Toronto Exotic Massage Review

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Monica Kovacs www. A wonderful couple came to visit recently, and this is what they so graciously had to say about their experience:. Winnie Mar 29, at 9: I feel good! Forgot your password? I am so happy I came to see you.

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Wow is the only comment needed! The following is a text message I received from a client — in town on business — just 15 minutes after I had left her: Call him…NOW!!! E sent me this e-mail the day after we had connected:. I have wanted my wife to have multiple orgasms for a long time and you were able to achieve 6 with her.

I followed up with another 2 after you left and 4 more this morning. A wonderful lady sent me this e-mail, on her way home, after we had met the first time. Thanks for the kind words, S!!! I never been this forthcoming no pun intended with anyone without the basis of a relationship and trust…. Your honesty was refreshing…and if I dare admit somewhat scary.

I quite frankly did not know what to expect and you exceeded my expectations. Thank you again Marc, have a great weekend. I was curious, so I asked her if she could explain more about what she meant. She had this to say:. I would pamper myself more frequently, wear lingerie around the apartment just for me.

I even did a boudoir shoot for myself at There were times when I sorely missed who I was then. I just wanted to be wanted. Then there was my ex. So much has happened in the last 3 years. I know my worth. But that spark I guess from when I was in my 20s I gave back. I feel like I can be that girl again dancing and singing along to music in her lingerie alone in her apartment enjoying life.

Hope that helps.

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A lovely couple came to see me recently. I never sleep daytime unless I have had great sex ….. The combination of purity and beauty of intimacy, genuine touch, and the wise perspective of an opened-minded person with deep respect to each soul and body puts Marc to a level of not only high professionalism but what is the most important to the person you can trust, open up and just be YOURSELF!

Elle also wrote a piece of prose that I decided to include in my blog section. You can read it here. To continue from yesterday…I wanted to say that my experiences with you have helped me be comfortable with being vulnerable — you create a safe space just being you — for me, feeling safe with a man allows me to be present. So thank you for being who you are…your openness is a gift to others.

This is a text I received from a client shortly after she had left me. She had a 2-hour Sensate Therapy session with me. Thank-you, Holly! You truly are an amazing person with amazing talent. I would like to book another 2 hours for me in two weeks and another appointment for two hours with my friend Jody on a different day, also in 2 weeks.

Let me know what you have available…I was telling you that I felt my sexual energy bank was depleted. You fully restored it. I feel amazing. This is why I always loved sex. I got a high from it that lasts longer after. It is heavenly. Monica Kovacs www. She is a very professional provider of both Yoni and Lingam massage, and she is a gem. She booked some time with me, and had this to say about it: I approached Marc for an opportunity to focus on my own needs and to take a break from the role of giving.

Marc creates a beautifully welcoming space to let go and surrender into receiving. His touch is confident and highly skilled, and intuitively tuned in to the needs of the receiver. Through my own work with clients, I am familiar with the fear and hesitation many women experience in approaching a male provider. I would confidently recommend Marc to anybody looking to explore this route.

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Area Code. You're welcome! Massage Quality Above average [ 2 ]. Girlfriend Experience Somewhat [ 2 ]. Blow-Job Yes - With condom [ 2 ]. Hand-Job Yes [ 2 ]. Breast Play Yes - Naked [ 2 ]. Cum in Mouth No [ 2 ]. Lick Pussy Yes [ 2 ]. Kiss No [ 2 ]. Anal No [ 2 ]. Two Girl Action No [ 2 ]. More Than One Guy No [ 2 ].

Full, No-rush Session Yes [ 2 ]. Will Bring Second Provider Yes [ 2 ]. Multiple Pops Allowed No [ 1 ] Yes [ 1 ]. Rimming Give - No [ 2 ]. Squirt No [ 2 ]. Allow Film or Picture No [ 2 ]. Female Condom No [ 2 ]. Toronto, Ontario 1 Reviews. Sort Results By.

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You can read it here. You're welcome! Thank you for your effort and your physical endurance! I would like to book another 2 hours for me in two weeks and another appointment for two hours with my friend Jody on a different day, also in 2 weeks.

Toronto Massage Review:

Ladies, he is a must try! PS Sorry about getting so sweaty. I quite frankly did not know what to expect and you exceeded my expectations. You can read it here. Leviathan Mar 29, at 3:

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