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She really wants this movie and is only focused on getting it from you. She was formerly one of Rias Gremory's Bishops but now serves as Issei Hyoudou 's first Bishop and one of his fiancees. Sword Birth. Retrieved August 19, Cao Cao reveals that the Hero faction kidnapped Yasaka, revealing that she would be the subject of a malicious experiment. Don't you want her to stay by your side and willingly let you do things to her, because she loves you? And is that thing lined with iron or something?!

Highschool DxD 2 - Read Highschool DxD Chapter 2

I will never forgive him. Defeat him. I permit it. Other Characters. The other characters can't leave them out now, can't we? Vali curb-stomping Kokabiel counts as one when the Gremory group at that time can't even faze the latter. Later, he goes one-on-one against Fenrir, a wolf that can kill a god. He wins and subdues it. Odin's fight against a number of devils. He just casually taps his staff and they all die.

Sirzechs shows off how powerful the Power of Destruction is on a small scale instead of how Rias uses hers. He just puts a small ball of his power on Asmodeus mouth and kills him from the inside. Sona almost winning against Rias in their Rating Game when she takes advantage of the rules stacked against the Gremory group in her favor.

She almost could've won too if it weren't for Issei's new ability Bilingual. Saji gets one for being able to keep a single thread alive and attached to Issei before getting taken out of the game counts one as well. To the point Odin praised him and was awarded the MVP of the game.

His biggest one so far is when he makes his Big Damn Heroes moment against Loki and his five mini dragons, encasing them all on his own. He proceeds to level the rest of the Hero faction in seconds, and blocks the True Longinus, the strongest weapon in the series, with one finger.

Forget that, Balance Breaker to ''everybody''! Free-for-all no rules, all out fights! He may be a villain at this point, but Cao Cao going One-Man Army against an entire crew of angels, fallen angels, and devils while protecting both Georg and Samael counts as one.

Take note, he's just a human being. And he was winning! Sirzechs in Volume Oh boy, making a god cower in fear of him. And it was freaking Hades too! His pal, Ajuka, also gets to be awesome in this volume and proving why he's The Rival to Sirzechs. He defeats all of the Old Satan Faction devils Siegfried was accompanying while sitting down in his chair.

To quote the Memetic Badass page for Sho Minamimoto , he will nuke you with pi. Any match versus Sairaorg will almost always end in a Curb-Stomp Battle. This includes the successor of Glasya-Labolas, Kiba-Rossweiss-Xenovia team up though Kiba did get to cut his arm but got regenerated thanks to a Phoenix tear , and Heracles.

It's always awesome. Vali's Juggernaut Over Drive. Biggest HSQ form he's ever pulled off. Pluto, who could fight Azazel evenly, gets curb-stomped by getting himself divided into nothingness.
A parody your source of exclusive parody porn videos Put this into perspective: While not as awesome as Great Red's appearance and really, what can? Sona's tactics in the battles. Sirzechs curb stomping Issei in their mock battle! And this was when he could afford to do some silly poses in a silly Super Sentai suit!

However it's implied that he had something to even survive it in the first place. Anything from him is a moment of awesome in his first appearance which is volume Personally drove the vampires to near extinction. No Sold every single Sacred Gear. Wants to challenge both Great Red and Chichigami. By releasing the powerful Beast. The reason why God Is Dead in this series.

He had a Dying Moment of Awesome by sealing Beast , a being on par with Great Red , then fought while exhausted and still managed to gain the upper hand in the war till he died. Bennia and Loup Garou's first on-screen fight is them holding back an entire army of vampires , allowing the Occult Research Club to move on.

I have three words for you: Malebolge Vritra Promotion. She reminded them not to be worried or be scared at the Angels and do what they say. Moments later, the attack of Qlippoth on Heaven started. When Asia, who was protecting a severely injured Fafnir, was slapped by Rizevim Livan Lucifer , Fafnir went into a mad rage and attacked Rizevim savagely and was able to tear off one of his arms.

After the fight against Qlippoth in Heaven, Asia, and the Occult Research Club celebrated Christmas and it was announced that she will take over as the new President of the Club. Even though she was reluctant, Asia accepted the position. In Volume 19 , Asia and her friends went to Kyoto for new years where she prayed to a shrine for Fafnir's recovery. Asia participated in the fight against the exorcists that rebelled against the Church.

After the fight, Vasco Strada gave an envelope to Asia containing letters from the people that she healed when she was still called a holy maiden. Strada said that even after she was exiled, the letters still continued to be delivered. He also said that when he heard of Asia's exile, he tried to help her but was too late. After hearing the explanations given by Ajuka revolving the corruption that was prevalent in the Rating Games, they were ordered to immediately go back to Kuoh Town by Ajuka as a report came in that Ophis was attacked by an Evil Dragon and Issei's parents were held hostage.

When Issei's identity was exposed in front of his parents by Rizevim, Asia tried to persuade Issei's parents to believe them and that the Issei right now is still their son. Rizevim then tried to attack Issei's parents by shooting demonic energy after coming to the conclusion that Issei was able to stand over and over again because of Asia and his parents.

Asia exclaimed in a determined voice that she will absolutely protect Issei's parents. She put her hands together as if she was praying and a golden aura that took the form of a giant golden dragon was emitted from her. Asia's eyes glowed gold as well. The golden aura covered the three people and was able to seemingly cancel out all of Rizevim's attacks. She had unlocked her Balance Breaker.

In Volume 21 , a week after Trihexa had been unleashed, Asia and her friends joined the army on an island on the coastal waters of Japan awaiting the arrival of Qlippoths army of Evil Dragons, fake Scale Mails and one of the imperial beast bodies led by Apophis.

As everyone charges into battle, Asia activates her Balance Breaker and creates a field that protects everyone from danger. In Volume 22 , some time after the end of semester tests, Asia assumed the role as the Occult Research Clubs president as assigning everyone to prepare for the room for the new year, Vice-President; Kiba hands her documents concerning so.

Therefore, she congratulated him from the bottom of my heart. She and the rest met Ouryuu Nakiri came looking for Xenovia and learned he's from the 5 clans. On the following weekend, members of the Occult Research Club, Vali's team and Issei's parents went on a fishing trip on an inhabited island owned by someone related to them to them.

Asia was present during Issei's graduation ceremony into a High-Class Devil and was traded from Rias' peerage into his along with and Xenovia. Days later, she and her peers were able to graduate, after the ceremony, she and rest witnessed Issei proposing to Rias.

Asia and the entirety of Issei's peerage along some temporary members participated in the Rating Game World Tournament, they arrived together with Issei and at the Azazel Cup through Ryuuteimaru. After ten days, while their team has won all their matches, the audiences gave them bad ratings over their performance.

In their next match up, her team then faced off against Baraqiel's team under rules of Object Break, where they must destroy Objects to earn points. Her team set out into the field following Ravel's strategic orders while she stayed with her on standby at their base camp.

The game ended with a resulting win in their favor. Xenovia discussed with Irina and Asia that they also needed to get closer to Issei by making him take responsibility for them too, while she didn't quite understood she was still determined not to lose against Akeno and Rias.

In Volume 23 , at this time, Asia and her peers had already enrolled in their school a year up. She and her team had just won another match for their ongoing winning streak, but while in the waiting room they contemplate how there's still risk of them being beaten. At school Rossweisse announced to everyone in her class for inter-class competition; Ball Tournament, Xenovia declared that she and her Student Council will not lose against Occult Research Club members getting into a scuffle with Irina, Asia chimed in declaring the same thing back which Kiryuu then came in and rubbed her cheek saying she's acting weird and wondered if she was alright.

After school everyone continued their usual Devil business work underneath a cram school building where it lies a lab that Azazel had set up which has now became the workplace of Issei's peerage as they now work for a branch store in the Gremory Large Enterprise, the requests that regarded healing were assigned to Asia.

She had just came back from a job with a French doll as appraisal, though everyone notice the black expression as passed Ravel who wanted to receive the payment from her, Issei and Ravel believed that she was over exerting herself and agreed to help her as much as they can, when the the two came of the storeroom, everyone accused of workplace romance with Asia complaining that they should doing such things at home.

Her team had a meeting with Dulio's at the Hyoudou Residence as to get their respected members acquainted with each other, during the meeting she personally got acquainted with Diethelm whom had a Sacred Gear with similar abilities. Asia was soon upset with Issei who. Rudiger also took notice of Asia and deduced that she was having trouble being the ORC President and advised her with a cheerful smile to talk with others about her problems rather than keeping them to herself.

That evening she came into Issei's room to find him with Ravel grouping her breasts, Xenovia and Irina came in after to join them in bed for the night, everyone complained to Issei about how he was staring at Sister Mirana's chest during the meeting and also cling their breasts to him.

Xenovia then moved his attention to Asia who had puffed her cheeks in a poor mood from him leering at another Sister besides her, she showed off her breasts to him stating that they're still growing and declared they'll be as big as the others. Asia and the others did their training in an a space underground within the Gremory territory that had been previously handed to them, she was training with Rossweisse in exploring techniques for demonic energy and magic.

They were soon greeted by the surprised visit from Roygun Belphegor by Ravel's brother; Ruval for a job, she provided them with documented game data regarding Rudiger that could be useful in their upcoming match. Although Asia and the other girls were appalled when Roygun began flirting with Issei who didn't seem to mind, they all gave him cold stares as Roygun left giving him a flirting wink.

Issei arrived home to find Asia had been practicing shooting hoops in secret for the schools tournament at their training room, she expressed her discomfort in feeling that she was lacking behind as the ORC President but still determined to improve herself for everyone in her own style different from Rias, Issei felt touched by this and joined her.

Elmenhilde walked in on them wanting to also be of help in their training, upon overhearing Asia's conversation, she then gave a full detailed explanation for wanting to take part in the World Tournament, thus coming to an understanding, though Asia scolded Issei for not getting why she chose his team specifically. At that time, Xenovia and Irina had come down after their shower and decided to join them in a game of basket ball, Asia then expressed how grateful she was to everyone.

On the day o their match, Issei's team arrived at the Ajuka Stadium aside with Dulio's team to commence their Rating Game. Asia and Issei were surprised to see Issei's father had also arrived along side Kunou to cheer them on, though informs that his mother couldn't bare to see the fight directly instead will be will be watching the broadcast closely.

When the two of them met with Dulio within the Stadium, he asked Issei If Asia would she be happier if she could live life as an ordinary sister, while Issei has thought so, Dulio pointed out that her current life with everyone that had been caused by the imperfection of Sacred Gears, the was same said for a few others he knows. They were then surprised that Fafnir had become a guest commentator and kept on talking about Asia's panties, much to her embarrassment.

They'll be played the game under Rampage Ball rules, where they must find the goals that appear all over the game field and then throw the ball in. After going over last minute strategies with Ravel, they made their way to the ball with Asia riding on her fastest Evil Dragon familiar but were met with ice cold heavy rain and lighting strikes by Dulio.

The ball was fought over back and forth but Asia's team were able to score the first 5 points thanks to Ouryuu. While they may have lost against Dulio's team in the end, they still received praise for their fight. Long after the match was concluded, some of them participated in the schools Ball Tournament with Xenovia's Student Council pitted against Asia's Occult Research Club in a game of basketball, which soon ended in a draw.

Issei and came across an injured boy On their way home which used her Sacred Gear on to heal, somewhat reflecting how they first met a year ago, Issei then took this moment to propose to Asia promising stay together forever and to always make her happy, Asia accepted with tears of joy flowing down.

Just as they were about to kiss Xenovia and Irina whom just happened to come by stayed hidden when they saw them to not ruin the moment. Xenovia contemplates how her engagement could've been just as romantic but they're all still happy anyway now the two congratulated Asia on being engaged as now all three of them are Issei's fiances that the three of them are now engaged and hugged each other in joy.

Later on, Asia and her team's next Rating Game match was against Sona Sitri's peerage, the end result was that Issei's team emerged victorious. In Volume DX. When Ravel suggested the difficulty of summoning Fafnir, Asia confirmed is she sees a person is a bad one, he will try his best to protect her from her enemies. Asia and her team were victorious after Xenovia retired Sona in their fight.

In Volume 24 , when Asia and everyone were enjoying their time at the school pool, she fought with the rest of Issei's other fiances over who should he apply suntan oil to first. They soon heard word that everyone's parents and guardians were having a meeting at the Hyoudou Residence. Upon arrival, they find that they've all gathered together to discuss plans for their wedding ceremonies, all the girls engaged to Issei made their personal requests, Asia made her request to Issei's parents in wanting a her wedding in Japan which they will pay using Issei's money.

Soon came word that Kuroka and Koneko were being targeted by Grim Reapers due to being involved in their late father's research in artificially creating Super Devils. When the horde of Grim Reapers arrived, Lavinia took the lead in having frozen all of them in place, allowing the rest to easily strike them. Eventually when all their enemies were dealt with, Asia and her friends went to watch the ending of Rias' match, which they witnessed her having to reluctantly forfeit.

Everyone then later payed Rias a visit at the medical room. Asia and almost all of Issei's fiances requested kisses from Issei as Koneko and Kuroka were hogging him for themselves. During their break from training and the girls start thinking about Issei, Asia recalls on how Issei saved her many times after she arrived in Japan and the Astaroth incident and other times.

After returning from training at the Beelzebut, Asia decided to sleep together with Xenovia and Irina in order to deepen their friendship. Rossweisse is a beautiful foreign beauty but Yuuma-chan is even prettier and has much bigger boobs! Rossweisse stood with a focused look on her face and a fist raised at chest height. She looked determined. Y-You promised, right? I get to have those coupons for the upcoming steak sale, right?!

Sirloins for half off?! And come on! I knew he gets to call her 'Rose' but she even calls him by a first-name basis?! What the hell is up with this guy?! Philips-san then turned to me and began to explain things. He had a lecturing tone and wagged his finger around.

So here's what we're going to do. The three of us are going to run some exercises. I'm going to be guiding you and telling you how you should act. And if I see anything inappropriate, you're going to get penalized. Got it? I nodded. I don't know what sort of penalty Philips-san could give but it didn't matter! I was serious about this! I want to do my best to please my girlfriend!

Now, face Rose-sensei. Don't slouch. Keep your back straight and chin up. Look straight at her eyes. I don't want you to see you looking anywhere below her lips, do you understand? I scratched the back of my head but listened to his words. I made sure to keep looking at her like how Philips-san instructed. But I had difficulty thinking of something to talk about.

So I began with the first thing that came to my mind. She nodded and gave a small smile. I got it on a discount! I managed to convince the manager that one sleeve was shorter than the other and I got ten percent off. Being a teacher must be really difficult. I think I'm going to cross that out as one my career choices when I have to meet with the career consultant at the end of the year.

Such a shame too. The idea of forever being surrounded by young high school girls for the rest of my life was a pleasant idea…. But so far so good! Philips-san nodded at me in approval. He then waved his hand around in a gesture to keep the conversation rolling. A fan! A fold up fan?! Who uses a fold up fan outside of comedy sketches?! And is that thing lined with iron or something?!

It hurt! If you're going to compliment her then talk about something she likes. Her hair. Her eyes. Her nails. Her shoes. Her clothes. Anything is fine except her womanly parts. That's sexual harassment. I'm going to show you an example. So pay attention. He put the fan down onto one of the desks and then turned to Rossweisse-sensei.

He put up a smile— one of those smiles I hated so much because it caused the girls to coo every time it appeared. I see you got a new hairpin. It looks good on you. How has your day been going so far? Rossweisse nodded and played along. She put up a smile on her own and added to the scene.

It was a gift from my graduation. As for today…". She suddenly sagged her shoulders and sighed. She made herself depressed that fast?! This is still an act… right? I didn't get to finish grading some of the papers and the director got mad at me. So now I have to stay longer than usual until I finish them. I may even have to take some of them home and finish them there if it gets too late.

But don't let it bother you too much. You left because of that flash sale. Your health is a bigger concern. Your students understand and we all look up to you. I think we'll live if we have to wait a day or two for some test results. Least most of us will. You know how some of those smarties are with their exam fetishes.

His words pumped Rossweisse-sensei. She raised both her fists close to her chest. There was fire in her eyes. I would be a disgrace of a teacher if I let this bother me! My students will always be behind me… and I won't let them down! I'll get to those papers and hand them back as soon as I can! Philips-san nodded and then turned back to me. Now let's look at what I did.

I engaged in a conversation by starting with a greeting. And then I complimented her on her accessory. And then I asked her about her wellbeing. See, the trick is to find a topic for the both of you to relate on. But do you want to know the secret?

Philips-san sure was impressive. He was able to get Rossweisse so excited! She even went back to her desk and was flipping through papers like crazy while we were talking. He gestured for me to come closer. I-It must be a huge secret if he didn't want Rossweisse to hear… not that I think she will since she's so absorbed in her work. But I went anyways. He leaned against my shoulder and whispered into my ear.

And then the guy stands regularly and gives us space. He even nods as if his words came from the heavens itself! I'm serious. How would you like it if you blabbed about something and no one bothered to pay attention to you? Look at it this way. Let's say… Ah. A new game came out. You bought it, played it, loved it, and want to share it with someone.

So you go to one of your friends and recommend it to them and tell them how great it is. But at the end of your speech they reply with something like 'Oh, Ise, is that a new shirt? I'm pretty sure they would have played it before me or would have gotten the game along with me. So how can they—". The trick to any successful relationship is to have a connection between the both of you.

Even mute couples are able to get along because they still manage to find something to share with. Now how will you learn anything about this girl if you're not willing to listen to anything she has to say? You can't keep staring at her breasts the whole time and draw a blank when she asks you a question. It's her. Let's flip the scenario for a second. She has no interest whatsoever in you.

She's only interested in, I don't know, let's say for this situation one of your DVDs. She really wants this movie and is only focused on getting it from you. She couldn't care less about you. She's a collector. And once she gets it from you she's going to throw you away and pretend to have never met you. Apparently I reached some good conclusion.

You're not going to get any action so you might as well cut ties with her and move on, right? You can't do anything perverted to her and that's your whole reason for getting a girlfriend, right? If that's the case then you might as well get rid of her. So this guy did understand me! And here I was beginning to think he did play for the other team. So she was listening this whole time….

Philips-san nodded at her words and then went back to me. Because this girl isn't willing to give you anything. She's uninterested in you personally and is only after your things. That sort of girl is trash, right? You want nothing to do with her, right?

Philips-san crossed his arms as he leaned on Rossweisse's desk. She stopped what she was doing after his remark and listened more intently on our conversation. You are on the bottom of the totem pole. Do you know what that means? It doesn't just mean you are the least popular person in this school.

It also means you are the one thing everyone walks all over. You are dirt and you want to know why? You don't bother to look anyone as if they are human beings. Kid, when a boy comes your way I see you look at them as something threatening simply because they are male. And you look at the girls as nothing more than meat. If you are going to keep going like this then why should they treat you any differently?

No, you are alone. This girl who asked to date you will quickly find out how shallow you really are. She'll stick with you for only one date before she realizes how worthless you are. She won't give you the chance to see anything under her clothes. You'd be lucky if you ever saw her again. But you know what, she won't be the first. There'll be a long line of women who will treat you this way.

In fact, that line's already there. Just look at every girl in this academy. But, if you're fine with it, if you really want to see a pair of tits that bad then I can point you in the right direction. I know a few hookers who are willing to do anything for drug money. You know, the kind that have been with hundreds of men before you come along.

It's the best you're going to get with the way things are. So long as you're fine never knowing what love really is…". He sighed and reached for something in his back pocket. But he realized something after taking a few blinks and stopped himself from doing so. Instead, he rubbed the lower half of his jaw.

I'll admit… most of the words he said flew over my head. Not because I couldn't understand them… but because I didn't want to hear them. Even if I covered my ears and turned away from him I would still be able to hear everything. His words bounced around inside my head.

No one liked me. Yeah, that was true. I only had Motohama and Matsuda to turn to and those two had been my best buds since the old days because of a sort of comradery. Honestly, we knew nothing about the other outside of our interest of porn and women. Even my parents avoided looking at me; they were so ashamed of my antics and how much trouble I caused them. I always wanted a girlfriend.

I was dangerously close to accepting I would never get one because I was so hated. But was I really okay with that? I really wanted a girlfriend! But Philips-san was right. I would never be able to keep her if the only thing I cared about was seeing her breasts. It's called a reality check.

We all go through with it at least once in our lives," was his reply. S-Shut up, you damn handsome! You don't know what I've been going through! You always have girls looking your way and you always turn down their advances. Do you really bat for the other team?! No, you even turn down the boys.

You preach about love and companionship but I only ever see you talk to me. You don't even talk to Toujou-chan even though you eat lunch with her. And you only tell Rossweisse-sensei about the latest deals going on even when you guys call each other by nicknames and first-names. To embrace her? To kiss her? Don't you want her to stay by your side and willingly let you do things to her, because she loves you?

Aren't you tired of being alone? He stared at me. His eyes were looking at me but it didn't feel like he was focusing on me. It sounded more like he was asking himself that question than anything. I swear I wasn't crying! It was just dust getting into my eyes! I like Yuuma-chan! She's the first girl to ever ask me out! I want to be a good boyfriend!

He gave me a smile. A smile like a father being proud of their son. Geez… I wish my dad looked at me that way. It's been a while since I've seen my old man look like that…. We have a lot to cover before Sunday. Both Philips-san and Rossweisse-sensei were a lot of help.

Both of them stayed after hours to go over scenarios and offered advice… though Rossweisse wasn't that much of a help in that department. She always fell into a crying fit whenever asked about her love life. It was a sensitive topic for her, apparently. The best she could do was act as the test-dummy. I was surprised my father lent me some spending money when I told him I was going on a date.

I didn't think either he or my mom would believe me when they asked what I was doing this Sunday afternoon. But after a quick explanation and, apparently from the old man's comments, some expression on my face told them I was telling the truth. And then they both gave me embarrassing advice on how to treat Yuuma-chan.

Did you wait long for me? A-Actually I got here half an hour earlier than I was supposed to because I was so excited. But I wanted to use that line for so long! I've only seen her in her school uniform whenever we met in the mornings on our way to school. She looked adorable in regular clothes.

With that, we started on our big date! I made sure to follow every piece of advice given to me down to the letter. We went to the aquarium to look at the fish; I made sure to give Yuuma plenty of space but at the same time made sure I was within her viewing distance. We went shopping and I commented on her choice of clothing, complimenting how it went with her after recalling what not to say as sexual harassment.

We also went to the gaming center; I won her a plush toy. It wasn't all that impressive and it took me a lot of tries. But Yuuma seemed happy about the prize. Before I realize it, Yuuma is wrapping her arm around mine! I can feel my arm rub against her breast!

I'm sorry Philips-san! No matter how hard I try I can't ignore a soft sensation such as this! My face was getting warm but I kept my smile and made sure to never look anywhere lower than her lips. It felt like my brain was frying itself from this must mental strain. I never looked at her breasts all day! In the end, Yuuma held my hand the entire time as she led me into the nearby park.

No one was around us as we walked towards the center where a fountain lay. A few benches were spread about here and there. With the setting sun it looked like the perfect place to end a date. Yuuma took a seat at the fountain edge as she looked at the Red Plush-kun I had won her. It was some fat, squat person in red dragon armor based on some anime about a guy named Red Blur.

I didn't like it. But all the girls in the class were gooing over it. Apparently even Yuuma. But… her face looked kinda sad. Did I do something wrong? Was today not enjoyable?! I was sure I did everything correct! Where did I go wrong?! It sounded like she couldn't believe it. There's something I need to tell you.

I nodded my head and came closer, but not too close. She gave me a small smile and gestured for me to come closer. I did, slowly, and she kept waving her hand to come closer. It go to the point where I was between her legs. And then she wrapped them around mine! I don't know what's going on but I won't reject it.

She put Red Plush-kun to the side and put one hand on my cheek. Impressed even. It wasn't the best date I've been on but… it really did look like you had some potential. I like you, Ise-kun. If this were a normal date I would have let you take me to one of the love hotels. Seriously, Yuuma-chan! T-That's a joke, right?! No… by the look on your face you're really serious.

Then… I could have done ecchi things to you and you would have been okay with—. He told me to ask you out. We had some big story for you. I was to go on this date with you and no matter what you did to me I would pretend to like you to the very end. And then tell you I was moving away and disappear thereafter. A big boost to your ego and self-esteem.

He really did believe in you, it seems. He was watching our date earlier to make sure everything went smoothly and then left after a good hour in. I thought you'd be some gross child but you turned out to be quite the gentleman. You still have some fault… but you would have grown into something wonderful if given enough time.

I have no idea what she's talking about. Like from some RPG? Is this some kind of LARP? Do I go along with it? But as soon as I opened my mouth to ask her, Yuuma pulled me in with her legs and pressed her lips against mine. T-This is my first kiss! Her tongue was wiggling inside! It was making a mess inside my mouth and ooowwaaaaaahhhhhhh it felt amazing!

Pain surged through my stomach. A very sharp pain I couldn't understand. I've never felt anything like it before. I lowered my head and looked. My eyes widened. I couldn't believe it. I didn't understand what was happening. Yuuma was holding… a bar of… light? Something bright and glowing hot. Whatever it was, it was stabbing me in the abdomen. I could feel the burning sensation scorching my insides and drilling out of my back.

If I look behind me I know this thing, this spear, was poking out of my back. Yuuma pulled the spear out of my stomach. I lost my strength and fell to the floor. My hands went to the wound to keep the blood from escaping but there was nothing I could do. I was feeling weak. This wasn't the cute Yuuma I had liked.

Her face was cold. She was looking at me as if I was dirt. No, lower than dirt. Like I was some maggot crawling within the ground. No matter how hard you would have tried, you would have become our enemy at some point. It's better you die now than later.

Sacred what? I don't understand. I don't understand anything! Yuuma-chan, why did you stab me? Why did you kill me? What did I do wrong on our date?! At least tell me that and slap me. Did I really deserve to die because I made a mistake somewhere?! Urk… the world is getting dark. The pain is dying now.

I'm starting to feel cold. My body is so heavy it feels like I need to sleep. But my mind is still panicking. If I fall asleep now I will never be able to wake up again. Ah, Philips-san was right. I would be alone in the end. Because I must have made a mistake somewhere, because I didn't treat Yuuma-chan right, I'm going to die alone.

Hey, God, I know I never prayed to you before. And I know I'm the most sinful of beings as the living incarnation of lust and all… but will you listen to my last words? I can't see anything anymore. But it feels like the world is spinning. It's so cold but I don't shiver. Man… I don't even have the strength to shiver.

And soothing. If only this were real. What I wouldn't give to have a real onee-sama let me use her thighs as a pillow. You know, being dead isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Not sure what I was expecting but I know it wasn't going to be as nice as this. It felt warm and comfortable. It felt like I was swimming through sheets of silk and cotton while being wrapped in the arms of Shinigami onee-sama.

But, I didn't think being dead would be so similar to being alive. I don't have a body anymore so I should just be a wisp, right?

Archived from the original on March 16, Sona Sitri's Peerage. I'll Head Out Too!! The day is beginning. Sign In Don't have an account? Asia became more "bold" in her relationship with Issei when the other girls start being intimate and dislike the idea of being left out. Xenovia and the group were astonished to learn that the girl is Ingvild Leviathan , a descendant of the original Leviathan and a half-human Longinus wielder.

High School DxD manga fanservice compilation:

I was to go on this date with you and no matter what you did to me I would pretend to like you to the very end. As a result, she becomes more aggressive in seducing him, which proves that Xenovia is quite perverted as well, a fact that she is "cool" with. While doing the respective activities assigned to them, Qlippoth managed to surround both Auros and Agreas inside a barrier and announced their intent to attack after a certain period of time. And she devours in the taste when she kills humans. Suddenly, a green mint-like potted plant appeared.

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