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Paige is a student nurse who needs to practice giving enemas. Smack My Cheerful Ass. A Walk In The Woods. Gypsy is a sexy cheerleader. Tied Up And Hosed Down! Athena nervously awaits for her chance to prove herself as an assistant photographer to Andre. Well, not exactly your typical date!

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With no camera cuts, you'll see the full insertions and withdrawals of the monster tube. Finally, Ivy is allowed to expel in buckets, which she does at length. She also pees at length. Great wrestling and pussy eating Next, their Master makes both suck his cock, and gives them a double enema — with both girls stacked up on his lap, nearly upside down! Then, after they expel the water in buckets and on the toilet, the Master cums into their mouths.

Missy is a lovely 18 y. So, she gets a new round of training in the form of receiving a series of enemas — including with an antique, large metal syringe, with a gigantic metal nozzle, and with a large douching squeeze bulb. She also gets a suppository, a vaginal speculum exam, and her temp simultaneously taken orally, vaginally and rectally. Furthermore, her butt hole is spread out with a metal speculum right after an enema, which flows out into a bucket.

At last, to relieve Missy from enema cramps, the doctor rubs her belly and gives her a sensual oil massage — accompanied by masturbation with a vibrator. She has earned it, after her ordeal! A very tender and sexy post-enema "recovery" period Even on her pussy and breasts. Even while her butt is stuffed up with a suppository and a pig-tail plug. She is not a pain slut, i. She suffers the pain, at times to the point of noticeable shaking, but she truly wants to be a good slave, and do whatever it takes to please her Master.

She cries nonstop while she soaks up an enema bag, in hogtie bondage in a straitjacket and spreader bar. She was never seen again She and Andre reminisce about her first enema experience — both giving and receiving it — last time. Hazel admits that she would love to give Athena another enema — and do so on a sex swing, and also admits that she would like to learn how to tie up a girl.

Then she gets an enema, while still hogtied, and later expels it on the toilet. Finally, she experiences hot wax for the first time. A giggly college girl — a gorgeous brunette named Lexine — is eager to join an exclusive sorority.

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The admission price: The punishment includes dressing up as a nurse, and receiving a perverse medical exam, including a rectal thermometer — plus enemas, enema, expulsion, spanking, paddling, whipping, bondage, peeing, bizarre objects up her pussy zucchini and bread stick!

One of the enemas is delivered with a double inflatable balloon nozzle, while Lexine is in bondage. An art model, Hazel, gets seduced by Athena, an assistant photographer. What follows is a huge mess with chocolate, whipped cream and pee on the floor — followed by a deep cleaning that includes enemas for both girls.

Athena nervously awaits for her chance to prove herself as an assistant photographer to Andre. She even clambers on a bar hanging from the ceiling while waiting a very fetching position! When the lovely art model Hazel arrives, for what she believes to be simple nude photos, Athena begins to spin her devious — and messy!

For starters, Athena leads Hazel to assume a variety of poses, while gradually disrobing her in the process. Afterwards, Athena covers Hazel in chocolate, and licks it off her. Both girls get covered up in chocolate in the process, and they spank each other, which escalates into a whipped-cream fight! When Hazel needs to pee, Athena makes her squat on a bucket — and pulls it away just as Hazel is peeing, making Hazel pee on the floor.

Dirty girls indeed! Next, Athena ties up Hazel to the shower head, and gives her an enema, which she expels in the toilet. Hazel delivers the enema, while Andre holds Athena in place. A naughty redhead nurse gives an intense exam to a lovely brunette — including taking her rectal temperature, and giving her a sponge bath and a milk enema. When the patient later discovers that the nurse was an impostor, she gets her revenge for all the heavy-handed treatment she received!

In particular, she gets a turn at administering an enema — and gives the fake nurse a beer enema straight from the bottle! The tutor, who was in the middle of punishing nymphette 18 y. Katia, agrees to help Nicolette — but in exchange for punishment alongside Katia. Next, they have to expel the enemas into a big bucket, squatting side-by-side, in full view.

Missy is a beautiful 18 y. She discovers that the training consists of receiving an extended med exam, and a gruesome series of enemas — including with an antique, large metal syringe, a gigantic metal nozzle and a long colonic tube. The doctor even changes her tampon, shoves a suppository up her butt, and simultaneously takes her rectal, vaginal and oral temps.

When Missy gets cramps from the enemas, the doctor rubs her belly and gives her a full-body massage. Paige is a student nurse who needs to practice giving enemas. She convinces a schoolgirl named Misty to be her guinea pig! Misty is nervous about the enema. While Paige is busy giving Misty and enema, and fucking her with a strap-on dildo, Andre gives a surprise enema to Paige, as well as a surprise ass-fuck!

Both girls expel their enemas into buckets, in full view. Paige impales both her pussy and ass on a double-dildo attachment, and then rides the machine. Next, she switches to a pussy-only attachment, and mid-ride, Andre slips an enema nozzle up her ass!

Her belly gets noticeably distended after she soaks up the full bag. Far from looking like a hard-boiled dominatrix, Athena looks just like the schoolgirl she used to be until recently She follows up with a hard leather paddle, and then some hair pulling and kissing. Athena wastes no time in putting Lilla in wrist restraints, attached to a bar suspended from the ceiling.

Lilla is by now flaming red almost all over her body. Through her mouth gag, she coyly admits that she has been liking it Next, enemas in bondage and enema expulsion into bucket and on the toilet for Lilla. Athena looks super-sexy in her elegant red dress and seashell bra First, he ties her up and make her soak up a full bag.

Next, he make her expel her enema into buckets, and finish up on the toilet. Andre takes pity of her and gives her a break from spanking; instead, he fucks her in every hole! To finish up, triple-whammy stimulation for Athena: Not surprisingly, she cums! Missy and Gypsy are teens who keep getting in big trouble. Missy is a delicate schoolgirl.

Gypsy is a sexy cheerleader. Stephanie Vol. Submissive Training For Ruby Vol. Reform School for Janelle Vol. House Of Punishment Part 1. Nurse In Training. House Of Punishment Part 2. Spanking, Enema And Bondage Training. Enema Debutantes 1. Enemas And Spanking in Bondage. Submissive Traning For Ruby: Enemas, Paddling, Straitjacket and More. The Story of E nema.

Sexual Enemas For Teen Missy. Enema Spa For Vicki Vol. Enema Spa For Vicki. Painful Pleasure Part 3. Ariel's Hazing. Insane Enemas Part 2. Little BowWow - Bondage Bitch. Alexis Part 1. Alexis Part 2. Chocolate Enema Madness Part 2. Chocolate Enema Madness Part 1. Moxxie's First And Last Enema: A Submissive's Weak Spot. Part 2. Runaway Schoolgirl's Trials As Slave.

Reform School For Girls - Jade. Schoolgirl's Anal Surprise: Punishment Can Be Pleasure. Cheerleader Enemas! Smack My Cheerful Ass. PigSlut Gets Punished 2. Getting Wizard Schooled 2. Getting Wizard Schooled 1. Anal French Maid Seductress. Blind Date. Enema Interview.

Straitjacket Enema. Cheerleader Physical. Andre Teaches A Lesson. Sorority Sister Spanked. Dinner Party Madness. Fetish Lovers. A Walk In The Woods.

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The enemas later get expelled in buckets, in full view. Elena and Ivy later expel their enemas into buckets — still in bondage. Great wrestling and pussy eating She convinces a schoolgirl named Misty to be her guinea pig! Eventually, Lexine turns things around, and gets even for all she had to endure. Jasmine's Punishment Part 1. After a little strip-tease, she gets hogtied to a bed by her Master, who whips, paddles and canes her. A Walk In The Woods.

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