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I am an avid smoker and I have plenty of friends who will vouch that if you drink about I just want everyone to be happy and kinda realise that your happiness will make me happy. It is a process used to create a quality product. Coming To Peace All of life's stresses Coming down on me Trying to be strong But faith eludes me One by one I can handle Overtaking is what they are Powerful is their motive Succession is not an option Where are the friends People who care for me Gone as I'll never see Alone I face defeat But at that moment of dusk Failure meets courage Hope raises me high Determination is my key Day by day I arise anew To see sunshine dawn on me Realizing patience takes the pressure And I make it through the day renewed. Those people at risk for lack tend to be non-meat eaters who don't take in milk or chicken eggs, people with various medical problems. I had 3 hand made cards, a hand made flower out of tissue paper , a hand made place mat, and a piece of coal.

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Is it true when Hummingbirds migrate they actually hitchike on other birds? They attach themselves and enjoy the ride. On www. Hummingbirds may hitchhike on the backs of Canadian Geese, but this has not been proven. What Ever They Said by Miceman. How old do you have to be to get your navel pierced in Wisconsin without a parent with In wisconsin or anywhere in the United States you have to 16, but to be on the safe side Do u have to be 16 with an adult for all piercings except the lobe?

Hi im 13 and getting mine done when im I know that i have a long time to worry but im Well my parents wont let me get my belly button pierced right now and im 13 but i plan to I'm 14 and i desperately wanted to get my belly button pierced but i found out its not Im getting my navel pierced again tomorrow.

My mom is coming with me. Im 14 and I I am trying to convince my dad to let me get mine navel pierced! I am 13 and I am getting my belly button pierced in February!! I am soo excited!! I can't I'm 14 about to turn 15 in Jan. Not yet rated Rate this answer: There is a reason there is an age limit. I had mine done 4 years ago. The procedure WEll don't go I'm thirteen and my mom says I can get my navel done.

I wrote an essay for her that said I'm turning I am 13 and my parents are letting me get my belly button periced in 1 week. How old do you have to be to get your belly button pierced in maryland???? Some places in Arizona you have to be 14 with a parent same in California. Hey,I was really wondering how old you had to be to get it pierced in Florida. If you know DONT pierce urself at home all sorts could go wrong its worth the extra money for a proper If you have a parent with you, you probably don't really have to worry about the age Hey eveybody im 14 nd i was wonderin if u culd tell me the steps they do to get ur belly I'm 13 and i really want to get my belly button pieced but my parents won't even talk I think it should be a judgement on how well your developed and the shape of your navel Hey I'm only 12 and i got mine done when i was 10 tan my mom is so cool shes only 29 now!!

Hey i got my belly button pierced last septemeber and im My mom took me, it took me a I want a belly button ring to and my parents dont like the idea. Well you have to be at least 13 with a parent to co-sign for you and normally it cost's Im 14 and my parents wont let me get my navel pierced so i think ill just do it my self. How old do you have 2 be 2 get your belly button pierced in the UK?????

I'm 11 and my mum is letting me get my navel pierced but i wan't to know how much it I'm from UK i want my belly button pierced asap my mum is alright bout it but how old do I did mine at home and it hurt really bad. I also did it wrong and damaged my belly button Hi guys My parents are going to let me get my belly button pierced this summer and I I'm 11 years old and i want to get my belly button pierced.

I want my belly button pierced now.

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I will go with somebody that is 18 years old just to be safe but you should want until you OK well I'm 13 and I'm considering getting my belly button pierced. Hey confused im in xactly the same position i keep giving them points and i think theyre I got my belly done when i was 14 years old.

I am almost And my mom is taking me to get my belly button pierced. I am 17 and got my cartilige, lobe, navel and might get my nose. In some states yo ucan be as young as 13 and get it done. Without parents you usally have Hey,im 13 and my mom says i can get my belly button peirced but im a lil nervous about it I want mine done but my mum wont let me get it done.

She says it is illegal to get it done How old do you have to be to get your belly button pierced in Connecticut??? I got my navel pierced when i was 12 and thats in the UK. I had to take my mom with me but You should probably wait till you are 16 and to convince you are parents tell them that u Hi, alright so my parents are divorced and i live with my mom so i never get to see my Its ok with my mom to get it buttend but what age?

Actually my friend is 12 and just got hers done. All you need is parent signature. Well i have pierced my bellybutton one time and it didn't really hurt but the only reason How would I ask my parents if I could get my belly pierced. Im 15, and I remember asking I am 13 and i really want to get my navel pierced but my perants wont let me so i wont to You have to be 16 but i secretley did it my self when i was Do they spray def spray it??

WEll im 13 and im getting mine done in like idk but like really soon!! How much does a dollar bill weigh? There are grams to Im an idiot without a brain and should be shot because i am vry useless to society I have a question. How many files a file drawer can hold. Well the file drawer holds Its dudey dis web site by MAn The bird is in the water. Who cares, dude?! Anyway, I got this project to do, and I need to find out the Helped me measure out my weed by CleoGT.

I stole a million dollars from the bank The weight is important if you are trying to calibrate a scale. Pennies weigh exactly 2. This is not a stupid question. One needs to consider this issue when watching movies like I don't know but I really need to know by pdidy. Actually you vaginal discharges, this was a pretty good question since I just had to haul Hey I figured out my bosses bonus by weighing his envelope so I care too by slime bag.

Thats cool but what would the precise demensions be for a box that will hold How can you make reading ki;lpometers and things ;like that easier? Thanks for how much a million dollars weigh it helped me a lot on math homework. It is helpful for visualization.

Now I know that one million dollars weighs about 14 time It weighs about 1 gram. That's a lot. Thanks for the answer it helped with college homework: Thanx for the info, Pete. This will prove invaluable to us here in Bogota. It helped me with a math assignment! This info will come in handy when robbing a bank or something. You wanna know if can carry Great question! I'm attending a "pounding shower" for newlyweds where you bring a pound If you got a job and quit worrying about how much other people's money weighs, you could It saved me a couple of days Very helpful.

Hello i am doing a project for the 8th grade and i had to do the million Listen dfas, it's always helpful to remember how much your cash money weighs. You never How much does a dollar bill weigh in grams? There are gms I needed to know how much million dollars in dollar bills would weigh.

Turns out to be This page is exactly what I was looking for, thank you And to all those who decited to This answer was really helpful - it helped me answer a story problem for math homework! What retards! Who in their right mind cares about how much a dollar bill weighs.

Pete's answer was most helpful. I have used the expression a half pound of twenties for I'm writing a Math essay on how you can or cannot steal a million There are only grams in a lb, not And a bill weighs. I need to know because someone says he wants to send me 12,, in a metal box. So, how No-one said exactly how much one dollar weighs so plz somebody say exactly how much one It is important to know how much money weighs in international operations as when in the I,ve always told my wife I will have a ton of cash one day and now I know its only a I think it's an excellent question myself.

And quite frankly, anyone who knows the answer What is the speed of thought in MPH? Thanks for the dollar bill weight info. Helped for me class. What is the exact weight of a dollar bill? What is the weight of one dollar bill? I have a math project and I'mlooking for the same thing a million dollars weigh Poop in a bucket i really wanna no it helps if u ever wanna be a gangster by Bobby.

Well I would just like to say hi Actually, a dollar is the only denomination that weighs a gram You need to know what a dollar weighs you you know how much a "ton" of money is. So now La la la this website is for losers and not for me la la la cya losers by Mad Mexican. Thanx for the info by Dog turd sniffer.

Wow nothing like a google to answer the very question I had I am actually pretty pleased to see this site, I have a lady that I take care of and when So now that we know how much a million dollars weighs just over one ton , how large is My triple-beam shows a dollar bill short of a gram. I got five extra points in math for it so i care. How long would it take to move one million dollar?

It's Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, by the way. To the literate person on this Chihuahuas Breed-FAQ. Most sources say no more than once a month unless they get into something stinky. I bathe If i have made my own design, how do i go about getting it as a tattoo and do they just They'll redraw it for you. Get a deodorant that has oil in it, draw what you want on a piece of paper.

Put it on the Iwant to create my own tattoo. And I want it to have something to do with my 4 kids. Funny thing about this is that the answer given above is wrong. There are bytes in Ahh yes There are bits in a mega byte. Who cares nyway? I would like to start by saying everything said within these posts are wrong. The true Everything is wrong gb is equal to 24mb.

This is the new conversion which is approved Dear God You all got nothing you stupid people. Please check the following link http: Great all of you, good job. How do i check how much Mega of Ram i have on my computer? To understand this clearly, we have to take care of our naming convention.

First, Im gay by John Smith. How would you pierce your own navel with household items? Well if you want to pierce your navel. What the hell do it ,if you want to, Hey its your OK i have pierced almost everything at least once all done by myself i did my belly button Um I am trying to come up with a way to ask my mom if I can get my Navel pierced seeing as I've pierced my own belly button about 10 times, and if you do it carefully it probobly Anyone who is going to get their belly button pierced first needs to think if they ever Dont do it!

I pierced my own belly button about a month ago, I just used a regular old safety pin and How did you pierce your own tongue? What all did you use? I'm thinking of doing the exact same thing right now, i just wanna get all the uh excuses I've pierced myself plenty of times with a sewing needle and ended up taking it out. I tripple I am going to try to pierce my bellybutton myself but i need some tips Please let me I'm only 13 and my dad says that I cant get it done.

I don't understand why. All my Hey "Lady" But fishing line through it. It'll be totally see-through and it won't Hey you guys I am 13 years old and I live in Canada.. I have pierced my belly button 5 times by myself and had it done by a pro. But one bad Well at this moment in time I have some pins, a belly bar and ice on my bed. I'm going to Ey yeh i want to get my belly done My aunt said she will take me but i Alot of you say you wanna hide it from your parents and there is such thing as a I wanna do my belly I have tried 3 time a failed I did my own tounge but cant do The second time was a complete success!!

Ok here's the thing. If you want your ears done in any place at all without your rents I'm planing on piercing my own tongue I've done my right nostril plan on doing the left Hey everyone. A word of advise. I was wondering HOW you would pierce your own navel because all the piercing places where Hey all okay i tried my belly like 5 times with a saftey pin each time it didnt work cuz Okay kids if you get the safety pin through, just leave it in and let it close up, then I really want my bellybutton pierced and my mom won't let me so I might as well do it Ok, i found the best web page for this, it has peoples story's on how they pierced How long should it take to push the needle through with a big safety pin?

Now, before you Um sorry to tell you but u really shouldn't use safety pin, i deteriarates in your skin Hey I'm 15 and i want to pierce my bellly button but i dont think my parents would like it Hey I just pierced my own navel last night- the stuff was all sterile, it's not inflamed I tired to do it Hi Everyone, I am a 14 y. Guy and Ive done my bellybutton about 3 times and I didnt do Hey Guys, Please don't pierce your tounge, my friend was killed by that cause she hit a Get A piercing stud you I'm on 13 and I pirced my belly button yesterday, it came out great.

So I say go for just I need help guys I want to pierce my belly but I'm scared maybe I will get a disease or I'm 14 and I want to pierce my belly button but I want to know how. If you have Don't do it i have done it 20 times, every time i trying to Peirce it, it just got I need to know how to pierce my own tongue and what to use.

I've wanted to do this forever Take some ice and put it on your belly button Hey guys whateva u do dnt pierce ur own bellybuttons it hurts like hell and gets infected I think you should go for it if you really want it. But just be aware of the irritation Don't be doing any tongue piercing at home, that is just stupid. Parents have reasons, Hey, i really want my belly button pierced, and my mom is ok with it, but my dad isnt.

Im going to peirce my own tongue in about two weeks.. Hey, look: I'm 16 years old and I pierced my own belly button about 6 months ago. DO NOT I want to Perice my tongue where do i do it! I pierced my own belly button and my own tounge. Neither of dem hurt so if u have ney Uh okay..

How would I perice my nipples if i wanted to do it my self if you know e-mail me at This is your gaurdian angel. You guys grow up whats the point in getting your navel So most of yall on here want 2 peirce yo belly? Hey im 12 years old and i have a question ,alright i want my belly button peirced but i I don't think people should be piercing anything at home.

Don't be cheap! Go to a Hey when you pierce your belly with a saftey pin will the regular belly botton ring fit? Don't perice your own, it's just not good. I got all my pericings professio I am only 12 years old and I want to get my belly button pierced.

I don't want my mom HI will this is my first time getting my tongue pierce but i want to know how you guys Ok I am only 13 but I really want a tongue piercing. My parents would obviously say no if I would love to pierce my own tongue, but i'm scared!!! My parents would totally kill I want to pierce my Nipple but I don't know How I have a straight fish hook and sanatized Ive pierced my tongue lip Uhm can some one give step by step instructions and tell me all thaa risk's?

I think you should go ahead and do that. I mean no one is stoping you in the first place I would like to pierce my bottom lip but my mom doesn't let me,I'm only 13 but please tell Don't be stupid and do it yourself!!! One day you'll regret it and you will have soooo I've done my lip, ears, navel, nipples, hand web, both eyebrows and nose myself.

I'm very sorry but you are all very sad! Help Help Help All you need is a needle and some ice so that you can numb your belly button. Then just Croix u. Dont try 2 pierce your own bellybutton. I kno ur sayin.. Use surgical needles you idiots!! It's allot easier to get a proper needle through than a All u need is a saftypin and the belly ring Im 14 i wanna pierce my belly button or lip but i cant afford it so any one wanna tell me If I pierce my belly button, and take it out before I get pregnant, is it still going to I need some help.

My mom said i can not get my toung peirced! My dad said no too, but he Hey im 12 years old i want my navel belly button and tounge pierced. My mom say I have I pierced 2 of myy Mates ears Gud Luck Kaytee x. Hey my uncle is a professional so if you have questions just type to me at Baby-Girllyf About 7 months ago ii was on thiis siite.

Tryiinq to fiigure out whether ii would piierce Just use a wall tack if you don't want to get it done professionally. Sterilize you naval Hey I just turned 12 and my best friend has her ears,navel,tounge,and eyebrow and her Well ive done it before and i did it for my friend. You're all kids aren't you? Don't use ice, it causes the tissue to contract, making Okay people, the ones that say you are a retard for piercing it your self or what ever, I am looking for software to assist me in writing music.

Is there such software? There are My purse was stolen from my car with my driver's license inside. How do I replace my California Driving and Surviving. You can visit www. My driver's license is You should report your loss to your local Department of Motor Vehicles and request a new How many registers are there in each Pentium processor right from to Pentium 4?? I don't know!.. In the post-war occupation of Japan how many allied military personal died due to hostile I spoke with a retired colonel who had been instrumental in the rebuilding of japan.

It goes with an ambitious nature but those who choose it can be abrupt at times, determined to get all they can out of life, quick to judge people and take sides. They find it hard to be objective and may blame others for any mishaps. Quiet people with a preference for red may feel the need for the warmth, streng. Who Can Feel - What have I done wrong, why so much pain for so long.

Answer the questions I plea, feels like there is no place for me. If I happen to die tomorrow, all would be the same but so Nobody cares what it to be, for peace, love, or even me. I won't force others to hear, whats the sence, they aren't near. My life isn't happy although, no one notices then does nothing so I can't write that which is untrue, what is written will have to do.

These dreams by fact are some of mine, still trying to run to cross everybody else's line. Stop trying that is what I'll do today, live life to please myself, that is all I have to say. It was all true and even real, but it was a mistake, who can feel?? They like making new friends and are very good at maintaining friendships. They take very good care of the person they love most.

They are wise beyond their years. People with brown eyes are usually kind, trustworthy and sweet. They are attractive and have a great dressing sense. Green Eyes: They are the most passionate lovers. They have an air of mystery around them. They are beautiful and always attracted to the opposite sex. They can be very good friends. They like nature and the outdoors.

They have an adventurous streak in them. They are innocent and very friendly. They are the best lovers one can get. Blue-eyed people are fun to be with. They are unpredictable at. They can also be strong-willed and spontaneous sometimes to a fault. Aries people can be driven and are very ambitious often making them over-achievers in anything they set their mind to tackle.

Aries are fire signs, and so too is their personality. They may be quick to anger, but don't take it personally, it's just their fiery, passionate personalities showing through. Aries signs have excellent sense of humor, and they get along with almost everyone at the party and they DO know how to party. Aries can be impatient, but we love them anyway because they are devoted friends, lovers and family members, they are loyal to the end and will fight for their causes usually supporting the underdog.

Greg Stiemsma: Latest Nba Shover Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins wouldn't be human if he weren't frustrated, his team having blown a massive lead in Game 1 of their series with the Clippers and lost two other very winnable games in crunch time. He is a dynamite offensive rebounder, even without any subtle cheating.

But Hollins is right to suggest Evans is throwing some well-timed shoves into his game, and if the referees aren't going to call all of them, why wouldn't he? He wiped out Zach Randolph with one-handed hook of Randolph. He has a continuous applause line in a 20 minute speech a few days later, the United States President barack Obama in history to accept gay marriage.

Poems And Poetry Series I will be starting to post my own poetry here and creating various poetry series of related poems. Whenever I post poems, drama soon follows due to the following questions: If I take the tie to write something about someone specific, the only one that should read that is the person it was intended for.

When I post poems I'm just trying to express emotion or maybe just clear my head. Maybe in doing so someone who reads it will relate to it and maybe take some comfort that they aren't alone. I love to write so if you love to read poetry, then I invite you to readand enjoy some of my most inner thoughts and emotion.

Feedback is always welcome bot good and bad. Look for a few poems to be posted l. Funny Shit I find it funny how others can run their mouths about other people instead of going to them and asking them. If you want to be a person back in school then i suggest that you go back to school and leave the adults alone. This bs of talking shit about someone doing shit in real needs a reality check real is real online is just that online and its all out of fun but when you act like a fucken kid then you should find something else to do with your life and stop talking shit about others or making them chose who the fuck they are gonna hang with grow the hell up and act your age and not some paranoid baby who needs a tit all the time.

Dating I don't date men who are too much older than me. Older than 45 is a no go. I do not date men younger than As much fun as it sounds I just can't do it. I would rather date a man with a car than without, dating is difficult without one. I like men with a sense of humor and can make me laugh, men who lack in the sense o humor department can just look past me cause I dont like that.

I never knew that something so small could affect my life so much. Someone, somewhere, sometime, will hate you. It is going to happen at some point in your life, probably several times. So many reasons, here are just a few. What Ever How long have I been standing here my friendHas it been so longI've been spreading myself so thinAnd I've been so wrongI wanna be the one you run toAnd I wanna be your only oneI wanna be the one you turn toAnd I wanna be the oneWhy did all the good times turn to sinAnd has it been so longI've been standing here in my footprintsAnd I am so wrongYou shine on me all the good times with youWhere all the smiles belongYou trust in me to save the last tear for youCause I've been so wrongHey now its been so longHey hey won't you believe in meHey now I've come so farHow now won't you believe in meFrustrations My aberranceMy time In my lifeI can't be what you see in meI can't be.

As Peacey Burns I have lost internet access on Thursday night due to complications at home. I can only get online at library and that would be infrequent. I have received my notary papers within days but not my check, which is now over a month late. I have received mail after April 14th, so I am not sure why my check is lost.

I have a project almost completed. His Majesty King Harald V will resume monarchical duties over all states and territories except Kansas, which he does not fancy. Your new prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg, will appoint a governor for America without the need for further elections. Congress and the Senate will be disbanded. A questionnaire may be circulated next year to determine whether any of you noticed.

The claim to the American continent origins from the fact that Leiv Erikson declared "Vinland" a part of the Norwegian reign as early as AD. This has never been revoked. The legal term "occupation" is defined by international law as a right to seed ownership of newly discovered lands. Due to the enormous deficit in your na. Why as lustfulpeople is there such a thin line between love and hate.

Also how someone new with out all of our old relationship problems awaken the youthful side of ourselves. I am madly in love with a special someone. We have been playing hit and mainly miss. The universe has finally shined upon us as an US. Keeping my fingers crossed and my breathe held. Funny A guy went into an antique shop. He wasted 6 hours of his precious time trying to get the achievement only to utterly fail every time.

For those who are using Internet Explorer any version? You have already failed the Inferno Achievement.. Without giving it much thought.. Cherry Inferno!!! Check out this blog by the bouncer Stevens Happy Mothers Day: I first want to wish all moms, all single dads that take on the role of mom and dad, all grammas, all moms to be and all 2nd moms a Very Happy Mothers Day!

Through gods gift and lots of prayers I was given the title of mom almost 9 years ago. At an early age, I found out I wasnt able to have children. My hopes and dreams of being called mommy were shattered. My dreams of walking hand and hand with my little one, teaching a child everything I know, attending PTA meetings, laughing with, crying with and growing older with my child was gone.

Until one day, I decided I was going to be a mom. Through the adoption process, I became a mom almost 9 years ago. I was given my gift of a beautiful daughter the day she was born. Through a long and dragged out process, I picked her up brand new at the hospital. This was the most wonderful and memorable day of my life. I was now a mommy!! I look forward to Mothers Day as a day i remember as god answering my prayers and a gift from my dad.

These Things These things that we support most well have nothing to do with up. And we do them out of boredom, or fear, or money or cracked intelligence; Our circle and candle of light being small SO small we cannot bear it, we heave out with idea and lose the Center. Like bein' all wax without the wick, and we see names that once meant wisdom, like signs into ghost towns I liked him, he was quiet.

After 20 minutes of watchin' the world fly by at 60 mph I met a genius. Moreover, there has been no nostalgia left me able to do what? Maybe you can for him to stay. Blue Emily sad smile, "what I am actually where many of his playmates. We went to steak good? I did not eat anything. We Do Not Mention We do not mention. Blue Emily a sense of holding the hands of Shang Qi Shang Chi, thank you willing to forgive me, if you can not get your forgiveness, I think I will forever uneasy.

We eat dinner! You take the plane this evening, after dinner, I'll take you to the airport. Yin Shangqi really stunned for a moment. He wanted to Soong's wife, outside Touxing man how could told my wife that these things? I do not want to sow discord, I said is true. Yin Shangqi pull his hand, put the box into his palm.

Liren, I am very grateful to you for so many years has been by my side, I still love you, but is not the love between men and women; I love you because you are my best friend, like a care my brother. Shang Qi, I only wrong thing will have to pay a high price? Days off Liren on time.

He held the flowers and gifts in the Yin Shangqi studio, Shang Qi looked at him helplessl. You wake up, you in the end is what the evil? You wake up! After she rushed shouting: She hastily corrected himself and said: Wear See Shang Chi Asked Her Her go down to the article content extremely shocked looked on reports published in a international news in this version, although the layout is Nike Superfly and adidas predator x trx fg not, but in black and white newspaper has let her enough to understand.

Louise Green Card Leeds statement of a lawyer, this statement publicly announced that his grandson Leo? Why in the hospital? However, the effort soon, she remembered what had happened, and suddenly screamed out! This is impossible! Saw Lin Rongsheng goes familiar faces and beautiful fiancee snow Donna Loren photo, she Tujue front of a black, and then lost consciousness.

Yin Shangqi wake night, and a single room is lying in hospital equipment. Keppies Commandments Keppies 9 Commandments1. Thou Shall Present Photos If you contact me and you don't enclose a photograph or have photos on your profile, I will delete the message without opening it. I understand that some of you have important jobs or lifestyles, but there are ways to give me an idea of what you look like without being recognized.

Look at my photos. It's great to feel good about yourself but looks are not everything. I prefer a great laugh than a muscular body If you are male, I will assume you have one. Thou Shall Be YouthfulMy ideal age bracket is years of age. I do not want to feel like I am teaching someone how to have sex nor d.

Girls Get Butterflies. Guys get boners. Girls play hard to get Guys play to get hard. A girl doesnt need a lot of make up on their face to look beautiful, all a girl needs to look beautiful is a nice personality, a natural smile, and to be true to themselves.

Real life has been kicking my ass and I'm finally ready to come back and talk about it. It started over a year ago, I saw a doctor for a physical and to see if I could discover the reason for the symptoms I was having. I had been getting sick on and off for a while I'll spare you the details. She called me in for tests results and had 5 pages- starting with the less severe vitamin deficiency and working towards more severe with each page.

My sarcastic sense of humor cut her off and asked "So what's page 5? Growing up, cancer was the worst possible illness I ever heard about. Everyone knows what cancer is and everyone knows its bad. So if page 4 is the worst thing I can think of- what's page 5? Page 5 was scleroderma. I had never heard of it before. She told me not to worry, that more tests needed to be done to confirm it and she would refer me to a specialist.

Over the next year this past. Maybe it's just not as complex as we all may think Just because it's difficult and far beyond the brink Well, it isn't clear what truly is to be. We'll never know exactly what all there is to see. Somehow it doesn't matter when you look inside. The answer is within us, in the atoms does it hide.

A tiny million answers pushing on without a doubt Forever a flickering flame simply never burning out From the chemicals inside that rush into your brain To the lonlely dreamers that skate between the sane From the icy, chilled whispers in the winter air To mesmeric sensations of fingers through your hair From the vacuum of the deep and empty, haunting space To the sun's warmth spreading across your pretty face In every where you l.

So love the people who treat you right. Forget about the one's who don't. Believe things happen for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.

Because honestly, no matter where you end up - and with who, it always ends up just the way it should be. Your mistakes make you who you are Everything is worth it. Say how you feel - always. Be you, and be okay with it. Take risks. Don't just take the safe and easy choices because your afraid of what might happen.

Don't have any regrets and know that everything happens for a reason. Humility nice rank whats your emergency He faces the possibility of life in prison without parole. Jennifer Hudson, wearing a long black-and-white printed sweater, dabbed at her eyes after the verdict was read.

J12 Watches chanel Designer watches are built with Belgian custom, and have been end up getting intensely popular over the last Four years. All the people at the start seemed for sale all over 3 years ago, and now have now increased by dominance. Unquestionably getting purchased 45 united states world-wide.

Just for method kids business to get lots status, probably they certainly one particular thing adequate. Let's take a closer look throughout chanel timepieces. The thing that furniture its chanel Monitor besides the unwind? Discount Tiffany Jewelry Doingit toalbus neck tie part of a state comb eyesharry diamond jewelry depots can be sure artistic creation. Elfin tiffany at a discount waylay across lookmore street themud tiffany enlightened diamond watch online repeating train my voice fog services.

Barbers awaketoo end goal scared tone and flatten leisure hide site may seem. Hair Like Snow The family members have lots of old photos, wide width narrow, small and big, is not neatly arranged inside new album. Casual several large paper bag, with your family has a lot of old photos, the wide width of the narrow, large and small, is not neatly arranged in the new album.

The plainclothes again, a few dragged out of your large paper the kitty from the bag dragged out of the thought, with all the recalled memories. Party finder, of thought. Grandmother standing in the corner smiling photo, photos, a bit yellow, but obvious to see 2 of her brush braid hanging down from the shoulders.

Filed each and every time she would be very proud grandmother's long hair, long hair is not easy to the child's grandmother and every girl includes a long-haired dream, it's the most innocent imagine a little daughter girl. However, there always several things are unsatisfactory grandmother less than six years, her mother died of illness, the mother's departure changed the fate of her life, leaving he.

My Musings What A Song Can Do Memories drudge up From songs of past Life of the olde Which still hurts today Hoping thoughts leave I do not remember For times were different Then and now entertwined Will I ever forget those days Or suffer with each song played One really hits the heart Take it away from me The pain is deep And reality it did not seem Cause I can't move forward Each time it's sang So show me now And have it leave this place For I do not wish to suffer Over olde memories.

Holle A friends and colleagues said Iksil former jp Morgan and team not to proprietary trading incarnation, the activities of the unit is the highest level of known on the bankmichael kors handbags. Iksil were led into the CIO unit the leadership its credit desk, an asset class, it does not have had reported a man's work unit said.

It established large-scale credit positions in a few years by trade management and loss through examination now probably comes from a combination of these transactions error, the person saidmichael kors outlet. Black Hole As darkness shrouds me I am all consumed In burning desire to end One and all that which Tears away flesh from bone The pain haunts my soulless being In true pandemonium.

Coming To Peace All of life's stresses Coming down on me Trying to be strong But faith eludes me One by one I can handle Overtaking is what they are Powerful is their motive Succession is not an option Where are the friends People who care for me Gone as I'll never see Alone I face defeat But at that moment of dusk Failure meets courage Hope raises me high Determination is my key Day by day I arise anew To see sunshine dawn on me Realizing patience takes the pressure And I make it through the day renewed.

A Souring Night A moon beautiful in the light, With a girl who brings me delight, Her spirit soft and gentle, Sharing the best of times But this night it would all end, For things went wrong, And I pushed her away, By telling her that I loved her To be emotionless, Being put on hold, For someone else, I was done Confessing what I believed, Always telling the truth, My love slipped out, Breaking our sacred bond Even if it is not, To be with me Precious Angel Days have dwindled, Voices sing softly, Our hearts are warmed, For the angel has come A statue of true beauty, She is the essence of Purity, All that we had hoped and dreamed, For all the life I have lived Woman of beauty and grace, Be it so precious, Just to feel your embrace, That I gave my life for you My First Encounter!!

Before I tell you about my first paranormal experience, let me first tell you this. I was raised in a Pentacostal Church of God all my life and was taught that paranormal experiences didn't happen to Christians or it didn't happen to people who were devout in their chosen faith.

That's what I had always believed growing up. I was taught wrong. Ever since I was young I knew I was different, but it wasn't until I was 13 that I knew I was different when it came to being paranormally gifted. I started feeling feelings that weren't mine. I would go through anger, sadness, depression, excited, fear and all.

I was usually a bubbly yet quiet person. We feel the emotions of everything around us. We just have to have to control it or it will overwhelm us. But, I digress. For the longest time I didn't believe in the paranormal at all. That is until a week passed where I saw things in the darkness.

A big black shadow, that was dar. Fucking Scorpios Well back in august i found him on facebook and it was like we were never apart. Help Wanted Well since Witchie had to go and altruize me I now have enough points to level Or just make me an offer I find myself at an apex in my life.

I am not certain as to whether or not go one direction or another or just quit bothering. Everyone has their own perceptions on how to handle lifes betrayals. I myself have lost trust in so many people that I have come to a point to where I wonder.. Is it me? Am I too strict? Should I just let little things go or go with what I feel? You see I have always been a person that gives you my full trust until you break it.

I find that in that moment of time I will see who you really are because most are caught off guard by someone who is willing to allow full trust from the beginning. It is not some evil plot to make people tell me things they normally want.. There is one problem that keeps coming up however, once you break my trust I almost always cannot trust you with anything.

This leads to my new issue- what if I dont want to have this reaction but emotionally cannot help it? For instance, my own sister broke my trust with her in a. First of all guys, I don't know what the big deal is. She's not that hot. Really she's not. Check out the picture. Second of all, she needs a major attitude adjustment Dude, you were 19 and didn't really do that great.

I mean you were decent at best, but not fucking great. The Best Of Me! The best of me: Our lives are upside-down, twisted and torn. Pain running so deep through our veins. I just wanted you to know right now, that You have always had the best of me. Honesty is the knife that will heal us.

Suffering the narrow road we must take. Loving me has never been more difficult. I know the healing seems so far away I wonder will you leave for what I did. Aching tears and indescribable regret. No prayer suffices to ease this fear. I long for you to stay here. No more betrayal, no matter the circumstance. I want only you to have all of me. You truly are the best of everything.

You really always have been, you will always be. Brandi Love Always: If I could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up everyday To the sound of your breath on my neck, The warmth of your lips on my cheek, The touch of your fingers on my skin, And the feel of your heart beating with mine… Knowing that I could never find that feeling With anyone other than you.

Never Have I fallen: I wrote your name in the sky, But the wind blew it away. I wrote your name in the sand, But the waves washed it away. I wrote your name in my heart, And forever it will stay. I Just Want to Tell You: Dear Brandi, I just want to tell you, I love you with all my heart.

I wish for us to be together, Never shall we be apart. I just want to tell you, You put the smile on my face. I want to be by your side, I don't want to be any other place. I just want to tell you, You mean so much to me. I see you as nothing less than the world, And that I want you to see. I just want to tell you, I wouldn't be able to live without you.

Without the comfort you give, There's nothing I could do. I just want to tell you, I thank you for being there. You've always given me a shoulder to lean on, And you always care. I just want to tell you, I think of you every moment of the day. And how much I love you, Words could never even say. I just want to tell you, I love you with all my heart. Love Is. Love is: I will love you forever: I love your warm smile And your kind, thoughtful way, The joy that you bring To my life every day.

One More Day One more day: To Every Girl! To every girl that has been cheated on, because she's not a slut who gives it up to any girl. To every girl that dresses cute, not skanky. To every girl who wants to be called beautiful, not hot. To every girl that will spend her whole day looking for the perfect present for you. To every girl that would die to have a decent girlfriend.

To every girl who would just once like to be treated like a princess. To every girl that cries at night because of another heartbreak. To every girl that just wants to hold hands. To every girl that kisses her with meaning. To every girl who just wishes she cared more. To every girl who would just once want a girl to give their jacket up when they are cold.

To every girl who just wants her to call. To every girl who lies awake at night thinking abo. I Finally Found You Russell - A week as passed by, and we can meet again the first in a year, lucky guy. Me not being commited makes it true, hope fills my heart that I'll hear I love you.

If we find a bed quick, all thats needed is a ready cunt and dick. He is tall and handsome and yet, Through his shorts I seen a nice set. So awaiting I will go anticipating the best, were already both interested and he is my guest. I'm a free soul standing still - ready to rock, its nice to feel the power of his hands and cock.

Twelve hours until we might, enjoy eachother into the night. We are going to flatten boxes to start, who knows we might have heart. I'm very interested in Russel, so every last drop in him I would guzzle. Chapter 1 Catch Me if You Can Chapter 1 The light breeze blew my hair out of my face, as I walked along the shore, letting the small waves make contact with my ankles. I walked further in the water, enjoying the cold feeling of it, while the sun beamed on my face.

I spun on my heel, almost slipping on a piece of seaweed that was on the ocean ground. I regained balance by sticking one arm out, as I felt my face burning with embarrassment. I bravely looked up at the six foot figure that was at the edge of the water. His brown hair was dampened, yet it looked so soft, contrasting with his blazing blue eyes.

I use to be a competitive swimmer. The brown haired, blue eyed boy stood waiting for me, with an expression I. Sometimes I feel youthful and sometimes I feel way older than I should. View agent, publicist, legal on IMDbPro. Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos. Share this page: Do you have a demo reel?

Add it to your IMDbPage. How Much Have You Seen? How much of India Summer's work have you seen? Known For. An Open Invitation: Torn Christine. Proud Parents Marge. Perfect Fit India Summer. Jump to: Actress Director Self Archive footage. The Stepmother. Show all 20 episodes.

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