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Amazing job! We need to figure this out first. If not for what we just heard, then because the plan is too risky. Where have you been? I will help you figure this out. The lost look in her eyes still haunted him at night. The entire Courtlight series is in Kindle Unlimited.

at 356 S. Mission Road/Ooga Twooga

New Year, New Pre-Order: I hope you had a lovely time so far over this winter season. Just a brief note that my next boxed set is now live on pre-order! Courtlight 10, Sworn To Restoration: Courtlight 11, and Sworn To Justice: Courtlight 12 this is the perfect set for you! Sworn To Justice: Courtlight 12 is LIVE!

See my blog post on the new, exciting news that the Courtlight series has been extended! Ciardis Weathervane has come to face what she always thought was a myth. A legend. A goddess bent on destruction. But it turns out that while the goddess wants to kill all those she loves and cares for, at least her motivations are pure. While Ciardis is destined to defeat Amani, she must first navigate the perils of an entrenched court balking against interlopers challenging their very existence.

The conclave will they take things further than could ever be imagined, forcing the daemoni prince, the Emperor of Algardis, and the Lady Companion to renegotiate the building blocks of their alliance. Ciardis once thought she had everything in the world — two individuals who loved her, a home in a palace, and power unlike any other.

But as she learns — nothing is permanent and everything is up for grabs. Merry Christmas one-and-all! My present from me to you is here: The wait is over, a Courtlight series update Spoiler: In the meantime, check out these awesome reader reviewers as Guild members have gotten an advanced look at the book in preparation for the launch —.

Algardis 1 cover reveal is today - now! I felt like posting an easter egg and why not do it today. Hope you enjoy. So I spent Saturday crying my eyes out, Sunday furiously typing, and here we are one week later with the first glimpse of the latest-and-final Courtlight novel!

I am so ready to see what you all think of this next chapter in my original series. Every time I open up the manuscript I let…. Blades Of Destiny: The entire Courtlight series is in Kindle Unlimited. Click… View On WordPress. Posted 1 week ago. Courtlight , Kindle Unlimited ,. Algardis 1 on SALE! But to see it publish is just such a beautiful… View On WordPress.

Posted 1 month ago. Mages By Chance Blurb and first two chapters are here! Posted 3 months ago. Algardis ,. What makes this set a… View On WordPress. So every time Jane wandered around the Bureau they kept tabs on her, even if he felt very guilty about it. So much for trying to trust her.

Do you want sound? Kurt felt like he was violating her privacy, but he had a job to do. Or so he kept telling himself.

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Now that he thought about it, Kurt barely heard her voice anymore. The only times she talked were short, one-word answers to acknowledge orders or little inputs during planning. How could she say that? Not me. If only he could do that again. I promise. She was not the victim here.

Their sense of righteousness and honesty are amazing. If we want to catch these guys, the team is the best way to do it. These are the people who left you in a black hole to get tortured for months! Have you shown them the cuts, the bruises you still have from all the internal bleeding you had?

The burns? Have any of them heard you scream at night? Kurt heard Patterson gasp. Could Roman have actually been telling the truth? How could Jane have been tortured without them even knowing? And by whom? Zapata even pulled away to stand by the door. The idea of any of them condoning torture was too much.

You were betrayed yourself. She looked helpless, reminding Kurt of the day he had met her. The lost look in her eyes still haunted him at night. The silence in the conference room was deafening. His team was listening to every word more carefully than Kurt had ever thought they would.

Jane looked at her friend, and Kurt knew she was learning her story for the first time, just as they were. Just parts of it. But you decided to be Jane, you chose to follow your gut, and I will follow you. I know you love that Weller guy. Not after what he did. And you know this. For a few seconds, they were all speechless. Kurt could only imagine what he looked like.

They needed to get their heads together and rethink things before they could continue. If not for what we just heard, then because the plan is too risky. She might not be ready for it. They all knew too well what he was implying. He was fighting an internal battle with himself, with everything he had just learned and everything he had been working so hard to achieve for the last few months.

He wanted to feel bad for Jane, for everything she had endured growing up, for all the scars and demons that were hunting her now as she learned the truth. She had betrayed him, played him, and used his every weakness against him. People were dead because of her. Mayfair was dead because of her. He looked up to see Jane, as determined as before, pushing through the glass doors with her new sidekick by her side.

He felt the urge to hit something again until he accidentally looked her in the eye. She was so broken and thin, so pale. Her eyes looked sad and distant. She really believed they had let someone torture her. How could she honestly think that?

She held his gaze defiantly. A feeling of frustration invading him. How could she be so arrogant? This woman totally infuriated him. He wanted to kick her ass back to jail and kiss her senseless at the same time. Now that he thought about it, it was himself he was mad at. For being the weak one. For wanting her still. Mad as he was, at Jane, the world, but especially at himself, he pushed with his words just as she had with her eyes.

So if you wanna quit, just say the word. His team was looking at him dumbfounded. Not for her. Not again. He had a job to do, and yeah, it was probably going to be hard for Jane, but she could get it done. She was as stubborn as he was, that was for sure. And he started missing her all over again.

As soon as Jane and Roman left, Zapata came back to the table more angry than Kurt had seen her in ages. He knew exactly what she meant. He was their superior, but they were still a team, and he had blatantly ignored their opinions. You heard her, she wants to get this over with. You pretty much dared her. He kept walking. Just taking one step after the next, fighting the urge to yell at everyone.

For anything and everything. He was losing it, and he just needed desperately to be out of there. The steps catching up to him belonged to Reade. It was the least he could do after what had happened in there. She saw her parents murdered, for Christ sake! For three fucking months, man. Kurt just stared at Reade fuming. Yes, he knew all this. Yeah, he was thankful for it, but what if it was a trick again?

Just one more manipulation to get back in their good graces. It seemed to be working for her. We are just looking at the evidence. The question hung in the air between them for a few seconds. After all, he could understand why he thought that. Now I know I should have. Reade looked extremely relieved after that. I know what it is to have someone threaten the people you love, and it blinds you, man.

Was it true? Was he being played again? He needed to sleep. I was crying while I was reading it. That was so so so good, my poor broken babies. I we definitely need more. Amazing job! Originally posted by gurl. Do you mind messaging me and telling me what happens?!

PG Pairings: Jane and Kurt stumble across some uninvited guests at their cabin over the long weekend. Keep reading. Love this so much! Please update soon!!! So I keep trying to make myself feel better about all the angst. Love my pretzels for the inspiration. Only tell me IF you like it.

Thanks gypsyscarfwoman being a rockstar! Put your kid on the phone so I can tell him!!!! The bar was way too crowded, so much so that it looked and sounded more like a club than a bar. He scanned the crowd searching for the team, spotting them easily in the far end of the place. Their tables were packed, there were a lot more people than he originally thought.

But then again a party with only the people you work with every day might only be his idea of fun, the rest of the world had more friends. Reade definitely had too many of them. Kurt found Zapata talking to Borden and said hi to both of them, on his way to the birthday boy. He kept searching for the rest of his team- he would never admit it, but he really only cared to see Jane again today.

Reade greet him with a huge smile and a slap in the back. Like the whole twelfth floor, the guys from the swat team, some old colleagues and classmates. Her back to him, dancing with Patterson. Whatever Reade was saying got lost at the sight of her, she looked good. A little too good. His name on her back displayed for everyone to see in the backless shirt she was wearing. The tight jeans she wore accentuated her curves and made his mouth water.

Kurt was glad Reade had handed him a drink, because he was parched all of a sudden. Who knew she could move like that? The damn woman was making it so hard for him to move on. To not care. Conversations happened around him, but his eyes were fixated on the figure right in front of him. She seemed to be having a good time. Patterson kept laughing and clapping, and from her body language he could see Jane was enjoying dancing as well.

A bit too much for his liking, especially from the looks she was getting from people around her. The men around her. Kurt felt eyes on him. Knowing it was either Borden, Zapata or both of them. He tried to follow the conversation of the guys next to him, something about budget cuts and new weapon designs. The stupid dance looked way sexier than it was intended to be.

He downed one more drink. He was losing his mind. He wanted a hint to let him know she missed him as much as he did her, but a part of him was really glad she looked happy with their teammates again. After the incident with Fischer, the team had been affected to the core. There were dents that would never be fixed, but for the most part they were working fine again. Even if they were not there themselves completely.

He knew it had been tough for Jane to find out about him and Allie. She looked sad and he had done his best to ignore it. From then on they had been a great team at work, but she had avoided him at all costs in anything remotely personal or not work related.

He missed her, but it was for the best. It was complicated. They had both agreed on that. She had turned him down enough for him to know that. And though they had promised each other it would not be awkward, it was. He had dark brown hair and looked like he had come out of one those famous soap operas.

He was too fit to be healthy. Egocentric, Kurt decided. What kind of comment is that? He could tell where this was going. Is she seeing anyone or not? Kurt was not liking this guy. Kurt just shook his head, pouring himself a new drink. Staring straight at the object of the conversation, who kept dancing, oblivious to the world.

Could she fucking stop that already? Was she planning on taking a guy home tonight? Because he was not letting her do something stupid. She was part of his team and he would always watch out for them the same way. His mind flashed to every time he had watched Zapata walk out of the bar with a guy she had just picked up, but he assured himself that was different.

She is fucking gorgeous. Look at that ass. Only Kurt wish they knew how seriously he thought about it. Bright red jealousy hit him in the gut and he wanted to slap himself for it. Jane was free to do whatever she wanted. He was doing whatever he wanted. He had with Allie, and a couple of other women after her these last few months. Besides it was one stupid dance.

Jane had the decency to dance with a little more decorum than she did with Patterson, who had dragged one of her IT guys onto the dance floor with her already, but not quite as much as Kurt would have liked. Her hips were still doing that sideways thing and it was driving him nuts. Was she enjoying dancing with that guy? They kept getting closer together in an attempt to talk while they danced, which with the volume of the music was ridiculous.

So the sight in front of him was even more disturbing, especially when a salsa song started playing and this Ramos guy had Jane so close to him not even air could fit through them. It was obvious to anyone watching that Jane was holding on for dear life because of the speed her companion was dancing to, and because she had probably never danced that before.

But her laugh and the way she threw her head back was driving Kurt mad. But then again it must be hard to see your name on her back when other hands are on it. Kurt immediately looked at the direction the doctor was looking. To say the image there made him want to burn the damn place to the ground was an understatement.

Team tagging him was low, even for them. Kurt walked towards Jane with his eyes fixated in her. He had to pull himself together and not let her see just how jealous he was. She would probably punch him for it. The last two steps were the hardest to take. She was so close, but so far away at the same time. Standing next to them the exact moment the song ended, he thanked Zapata internally and went at it head first.

Thanks for the dance.

Jane had the decency to dance with a little more decorum than she did with Patterson, who had dragged one of her IT guys onto the dance floor with her already, but not quite as much as Kurt would have liked. While Ciardis is destined to defeat Amani, she must first navigate the perils of an entrenched court balking against interlopers challenging their very existence. She had to be honest, this was the only way to safe what little they had.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.:

She really believed they had let someone torture her. What a cover it was to have Atwater act like they were having pizza. Antonio had his kids for the weekend, so he was already pulling overtime into his mini vacation; Kevin went and kept Burgess company, saying something about pizza; Jay had to meet with the FBI and his brother for the Ray Burke case; she had seen Hailey buzz through and go downstairs, probably parked down there. She was as stubborn as he was, that was for sure.

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