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Kurt receives pounded. Where did you find him, and can you have more of him! By now everybody is fucking everybody, all equally open to each other, in combinations that vary seamlessly from one moment to the next. Jonathan Bartell stroking He releases control and becomes totally compliant, longing to be fucked by any man who'll bareback him and cum in his ass.

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Anton Dickson. Jake Ascott. Paul Mann. Myles Bentley. Simon Layton. London's fuck-pigs party hard in Liam Cole's most extreme video yet. JON was a little nervous and shy when he arrived, but that all changed like magic as soon as Keiran gave him the slamming he needed. His transformation into a shameless bareback pig is so rapid and total, it has to be seen to be believed.

Once JON got started, he didn't want to stop. The action relocates to Liam's flat, where the guys settle in for a long, uninhibited session. The young newcomer finishes up wild-eyed and covered in sweat, rolling on his back and pulling his hole open with his bare hands, dizzy for more. Which leads on to Part 3 see Scene 6 below SCOTT leads a double life.

Mostly he's sensible, self-disciplined and clean-living. Being slammed brings out another side to him: He releases control and becomes totally compliant, longing to be fucked by any man who'll bareback him and cum in his ass. To prove that he is totally indiscriminate, he agreed to a blindfold and restraints.

Gif Pounding Rough Sex Hardcore Fucking Choke

He didn't see the men who fucked him that night, before or after they used him.

One of the guys was a fit, hairy cyclist named ENZO. Some men with SCOTT's athletic build become vain and superior, closing themselves off to their admirers. SCOTT shows what can happen when the opposite is true, making his perfect body available to any and all cocks that want to breed him. When the inhibitions are down, fucking in front of windows is no problem—even fourth story, wall-size windows open to the whole of east London.

The noises and facial expressions that ANTON works out of JAKE prove that this little pig is one of us, and his breeding initiation plays out beautifully against the lights of the city outside. By this point in the evening continuing on from Scene 2 , it was clear that JON was well past the point of no return. The gang bang that ensues begins in the bedroom and moves into the living room, where JON is splayed on the floor taking one cock after another in his mouth and ass.

By this point, JON's conversion from curious young man to boundless sex-hound is complete. He becomes indistinguishable from the pigs who are playing with him. The party continues in the small hours of the morning, with the four remaining guys mellowing out into a warm sexual haze.

By now everybody is fucking everybody, all equally open to each other, in combinations that vary seamlessly from one moment to the next. A warning: If you've never been to a party like this, this scene might convince you to try. And if you've had this experience but have been staying away on good behavior, then seeing this might be the trigger that gets you back into the fray.

Trevor Boulding March 16, this is one of my all time favs! This is classic TIM and I fucking love it. I believe in real life, he doesn't stop to slamm and now let me see that hole get fisted and double penetrated ;- of course with Keiran as his 'master' and more of scott williams: The hot orgy at the end is what i do most fridays now, really inspired me to try to slam too, now got HIV and happy i got pozzed up!

Since i pozzed up, got another poz load from one of the lead guys. John W. October 7, Hello there And the idea they took chems without seeing it, made me even hornier too. Any more vids with Jon? Turned on to the Max here. Would def get slammed and would def want to be the only bottom with all these fucken hard horny tops Best Porn i have ever seen in my life..

So wanna be in a TIM film. Zack March 16, Want to experience it, now that I've seen it!! KC October 20, I don't know how I feel about this video. The raw sex isn't an issue. It's just that lately it seems like guys want to get and then fuck. Instead of fucking and maybe getting high. Not just T but all other drugs. When did fucking become secondary and drugs became primary.

Man on man sex used to be revolutionary. In some parts of the world still dangerous to kiss a man let alone fuck him. I just miss sex being the drug. If that that makes sense. Mj August 27, Hot fin movie! Will there be another one? Macchiato Never had an idea what this movie was about until I slammed and fucked for the first time last fall.

Now this movie makes sense to me. Was always wondering why John looked so maniacal. Made my first fist experience as well this that and totally understand his need for selffisting Michael Jon Phelps, has to be the luckiest bottom ever Bridgeguy This is fucking great, I got slammed and fucked for the first time in August and the sex is the best ever!

I've lived this exact video, love getting slammed and fucked! Damien The sex is epic throughout, but the surprise is the apparent genuine affection between Jon and Keiran. Neil To this day SLAMMED is still my fav Cole film of them all, it just insancely beautiful to watch especially the one on one scenes with kieran and jon i can here the roar of boo from fellow TIMites "dude what abut the fucking epic gang fuckery of the fucking hungry fuckable Jon, fuck the one on one shit it just the most erotic beautful and REAL genuine thing as genuine as u can be when your off your cake i've ever seen in any film.

I don't think this film will ever be beaten or matched. Stunning film. Anesh I love double cock to fuck me nd u are so hot hot men lol nd I want join with u all hot men there mwah. I'm indain and I live in south africa nd I'm 40 yrs old. I love monster cock woo looking so cute man I wish like suck u with ur big cock deep throat nd u can fuck me deep my deep hole nd love ur hot sprem mmm.

I had my dream of you u. Pls reply me Fm Anesh Bisram. Marco need more videos same slammed or more videos same slammed i love high bottoms same jon phelps hottttt. All scenes with jon phelps, especially scene 6, are my ultimate fantasy. Matt H Totally enjoyed this film and would certainly like to give one a try!

Alex Anders I am so wanting to get pointed, blindfolded and whored out all weekend.. Michael Amazing video! Horny as fuck! I want to join in. Solent Pig Fucking awesome guys. This ticks every box for me. Jon Phelps is so expressive, unbridled greed, a true "Nasty Piglet". His reality is my ultimate fantasy.

This is without any doubt, the best porn vid I have ever seen. More Phelps! Whatever happened to Jon Phelps? Has he done anything since this film? Isaias Ramos Garcia what has 1 to do to participate in 1 of these parties? Mich Keiran is so fucking hot, as watching him as bottom made me cum so fast!!

Make a second part of this with him and Jon!!! Is there a time stamp in the movie someone could direct me to. Sounds weird, but I'm missing the whole "he did drugs" scene Help this guy bust a nut and see the mystery footage, thanks! His very early ones were hot, then he began experimenting with dim lighting and gritty filmmaking, to look more amateurish, my guess.

Some scenes looks like he's holding a fucking flashlight over the actors. Give me good studio lighting and crisp images, a la Paul and Max. If I want poor lighting and gritty porn, I'll just sign on to xtube Isaiah For me? I recently came out of the closet inspired by young people I video chatted at http: MuscBoy81 Hey!

I'm loving all the comments on this flick, esp reading all the experiences you've all had, and the different many fantasies that this movie plays to. It's great that you have all shared those. I'm pretty new to raw n ruff man-on-man sex, and don't watch a lot of porn, but this one does it for me big time!

Mike I agree, passionate aggression is good. Aiden In part four, Keiran did verything he could to out whore Jon in the background - love it: Phillip I wish to know the name of two men at the last scene They are so muscular, they fuck JOn and Keiran. Satan is fuckin' ugly and beautiful. The last scene, where Keiran is fucked, is astounding.

They have to put it as bottom with Lito Cruz, I like to see you both like bottoms. The bit where Keiran transforms from spooge-dripping dominatrix to cum hungry whore sent me over the fucking edge. Keep up the amazing sex. Koan I love playing with guys on Meth, it real bring out what they real.

To be person they can be, as if the was not on Meth or any othet type of drug. It does not let the pig they want to be. James Bamber So would love to be like Jon in a movie like this, any chance that can happen? Coz this is so damn hot!! Miro Would give anything to be there with all of them and at the end drink all the cum.

Lee Downs Am so erotically impressed. Beastfuck How do I get to fuck Jon Phelps? M sometime. Wish more were made of Thomas Bauer, the tall fucker who fucks Keiran in the last scene. Speaking of hot fucking, anyone seen that video of Peto Coast plowing into a dude named Cumboy? He's a blond, mowhawked piglet with a blazing fire tat on his abs.

Must find him we blew each other once in Miami Tony I don't watch the movie yet Slut-puppy I love to be used like a pass around bottom cum dump. Gang bangs need an insatiable boy to breed. That's what you need to show more of. MORE hot guys fucking each other in a scene. You have with Ray Dalton and a few he's hooked up with, Show more of the hot versatility action,.

Oh, my gawd. The orgy at the end was classic. Please don't forget about Simon and Thomas Bauer who also fucked Keiran. Thomas is a new superstar along side Keiran. He need to come back for the next Liam film. This is one I'm going to have to buy after renting to see. Liam's film are incredible. PozPigHole I love sex and taking cum in my hole from multiple guys.

Mark Jake Scott is one sexy bottom and I really dig the chemistry between him and Anton.

Sol lois haciendo un trío con un desconocido españa porno - 4383

Getting slammed looks like a lot of fun! I'm indain and I live in south africa nd I'm 40 yrs old. It's how it goes on, it's real, shows all the range of emotions, raging hard fucking, tender moments too. If that that makes sense. I just miss sex being the drug. The Businessman Jon Anthony lovely Projects

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