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But in the end, he followed a prince. He swears the kid saw him. Still, she gets cospox when she tries to cosplay Kaede which means it is either the opposite, that she can only cosplay real people or she lied completely about the cospox. You'll only do this for Standard or Custom Layout pages. My first request for my love!!!

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In this chapter, Carlos has a minor crisis of faith, meets another powerful matriarch, and he and Cecil go chasing lightning for magical purposes. Support on Patreon! Hello y'all. My name is Arcturus, but you may call me Arc or Archie. I write the stories that make the folks fall like dominos.. I write a bit. My fic can be found here.

I answer questions about writing here. Outright pretentious meta is over here. I'm always open the questions about writing or fandom history. This blog routinely features adult content and the content I create is exclusively intended for an adult audience. Antis are just puritanical christians in a rainbow hat. Powered by Tumblr. Minimal Theme designed by Artur Kim.

Chapter Four Tags: I was originally going to draw her with a blade a la Lone Wolf and Cub but then I remembered the blood phobia oops. But that also means Shibi was a widower taking care of not only his son but also Torune after his dad died, as well as still heading the clan AND doing missions for the village. My respect just went way up, and these are just from my thoughts.

Because you are! Naruto and Gaara are the goodest of boys who love and support each other and would undoubtedly bring peace throughout the land. I came into 5 packs of blank index cards woo! Time to make a mini sketchbook! IRL, that color is a very definite purple, believe it or not.

Purple is a problematic color for my scanner.

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My piece for ramendayszine! Write them. Get them out of your system. Stand on top of your fodder and keep writing. Reblogged from takigakure. Zoom Info. Reblogged from 21tailsofwoe. I know the Naruto timeline is hot garbage, but my math says Tsunade would be around 26 and Shizune around 5.

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They have a similar backstory and gone through similar pain. If you're using the Redirect layout, just enter the URL for the page that you want to link to in the "Redirect to" field. Me, who has a neurotic need to make everyone happy:

"What could have brought you here?":

  • So much happened, so many secrets revealed, and I was surprised and delighted!
  • Sometimes Sylvain convinces Ignatz to draw some art works to impress people and build his skills.
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  • Chapter Three Tags:
  • She hoped to find him sleeping soundly and enjoying the one moment of peace his life allowed.
  • Fawful good child.
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  • Happy birthday naruto.
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