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Changes in the physiological properties and kinetics of citric acid accumulation via carbon ion irradiation mutagenesis of Aspergillus niger. Rafal Drezewski. Feiyan Cai. Control Room. However, unlike Jin Yong, his story is very straight forward without any blood vengeance or generational debt that links one to another.

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The temperature difference would cause lancinating trauma, and the ice crystals formed during the cooling process might pierce the cells, leading to irreversible damage. A Chinese doctor who worked in a U. He stressed that it is almost impossible to revive the dead in liquid nitrogen with modern technology. Liu said he performed cryogenic tests on animals about 10 years ago, but the results were not very satisfying.

However, he praised the innovative project by Yinfeng Academy of Life Science, saying it was of great significance. India is playing with fire, and it could get burned. India's illegal entry into Chinese territory is a miscalcul…. India should heed lessons from history: Chinese Defense Ministry: US, Japan, Australia still troublemakers in Sou…. Tuesday, Aug 15, Search.

Most Read. India is playing with fire, and it could get burned 2 India's illegal entry into Chinese territory is a miscalcul… 3 India should heed lessons from history: The results indicate that the high-throughput screening method can be used for the quick breeding of A. Antizyme inhibitor 1: Polyamines are multivalent and organic cations essential for cellular growth, proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis.

Increased levels of polyamines are closely associated with numerous forms of cancer. An autoregulatory circuit composed by the ornithine decarboxylase ODC , antizymes AZ and antizyme inhibitor AZI governs the intracellular level of polyamines. AZI increases the ODC activity to accelerate the formation of intracellular polyamines, triggering gastric and breast carcinogenesis as well as hepatocellular carcinoma and esophageal squamous cell carcinoma development.

Even though its conformation is changed by the adenosine-to-inosine RNA editing, it plays an important role in tumorigenesis through regulating intracellular polyamines. Encouragingly, AZIN1 has been revealed to have an additional function outside the polyamine pathway so as to bypass the deficiency of targeting the polyamine biosynthetic pathway, promising to become a critical target for cancer therapy.

Here, we congregate the latest advances on the AZIN1 and its potential contribution to carcinogenesis. An intersection-based clustering algorithm for vehicular ad hoc networks. Hui Zhao.

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However, channel fading, frangible link, unstable network topology caused by vehicles' high mobility and strict requirements to the quality of service QoS have become major challenges of VANET. Many algorithms have been proposed to ensure a stable network topology and it has been proved that cluster-based VANET is more stable and robust.

But existing cluster algorithms cluster only on straight lane and are unable to maintain cluster stable as vehicles coming into intersection. Accounting for existing algorithms' limitations, this paper proposes a new clustering algorithm, in which an intersection situation is taken into consideration when clustering. Beyond the intersection, relative mobility concluding relative speed and distance is considered as Cluster Header CH selection metric.

While around the intersection, turn direction is also considered as a metric. Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm has a better performance in cluster lifetime, cluster size and cluster stability. Power control mechanism based on hybrid access schemes in coexisting WBANs.

Wenlong Liu. Our findings suggest that NKBs might be exploited to develop effective therapies for treatment of infectious diseases. Traveling salesman problems with PageRank Distance on complex networks reveal community structure. Zhongzhou Jiang. Since TSPs need to find a tour with minimum cost, cities close to each other are usually clustered in the tour.

Then, in the final tour, the vertices in the same community tend to cluster together, and the community structure can be obtained by cutting the tour into a couple of paths. There are two challenges. The first is to define a suitable distance between each pair of vertices which can reflect the probability that they belong to the same community.

The second is to design a suitable strategy to cut the final tour into paths which can form communities. The results show that TSP-CDA can find accurate community structure efficiently and outperforms the two existing algorithms. A study of fitness functions for reconstructing networks using node degrees.

Martin O. Designing robust networks has attracted increasing attentions in recent years. Most existing work focuses on improving the robustness of networks against a specific type of attacks. However, networks which are robust against one type of attacks may not be robust against another type of attacks. In the real-world situations, different types of attacks may happen simultaneously.

Therefore, we use the Pearson's correlation coefficient to analyze the correlation between different types of attacks, model the robustness measures against different types of attacks which are negatively correlated as objectives, and model the problem of optimizing the robustness of networks against multiple malicious attacks as a multiobjective optimization problem.

Such a two-phase optimizing pattern well balances the computational cost of the two objectives and improves the search efficiency. Moreover, both local and global characteristics of networks in different parts of the obtained Pareto fronts are studied. The results show that the networks in different parts of Pareto fronts reflect different properties, and provide various choices for decision makers.

Anisomycin, an antibiotic produced by Streptomyces griseolus, strongly induces apoptosis in various tumor cells in vitro, superior dramatically to adriamycin. The present study aims to elucidate its detailed mechanistic process. The results showed that anisomycin sufficiently promoted the apoptosis in human leukemic Jurkat T cells at a quite low dose.

The knockdown of the bim gene repressed the anisomycin-boosted apoptosis through the attenuation of the active Bak and Bax. This provides a novel insight into the mechanism by which anisomycin leads to the tumor cell apoptosis, potentially laying the foundations for its development and clinical application.

Changes in the physiological properties and kinetics of citric acid accumulation via carbon ion irradiation mutagenesis of Aspergillus niger. The objective of this work was to produce citric acid from corn starch using a newly isolated mutant of Aspergillus niger, and to analyze the relationship between changes in the physiological properties of A.

Our results showed that the physiological characteristics of conidia in A. Using corn starch as a raw material, a high-yielding citric acid mutant, named HW2, was obtained. In a L bioreactor, HW2 can accumulate FoxO1-mediated autophagy is required for NK cell development and innate immunity. Natural killer NK cells exert a crucial role in early immune responses as a major innate effector component.

However, the underlying mechanisms of NK cell development remain largely elusive. Here we show that robust autophagy appears in the stage of immature NK cells iNKs , which is required for NK cell development. Autophagy defects result in damaged mitochondria and accumulation of reactive oxygen species ROS that leads to apoptosis of NK cells. Autophagy protects NK cell viability during development through removal of damaged mitochondria and intracellular ROS.

Therefore we conclude that FoxO1-mediated autophagy is required for NK cell development and NK cell-induced innate immunity. Supplementary Information. Supplementary Figures A multi-objective memetic algorithm based on decomposition for big optimization problems. When solving multi-objective optimization problems MOPs with big data, traditional multi-objective evolutionary algorithms MOEAs meet challenges because they demand high computational costs that cannot satisfy the demands of online data processing involving optimization.

The gradient heuristic optimization methods show great potential in solving large scale numerical optimization problems with acceptable computational costs. However, some intrinsic limitations make them unsuitable for searching for the Pareto fronts. It is believed that the combination of these two types of methods can deal with big MOPs with less computational cost.

We also combine the local search operator with other widely used MOEAs to verify its effectiveness. The experimental results show that the proposed algorithm outperforms MOEAs without the gradient heuristic local search operator. LSD1 co-repressor Rcor2 orchestrates neurogenesis in the developing mouse brain. Epigenetic regulatory complexes play key roles in the modulation of transcriptional regulation underlying neural stem cell NSC proliferation and progeny specification.

Here we demonstrate that Rcor2, a co-repressor of LSD1, is mainly expressed in the central nervous system CNS and plays a key role in epigenetic regulation of cortical development. Depletion of Rcor2 results in reduced NPC proliferation, neuron population, neocortex thickness and brain size.

We find that Rcor2 directly targets Dlx2 and Shh, and represses their expressions in developing neocortex. In addition, inhibition of Shh signals rescues the neurogenesis defects caused by Rcor2 depletion both in vivo and in vitro. Hence, our findings suggest that co-repressor Rcor2 is critical for cortical development by repressing Shh signalling pathway in dorsal telencephalon.

Supplementary Figures and Supplementary Table 1. The first mutagenesis approach was employed to optimize yield from a cellulase-producing strain via heavy-ion mutagenesis and high-throughput screening, and the second was to effectively achieve enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulase from a mixed culture of mutant T.

It is notable that the exoglucanases CBH activities of A. A mixed culture system was successfully optimized, and the best ratio of T. The BGL activity of the mixed culture increased after 72 h. The EG activity of the mixed culture was In summary, cellulose production and hydrolysis yields were significantly enhanced by the proposed combination scheme.

Yu Xia. Selenium nanoparticles loaded with an anticancer molecule offer a new strategy for cancer treatment. In the current study, anisomycin-loaded functionalized selenium nanoparticles SeNPs Am have been made by conjugating anisomycin to the surface of selenium nanoparticles to improve anticancer efficacy.

The prepared nanoparticles were fully characterized by transmission electronic microscopy, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, Fourier-transformed infrared spectroscopy, and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. The results showed that anisomycin was successfully conjugated with selenium nanoparticles. The size of particles could be effectively regulated through altering the reaction concentrations of sodium selenite and anisomycin.

The SeNPs Am particles 56 nm exhibited the greatest capacity for cellular uptake. The further study showed that SeNPs Am entered human hepatocellular carcinoma HepG2 cells in a dose or time-dependent manner via macropinocytosis and clathrin-mediated endocytosis pathways. SeNPs Am significantly inhibited HepG2 cell proliferation with the low cytotoxicity against normal cells, and dramatically precluded the aggression and migration of HepG2 cells.

The findings indicate that SeNPs Am may be a promising drug for hepatocellular carcinoma. Electronic supplementary material The online version of this article doi: Ochratoxin A OTA , one of the most abundant food-contaminating mycotoxins, is a possible carcinogenic to humans. We previously demonstrated that OTA treatment induced oxidative damage in human gastric epithelium cells GES-1 in vitro.

In this study, we found that long-term OTA treatment could result in increased proliferation, migration, and invasion abilities of GES-1 cells and induce anchorage-independent growth of cells in soft agar. Content Delivery in Converged Network: Reward Sharing or Not? Role of CSL-dependent and independent Notch signaling pathways in cell apoptosis.

Chong Zeng Rui Xing. Apoptosis is a normally biological phenomenon in various organisms, involving complexly molecular mechanisms with a series of signaling processes. Notch signaling is found evolutionarily conserved in many species, playing a critical role in embryonic development, normal tissue homeostasis, angiogenesis and immunoregulation.

The focus of this review is on currently novel advances about roles of CSL-dependent and independent Notch signaling pathways in cell apoptosis. The CSL can bind Notch intracellular domain NIC to act as a switch in mediating transcriptional activation or inactivation of the Notch signaling pathway downstream genes in the nucleus.

An improved multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for simultaneously detecting separated and overlapping communities. Influence of non-stoichiometry on solid-state reactive sintering of YAG transparent ceramics. The influence of non-stoichiometry on phase composition, microstructure, grain growth kinetics and opticaltransparency of the ceramics were studied.

It was found that for Al2O3-excess samples, the transmittance and the average grain size decreasedsharply due to the Al2O3secondary phase. For Y2O3-excess samples, when the excessive content was smaller than 0. However, when the deviation was larger than 0. A novel decentralized interference mitigation scheme in WBAN. Bin Yuan. Specifically, the length of SP will be reduced when the channel utilization in SP decreases, and will be expanded on the contrary.

Nodes in the overlapping region tends to be interfered and will get lower access priority. Hub allocates the slots to the nodes based on the DIM algorithm. The simulation results show that the DIM algorithm archive much higher throughput and lower latency under the interference scenario. Theoretical analysis of handover failure and no handover rates for heterogeneous networks.

Dong Chen. Dynamic fuzzy Q-learning for handover parameters optimization in 5G multi-tier networks. Jin Wu. The mobility robustness optimization can significantly enhance the quality of service in scenarios characterized by dense uncoordinated deployment of small cells, as targeted by future 5th generation 5G radio access technology. Current solutions mostly rely on priori knowledge and rule based algorithms, these solutions do have achieved good performance.

There is still, however, a lot of room for further improvements, especially when enough priori knowledge is not available. In this paper, we propose a dynamic fuzzy Q-Learning algorithm for mobility management in small-cell networks. There are no fuzzy rules initially, this algorithm gradually generates new fuzzy rules and gets the required parameters through system learning, so as to reach a balance between the signaling cost caused by handover and the user experience affected by call dropping ratio.

Simulation results show the efficiency of the proposed algorithm in minimizing the number of handovers while maintaining call dropping ratio at a minimal level. Ochratoxin A OTA , a toxin produced by several species of Aspergillus and Penicillium, is one of the most abundant food-contaminating mycotoxins. Our previous study showed that there were high levels of OTA contaminations in wheat in the areas with high incidence of esophageal cancer in north China.

This finding suggests that exposure to low levels of OTA may be a critical etiological factor for esophageal cancer in these areas. However, up to now, the potential biological effects of OTA on human esophageal epithelial cells have not been fully elucidated. In the present study, we explored the cytotoxicity of OTA in human esophageal epithelium immortalized cells Het-1A.

The oncogene c-Jun impedes somatic cell reprogramming vol 17, pg , All-solid-state Nd: YAG ceramic fourth-harmonic ultraviolet laser at nm. YAG ceramics waswere fabricated by a solid-state reaction method. The transmittances of the ceramic sample are YAG crystal with good quality. YAG ceramic laser is demonstrated. When the incident pump power at nm is 20 W, the average output power at nm is 0.

The conversion efficiency of nm to nm is 1. This is the first report on laser output at nm for Nd: YAG ceramic to date. Design, preparation and performance of novel three-dimensional hierarchically porous carbon for supercapacitors. Qinglan Zhao. A novel nitrogen-doped three-dimensional hierarchically porous carbon N-3DHPC has been designed and prepared by the carbonization of polyaniline PANI covered on the three-dimensional macroporous carbon 3DMC , followed by KOH activation to generate micropores and mesopores on the wall of macropores.

Moreover, the N-3DHPC supercapacitor exhibits excellent rate performance, low resistance, high energy density of Nanoporous carbon supported platinum-copper nanocomposites as anode catalysts for direct borohydride-hydrogen peroxide fuel cell. It has been found that the PtCu nanoparticles are uniformly dispersed on the surface of the NPC support with average size of about 2.

Juan Ouyang Wei Yu. Sox2 is a key factor in maintaining self-renewal of embryonic stem cells ESCs and adult stem cells as well as in reprogramming differentiated cells back into pluripotent or multipotent stem cells. Although previous studies have shown that Sox2 is phosphorylated in human ESCs, the biological significance of Sox2 phosphorylation in ESC maintenance and reprogramming has not been well understood.

In this study, we have identified new phosphorylation sites on Sox2, and have further demonstrated that Cdk-mediated Sox2 phosphorylation at S39 and S is required for establishing the pluripotent state during reprogramming but is dispensable for ESC maintenance. Cdk2 physically interacts with Sox2 and phosphorylates Sox2 at S39 and S in vitro.

In addition, Sox2 phosphorylation enhances its ability to establish the pluripotent state during reprogramming by working with Oct4 and Klf4. Finally, Cdk2 can also modulate the ability of Oct4, Sox2 and Klf4 in reprogramming fibroblasts back into pluripotent stem cells. Therefore, this study has, for the first time, demonstrated that Sox2 phosphorylation by Cdk proteins promotes the establishment, but not the maintenance, of the pluripotent state.

The oncogene c-Jun impedes somatic cell reprogramming. Oncogenic transcription factors are known to mediate the conversion of somatic cells to tumour or induced pluripotent stem cells iPSCs. Here we report c-Jun as a barrier for iPSC formation. Mechanistically, c-Jun activates mesenchymal-related genes, broadly suppresses the pluripotent ones, and derails the obligatory mesenchymal to epithelial transition during reprogramming.

Our studies reveal c-Jun as a guardian of somatic cell fate and its suppression opens the gate to pluripotency. Reprogramming mouse embryonic fibroblasts using different reprogramming factors. YAG transparent ceramics fabricated by direct cold isostatic pressing and vacuum sintering. Throughput optimization with fairness consideration for coexisting WBANs. Ming Li. Markov approximation for Multi-RAT selection.

Siwei Chen. Sensitive and simple sonoluminescent detection of melamine via aggregation of Au nanoparticles. In this work, we report a novel Au nanoparticle-sonoluminescence AuNP-SL design for simple and high throughput detection of melamine with a lab-made SL vial. Aqueous SL at nm can be sensitively quenched and restored by dispersed and aggregated AuNPs, respectively.

Based on this, the melamine-induced aggregation state of AuNPs is characterized by measuring the SL variation, as well as the content of melamine. All the ultrasound parameters and experimental variables, including the duration and interval of ultrasound irradiation, the composition of the test solution, and the melamine-AuNP interaction time, were separately investigated and optimized.

The proposed method has been applied to the quantification of melamine in milk products. Statistical analysis results from F and t tests demonstrated the agreement between the SL method and the official method both in precision and accuracy. A multi-agent genetic algorithm for big optimization problems.

A differential evolution algorithm with local search for resource investment project scheduling problems. Yanni Song. A multi-agent genetic algorithm with variable neighborhood search for resource investment project scheduling problems. Xiaoxiao Yuan. A differential evolution algorithm for resource investment problem with tardiness.

Meining Liu. Electrochemical oxidation of sodium borohydride on carbon supported Pt-Zn nanoparticle bimetallic catalyst and its implications to direct borohydride-hydrogen peroxide fuel cell. The physical and electrochemical properties of the as-prepared nanospherical electrocatalysts are investigated by transmission electron microscopy TEM , X-ray diffraction XRD , X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy XPS , cyclic voltammetry CV , chronoamperometry CA and fuel cell test.

YAG Ceramics. Transparent Y2. The rheological properties were measured by a rheometer. The results indicate high quality tapes, and ceramics can be obtained by increasing the solid loading of the corresponding slurries. The densities of the tapes increase from 2. The corresponding green body densities range from The solid loading suitable for fabricating transparent Yb: Yong Li Shunqun Luo.

While metabolic defects have been investigated extensively in differentiated tumor cells, much less attention has been directed to the metabolic properties of stem-like cells that repopulate tumors tumor-repopulating cells [TRC]. Here we show that melanoma TRCs cultured in 3D soft fibrin gels reprogram glucose metabolism by hijacking the cytosolic enzyme phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase PCK1 , a key player in gluconeogenesis.

Surprisingly, upregulated PCK1 in TRCs did not mediate gluconeogenesis but promoted glucose side-branch metabolism, including in the serine and glycerolphosphate pathways. Moreover, this retrograde glucose carbon flow strengthened rather than antagonized glycolysis and glucose consumption.

Silencing PCK1 or inhibiting its enzymatic activity slowed the growth of TRCs in vitro and impeded tumorigenesis in vivo. Overall, our work unveiled metabolic features of tumor-repopulating cells in melanoma that have implications for targeting a unique aspect of this disease. Jagged-1 signaling has recently been reported to be involved in the Th17 cell differentiation.

However, little is known about its mechanisms. Genes relevant to the autoimmunity or inflammation were screened for the first time in this system by qPCR array for the differential expressions. Design and synthesis of three-dimensional hierarchical ordered porous carbons for supercapacitors.

Three-dimensional hierarchical ordered porous carbons 3D HOPCs have been successfully prepared through templating method using silica sphere nano-array as a hard template, triblock copolymer P as a soft template and sucrose as a carbon source, and used as the electrode materials for supercapacitors.

Besides, the supercapacitors based on 3D HOPCs exhibit excellent rate performance, high energy densities of 7. In typical Wi-Fi based indoor positioning systems employing fingerprint model, plentiful fingerprints need to be trained by trained experts or technician, which extends labor costs and restricts their promotion.

In this paper, a novel approach based on crowd paths to solve this problem is presented, which collects and constructs automatically fingerprints database for anonymous buildings through common crowd customers. However, the accuracy degradation problem may be introduced as crowd customers are not professional trained and equipped. Therefore, we define two concepts: Machine-learning techniques are utilized for short range approximation around fixed landmarks and fuzzy logic decision technology is applied for searching hint landmarks in crowd traces space.

Besides, the particle filter algorithm is also introduced to smooth the sample points in crowd paths. We implemented the approach on off-the-shelf smartphones and evaluate the performance. Experimental results indicate that the approach can availably construct Wi-Fi fingerprint database without reduce the localization accuracy.

Switch policy is essential for small cells to properly serve variable number of users in an energy efficient way. However, frequently switching small cell base stations SBSs may increase the network operating cost, especially when there is an nonnegligible start-up energy cost. To this end, by observing the variety of user number, we focus on the design of a switch policy which minimize the cumulative energy consumption.

A given user transmission rate is guaranteed and the capability of SBSs are limited as well. According to the knowledge on user number variety, we classify the energy consumption problem into two cases. In complete information case, to minimize the cumulative energy consumption, an offline solution is proposed according to critical segments. A heuristic algorithm for incomplete information case HAIIC is proposed by tracking the difference of cumulative energy consumption.

In addition, a practical Q-learning based probabilistic policy is proposed. A mutation of Aspergillus niger for hyper-production of citric acid from corn meal hydrolysate in a bioreactor. These expanded submerged experiments in a bioreactor were also carried out for mutant H The results showed that It was observed that mutant H can utilize low-cost corn meal as a feedstock to efficiently produce citric acid.

These results imply that the H strain has the industrial production potentiality for citric acid and offers strong competition for the citric acid industry. Conclusion and Future Work. Nov Dual Phase Evolution. Its meaning, however, is inherent in many of our daily discussions. When we ask how did my child understand what I just said? When we see sudden transitions that make people and systems behave in a way that we have not seen before.

When we see a single simple event cascades into a disastrous outcome. Complexity is pertaining in every event we encounter, every experience we live, and every surprise we face. Problem Solving and Evolutionary Computation. Optimization algorithms impose an implicit network structure on fitness landscapes. For a given algorithm A operating on a problem that has a fitness landscape F, connections between solutions are defined by the transitions allowed by A.

Classic evolutionary algorithms EAs use a single population panmixia of individuals and apply operators on them as a whole. This kind of EAs uses spatially structured populations in which any given individual has its own neighborhood. Usually, the size of the neighborhood is much smaller than the size of the population. In this way, instead of all the other individuals in the population being considered as potential mates as in panmictic populations, only those that are in the same neighborhood can interact.

Network Theory. Networks are structures composed of sets of nodes and edges. DPE for Problem Solving. In the previous chapter, we introduced that the standard population used in EAs is the panmictic one, and structured populations have been proposed to as a means for improving the search properties because several researchers have suggested that EAs populations might have structures endowed with spatial features, like many natural populations.

Planning problems, such as mission capability planning in defense, can traditionally be modeled as a resource investment project scheduling problem RIPSP with unconstrained resources and cost. This formulation is too abstract in some real-world applications. In these applications, the durations of tasks depend on the allocated resources. Moreover, we introduce a resource proportion coefficient to manifest the contribution degree of various resources to activities.

We focus on three sources of uncertainty: The algorithm has two main characteristics. The first is that useful information knowledge contained in the obtained approximated nondominated solutions is extracted during the evolutionary process. The second is that extracted knowledge is utilized by updating the population periodically to guide subsequent search.

The approach is illustrated using a synthetic case study. Adaptive double thresholds handover mechanism in small cell LTE-A network. Qiang Shen. Rapid demands for large capacity services and shortage spectrum resources have motivated the deployment of small cells in LTE-A network. Small cells are low-cost, low power nodes with limited coverage region, as the existence of small cells, more sophisticated network architecture increases the difficulty in dealing with mobility management.

The contradiction between traffic demands and network resources is also very prominent, the rationally tradeoff between high quality service demands and signaling overhead in HO procedure should be considered in mobility management. Aiming at solving these issues, efficient handover HO mechanisms are more and more concerned to enhance mobility management in small cell networks.

In this paper, we proposed a Self-Organizing Networks SON based Double Thresholds Optimization DTO handover algorithm, which offers an efficient method to mitigate handover signaling overhead while satisfying user's requirements of service quality.

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I also don't like Yang Mi or something. Projects 6. IL may be a novel potential therapeutic target in patients with atherosclerotic heart disease. Lancet ; Yes she is a K-pop artist in the popular girl group known as f x. Cecilia Liu is OK. In addition, inhibition of Shh signals rescues the neurogenesis defects caused by Rcor2 depletion both in vivo and in vitro. Take your time, I'll keep checking your blog if there is any updates.

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Table S1. The results strongly verify that the proposed DTO algorithm can assist LTE network in achieving an appropriate compromise between handover HO signaling overhead and quality of service QoSbesides, load balance is acquired with rational allocation of resources. Glucose tolerance was assessed by having the subject drink glucose solution 75 g and measuring blood glucose concentration 2 hours later. This study aims to determine the role of IL in atherosclerosis and to investigate the underlying mechanisms involved. The prepared nanoparticles were fully characterized by transmission electronic microscopy, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, Fourier-transformed infrared spectroscopy, and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. Well both she and Angelababy are models so for model to act like that is not bad to me.

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