on and I remember blasting some massive loads to her fine ass and big tits. I actually had printed out a whole bunch of her photos from the internet that I hid in my room for stroking purposes.

I would get them out, start looking at them an away I went. I never had magazines, it was always either print outs or the computer. I used to have a bunch of her videos that I had downloaded as well. I used to love nothing better than starting the day with a good Michelle video and then busting my load.

If it was a long day of edging, it would be a good start to the session. I have been edging for awhile now, looking at some of her old stuff. Though this is mixed in with some new stuff as well. Just keep to keep it fresh. Happy fapping everyone. I remember so many more sessions now and I can think of so many times where I would unleash loads to them, and discover new masturbation techniques doing so.

I remember downloading one of the first videos I ever watched, of Briana Banks slowly stripping her clothes away, and then sliding onto a lucky guys cock and riding him real hard. I had never seen anything like it and barely needed to touch my cock to cum. After that I wanted more and more videos, and Gina Lynn was a huge favourite. She looked enough like someone I'd always wanted to fuck that the mere sight of her had my cock raging to attention.

Glad you are on board! I'm going to make a list, as best I can, or the originals! It's pretty intense going back to the originals! It sure is. I am actually getting quite nostalgic now, makes me think of some pretty amazing times as well. I am actually getting super hard just thinking of them, and how much of a load I blew and the precum I leaked. It also makes me think of the evolution of my obsession and love for porn and masturbating.

Doors it opened and the joys I had. I have also begun to think of how my tastes have developed and changed of the years, the girls I look at and things I enjoy. My only wish from the older days would be to have been on the forum earlier to be able to meet more like minded people and to have done chat and stroke session over some sort of messenger service.

Here is one of Gina Lynn getting involved with a lot of cocks and another of Gina with Krystal. Epic pics of this amazing star. So whilst there are no doubt a few stars I have forgotten, here are my first 11 that I'm going to work through on the Nostalgia Train. I'll be recording my experience of re-visiting my favourite videos of them, and as always would love to chat and wank with someone as I do.

I'm looking forward to wanking my way through them again! I can't believe it I've been jerking since I was I love seeing how long I can hold out, makes it SO mind-blowing when I finally let myself unload. I love everything about sex - having it, watching other people have it, how it sounds, how it feels, how it makes me feel, how much I want it, what it feels like during and after, making myself get hard again so I can keep going Would LOVE to chat with others about our mutual obsession, swap pics, share some jerk sessions GOD I love this place!!!

Would be honored to share a fap session with you about Ana. I spunk to her several times a week I can't NOT fap to Jana Great to hear about everybody's sessions. I've been going at it for several hours. Just been slowly edging myself to the brink and then backing off, enjoying that sensation. So much good stuff out there. At the moment I am letting Jayden Jaymes bring me to the edge.

Hey man, welcome to the thread. This is for sure the place to be to chat about these things. I am just getting started myself today. Looking at pics and then heading into some vids. I just had one of those moments where I randomly recall some pictures of Tera Patrick that gave me much pleasure in the past.

The way her eyes rolls as she cums drives me crazy even now. I'm going back and forth stroking myself to the edge and typing this post, LOL. She is a woman who knows how to work a pole with her mouth. Great thread! All the nostalgia talk has made me think back to the girls I wanked over as a teenager. Linsey Dawn McKenzie was my first true wanking obsession, those big natural tits and the dirty look on her face even when she smiled lol had me so fucking hard.

It would have been wrong not to salute her with cum. I found a few pics of her early stuff again while researching for this thread and I was so horny, I had to knock at least a couple of loads out to be able to move on. Another big favourite of mine was Tereza Fox, I didn't know her name until earlier today but I was determined to find her, thanks to this thread!

Tereza was a regular in club international magazine around , Teresa had beautiful, blonde and had perfect proportions and I viewed her as more innocent then other girls which was a big turn on. Buying that mag knowing Tereza was spread inside made me rush home with a boner and almost leaking pre cum on many occasions. I usually didn't last long before I came while looking at her gorgeous face.

Being able to visit these two girls again has been amazing and I am glad to share them with you! In fact it's been too good, can't get them out of my head now and I have been constantly jerking off since I discovered Linsey and Teresa again. This post has has taken so long to write because I NEED to wank my cock after every few words lol 53e Used to jack off crazy when discovered some of her full nude sets like where these are from.

I don't know how many loads I shot to Jana Defi so far. Must be more than a hundred. Her tits are just to good to miss it. Would like to know how many cumshots she produces each and every day for horny tit-fans around the world. Cum on guys, keep it stroking until you can't hold it any longer and then shoot your brains out. That's what life is for! These girls got me working my dick really good this morning.

Something about seeing barefoot girls riding like this drives me wild. I love when they make slutty sex faces also. I am on a high right now imagining them bouncing up an down on my shaft really hard while moaning in pure pleasure. My heart is racing as they bring me to the edge.

So addicting stroking to the brink of cumming and then riding the edge. I just love the feeling, the sensation, the calm, the warmth that overtake my body while I jerk off. I'm in a zone right now and don't want to stop. I was trying to edge for a few more hours until I stumbled upon this video of Nickey Huntsman.

The way she was bouncing, moaning, breathing hard, and said "I bet your wife don't ride you like this" caused me to lose my load. Sorry for slowing down the thread with these gifs. I don't think that still pictures would have gave the message. I like those big boobies dancing in my face and recently locked onto something that really gets my juices flowing.

Lana Kendrick has one of them as an example. You don't see or hear the dude speak. Just a strip to the boobies in your face and a dude's hands having a good time with them. No dick. I don't watch porn to see or hear dudes. The video in a slow down mode makes the experience last that much longer and very virtual.

Vixen Lamoore did one of these that I'd love to see again but I just can't find it. Check that shit out and see how long you can last. I wish more producers and models would make stuff like that. One of the best things about stroking for me these days is seeing some hot babe and knowing, as I study her, how good it's going to feel to stroke one out thinking of her. I was rowing yesterday and a small boat passed by with a brunette in a sweatshirt hiked up on her hip and a black bikini bottom showing off her amazing ass.

Then a song came on she liked and she started stripper dancing, twerking, grinding her hips, the works. I think she knew I was watching, or maybe just liked teasing her bf and whoever else could see. Holy shit, I got hard right there and was able to watch her a good five minutes, knowing I was going to blow a huge load remembering her.

Did a good session later, a fantastic 20 minutes of rubbing just under the tip of my cock to get till I came like a fucking cannon. Gonna pop another load to her now. Hot pic bigrun, keep stroking! Some old favorites Michelle Monaghan Taylor Kenedy Very nice, loving the Amy Reid pics.

This whole nostalgia thing is awesome to talk about. I have blown some huge loads to those women in my day. Amy was a big favorite of mine and was a great performer. This is some great ammunition and good ideas for me next sessions. This thread is really going gang busters right now. I actually went on an Eve Laurence kick the other day and it was awesome.

I forgot how much I loved watching that woman suck and fuck. She is amazing, just amazing. With that, time to start stroking my cock. That pic just got me super hard. Taylor Kenedy Amazing pics, amazing. I had a membership to Pinup Files and it was amazing I loved all the girls on the site.

If you like great boobs and big tits this is the site for you. Maria swan with her cheeky little grin, because she knows you have to jerk off to her Can't stop wanking over Lana Rhoades! So you can imagine my absolute delight when I came across literally lol a number of hardcore pictures and videos of this amazing woman! I spent hours jerking off to everything I could find of Miss Rhodes until l realised it was morning and had gone whole night without getting any sleep!

Still I could not stop masturbating until the last possible minute and was almost late for work because I didn't want to stop stroking to her. I spent the entire day just wanting to get home so I could continue cumming for Lana. I thought I knew what it was like to be addicted to wanking but this is on another level - It's as though my porn dreams have been answered!

A girl who I find totally irresistible, does everything in terms of adult entertainment I could ask for. I find myself in a masturbatory daze as though I was a junkie, just wanting my dick in my hand to feel the intense pleasure of jerking off to the beautiful Lana and getting my fix.

Lana has also changed the way I enjoy porn. You could say I have a very short attention span when it comes to viewing porn. I usually flick though a photo set very quickly or skip to the end of videos because I usually so impatient. Not with material involving Lana! I want to saviour every picture, every minute of video with her in it because she makes me feel so good.

So now after letting you guys know how my wanking life has been going, it's back to jerking off over the unbelievably gorgeous Lana for me. Part of me feels so tired after no sleep for almost two days but I just can't stop. I am in masturbation heaven!

Think I will start a blog on my adventures with Lana because I've enjoyed writing this so much Happy fapping guys and I hope you find your jerking paradise too! Awesome Starr! I've been in a similar state with Kylie Page. Twice today I've blown to this pic of her -- https: I rubbed under the head of my cock with one finger of my non dominant hand for 30 minutes, building up a huge load.

I sped up near the end and popped right as Danny unloaded on her face - perfect timing, then grabbed my schlong with my fist and beat out the rest of a massive load, moaning as loud as I could. I love reading those last two posts. I can totally relate to both of you guys.

I love having those sessions or having that one girl that you cant wait to get home to so you can start stroking to her. I have actually been late to work due to being in a truly amazing jerk session. I was at it for I think it was about a 10 hour session with a jerk off buddy of mine. Had an absolutely epic session, one of the best I have ever had. No sleep, just worship. Pure unadulterated worship.

Whether it is due to that amazing new girl you have found, or just getting into it with a buddy, nothing beats it. I remember as I was getting to the time I should have been getting ready for work and just saying fuck it, lets keep going a little longer. The load I let loose as amazing, so big and so powerful.

I came so hard I ended up hitting my face, no joke. There is some great energy in this forum right now, just awesome. Keep on fapping guys. Last night I got to recover some porn I'd bought from an old hard drive. If cars could run on cum I'll be filling a tank tonight. Who did you find on there?

Nothing better than getting into some of the older stuff. I have actually been going back in time on the thread here and looking at post from long ago. I do highly suggest it. Gave me some great ideas for wanking material and people were posting some unreal stories. Great stories of the women they were looking at as they were jerking and chatting with buddies.

Huge edging sessions that end up with people blowing massive loads. I got unbelievably hard reading the posts and looking at the pics that were posted. A couple of girls that did come to light that I haven't looked at in awhile and will be going into the bank are Dylan Ryder and Memphis Monroe. I cannot tell you the huge loads I have sprayed on myself looking at these womens.

Just unreal. Happy fapping guys. As I was looking at Dylan I jumped onto the homepage of Freeones and suddenly I was treated to this treasure and photo gallery, Claudia Kealoha. Doing Euro now starting with Sandra Parker. I'm fairly sure watching that may have prevented me lasting so long! I've had a couple sessions recently with a new FO member on Yahoo I fucking LOVE jack chats.

The only way it could be better would be if it was in person If you want, PM me and I'll give ya my user name: You can get an idea from my sig what I like, but am by no means limited ;. No, only pics. Use it next time as a warm up. Only get off when the chicks suck and deepthroat huge dongs, doggystyle, and cowgirl position. Then fast forward to cumshot and im done: Hot scene.

Thats the clip I watched. Super hot! Love the three Hungarians babes on their home turf being stick nicely. However Dora Ventor steals the show with her moaning. Taking a Break but want to explode. Right now having one of those awesome marathons beating off viewing that lasted about three hours. Skipping around scenes to the hot action if it is giving head, anal or DP on three Sandra Parker scenes.

Watching Moonshiners now on Discovery in progress as a break and looking for two hours more after it is off to 5 AM witch will include at least two more girls not watch with at least two Sandra Parker rewinds. Sandra Parker is a hot view by the way! Jasmine James, one of my favourite girls ever to fuck on camera and my avatar is back on xxxpanded where she first came to my attention right now, and for the next five hours or so.

So my very simple plan is to get my bottle of Glide out of the drawer, wank over her for a couple of hours or so, then when I can't cope any more, ring her up, tell her I've been wanking over her for a few hours, and let her big tits and filthy talk aid me teasing my slippery wet dick to a huge cum explosion.

Yes, I've looked forward to this one. OK, so my "hours" plan really didn't work. I grabbed a handful of Glide and started working it. I thought "what the hell" and decided I might as well go into the Eavesdrop menu for a bit on my way to "fully engorged and throbbing. Porcha Sins in the background probably didn't help matters. His inspiration for calling Jasmine tonight was that she reminded him greatly of his sister's friend, 27, who he has a massive thing for and thinks intentionally dresses nicely and talks to him to tease him when she comes round to go out with his sister.

She has red hair and big tits, just like Jas. He then told my gal that he actually stole a pair of sister's mate's stockings while she was staying at theirs once and has used to wank with, and asked Jasmine if she would role play with him. Nothing, for an experienced filthmonger even at a tender 21 like Jasmine. She happily "caught him" wanking with the stockings and after a brief interrogation switched to jerkoff instruction and he popped not long after she suggested she take over for him.

Fuck me, if Jasmine had been on the scene when I still had my V-plates, I'd have never seen the sun. Second call was a Scots lad who told Jasmine he wanted to eat her. She went into detail for him about him sucking her clit and getting her juice on his face, and he blew. Third was another Scottish bloke who wanted to stick his cock in Jasmine's mouth. She went along with his desires to titfuck her, shag her in mish, bumfuck her, get ridden by her and suck her cunt again before he came "over her tits" so to speak.

I got through after him. I told Ms James what a massive fan of hers I was and that I was hard and had my lube on the go. She read my mind and asked "do you want to stick that nice hard cock between my tits? I gasped something about the first Killergram scene how she starts shy but is wild once it starts. She gave her infectious giggle oh God and said "I can be a wild one Very hard and in large volume for a one day load.

A love affair very much rekindled. I almost came today to a random porn vid, not sure anymore who it was, but it was intense. I wasn't planning to touch myself, but then it happened. I felt it pumping through my veins, but I managed to stop right before I finished. D will be having a long jerk tonight for several hours then probably most nights through the week after i finish work.

It has been so long since i have been able to look at any porn without worrying that someone might walk in on me so im really looking forward to this: How is that even possible?? Since I am more of a visual guy I need to be starring at my computer screen. Laying on the bed though very comfortable doesn't give me what I need to see so I am almost always standing up.

Using the edge of the computer table to massage my balls back and forth while stroking with one hand always leads to a huge blast. I will usually put down a couple of layers of paper towels to soak up my cum. Had a spectacular couple of hours with the wank buddy tonight. I need to tell you about the joy of my wank buddy.

We've been jerking it together for about ten years now, and we're sort of kindred spirits. We like the same girls. We like the same things about the same girls. When we talk about sex we like doing the same things, for the same reasons. We like to masturbate in similar ways with long sessions with edging at the end and cumming at the same time only when we both can't hold back any longer.

When we discuss our wanking histories before meeting each other, we liked the same models or pornstars at the same times. Nowadays, we get into girls at about the same time. We've both just discovered Christy Mack, for instance. When we're at the pump, we say things the other was about to say. He lives not very far from where I used to live, so we even go to the same whorehouse.

And yes, we see the same girls. Anyway bumped into him tonight after a long spell of not stroking together and I said "choices, choices. It was meant to be the first of a series of girls, but got so worked up with having not used Sophie for ages AND carrying a three day load, that soon I didn't want to move on.

He was fine with that. And by sheer coincidence, he hadn't wanked for a few days either. I didnt want to keep him up I dont have to be up early for work but he was more than happy to edge for a good 45 minutes after I said "I could cum now. After so long edging with the left hand, switching to the right hand and speeding up suddenly wasn't enough to push me over the edge so I grabbed hold tight with both hands and tugged as hard and fast as I could.

There was no warning, suddenly it hit me, and I absolutely plastered my own stomach, chest and neck with warm cum. Might be TMI, might even sound a bit gay. But I love getting off together. I've missed you buddy. I love having long sessions like that, I actually had one myself last night with two buds from the forum, we had a group chat going and spent a good couple of hours jerking to Aletta Ocean, trading loads of pictures, talking about how hot she is and what we wanted to do with her.

This went on for a good couple of hours but then I had to go as I had work today, i blew a huge load to the picture below and left the others to it. Great session. I might have to check out some Aletta Ocean here in a bit, pre lip surgery though. Good hour session with a fellow member using the share photos on Yahoo. We had discussed Aletta but I mentioned I wouldnt put any pics of her in because once I got onto her I have real difficulties moving onto anyone else!

I couldn't resist any more and put in a pic of Aletta with two dicks either side of her glazed tits. I'd barely put another two pics in when he was saying "ok now i need to shoot!! It would be a waste of great material to look at pics of Sophie Howard and her perfect tits and not to jerk off to her! You gotta check out Rachel Starr. What an ass! What great fuck neat!! I like that bouncing meat!!

It was last week when it happened to me It was intense, it was unimaginable. Everything started while I was watching "Weeds" with Marie-Louise Parker, who is the purest definition of a perfect milf for me. Then I remembered a scene of her which I saw in a video a long long time ago, where she got fucked from behind and even got her ass slapped pretty hard.

You couldn't even slightly imagine how fast I was searching for it because I couldn't remember the source of that damn vid. Seeing the vid buffering on the screen was a pain in the ass for me, because my cock was damn hard at that moment. Loading complete I leaned back on my chair and made myself comfortable to start. Even while my blood was pumping through my body I was still trying to hold it much longer.

I repeated every damn second of that scene and then My cum landed almost everywhere, even on my chair and on the floor. I even passed out for a few seconds before I was capable of thinking clearly again. The leftovers can still be seen, but only I know what caused it ;. Just had another satisfying 90 minutes with rayman.

We'd had a conversation about Kiera King disrupted by tech problems recently so it came as no surprise to me that she was part of the reason for his hardness. We went through plenty of her pics, personally I especially enjoyed the blow job ones. Her spellbinding ass was too much for him and he let me know he was going to blow, so I quickened my pace slightly and nutted over a pic of Kiera's cummy tits http: A great session!

Just found this thread! Newbie on here, but I love talking about jacking off. Good to talk about it once in a while, since we all do it. Admittedly or not: The other day I just had to squeeze off a round but I was in a public place, so I ducked into a bathroom stall and went to town. Got the smart phone out and pulled up a vid of Eva Angelina getting it from both ends and was rock solid in no time.

It was pretty quiet in the bathroom, so I had the sound all the way down, but I think my fapping was evident to those who really listened. At one point I think a dude leaned over to hear what was going on in there, but I think he knew. So hard keeping quiet as I came closer and blew my load all over the place in there. Had to clean up a bit when I left, but it was definitely amazing.

Even better knowing that people were all around at the time. Getting hard just thinking about it Join us on yahoo my addy is sunnylanefan. Rayman is awesome! We've been stroking together for a couple years! Bigcocktony is a fucking badass partner too! We'd probably get on well, I'm guessing. After a false start yesterday - fucking stupid other people in the world getting in the way of my wanking - I bumped into the wank buddy who was up at a ridiculously late hour for him.

He'd logged on in case I was there to tell me about the latest trip to the massage parlour. He had rang up the day before with the hope of booking my favourite girl who he hasn't had the pleasure of yet but the phonelines were down so he'd gone in and seen his pick from who was available - not my girl, she's always busy. Anyhoo I lured him into a session with some recently saved HD pics of Holly Peers that needs sorting, "Hollie" is a mis-spelling that she never goes by - as she is his favourite.

He hadn't seen such nice versions of the calendar shots. It worked too. We progressed to edging almost instantly then had a very satisfactory hour fighting off the "urge" before pumping out a load comparable to the previous Sophie Howard session.

I've upped small versions of three of the pics used - the third is the pic we splattered which coincidentally was the first one used in the session, we agreed the shape of her tits was perfect. Join us on yahoo my addy is sunnylanefan Thanks I will. I'd like to get in on some of these stroke fests.

Hit me up if youre interested. Chatting and jerking is something I've done for a while, but I had always shied away from micing I had been chatting and jerking to Jana Defi with this dude I wanted him to hear me jerking off and moaning to her as I was so fucking turned on, which he did. We ended up cuming together at the same time to the same pic: Our sessions to her are over two hours long, and after an hour or so we start micing.

We've had three more sessions, all where we cum together to the same pic at the end Session 2 http: Session 3 http: Session 4 http: D These are mind-blowing masturbatory experiences. It's just absolutely fucking wonderful to share your overwhelming desire for the same woman like this.

Incredible feeling. I don't know if I can start it tosay or tomorrow but I definately will start NOT touching myself for a week at the very beginning of Monday. Girlfriend is going to be gone an hour. Not long since I usually like a good 4 hour session but should get the job done. The "Who's tits would you like to suck on" Gave me a massive boner and not sure who to cum to.

Either Bree Olson sucking the cum out of some black strangers big cock or fantasizing about Playboy bunnies Sara Jean Underwood and Kelly Carrington both fucking some black thugs in the hood. OK both. Blasted a huge load love showing off the size of my cumshots earlier to Penny Mathis but going again to some Dylan Ryder, Sammy Braddy and Alice Goodwin.

I ended up having a very naughty, explosive but quick wank in the toilets at work today. Not something I normally do but some of of the woman in my work are awesome and needless to say I was feeling very horny at that point! Was sent a link to an Ashlynn Brooke jerkoff instruction vid by ZiiLak tonight.

Though aware of them I dont think I'd ever really used them much in sessions ; that was about to change. After the five minutes expired with my tool in my hand I was very nearly ready to go off already so signed into Yahoo on the off chance. By the end, a session was pretty much guaranteed and we fired up an Ashlynn compilation.

Half way through he suggested turning the instruction video on in the background, which was one of the best ideas in the history of mankind. This definitely an interesting and fun twist on a normal session and one that I've suggested we try with other pornstars too. Last night I had a great strokefest to this Italian Porn.

Wow, this video had some of the best BJ and anal action out there. The best scene starts at the I had a magnificent 2 hours with the wank buddy late Sunday night to my current favourite hardcore princess and signature idol, Christy Mack. Now, it wasn't all that long ago since I joined FreeOnes that I discovered Christy via a threesome scene with Eva Angelina and Xander which I had shared with the wank buddy.

After a preliminary bout of pick n mix of various girls neither of us came into the session with anyone in particular in mind I dropped a couple of Christy in and he said "oh, this reminds me, thanks again for introducing me to christy" so I pounced on the chance to have the big Christy session. I've included timestamps for effect and a couple of shrunken pics to give you an idea, here are highlights of the session.

The cumulative effect of building up from the shots of Christy in her bra and knickers all the way up to the dirty dirty acts and getting progressively harder and harder, and I remember feeling I needed badly to cum for most of the second hour, resulted in to my memory the hardest orgasm I've ever had from masturbating alone, and a load to match.

If we're talking masturbation, well, actually, ultimate masturbation Over three days, from Thursday night to Sunday night, I came seven times. All seven of these incredible orgasms came together with other dudes - 3 different guys. All of these 2-man chat sessions ended with us micing. And all of these sessions were well over an hour.

Thursday afternoon: So good, both of us so into Petra Friday morning: I had wanted to have a session to Linsey with another dude for a long time. Friday early-afternoon: Been jerking so much to Ana Rica, I was so ready for another session to her Friday early-evening: I didn't think I was going to cum for a third time on Saturday, but Sha just blew us both away Saturday afternoon: This one went well over two hours.

I was micing for the last hour. Very Late Saturday night: The other guy came really hard to Bea. Fuck he really came hard to her. Late Sunday evening: This one went nearly 2 hours. I don't know how we both held on that last half hour, but it was awesome. Look at these woman. Can you imagine what it must have been like to spend three days jerkin to them??

I fucking love this thread. Thanks to everyone in here thats helped me cum! You know where to look if you wanna blow your load to teen porn: So, this is one post about masterbation off you HAVE to read. One of the dudes and I have really made this real We picked, between the two of us, 20 of the most beautiful natural chested women.

Here is the final result, a collage that we share between us: Look at this We have now cum to six of them. Each of these six sessions has been at least an hour and a half long, and most of them I am micing. Our progress so far: It was his first time he had ever cum to Jasmine, and both of us really dropped some loads to her.

It's so fucking great when another dude really gets into a chick youve jerked off to so much. We came to Jasmine around 8: I got back later that evening still horny, and I saw he was still online. We chatted a bit, and then I sent him the link to this photo, of this woman Oh fuck He later told me he had planned on just going to go to bed, but of course SHE http: We then spent the next three hours, from It was one of the most intense and memorable sessions of my life.

I miced from 2: We watch videos of her from 2: The pleasure and passion we had for her last night was so powerful. It was fucking incredible. Thus far, we've jerked for about 12 hours on 6 sessions. By the time we cum to all 20, we'll have spent about hours together jerking together to these woman Had another hot session with my buddy Sunday night between about 11 and 1 our time.

Given that neither of us had anyone specific in mind, I played real "shuffle the deck" with the photo sharing instead of sticking on one subject for any prolonged length of time. We ran the gamut from retro subjects through to brand new discoveries, celebrities to glamour models to pornstars. No word of a lie, we had a look at at least one or two pics of every one of the following ladies: There may have been more, I may have forgotten somebody.

Although we did agree that we needed to schedule a big session to Jo sometime soon. That got us each from "hard" to "diamond cutters. This proved unfortunately to be the case and as we approached the concluding and hottest pics, I knew I wasn't long to blow.

By sheer coincidence my buddy had just done a bit of research and found a five minute video clip of the pair of them together. I warned him I wouldn't be able to hold it in for long, and he agreed it was fitting to blow to. I nearly made it to the end, but I just couldn't cope with the two of them touching each other, which after working through all the pics was more exciting for me at that moment than any hardcore would have been, and the pop was majestic.

I could go for a long session. I have a few hours to do one. I thought I would give a little update on the endeavor that myself and this other dude have taken On Monday night we had an amazing session to Jana Defi. When we got back to work on Tuesday Our first session last from 9 to Here's our updated progress: After reading this thread for about twenty odd minutes I watched some great scenes, just massaged my balls and after reading through some of the above experiences blew a massive load Sunnylanefan is my addy!

I'm always looking for someone to stroke with. I'm surge on yahoo. Just put that you are from freeones in the request so I don't think it's spam. Hello all, latest proper session was with rayman to the lovely ass of Jada Stevens. I spent Friday to Sunday sharing a hotel room with a friend on sport-related travel and had also neglected to toss off last Thursday, meaning I was nursing a four day load.

Also while in the pub I had bought a sample of some "natural enhancement" tablets from the johnny machine to see if they had an effect so that if they did, I would use some on next trip whoring. On one of the many train connections I took them to be what I estimated an hour before I'd get home, with the recommended time being hours before.

Needless to say I was pretty horny when I got home late Sunday night and opened the laptop. While the tablets didnt bring on my hardon any quicker, once I was up I stayed very hard throughout and found a desire to jerk hard and fast without stopping for a long period. While I was browsing the board rayman sent me a PM asking if I was up for Yahoo and his timing was perfect.

He sent me a few random pics he was looking at and I noticed it was a little Jada heavy so I started sending Jada pics back to him. I was very well aware of Ms Stevens work but had never had a prolonged session to her. After 20 minutes or so of pics there were two very throbbing and pre cummy cocks working hard for her, but we managed to make it last. I estimate a good hour later it was time for some serious "end game" stuff, and rayman sent me a video link labelled "Jada Stevens sucking five cocks" although honestly there were more than five in the blowbang.

The video started with Jada talking at length to the female director about dicks and loads and I was gagging for release by the time she started sucking. I don't think we were more than 5 minutes in when rayman said he needed to blow, and I concurred.

I skipped the video to the part where Jada starts getting glazed, and relaxed my muscles that had been keeping the cum at bay. I blasted several big thick ropes of cum up my torso, shooting MUCH more than usual. In fact, I shot so much cum that when I had my next orgasm over 24 hours later, despite a strong orgasm nearly no jizz came out. I was still drained from Jada.

What a great one this was! Will be online for the next 2 hours. Just edged a bit to Lexi Belle. I think im going to move onto a teen forsome, mmff, preferably two blondes. As anyone on this thread that has ever stroked with me knows, i love young blondes. Any suggestions for types of scenes to cum to? I was really into pov handjobs last week. The week before that it was all about black chicks.

It always comes back to teens tho. Well, since my last update my jerk off buddy and I have continued to have some amazing sessions. Monday night though was really awesome. We had a long incredibly hot session to Bianca Beauchamp, and after cuming together to her at about , we logged off, exhausted and seemingly done for the night. It was really happening.

We were cuming again to Bianca, the second time that night. It was about the most intense I never been while micing. I really lost all control. Fuck it was so awesome. Last night we were back at it again, this time to Anya Zenkova. The masturbation continues, to all these gorgeous big-titted women.

Look at these women Can you imagine having sessions to every one of them?? Well we are, and it's fucking incredible. After a few sensational "one girl" sessions and the complete opposite of the pick n mix of a week ago Sunday, this was more of a "normal" session where we we went through particular sets or spent a certain amount of time on one girl before moving on, and either settling on a particular girl or just carrying on until we both need to blow and picking the best pic from the session.

This ended up being a much longer part of the session than either of us anticipated but we could not deny Jodie's whorish nature was having a profound effect on our dicks After a series of pics of her getting cosy with other models like Rosie Jones and Emma Glover, it lead me to pics of India with Holly Peers who I know is buddy's favourite, and pretty near the top of my list.

I was pretty desperate to cum by this point and I knew some seriously booby pics of Hol would provoke him to want the same. Sure enough after just Holly's most recent set, he told me that he was worried he'd cum pretty soon without being able to warn me like we usually do. I'd not typed anything for a while, lost in my own pleasure, so simply typed "I understand" and put up some of Holly's best.

I went to get tissues to clean my load up There are many ideas being tossed so to speak around for future sessions, but we have agreed the next one must be the big Jo Guest session ; a woman we have many, MANY pictures of, who we have been wanking over for approx 20 years since we were buying Mens World second hand in the school toilets and virtually since the moment our little men started standing up.

I can't wait. Anyone up for an all day masturbation marathon on Saturday? Was planning on watching anal, dp and gangbangs non-stop. Will blow multiple loads. Chat or mic? About to kick off a session for tonight I usually do scenes I've been getting off and edging like crazy this week and all day today after finally moving back into my own place. Need to buy some longer-lasting lube before I get even close to catching up from the last six months It could be played over e-mail, but is better faster in IM.

Please note, if you do not like this idea, think it's "too complicated" or otherwise "not enjoyable," please skip it. The rules are actually quite straight-forward once you play just a single Round. For those that do enjoy a little "competition" with your wank and the idea of babes in competing "harems," this might be for you.

Be sure to see the "Strategy" section at the end for some ideas. Building Your Harem Two or more studs pick at least 10 women per stud for their "Harem," from either a pre-determined pool of women or maybe based on a theme. Themes may include glamour women, pornstars doing hardcore, full figured busties, etc It is important to pick women who have a number of and good variety of published sets.

Use a rotation Player 1, 2, 3, etc Playing a Game of Rounds In any single "Game," there are multiple "Rounds" each with multiple "Matches. A Round is considered "Ended" when any one stud has no more women to play in any Match. One stud is chosen to start the first Offense, and begins with his initial Offense of the first Match of the first Round of the Game coin flip, whomever didn't pick first or just as courtesy.

Playing a Match in a Round of a Game Initial Offense: The stud on Offense puts down an initial picture of a woman, who he has now "played" for the entire Round, as his initial Offense of the Match. He cannot play the same woman from an earlier Match, regardless if played on Offense or Defense, of the same Round.

He can play a woman that has not been played yet in any Match, whether on Offense or Defense, in this Round, even if she was used previously in another Round of the same Game. However, he cannot use a picture of the woman from the same set that has been used previously in any Round of the same Game, hence why it is important to pick women with a good number of sets.

Initial Defense: The other stud s now place an initial picture of a woman down on Defense, to "counter" the Offensive woman. As the stud on offense, he cannot play a woman who has been used in any Match in this Round, only women he has not played previously in this Round. Correspondingly, he cannot use a picture of the woman from the same set that has been used previously in any Round of the same GAme.

Initial Wanking: Once the initial Offense and Defense s of all studs have been played, studs can start wanking. They should always choose the woman that has the hottest pic played, without bias or concern for the scoring of the game. Honestly and lust are the name of the game, not winning, as losing can be quite fun "your harem was just too hot".

Continued Offense: After 5 minutes or any short duration agreed upon prior any stud can notify the others , the stud on Offense can play another pic of the same woman played on initial Offense in the same Match. It is ideal if he plays a pic from the same set, so he does not play a 2nd set that cannot be used for the rest of the Game, in any Round.

Continued Defense: The studs on Defense can now decide to do the same, to counter the new pic of the woman from the stud on Offense. Again, it is ideal if a he plays a pic from the same set, to preserve other sets for other Rounds of the same Game.

Continued Wanking: The studs continue to wank, focusing on their favorite pic from those presented, or switching as pics appeal to them. After another 5 minutes or additional duration agreed upon prior again, anyone can call the time , the stud on Offense can play a 3rd pic of the same woman. Likewise, the studs on Defense can play yet a 3rd pic as well.

The studs all wank for another 5 minutes. Play-by-email Note: If the studs are playing by e-mail, then presentation of the 3 pics should be immediate, instead of staged. Any stud can cum at any time while wanking to any pic, whether a pic from a stud on Offense or Defense The stud only need to merely declare who he came to, along with any other details he desires to share.

Any stud can share any comments or taunts at any time to entice the other studs to nut to his woman and her pics. The match does not end when one stud cums, but only when the time alloted for all stages of the Match have expired. Scoring and Losing: If a stud on Defense came to a pic of a woman of the stud on Offense, that is a "Score" for the Offense.

The stud on Defense that came to the woman of thes stud on Offense now "Loses" his woman to the stud on Offense, and she becomes part of the stud on Offense' "Harem. Match Draws: If no stud cums during the allotted, staged time of pics in the Match, the Match ends in a Draw. Next Offense: If there is a Draw, the stud on Offense remains on Offense for the next Match, with one exception follows.

If the stud on Offense cums to his own woman played, he also remains on Offense for the next Match, with one exception follows. If the stud on Offense cums to a woman played by a stud on Defense, the stud on Defense who played that woman is now on Offense for the Next Match. The stud on Offense can still "Score" a woman from a stud on Defense, but not be the Offense for the next Match if he came to a woman played on Defense.

Triples Exception: If the same stud is on Offense for 3 Matches in a row, that is considered a "Triple. Next Match: If no stud has any women in his harem left to play in this Round, the Next Match is considered the first Match of the next Round. With the start of the next Round, all women in a stud's harem can be re-played again. However, pics from a previously used set of the same woman in any prior Round cannot for the rest of the Game.

If the studs are playing by e-mail, then there can be no draw. After e-mails are exchanged with the stud on Offense and all stud s on Defense sending their 3 pics, every stud must cum. The studs declare who they came to and how if they want , and resolution of Scoring and Next Offense is handled as previously stated. End Game, Winner and Premature Ejaculation End Game: A Game can only "End" at the conclusion of a Round.

The conclusion of a round is when the stud with the least women in his Harem has played all women in Matches for that Round. If the stud with the least women has only half of the women he started the Game with at the conclusion of a Round, the Game is over. For example, a stud has only 5 women left when he started with 10 at the end of a Round.

The "Winner" of a game is the stud with the most women in his harem when the game Ends. In the case of a Tie, all studs begin the "Premature Ejaculation" round. In "Premature Ejaculation," each stud plays a woman in sequence, up to 3 pics. Each set is laid down for five minutes or a predetermined, short duration After this duration, another woman with up to 3 pics is laid down by each stud The stud who finally cums first, to any women, is considered the "Premature Ejaculator" and Loses the Game.

It is encouraged to just start wanking and really enjoy the experience, cumming when you need to. Again, losing is not a bad thing. Premature ejaculation works differently in that all studs send a single pic of all of their women in their harem in one e-mail. The stud who losses is the stud who cums to a woman that was not in his harem.

If both men lose, then the game is considered a Draw. Don't take the game too seriously, and don't try to win, just win or lose based on how the game proceeds. Holding off cumming just to win defeats the purpose, which is to get worked up and off, especially not just for the women, but even the women of other studs.

Denial and "that woman is in his harem" can actually make the game more exciting, and losing is not a bad thing "I just couldn't get enough of your woman". Picking not just your favorites, but picking the favorites of the other stud s is recommended, especially if they will get "Scores" while you are on Offense. After a game or two, you will quickly find not only the favorite babes of the other stud, but his favorite sets and pictures of her.

You will also discover your kryptonite, and you cannot afford to be in another harem. It's not always advisable for the stud on Offense to play his favorite babe early in a Round, save them for Defense. The stud s on Defense get to see who and the set the stud on Offense uses first, and if she's "too hot," he can "sacrifice" a lower favorite babe and her set of pics.

This means a stud on Defense can just decide to wank to the baby played on Offense, try to hold off cumming, but he doesn't lose a favorite if he cums.

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