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Thinking of going Friday nite and maybe Sunday. Great place! It is not intended for personal ads except as noted for "plans" by CFS Members. This place has gone non-smoking, which is great. Posted Oct 19 I love older guys and have never been disappointed here. All rights reserved.

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Posted Aug 16 Was there in early August and sucked 2 nice cocks. This place is a regular buffet. Just sit in a booth and the dicks come to you. Always on my list to stop when traveling by. Posted Jul 05 I was there last night and there is a guy who really knows how to work a cock with his mouth.

I was in a booth when he walked in. I started to shut the door but he wanted it open. I took my shorts off, he got on his knees and man can he suck cock. I think everyone in the place was watching! I've never shot such a big wad in my life. I thought I was drowning the kid.

Posted Jun 14 Was there Friday night and got fucked by some guy while his wife watched in the booth. Then some guy sucked me off. I shot a bucketful of cum down his throat. Posted May 25 I love this place. I sat naked in a booth with the door open and eventually got fucked by a real nice fat cock.

While I was getting cleaned up another guy with a huge cock asked me to suck him off. I did of course. Posted May 11 Stopped in on Tuesday and sucked two nice cocks. The first one was average, but the second was long and thick. My gag reflexes definitely got a workout. Wish I would have had more time as I'm sure I would have got more cum down my throat. Posted Feb 01 Posted Jan 22 No smoking policy makes this place better.

I was there last night and got the best blowjob ever -- thanks, dude. One guy couldn't make up his mind to fuck my face or let me suck his cock. Can't do both, dude. Sat in a booth naked stroking with the door open. I wanted to get fucked but everybody wanted head. Shot two huge loads. Posted Jun 11 If you like to be naked this is a great place.

The hallways are dark and you can stand in the doorways of the booths nude and show off your cock or take a few laps around while totally naked. The staff never comes back there. Posted May 30 Mostly guys in their sixties and up. I waited around for a couple hours, no one came in.

Posted Mar 06 This has got to be the worst by far I've ever seen for action, the ugliest guys and mostly old men. The heat is turned up so high in the video booth area that no one can stand it. Heads Up! Staw away! LaSalle County Police are watching this place daily now.

Last week I was questioned why I was going in there by a sheriff in the parking lot. He was taking license plate numbers down and said they were planning to petition to close the place. Posted Feb 28 No one from the bar ever comes over there! The people from the bar watch and make sure of that otherwise they would be assaulted the next time they go to the bar. No action there unless you are into really old or really fat guys.

Posted Feb 22 As someone who lives in the area and is able to frequent the Brown Bag, I would agree that there are a few queens that hang around, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. But for the most part this is the best place to go to meet guys in the area. The clerks will not bother you at all. I've had some great head there and have sucked some great cock! Posted Feb 11 I have been there a couple times and it was always a good time with both fucking and sucking.

But it's way to smokey. You come away smelling like smoke. Posted Jan 07 This place has gone non-smoking, which is great. I was able to leave without smelling like an ashtray. The problem exists with locals standing in the doorways to the booths making it difficult to see what is playing. Posted Dec 12 On a recent Sunday I drove two hours to this place only to be very disappointed.

A good layout of booths but the clientele was almost entirely loud mouth queenie locals who spent hours gossiping about other clients. Hung around for two hours and never got any action. Posted Dec 11 I gave this place several chances this month. Guess all the cackling and carrying on drove them off.

Ok, you guys win. You can have it all to yourselves! Posted Dec 04 I've found this place to be fairly active. True there are a lot of older guys but I've found them to be great cocksuckers. Don't be shy, especially if you have a big cock. Stand inside the door with your cock out and stroke it.

You'll get a lot of attention fast. Posted Nov 08 Don't know what happened to this place. No one goes here anymore. Maybe they have had a lot of problems there. Posted Nov 02 I was there once in summer. By the way, I am bi and I went with my little slutty lingerie under my normal cloth.

Went in there on a Sunday afternoon and there were about twenty guys there, all bi or gay. Mostly older forty-five and up. I got in a room and left the door ajar. After about twenty seconds one guy came in and I was in my cami and thong. He came in and forced me to my knees and stuck his cock in my mouth.

I sucked and sucked. He was very forceful and I gagged a few times. He then turned me around. I said no because I didn't want to get fucked without protection. But instead he gave me a rim job. After that, I sucked him more and he came in my mouth. I had three cocks there that day. Then one old guy helped me got off. It was Ok. Posted Oct 01 I've been there many times and never seen police cars.

There is a strip bar right behind it and maybe the police cars were there because of something that happened at the bar, or there's cruising going on in the parking lot. As far as the video arcade, it's a free-for-all. Literally anything goes. You pay to go to the video booths and you get buzzed in.

I've seen gay and straight sex going on with the doors open and never seen anyone hassled or arrested. It can be a long drive, but it's worth it. Posted Sep 20 Drove all the way there and saw three police cars in the lot. I'm guessing that they were not there for the videos.

Posted Sep 11 I was there on Monday morning. It was not all that busy with maybe ten guys, mostly older guys. There was one younger guy, maybe thirty-five to forty years old, who gave me a nice blowjob and swallowed. Would love to go there and bottom for all those older guys looking to unload in a nice hot and wet ass.

I'll be back for sure. Posted Sep 06 A great place. Just a few bucks to get in the arcade, then I strip naked and it's all the sperm I can eat for hours. Love it. Posted Sep 04 This place used to be really good but it has totally gone downhill. Several trouble making queens hang out for hours at a time and drive everyone away.

I don't know why the clerks let them get away with it. These queens run the place and cause trouble with everyone. Posted Aug 21 I went there this weekend and it was so hot. Seems pretty open. I would love to go back this weekend, get totally naked and see what happens. Posted Aug 10 I drive a truck into Chicago almost every day and stop here often. There's always someone to suck you off and sometimes the drunk studs from the strip bar next door wander over for a blowjob before they go home!

Posted Apr 19 Flat rate to enter the arcade. It has large booths but each has just one channel of video running. There is also a lounge area beyond the arcade. Posted Dec 07 I recently spent two hours at here and was able to take five loads. Most guys are a bit older and also shy. Don't hesitate since if you reach for their cocks they tend to open up real quick, but I always seem to have to make the first move.

Posted Nov 18 This place is awesome. Entrance fee gets you into the arcade for eight hours. Lots of booths and naked guys. I love being naked in a bookstore with the booth door wide open. This is the place to go and cum. Posted Sep 18 Had the best time here.

A couple invited me in and the husband watched while I rode his wife then finished in her mouth. As I got dressed he jumped on her and finished her off. I hope they're there when I go back. If not, I'll just take another nice trucker cock! Posted Apr 27 This is the best place for man-to-man sex in Illinois outside Chicago.

Hey guys, I went to this place and it was my first time to an adult bookstore. It was great. There were a lot of hot men, older guys, middle-aged guys, but all were mature and real men. I' didn't get to service any cocks but I got a great blowjob. It is a bit of a trip but I will be back there soon. I am going to get one of those truckers to tie me up in his rig.

Posted Nov 29 Great place for sex! While the admission is steep for an arcade, it's probably better to compare this to a bathhouse than a video peepshow. About sixteen rooms, continuous gay or straight porn varies by room--you can't control it , plenty of room for several guys, and boxes of tissue for clean up.

Here's the big difference compared to gay places--most guys are tops! It's a cock sucker's paradise. Unlike the baths where you find mostly bottom queens, this place is full of hot men looking to be sucked off. I was there on a Sunday evening for two hours and got six really hot men off. The crowd varies from farmers to truckers to college boys.

Cruise around, wait for a guy to rub his crotch, go in, close the door, and go for it! Posted Oct 04 This is a good place for all types of action. Great place for sucking and fucking, but there are too many people smoking. You come out of there stinking like stale smoke.

Posted Aug 25 This place used to be great, but now it really is the same set of gossipy country bumpkins who stand right by the door and scare away most of the trade. Posted Jul 29 This place used to be great. But why they allow these groups of screaming queens to stand in the hall for hours yakking about their non-existent lives is beyond me.

All they do is scare off the real men who used to come here. Lots of potential ruined by all the queens hanging around for hours. I come there to buy glass pipes, and they actually have a great selection of glass pipes and concentrate utensils. Staff is Yahoo Local. Sign in. Mail Go to Mail. Help Account Info Help Suggestions. Yahoo Home. Merchant Verified.

Reviews 4 John D. Matt L. Gay Travel Guide. Login Sign Up. Follow Us: Ottawa City Map Events bookstores. This is close to Ottawa, not Dayton. It is the first Ottawa exit going west on I Next to the Silver Slipper strip club. Open 24 hours. Best times: Dates open: Walk around, don't be bashful.

Some guys just stand inside a booth with the door open and wait for someone to come in. If you see someone who interests you, make the first move. If someone make a move on you and you're not interested, say so. That's all there is to it. If you can't find what you're looking for here, it doesn't exist!

Cruisiest Spots: Just walk around the back. Arcade Area. Wheelchair Accessible: Photo Gallery Videos. Your Comment: Getting a little later start, probably won't be there until about 8: Plan on stopping around 7: Is there anything going on at that time.

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Shooting fireworks off near customers semi truck when guys are trying to sleep when I asked them to stop because they were freaking out my dog I was yelled at do you know who my uncle is. Usually a good crowd, definitely some creepy regulars but lots of hot guys and pretty much anything goes. The first one was average, but the second was long and thick. April, Stopped in to check it out and didn't stay long.

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  • I changed into short shorts, exposing my ass, along with a ladies cami top, and I received so much attention.
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  • Last week I was questioned why I was going in there by a sheriff in the parking lot.
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  • S stood opposite of me in the booth pretty large, 3ftxft and I directed her to start slowly touching herself.
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  • I am a pig for sex, any sex, so I walked in the booth and asked her if she wanted some cock.
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