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Her uncle, Richard, sought to kill her and take the headship of the Hellsing family for himself. I'm actually not a huge Hellsing fan. This indicates a possible connection to Millennium. Richard found her, cornered her, and shot her in her shoulder, spilling her blood across the floor of the room. Integra's Mother does not appear in her flashbacks, suggesting either that Integra never met the woman or that she died when Integra was very young. In Hellsing , he was staked in the heart but not destroyed. While Alucard may have been Hellsing's crown glory, Walter could very well be considered her second best soldier before Seras Victoria agrees to drink blood.

Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing

Dracula starts his career by fighting the Ottomans, believing that God does not reward prayer, but instead wants mortals to show their faith visibly. However, when his army is defeated and he is about to be executed, Vlad, believing he has been abandoned by God, turns his back on the divine.

It is not explicitly shown or stated how he became a vampire, but in one scene he drinks blood from the floor in front of an executioner. The series mentions the events of Bram Stoker 's Dracula , but deviates at the point of Dracula's defeat. In Hellsing , he was staked in the heart but not destroyed.

It is unknown if he was forced into servitude or was willing, but he became a servant of the Van Helsing family, who not only augmented his formidable abilities, but also placed shackles on his power. He, along with a young Walter C. Dornez , were sent to Warsaw, Poland to stop Millennium's vampire production program.

While the TV series does not include the same scenes to explicitly state that Alucard is Dracula, the end of the anime series implied that he is Vlad the Impaler , one of the original inspirations for Dracula. In the OVA series, however, it is much more explicitly stated that he is Dracula. In episode 8 of the OVA, he is shown as his former self wearing medieval armor, a long black cape blood red on the inside , long hair, a mustache, and a long sword.

Alucard is extremely violent, sadistic, and masochistic, he often taunts and belittles his opponents, allowing them to inflict wounds before regenerating and retaliating, as shown in his first appearance in the manga. His thirst for battle is fueled by a desire to find an opponent powerful enough to end his eternal life, although he really wishes only to be slain by a human, for "Only a human can destroy a monster.

Only a human could dare hope to. He expresses admiration for some humans, calling Integra's order to kill "splendid" [7] and the determination of his rival, Alexander Anderson , to destroy him an example of the "fantastic" and "magnificent" qualities of humans. Commenting on the "Bonnie and Clyde" in the story, he mentions the two vampires' killing as unnecessary.

Alucard is the closest thing to an immortal. Rejuvenated, it proceeded to kill her persecutors, thus saving her. Richard, desperate, attempted to kill Integra one last time, but the vampire blocked his bullet. Picking up a gun, Integra shot and killed her uncle, becoming the last descendent of the Hellsing bloodline.

The vampire, whose name was Alucard, became her loyal servant. Not long after, Integra was knighted and introduced to Vice Admiral Sir Shelby Penwood, a former friend of her father.

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Upon seeing Integra for the first time, Sir Penwood said that she was far too young to fulfill her duty.

He revised his opinion during the actual storyline, in which he admitted that it was an honor to have met and served with her in his farewell message, prior to his death. His sacrifice was just one of the many examples that helped solidify Integra's resolution about humanity's worth and continue her duty.

Integra as a child was more timid than she is now, yet a very willful girl, being brought up with a commanding presence that even Alucard respects. She was forced to grow up quickly after her treacherous uncle tried to kill her. When Alucard became her servant, she grew more confident and comfortable with her position as head of the Hellsing family and a Knight of the Round Table.

Much like Seras Victoria , Integra experiences a coming of age, gaining experience and losing her remaining innocence as events unfold and the war begins, transforming into a leader with an iron resolution who does not flinch at the first signs of danger and who gains wisdom through dire losses and betrayals. During inside she and Seras slaughtered the remaing forces and then approched the Captain, Integra leaves Seras to go fight the Werewolf while she goes for the Major.

Integra reaches the room where the Major is and she tries to break his glass dome but fails. She witnessess Alucard's dissapearance and she raged against the Major and Seras, who after defeating the Captain uses her cannon to break the dome along with blowing half of the Major which reveals that he is a cyborg. Integra and the Major both gunned at each other and Integra gets her eye shot but suceeds in killing The Major.

She and Seras feel Walter passing away, the battle won, the two then fled from the giant Zeppelin. Integra and the current Penwood talked about his grandfather the orginal penwood and claims that he has slashed Nazis and then the current Penwood leaves. Seras and Integra were waiting for Alucard to come saying that it has been 30 years. When Integra went to bed Alucard finally appeared and she offered him her blood similiar to how she gave Seras her blood.

Integra's known family includes Abraham Van Helsing, a Dutch metaphysican and philosopher and one of the main characters of Bram Stoker's Dracula, who was either her grandfather or her great-grandfather. Her father was Sir Arthur Hellsing, who died when she was 13 years old 12 years old in the manga , in Even though Integra had a far from normal childhood and did not go to school or a daycare, it was obvious that Arthur loved Integra very much, and wanted the best for her.

It was from him that she inherited her current position as Bureau Director of the Hellsing Organization and her seat in the Convention of Twelve. On the other hand, this form comes equipped with a white outfit consisting of a coat and cap, and in this form wields a tommy gun. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. He also has other forms with their own appearances and weapons, which include: Retrieved from " https: Cancel Save.

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In the OVA, Integra's hair is longer, her skin is darker, her ascot is red with a silver cross, and her suit is black. Richard, desperate, attempted to kill Integra one last time, but the vampire blocked his bullet. This indicates a possible connection to Millennium. In Volume 8, Alucard addresses Integra with his own title, calling her " hakushaku " or Count , implying that while he is her servant he views her as his equal in power and deserving of his status but not as a spouse or lover. In the OVA series, however, it is much more explicitly stated that he is Dracula.

Alucard (Hellsing):

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In Hellsing , he was staked in the heart but not destroyed. Being wounded by paper and putting up with Alucard. I love the look on Alucard's face on that last panel!

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