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He wrote it during a summer holiday in Portsmouth, fresh from a stint as Civil War correspondent, and reflecting on his late father's life and his own upcoming fatherhood. Morgan Jr. Online database: The most dominating feature of the room is the sixteen black Italian marble pillars. Sutherland worked several different jobs - he was a radio DJ in his youth - and was almost set on becoming an engineer after graduating from the University of Toronto with a degree in engineering.

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In two of his films in , in Cold Mountain and The Italian Job , he played a character who dies who was the father of a young woman, and both daughters were played by back-to-back winners of the Academy Award for Best Actress. In Cold Mountain his daughter was portrayed by Nicole Kidman , who won in for The Hours , and in The Italian Job his daughter was portrayed by Charlize Theron , who would win in for her performance in Monster Has two children with Shirley Douglas: Kiefer Sutherland and Rachel Sutherland.

Even though he receives top billing in The Day of the Locust , he does not appear in the film for the first 42 minutes. Has appeared throughout MASH wearing glasses and a fishing bucket hat. This look was later mirrored by his son, Kiefer Sutherland , in Article 99 Has appeared in The Day of the Locust as a character named Homer Simpson, and then later made a guest appearance on The Simpsons Being very tall, Sutherland has long since had a habit of slouching over so he could meet other actors eye to eye.

Two of his sons were named after directors he has worked with: Has two roles in common with Alan Alda. Sutherland played Flan in Six Degrees of Separation , the role Alda played in an audio-book publication. Made two guest appearances on The Saint , playing two different characters. Had a near-death experience in when he was sick with meningitis. Doctors told him he had died for a time, and he claims to have had an out-of-body experience.

Has starred on the television series Commander in Chief with Leslie Hope. During the first season of 24 , Leslie Hope played the wife of his son, Kiefer Sutherland. Has played together with his son Kiefer Sutherland in two movies: He and Alan Alda both play Republicans with Presidential aspirations on television.

He and Kiefer Sutherland are both Emmy Award winners. He won in for Citizen X , and ten years later, Kiefer won for 24 His great-grandmother through male line was a third cousin of President Rutherford Birchard Hayes. Is distantly related to the former Governor of Vermont, Howard Dean. He was so shocked by his own performance as the sadistic, perverse fascist leader in , that he was unable to watch the film for years.

Originally wanted to be a sculptor, but decided to be an actor after witnessing people praise a drawing of Churchill that he thought was awful he realized he could not make art to please other people. He had never attended a theater performance, and still had not when he received his first role.

Thus he was behind the proscenium arch before ever having been in front of it. Prefers to shoot the opening scenes of a movie last in order to better set the tone of the movie to the audience. Although several sources erroneously report that he and Francine Racette were married in , Sutherland stated in a May "Daily Mail" article that they did not marry until August They met in and lived together for 16 years before getting married.

Achieved cinematic fame in two completely different and contrasting war films. Is a huge fan of the television series 24 starring his son Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer and never missed an episode. However, he declined an offer to play Jack Bauer's estranged father, Phillip Bauer, who appeared in the series' sixth season, and the role instead went to James Cromwell.

Donald later appeared in Salem's Lot Donald has himself appeared in two Michael Crichton adaptations: Was offered the role of Wyatt Earp in Doctor Who The Gunfighters but was not free so John Alderson took the role. Partook in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver as the voice-over narrator describing the history of Canada and was also one of the flag bearers of the Olympic flag.

In the "making of" documentary for The Dirty Dozen Special Edition DVD, Sutherland says the was one of the "last dozen", meaning he was not going to have many lines. However, Walker refused to do the scene so director Robert Aldrich picked Sutherland to do the scene. After that, Sutherland's role was expanded rather more. The Dirty Dozen is credited with helping Sutherland get more attention from filmmakers, thus launching his career.

According to Sutherland, sometime later, Aldrich asked him to be in another movie but Sutherland declined.
Pussy licking while sleeping He says in the documentary that turning down Aldrich was one of his greatest regrets as an actor as he felt he owed Aldrich for helping to launch his career.

Received his double major in Engineering and Drama from the University of Toronto. He had originally intended to become an engineer before trying acting. He and his son Kiefer Sutherland have both played artist Paul Gauguin. Has rarely worked more than once with the same film director, which is something quite uncommon for an actor with a long career.

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Contact profile manager View family tree 1 Discussion Problem with this page? Get Started. Abel Aldrich Birthdate: June 06, Birthplace: England, United Kingdom Death: Immediate Family: Private User Last Updated: May 23, View Complete Profile. Katherine Aldrich.

Straying from the popular moral tone many works of the day conveyed, it is a semi-autobiographical memoir and realistic portrayal of an all-American boyhood. Mark Twain is said to have been inspired by it to write Tom Sawyer. From young Tom lived with his grandfather Thomas D. At the age of sixteen Aldrich moved to New York City to work with his uncle after his father died in He lived among and became friends with several other up-and-coming writers and poets of the time including Bayard Taylor , William Dean Howell, and Walt Whitman.

His poems and short stories were beginning to get published in various newspapers and magazines including Harper's Monthly. The Bells: A Collection of Chimes was his first published collection of romantic poems, "The Ballad of Babie Bell" especially well-received and much lauded. Soon after he was appointed assistant editor with the Home Journal.

He stayed there for three years before moving on to the New York Illustrated News in Whilst no doubt busy in his editorial duties, he still continued to prolifically write prose and his first novel was published in , Daisy's Necklace: And What Came of It. Out of His Head is a selection of his stories. Aldrich was fast becoming one of the most respected poets of the country.

In Aldrich and Lilian Woodman married, with whom he'd have twin sons. They soon settled in Boston, though spent many summers in Portsmouth. Aldrich took up the position of editor with the popular weekly Every Saturday where he remained until He was riding the wave of popularity and esteem he had earned throughout all of New England from such other poets as Nathaniel Hawthorne upon his release of Poems

Greg Lucas - Present. Mary Whitman. The Presidents' First Ladies. They soon settled in Boston, though spent many summers in Portsmouth. Katherine Aldrich. A Struggle For Life.

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  • Has appeared in The Day of the Locust as a character named Homer Simpson, and then later made a guest appearance on The Simpsons
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  • Afterwards he returned to Mendon.
  • During the first season of 24 , Leslie Hope played the wife of his son, Kiefer Sutherland.
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  • He was one of twenty-eight Lecompton Democrats in the Senate.
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