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Because nobody fucking wants it. Embed Embed on Tumblr. Chris N jerking his nice firm gay jizzster 1 by RealGay. Chris wants to cum for an audience. Oct 30, Messages: Arab boy is jerking off and cumshot is making nice "dropping of cum" sound.

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Love to see the full show. Dec 30, Messages: XTube Login Page this is the said video. Nov 30, Messages: Playgirl Pontius hope u enjoy: Oct 31, Messages: It's right there but it's censored! XTube Login Page. Feb 10, Messages: There's something oddly sexy and perverse about watching Steve O and the Jackass gang in white jockstraps do heinious things to their bodies and each other.

I've got my eyes closed and a hand on my lubed cock at the same time. I'm horny and yet disgusted. I guess I like em stupid and cute. Oct 30, Messages: Isn't mamma's mussy doing some shaking and baking? I think Chris Pontius is hot as hell! He's definitely the best looking of all the Jackasses. Not that that's saying much, but still Why were they filming this?

Why did he let them? Who is he? He always seemed either really high or genuinely stupid. Wasn't he in Sofia Coppola's Somewhere? Anyway, if someone finds the vid link it here! I saw it years ago and have wondered where it was since. Um, Ryan Dunn was the hottest. Before the accident. And just after the accident.

Chris Pontius had a hot, beefy ass in his heyday. Let's find this and get it online. Who knows Kosick? Good GOD I thought he was so hot in the 90s. Does Pontius Pilate wash his hands of the whole matter at the end of his video? Because it's not ? That's a pretty big dick Chris is packing.

I thought Johnny Knoxville was the hottest Jackass, Pontius a close runner up.

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Chris N jerking his nice firm gay jizzster 1 by RealGay. Chris wants to cum for an audience. Chris N jerking his nice firm gay jizzster 3 by RealGay. Chris and Max Go At It! Chris playing with his ass.

Chris N jerking his nice firm gay cock. Chris N jerking his nice firm gay cock part6. Chris And I Jerking It. JO to Chris's vids For Chris 4. Chris Cum. Chris For Fun. Gay dildo Chris starts to hold his salami and jerk it a bit. Chris Jacks Off.

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Forgot your password? Please check your mail and click on the link in the email to complete your subscription. But then Sep 14, Messages: Chris N jerking his nice firm gay cock. I know we do!


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  • Chris wants to cum for an audience.
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