Hawks Gym Las Vegas Nevada

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So, if you're in Vegas and you feel like fucking around for a couple of hours, stop in and shoot your wad any time. They have a gloryhole set-up that was pitch black. I met a gorgeous, smooth muscle-bodied Asian boy on a Friday night and watched him take five loads before I slid my cock in his smooth, cummy hole. Please click here to access our online questionnaire http: Look for the large black sign.

Sauna and shower area were fine, steam room had an odor --musty I guess, from being hot and humid--maybe too hot, it seemed empty most of the time. There is a large room with different areas--space could probably be utilized better with more places to sit. One area had a few places to sit and lie and watch videos. There is a darker room in that area. There are also 2 other smaller rooms--one is a similar video room with places to sit, another is dark but just has standing area.

Smoking is permitted inside some businesses in Las Vegas, and this place had a smoking area inside. When more people show up, there is another area that opens up with some larger rooms and sitting area. Overall the place seemed to be clean, and maintained. Would I go back? Had a great sexy time! Hawks is as clean or better than any other gay bathhouse.

Last time i was there, get in, took a shower and hooked up with a guy in the showers, sucked him off right there and received a nice load of cum before 15 minutes. Ended up the night being fucked on the sling by a black guy with a huuuuge cock.

To get the most out of Hawks At Hawks, not so much. There is a time window however, when I've found the place most rewarding. I've started going weekdays between 10AM and 2PM. I go to suck as much cock as I can and swallow gallons of jizz. Many of the patrons who are there during that time frame are men on their lunch break.

They're not going to wander around without a purpose. And I'm glad to do it. With this frame of reference, I can't go wrong. Check it out. Is this a good place to start? Any advice about LV gay scene would be welcome as never been here before. Thanks guys xx.

Feel free to read my most recent post on my profile with the check in that says Hawks the owner shouted racial slurs at me and followed me through his parking lot just to tell me to leave I do not appreciate being called a nigger for any reasonhe's just lucky that I'm not as black as he thinks I am otherwise he would've got his ass beat that night amongst other things.

Omfg, it happened! I just bought wasabi flavored oreos from China. Check back October November 6 to find out how delicious they are. So last weekend I went to meet someone for the first time at Hawks Spa here in Las Vegas and mind you I've only been there once before about a week prior. And the person I was meeting with was paying for me to get in because all I had was plastic well as I was waiting for my entry confirmation the owner came up to me and told me that I looked sketchy walking to and from my car but mind you I caught an Uber there.

And then proceeded to tell me that I needed to leave the venue Now I have operated and run many venues in my life and know that we have a right to refuse service to anyone. And even though I asked the owner what I did wrong as to not make the same mistake not only did he not feel it was important to tell me but decided to tell me to walk away from the venue or he would call metro.

And I wasn't being belligerent hostile abrasive mean or even sarcastic.

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Trisha bath video indxvideos sweden porn videos free Well as I was calling my Uber and clearly walking through the parking lot with my headphones on, behind me I heard "hey Nigger"! I pretended as though I did not hear it so that I would not have a black guy reaction and haul off on someone's ass LOL until he was literally beside me with a couple of other guys and I finally acknowledged him.

He then proceeded to tell me again to leave the property. Now y'all know I'm working on myself and trying to be a better person so I just continued walking even farther away as though he was in the right and as though I had not heard his racial slur. Now I have been a lot of things but I am way to verbally diverse and have never dressed hood or even acted like a nigger in public.

But I was completely offended on numerous scales and for many reasons. I have sat with this for a few days now and debated on saying anything to anyone anywhere but at this point I know everybody has a bad day but he also proceeded to slander my name and tell the hottie I was going to meet that he had had prior issues with me.

Then there are a lot of cool young and middle-age types: And all are so ready to fuck and suck. The staff is the best, very friendly. The place looks and smells clean. I'm telling you, my dick was drained from all the ass and dick sucking and fucking that went on. By the way, each time I went the action didn't stop until 5 am.

I arrived at about 8 pm each time. Posted Sep 10 This is a pretty good place to go for just about anyone. I am an older, bi man but still in good shape and have an eight-inch, fat, uncut cock. I have been once or twice on the weekend and several times during the week. There is a wide age range, different races and body types but definitely something for everyone.

I have never failed to get my cock sucked several times and tight asses are always being offered. Granted it is a bit slower during the week, especially day times, but I've never left without draining at least once or twice. Over Labor Day weekend I went on Sunday afternoon and early evening; had a great time with lots of sex going on and a variety of men.

The only thing this place is missing is a spa. The steamroom is steamy and clean. I really enjoyed the suck ramp where you can get your fill. The back play area is clean and interesting. If you like wearing your leather this is the place to do it in Vegas.

Posted Aug 31 I went there last week for the first time. On Thursday night the staff was friendly and very welcoming, which shocked me, however the action was Ok with a lot of old white guys and a few black and Latino guys. But they were hot and I sucked a dick and got mine sucked a few times. I went back the next day, which was Friday, and it was hot. I went pretty late, around midnight.

I fucked two guys, didn't suck off anyone because it started to die down, which by that point it was 2 am. But it was hot with guys of all races and of course a few old guys, but the hot out weighed the old. And it is clean considering how dated it looks. I enjoyed it so much it was scary. I think if I had stayed a bit longer it would have picked back up.

Posted Aug 18 Went on a Wednesday night and had a good time; all types of guys, but mostly older. Overall it's a nice place. Posted Aug 02 I went three times over 48 hours. Tuesday night the place was crowded but not a lot of action. Once an amazing stud walked in everyone got interested. Great place, wide variety, and not too many people who can't take no for an answer.

I never miss stopping by when in Vegas! Posted Jul 19 I went there late on a Saturday night. I've been before. I got fucked twice and sucked a couple of cocks. Posted Feb 26 This place is bareback heaven! I spent three consecutive nights there and had no problem whatsoever finding young, cute, and smooth bareback bottoms boys willing to take a few loads.

I met a gorgeous, smooth muscle-bodied Asian boy on a Friday night and watched him take five loads before I slid my cock in his smooth, cummy hole. I only lasted two minutes before I added my load to the mix! The club is small but clean and seems to be the happening place in Vegas.

I will definitely be back to load up some more young bareback bottom boys! Posted Feb 19 I was there on Monday night and there were lots of guys looking for action. The guys that were there were by no means perfect looking but everybody was looking for hot fucking and sucking action and we all got some.

If you are looking for perfect 10's this isn't the place for you but if you are just a guy looking to get off and you don't mind if you guy is not perfect. Go here and have fun. Posted Feb 03 I went there only to find out that I had wasted my money. The place is old and dirty. I walked around and there were only old guys. The management is nice and friendly but they need to do something to bring in better clientele.

Posted Jan 30 Hawks was very clean and the staff was very nice and kept it clean. I'm twenty-seven years old, medium build, and love to get naked with a bunch of guys. There were plenty at Hawks. The dungeon area was pretty dead, but the rest of the place was hopping two nights in a row.

Lots of Asians and some Middle Eastern guys too. Some Latinos, but could be more. White and black represented too. Posted Jan 26 Went by in December and had a great time. It's clean with lots of different rooms. The only thing missing is a hot tub. Posted Jan 24 I was there last Thursday and intend on going again this Thursday.

I love this place. Had a lot of group action then some one-on-one. It is a diverse crowd with all types: Everyone was there to play and have fun. I like the diversity, even the old trolls were considerate when I said I was not interested. I don't care if they watch -- good for them and good for me and the hot stud in the sling!

Thank you Mr. Studly Hotty who gave me a great fuck! Posted Jan 05 This is a fine bathhouse. I was in Vegas for a week last year and ended up going every night. No, it didn't hurt that I'm in good shape and have a good body. I got plenty of attention. I'll definitely go back. Posted Dec 31 I had to go to Vegas in early December and decided to stay overnight at Hawks.

I was fairly glad I did. The staff was friendly one fellow was a bit standoffish but the other two were very nice and I thought the facilities were quite nice. I thought Hawks was one of the nicer ones. I'm in my late forties, reasonably good-looking, well-hung, average body, and I got some nice action there. But yes, sometimes there was some attitude being thrown around.

More than one guy told me I was the hottest guy there that night. I got gang-fucked really, totally manhandled in the dark room, sucked-off an incredibly cute, very young Latino guy in the shower, and a guy in the steamroom sucked my cock while I pissed in his mouth. And, I have to say their steamroom is one of the top three nicest I have ever been in.

I'll probably go back next time I'm there. This bathhouse was exceptionally clean and cruisy. I was there on a Monday and Tuesday night the first week of December and had a blast. Lots of Asians and Latinoa, some Middle Eastern, and of course a few white and black guys. No attitude, loads of fun, everyone even the people I didn't think were attractive was getting something.

I must have had eight to ten guys between the two nights. Posted Dec 16 Honestly, this place is not impressive. Not clean for sure. If you are into older, chubby guys or even transvestites, this is a place for you. I definitely won't go back. Not even if it was free entry. Posted Dec 07 I definitely think the negative reviews are from someone trying to hurt the business.

Maybe the other place across the parking lot? I was there in May and July and had the best experience ever in a place like that. Action everywhere and all types of guys and very little attitude from anyone. Can't wait for my next visit! Posted Nov 01 Far, far from being a nice place. It's a pretty crappy place. Has no fun hideaway spots or places for good group action. A very very lame video room.

Don't waste your money. Stay in your hotel and jackoff alone. Posted Sep 25 I'm so glad I didn't listen to the bad reviews here. This is a really fun place. Posted Jul 15 This place is great! I went two nights in a row Friday and Saturday at 11 pm. Clean, the staff is super friendly, and I left after blowing two loads and with a sore dick. Different types of guys, no attitude.

The orgy room and double level room are the best! Don't forget the group room off of the dungeon. When I checked out after three hours, the staff offered to get me a cab and paged me when it arrived. I will definitley be back! Posted Jun 21 I was visiting from out of town and left Hawks after less than thirty minutes.

The layout is lame and uninspired. The darkroom is an Ok idea and so is the room with the two short levels, but there are no gloryholes and very few dark areas. There wasn't one good-looking or well-built guy when I was there. What kind of dungeon is that?

The rooms are tiny, have only one porn channel and the beds are more like large padded shelves. No sheets, no pillows, no shelving to put your stuff on. I won't be back to Hawks on my next trip to Vegas unless I'm super desperate. The staff was nice though. Posted May 31 Ok, let's get real. I noticed no one has mentioned what type of guys go to Hawks. I am a local and go every so often to see if it's going to change because a large percentage that go to Hawks are older, out of shape extremely fat guys.

There are a lot of Asian guys for those into them. Once in a while some built, cute guys show up but don't hold your breath until they show. Posted Feb 18 Really amazing! All ages and sizes. What they say about the staff is all true; probably the best of any bathhouse I've been to in the US. I watched a guy get gangbanged in the darkroom in the back one night.

Went there on a slower night and had a young, bearded guy. I stroked him, put him in the sling and pounded his ass. I've been there a few times and had some hot group sex. Last time I must have swallowed six loads and fucked three guys! I plan on going again! Posted Jan 29 Went there Friday night at 7 pm after a pleasant drink at the Spotlight Lounge, which is in the same shopping center.

The action at Hawks was hot. Lots of guys of all ages and lots of dark rooms. Plenty of oral and anal all around. And even more guys were arriving as I was leaving at 10 pm. Pleasant boys at the front desk, too. I will definitely be returning on my next trip to Las Vegas. Went there on a Wednesday night and had lots of fun! Mostly because of one hot kid that was there. He was a military jock-type boy with a hot face and an even hotter ass.

They have a gloryhole set-up that was pitch black. It's lights out on Wednesdays. This kid let just about everyone in the club fuck him raw. He was facing the wall with his ass out, and everyone was lining up to fuck him. It was an amazingly hot scene! Only problem is that part of the reason he was so popular is that he was definitely the hottest guy in the place and so everyone else there swarmed around him.

I'm sure he didn't mind because he wanted to be a total slut, but guys of all ages and sizes and races took turns fucking him. While I was watching, nine guys fucked him and I was only there for half the show. Otherwise, the rest of the crowd was only so-so. A couple really, really aggressive trolls were present that almost made the place unpleasant.

But the staff was friendly. I'll probably go back just to see if the hot kid is there letting everyone in the joint pump him anonymously and raw. Posted Dec 28 This place is clean and has a friendly staff. You can find exciting sex daily. I go about once a month. Posted Nov 26 Hawks is fully remodeled with steam and sauna, new showers and a square foot dungeon! This is the place for hot, no attitude man-on-man action.

Posted Nov 22 Went twice during the first part of the month. The first afternoon I was there I had several explosive encounters. Lots of open areas and dark corners to play in. Action everywhere from the video room to on top of the pool table. The second time I was there was late at night. Not much going on until a great-looking stud from Michigan came in with another guy he met at a bar.

The three of us got hot and heavy in the video room for about thirty minutes. The Michigan guy and I continued on our own until I was spent. Had to leave, but will be back the next time I'm in town. Posted Feb 08 I was there on a Wednesday from 8: Not many guys were there, but I managed to connect with some hot Asian, Spanish, and black guys.

They were all hot and in their late twenties. The black guy had a hot thick cock, which took great care of my butt. I have been there before and the place is always clean. A must-stop for me every time I am in Vegas. I've been several times and always had a good time. I'm older and heavy, and there are always some pretty boys who wouldn't come near me, but I have always found some very nice men, both older and younger, to have a good time with.

We went to Hawks on a Friday Night and there was nothing that I would use your dick to fuck. The facilities were also nasty. There's no steamroom and no hot tub, just a few rooms with trolls and mildew. Posted Aug 19 This is the best place in Vegas. They now have a great area for action and the clientele is pretty hot most of the time.

I went to Hawks Tuesday night around Midnight. The place is clean and nice, but was nothing going on and I left very unsatisfied around 3 am! I returned on Thursday night around 2 am and it was nice. They have great rooms and areas for public sex! I would recommend this place for the weary traveler that hopes to bust a nut!

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When he was done we parted ways and I went back to my room to recover. Back to my room later, the black guy came in again to use me some more, only this time he had a friend and he fisted me. You are better off at any f the casino spas. He got tired and needed a break so I went off to the showers to clean up. Last week, I visited Hawks Gym. The worst part is they allow smoking and the entire place reeks of cigarette smoke. I go about once a month.

Hawks All Male Gym:

Super hot. Forgot account? CFS Members may now put their plans with specific dates, etc. So with that being said and story told I decided to post it here to Facebook so if any of my black friends associates constituents or otherwise have frequented or are planning on frequenting or visiting Hawks Spa here in Las Vegas I advise you the owner is a racist and almost got his ass beat that night.

Nails Nail Salon. Far, far from being a nice place. He was still in the locker room and we immediately went to the cock sucking room and I deep-throated his perfect cock until I was gagging on all the saliva. Put the dungeon in another spot or spread it across a few rooms.

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