Failed To Start Streaming Obs

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Log in Register. Switched to scene 'brb' I've been trying to set up obs studio for around 3 hours now, and I continue to get the following error: Number of memory leaks: The specified module could not be found.

Step 1: Modify the Facebook Setting

Now just Apply the settings and hit the OK button. Share your thoughts in the comments section and Share if you find this helpful. Happy Learning…!! Also Read: How to install Ubuntu Hi, Are you select the custom service in OBS and copy the server address in server field?

Because i just tried it and it worked perfectly. I can only stream live within the browser with crappy sound quality. But let us assume you want to stream, for example to Twitch. Check if your desired service is already available as a Streaming service, if that is the case, select it and choose a server from the dropdown.

If the service is not available, enter the server yourself into the Server field. For services like Twitch you might have to test different servers to find out which is the best one to stream to. If you have dropped frames, but are definitely not overloading your upload with a too high bitrate, try a different server, if nothing helps, try lowering the bitrate in small steps. Youtube gives you a different key for each live event.

The rest of the options are explained in the help file, but I want to mention the option to activate save to file. Do not forget to set a file path and file name and this option will save your stream to your hard-disk. In the audio options we can select our desktop and microphone device. You can also activate push-to-talk for your microphone or alternatively use the Noise Gate.

See the help-file for more info:. You should only touch the advanced settings if you know what you are doing. But two options you might have to change, to meet Twitch. Change the preset only on a very powerful CPU and keep an eye on your usage.

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Now its time to start our first preview and add some sources. Assuming everything works so far, you can now setup the scenes you want to have available.

In any case, no matter if you are going to stream or record, you should then just do a test recording to your harddrive. Test that everything runs smooth, scene switches work flawless, and that OBS shows no error messages at the bottom left of its Window. In the bottom right you should see a steady FPS, time and bitrate counter.

Especially Windows Media Player often has problems with those file types because of missing or broken codecs. But assuming the test recording went well, you are good to do your first online stream, or assuming you want to record, you are now good to go. The online streamer will now have to see if the selected server works well and has a good connection.

As always, if you have a question, correction, addition or suggestion, just use the comments section below! July 1, January 15, Still no luck. Will try lowering the resolution of the cap card next, but i prefer p for uploading to youtube. Is it normal for obs Re-installed 3 times. Also, pressing the "Stop Streaming" button still results in the program never recovering from the "Stopping Stream" phase.

Hours after exiting the program there are still one or more instances of it running. Justin Cross from Beam. Apparently, you can not Record and Stream at the same time with this build. If you Start Streaming, then press Start Recording, the stream will stop. Unfortunately, this is why i switched from Tachyon in the first place.

Will; keep an eye out for an update with the feature turned back on. While this limitation can be overcome is does require a bit of rework which is outside the scope of OBS-FTL at the moment. Skip to content.

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Re-installed 3 times. January 15, Here's my log:

Streaming with Streamlabs OBS:

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You can also activate push-to-talk for your microphone or alternatively use the Noise Gate. Thank you for your assistance.

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