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Aladdin can empathize with feeling trapped. The whole thing is odd for multiple reasons. Jun 24, - Turn off your Ad Block Plus for a better experience View all announces Jan 16, - What is or isn't permitted on imagefap updated 6 July, That's what the prefects assume she's doing. And then expel her from Hogwarts for lying, leaving her to spend the rest of her days begging in the streets of Knockturn Alley. She thought that being a Fa might help her get on the team. She knows.

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Anna Caption Cartoon. Cartoon Disney Hentai. They got lonely in the woods. Pocahontas and Nakoma: Friendship with Benefits Is Magic. He tries to focus on the view of the school looming before him, getting closer. He tries to think about the new Quidditch magazine he'd been owled before he'd left. What kind of story was so good people could tolerate all the words?

He thinks back to the glint in her eyes as she turned the page. What kind of novel could make someone so She must be a Ravenclaw. Probably sixteen by the looks of her. Not a quidditch player, he would have seen her in one of his Slytherin vs Ravenclaw matches. Her horror was too. Her horror at him. Of course. He's a beast. Who wouldn't be horrified? His emotions escalate from there until he's trashing at the carriage seats.

He kicks and punches for a while then finally he calms down and forces himself to breathe. He repeats the command till he's seated in his regular spot at the edge of the furthest Slytherin table. Somehow, his eyes wander to her. He likes her laugh. She looks knowingly at the reassuring glance the newly sorted Fawn Swanson gives Silvermist Waters.

The Beast cannot tell what it is about the way they look at each other that makes the Ravenclaw girl smile, but somehow it makes him smile too. He watches her watch an abundance of people get sorted into Hufflepuff. Iridessa Ray. Lilo Pelekai. Rosetta Gardner. There are a few students sorted into other houses too, of course.

Vidia Gale, with her fierce glare and anti social vibe fits every Slytherin stereotype. John Darling, a boy with a thoughtful look in his eyes, joins his older sister in Ravenclaw. Lastly, there is Tinkerbell Zimmermann. A part of him is still considering the girl's identity. The Beast is sick.

Miss Dumas is supposed to meet him in the Slytherin dorm at seven. The Ravenclaw girl is standing outside, shivering. She's beautiful even as the corners of her mouth turn downwards in a frown, even as her large brown eyes glare at him. Inside is a room, almost as nice as his own bedroom. Father's connections are fortunate at times.

On the other side of the castle, at Gryffindor Tower, a party is in full swing. A party that Briar Rose feels out of place in. Briar Rose hates parties. Crowds make her uncomfortable. She glances over at them. Snow has side bangs now and Ella has grown an inch. And, he must have changed his exercise regime because, well, he looks more muscular.

They stand there, uncertain of what to say. The Aunts are acting strange though. He shakes his head, chuckling. Father-son bonding time. Briar chuckles and shakes her head. He shrugs, putting an end to the whole conversation, and turns to his friend Florian.

They start talking about Quidditch matches and hunting trips. Briar fidgets in her seat. Any second now Florian turns to Snow, and Briar lets out a sigh. Briar considers burying her face in her hands. Snow grins. What if we all got pen pals from Beauxbaton or Durmstrang? How do you feel about mine? Would you like a drink? Was that flirting? That is how Phillip flirts. Briar feels awkward.

Maybe she does fancy him a little. Anastasia and Drizella. Ella rises quickly from her seat, pushing past people hurriedly to find the nearest balcony. He turns around, and Ella immediately recognizes him. Henry Charming. Even the sound of his voice gives her chills.

Ella had demons watching her every move, ordering her around, and downright bullying her every chance they got. Her dad died her second year at Hogwarts. Her stepfamily used her rightful inheritance as blackmail. She was probably the least lucky person in England. She looks up at the starry sky. She never wanted to talk about this topic. He wanted to talk to her about this topic.

She keeps her face turned away. The next few minutes pass in silence, with Ella keeping her eyes trained on the stars. The stars…. She loved the stars. All of those wishes came true. Now, none of them did. Ella is ready to bet the only sickle she owns that he knows nothing about constellations.

Henry nods, his eyes focusing in on the cluster. Most of them died or were punished unfairly. Anyway, this myth is probably my favourite because it gives me hope. No matter how bad things look there can be a way out. Thanks for reading! So sorry for the wait!

This month has been crazy. Also I'm posting this on the Saturday before a week of AP tests As always please let me know if you liked this by giving kudos or comments. This took a long time to perfect. I think I'm satisfied with it now though. Sorry about the wait! Snow wakes up with a throbbing temple. I was smashed and you know how I get. No easy avoidance. She can't face the truth.

Not right now. Not ever, maybe. Why can't he just leave her alone? I know you have feelings for me. Why is he pressing it? Why does he have to do this? She shuts her eyes tightly, trying to make everything go away. She feels small. With him. Ten minutes before History of Magic. She looks broken. Miss Composure.

Miss Calm and Collected. A part of her knows he was just heartbroken. More like Heart Breaks Self Control. Heart Breaks Conscience. He leads her up the stairs. She knows where. The Room of Requirement. Today it looks like the Hufflepuff common room, warm and inviting. He hugs her tightly. That boy never came into the room.

Deep down. I mean. I mean, kissing you was great. Just, every time you asked me out, it felt wrong. He suggests she take a nap, but she just wants to get to History. A sink appears, and she washes her face. So what are you going to tell Kocoum? Kocoum happy: I mean he moved here from America to play for Puddlemere. He keeps shoving him at me.

Your dad keeps shoving who at you? Kocoum Opechancanough You mean Kocoum Fall? The youngest chaser on Puddlemere United?! His real last name is Opechancanough. Since when do you have a type? And Kocoum is not interesting. Damn it. I told you. Serious and boring. You mean mysterious and brooding. No, I mean serious and boring.

Was he at least nice? He was cordial. Who the heck uses that word? He does. I mean you clearly like him. Hey what about me? Please, you have Quasi wrapped around your nimble fingers. Ha, like Phillip and Briar are best friends. Pshh, he asked her out… Really? Yeah I think she said no. Merlin, why would she say no to Phillip? They known each other forever!

I know! Or, as I have now dubbed you, Quasmerelda. That sounds like a disease. Yeah the loooooove sickness. Ah, no. Why not? I just.. I think of him like a brother. You sure he thinks of you as a sister? I do not ogle. There is ogling in both cases. So has Kocoum asked you out or something? Ooh you have to figure out how to let him down gently.

What do I do? Okay, okay fine. I know. Professor Fauna says she has a calming effect on them. She loves them though. She loves the greenhouse, loves how fresh everything looks and smells. It has a calming effect on her. She finds him eating a cracker by a bench in the quad. Hogwarts is big about making sure students keep the quad immaculate, so he couldn't have just found it, and everyone's at dinner, so no one could have just given it to him.

Pocahontas turns around to see a semi-familiar face carrying a package of Saltines. John Smith. A seventh year on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. A chaser? Meeko frowns, as much as a racoon can frown. He broke his foot and I mended it for him and when I tried to let him go he kept coming back.

Eventually, I convinced my dad to let me talk to an animal healer who got rid of his rabies. Unfortunately, being wild also makes him prone to destroying things. Professor Porter and Tarzan take care of him. And at home he lives in my backyard. She notices his eyes focusing on her chest.

John Smith does not seem like the type of bloke to be interested in a Muggle rock band. Pocahontas puts her hands in her… his pockets. Her hands brush against the crackers, and she pulls them out. She returns the package after retrieving her own robes. And then he walks away. I mean I have to watch a bunch of grumpy teenagers clean when I could be at home with my wife.

That was an amusing prank. It can be quite terrifying. So she just huffs and waits for the other miscreants to file in, thinking about all the reasons why Tarzan should be on her side rather than vocalising it. Merida met Tarzan when she was just an ickle firstie. He was the first authority figure—if you could call him an authority figure—that she actually liked.

He had a good sense of humour. He was a good sort of bloke, and she liked to think that he really was on her side for the most part. The old Grandfather clock reads 7: Aladdin enters first, followed by Flynn. No Naveen though. That sneaky bastard is good at getting out of trouble. Flynn nods hello as he takes a seat to her right. Taking the seat to her left, Al gives her a smile.

She meets their eyes in acknowledgement and then turns back to the clock. One more minute. In that last minute the room starts to fill. She recognizes a few faces. When the Grandfather clock strikes eight Tarzan leads them to the trophy room. He hands each student a toothbrush and a bucket of soap.

A standard punishment. Merida feels bad for him. This time, they do not. Everyone just takes a section of the room and starts scrubbing, making quiet conversation as they work. Dunbroch terrifies him about as much as she terrifies Merida. More, as far as Merida can gather, because she actually has expectations of him.

No way, you actually talked to her? After a bit of mind-searching, Merida recognises the name. Her voice alone should have given Merida chills. Ursula is… terrifying. Big and beefy, with punk makeup and piercings and a foul expression. She looks like she could kill someone. But that's not what makes her scary. No wonder she she's in Slytherin. But Merida wants to rant, to anyone.

She wants to complain about her mum and her rules. Her stupid expectations. She has no respect for what I want to do with my life. She just sees her side of the story. Merida nods. I could find a way to make my mum more bearable! Ursula is already gone. Merida doesn't care. Her mind whirrs with ways to sneak into the Forbidden Forest.

Yes, I know it's been forever. I mean it. The thing is when I last posted, I was finishing up junior year and beginning the dreaded process of applying to universities. So basically, any and every time I yearned to work on this fic, my brain was like: But now I've finished applying basically , and while I'm still crazy busy I can write fanfic without a guilty conscience: I can return to tMoH!

That being said, I don't think the next chapter will be ready for another month or so as I have a regional conference next week, my school is hosting a debate tournament in 2 weeks, and I have a college interview in 3 weeks. Anywho, I hope you enjoy this chapter and it's worth the nearly year-long wait.

Tinkerbell is bored out of her mind. She hates the Ravenclaw common room. She hates the stupid desks and all the stupid boring people just studying. She even sort of hates her dormitory, even if she does have a comfortable bed and the whole room to herself. She considers trying to read or taking a nap or writing a letter begging for a house transfer.

Before she can actually start anything, though, a weasel Patronus appears. Tink immediately cheers up. Tinkerbell stairs at the mirror, considering her appearance. Sure, she saw Peter just a couple of weeks ago. She sighs, putting her hair into a bun, wondering if it makes her look older, then goes off to the Commons to wait for Peter.

Tink has been in love with him forever. Peter Pan! The master of fun, leader of the Lost Boys, king of Neverland, the boy who will never, ever grow up. When she finally spots him, making his way through the room, her heart skips a beat. So well, in fact, that she has to suppress a squeal when he turns his head in her direction. And not just any girl, a pretty girl.

After about five minutes of shameless flirting, he finally notices her. This is Wendy Moira Angela Darling. She skips ahead, leaving Wendy by herself. Propriety means nothing when it comes to pretty girls with soft voices that could steal away her Peter. She was my partner in potions.

Like, fancy her? They reach the secret entrance to the kitchen. Thankfully, the corridor is empty. Happy has been missing you students. Tink has ice cream like the rest of the Lost Boys. She laughs as Peter gets a bit of milk on his chin and then wipes it away for him, motherly.

Tink tries to simmer, but her cheeks betray her, burning red as always. A bright red, not the pretty pink that colors Wendy Darling. As people begin finishing their bowls, they start to grumble. Then the grumbling turns into a chant. Now, James Hook, Tink has heard about. He tried to bully Peter and the boys into giving up their dormitory, the best one in the dungeon--Neverland.

But of course, Peter led them to victory, defeating the older student in a duel. A real pirate too, like in the storybooks. And boring. All anyone does is study. But yeah, we are pretty lucky. Fawn and Silvermist really fancied each other. Normally, it takes Lottie at least a few months to get all dress happy.

Tiana glances up. The dress looks the same as the last one she'd eagerly modeled. Revealing but still classy. Lottie grins and follows the woman to the stockroom where they hold the more expensive dresses. Tiana decides to explore. The store is moderately busy, like all the stores in the village nowadays. Hogsmeade has become more and more residential, much larger, and certainly more frequented.

Tiana wanders through the department, looking at robes and hats and jumpers and pants. Gone is the ubiquity of traditional robes with matching pointy hats, now rejected by most in favor of Muggle-style pants and blouses. Yes, clothing choice has changed greatly since the social acceptance of Muggles and Muggleborns and—.

That accent could only belong to one person. Naveen Maldonia. Second of all, you can't afford to spend ten galleons on a tie. And third, you should be at work, no? Tiana rolls her eyes, "Well, there's nothing unusual about you. Still look and sound like an arse. She wants to flip him off, tell him to go to hell, and scream that he fucking deserves to get disinherited. She needs the money.

She needs it for her restaurant--their restaurant. And of course she wanted--wants it too. Why does Lottie like him? Belle puts on her blouse then turns to the clock and the caldera. All the other Slytherins must still be asleep. She can feel the disapproval of Salazar Slytherin--literally, as his portrait glares at her. She makes her way to his dormitory. He has special permission to have his own.

Belle does not know why, or even how, but he does. No, actually, scratch that. He avoids people in every room. She walks away from the door. The room is a mess. Tables and chairs strewn all over. Furniture broken. Torn curtains. Torn tapestries. Everything coated with spider webs. She walks through quickly, looking at everything, until a glow catches her eyes.

In the centre of the room, encased in glass, is a single red rose surrounded by a mysterious pink aura. Belle runs as fast as she possibly can. Runs out of the dungeon. Runs out of the castle. Runs into the woods. Runs into the Forbidden Forest. They gnaw at her robes. She can almost feel their hot breath on the backs of her legs. She knows if she turns around now, she will be met with snapping teeth and vicious claws.

And then there he is, fighting the whole pack. He fights like a Beast. Bright light, colors burst beneath her eyelids. She opens her eyes when the fighting noises stop. She casts a lightening charm and carries him back to the castle through a secret passage that leads to the dungeons. She knows better than to take him to Master Sweet.

The Forbidden Forest has its name for a reason. Potts, the enchanted teapot yes, even his teapot is enchanted , pours her some hot water to clean his wounds with. He regains consciousness, a good sign. Unfortunately, it also makes her task much harder. Belle realizes something, watching him there, grimacing as he tosses and turns on the couch: Now that she thinks about it, the answer is clear: He has anger management problems.

He acts beastly. But when it came down to it, he rescued her. He put her life before his. He threatened her. They talk about Quidditch. They talk about the weather. They talk about themselves—no, Belle talks about herself. A part of her bursts with questions.

Why did he care so much? Why was it glowing? But she knows better than to bring it up. The whole thing is odd for multiple reasons. Belle loathes sports and subsequently talking about them. And she rarely ever talks about herself. As in he scared me shitless. I ran as fast as I could out of the castle, and, I kid you not, right into a pack of wolves. I feel weird. I still sort of hate him, for tormenting my father.

For tormenting me. But I sort of respect him, too. Enchanted household objects, a glowing rose, a guy that heals fast. Maybe I just need to sleep on it. Thank you for reading! If all goes to plan next chapter will be from the points of view of Mulan, Aladdin, and Ariel. Also, if anyone is interested, I've started a playlist for this fic on Spotify.

Comment and I'll post a link. It's currently private. Okay so this was supposed to come out last night but I was so tired I fell asleep. To be honest I feel like it should have come out sooner but life is still busy after apps are over with all my commitments and hrs of homework.

But enough excuses: I had a lot of fun writing these characters and I hope you have fun reading about them: Thank you so much to those of you that have. The baby dragon, which honestly looks more like an Asian lizard, stares back at her in reply.

Ugh, and practice means having to deal with their hygiene, which, based on her observations, stinks. No one to explain herself too. No one wondering about where she was this beautiful Saturday morning. And probably the only easy part of the whole ordeal. She spent months trying, and failing, to procure the potion she needed and was eventually reduced to making it from scratch.

It took a lot of research to find out where to buy raw maca root in England. Then at school, she spent two weeks freaking over the guy outfits she bought and the team application and the dueling spells and charms she'd need to know for tryouts. It was exhausting.

It is exhausting. So far, mostly in terms of anxiety, but the tasks ahead are going to wear her out too. Mulan reaches the Quidditch pitch at a good time. Not too early not too late. She marches in, taking large steps and puffing up her chest. It takes a few minutes before she realizes how ridiculous she looks. She turns it down a few notches and glances around nervously. Nose picking and messing around take precedence over anything else.

One bloke is going on about this tattoo he had enchanted to protect him. It must have been a bad enchantment because the guy next to him easily manages to suckerpunch his arm. He, the suckerpuncher, and his friends double over with laughter at the naivety of the tattooed sap. Okay Mulan, you should say something. This will be easier if you practice.

She punches the guy on the arm, but before she can say anything, he spins around. She can feel herself twitching, because she wants so badly to tell him that makes no fucking sense, and come on, that was a friendly bro punch. Thankfully, someone helps her out of the abyss. Come and meditate with me. To her surprise, however, not only does Yao go along with it, but it works.

She sighs in relief. Unfortunately, right then, Mushu decides to escape from her pocket and bite her. Dragon bites are painful. Even when they come from baby miniature dragons. And naturally, when Shang and Gaston ask who started the battle, all fingers point at Mulan. She apologizes best she can. Ping Fa. This is the name she wrote carefully on her application.

She thought that being a Fa might help her get on the team. And then expel her from Hogwarts for lying, leaving her to spend the rest of her days begging in the streets of Knockturn Alley. Ha ha. Nothing big though. The first round of the first games was what could only be summarized as a really dangerous magical obstacle course. The first round of the third games was something that looked a lot like Quidditch but with a third team competing and only one ball.

Thus, tryouts are kind of odd. Shang tests the candidates on flying ability, magical ability, and athletic ability. Shang makes them do some Quidditch exercises, and she feels confident they went well. And Mulan may not be an athlete, but No buts there. Her biggest weakness is her athletic ability. For the final assessment, Shang makes them run a non-magical obstacle course and she cannot get through it.

She struggles with the rockwall and the hurdles, and she most certainly cannot get up that pole. He does the entire course in five minutes flat and looks great doing it. Mulan thanks whatever Supreme Being for making today hot. Shang shirtless is a glorious sight. At the end, Shang and Gaston confer.

Philip Hubert. Not me. Tadashi Hamada. Hercules Clements. Not- WAIT. And that was only the weekdays! The weekends were literally, dawn to dusk, training. She can almost see the corny film montage play out in her head and even hear the cheesy song that goes along with it.

Come in as boys or in her case, girls , come out as men. Wish for the greatest treasure. Grab the lamp, give it to you. Rolling his eyes a bit, Al heads off. He doesn't want to do this. Jafar always makes him squirm. He can probably help Al get her as his date to the Welcoming Dance.

He walks through the corridor:. I want the greatest treasure. I just want Jafar to help me. I wonder what the greatest treasure is. Three times: Is anything even going to come up? He opens one slowly. What he sees inside makes him gasp. Abu climbs out of his vest. Fuck what Merida says, he completely understands Aladdin. He follows Al and they traverse the room together.

How are we ever going to find the lamp? Al scours the room. Abu tugs at his pants every few minutes. C'mon out. I'm not gonna hurt you. Abu glares at it. Why does Jafar even want this? Before he wonders too much, though, the room starts to spin. Al turns to see that Abu touching a huge gold monkey statue. He can feel himself getting sucked back into the room by what seems to be a tornado of gold.

The room stops spinning and shaking. He wants to scream. He claws at the door to no avail. Why did I trust him?! He looks at The Lamp. It honestly feels more like plastic than gold in his hands. An inscription beneath the dust? Ten thousand years will really give you a crick in the neck! Then he rips off his head, seamlessly, and throws it in the air, letting it spin around till it reattaches to his neck.

The Lamp! Al learned about genies in History of Magic, where they discussed their impact on Wizardkind and their lack of civil rights movement. Al had never heard of one at Hogwarts or for that matter in all of England. The subjects of genies also came up in DADA. Professor Merriweather stressed how important it was to be careful with genies if they were ever to encounter them.

Genies could be immensely helpful, yes. But more often than not, they were bitter about being locked up and rather cruel. Their magic could be twisted and conniving. They twisted your words and consequently your wishes. In fact, in Muggle Studies, Headmistress Mouse mentioned their presence in Muggle literature, often shown as neutral or evil characters, teaching people to be thankful for what they had.

No substitutions, exchanges or refunds. I can't kill anybody. So don't ask. Rule two: I can't make anyone fall in love with anyone else. Rule three: I can't bring people back from the dead. It's not a pretty picture, I don't like doing it! Other than that, you got it! Al takes a moment to think.

Genies are tricky, sure, but he could be trickier. You mean limitations? On wishes? I don't know, Abu--he probably can't even get us out of this room. He stops them immediately. Are you lookin' at me? Did you rub my lamp? Did you wake me up, did you bring me here? And all of a sudden, you're walkin' out on me?

You're gettin' your wishes, so siddown!

Please live. Hands clasped, they glide up the stairs silently, like nimble nymphs. Ursula is already gone. Pocahontas struts out of the room rolling her eyes. These people tread through the station with caution, weary of others.

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The master of fun, leader of the Lost Boys, king of Neverland, the boy who will never, ever grow up. Then they wander around the school. Her room is perfect. Grab the lamp, give it to you. Thankfully, the corridor is empty. In shorts and tennies.

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