How To Setup Obs Stream

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Accept Learn more…. I will be adding additional videos in the near future. This Source is often overlooked, and while one of the simplest in function, it can allow for some of the most powerful functionality in OBS Studio. Add comment Cancel Reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Launched this resource with a few video guides missing, resource has been updated to include all It's the only source that will capture games running in full screen mode, but it can occasionally be unstable. At first, your sources will be all over the place -- maybe your webcam feed is covering an important part of your game's interface.

Stream Settings

You can only add one display capture source per display. If you need your display in multiple scenes, make sure you use Add Existing! Game Capture is one of the primary sources that many users will be looking to use. Game Capture is the most efficient way you can add your games to OBS, and should always be tried first.

There are only a very small number of games that do not work with Game Capture. Once you add your Game Capture Source, you will need to select a few options that suit your current needs. First is the Mode. If you play your games fullscreen, this is the option you should choose. Window Match Priority lets you select which parameters will be used to separate the available windows.

For example, if you have two clients of the same game running with the same executable name, but different window titles, changing the Window Match Priority to Window Title can be very helpful in selecting the proper game to be captured. Experiment if you have issues selecting the right game and see which works best for you.

In general, the default options are sufficient for most applications and you should not change them unless you know why you need to, and understand what they mean. As always, if you have any questions, please stop by the forums or chat. This source allows you to various image types to your scene. Most image formats are supported. Alpha channel support is also available where applicable.

The only options in Image Source are the path to the image, and unload image when not showing. This checkbox will unload the image from memory while it is not active, which can be useful if you have a large amount of images and few system resources available.

The Image Slide Show Source allows you to add multiple images that will rotate through as a slide show. Once you have all the images you want, you can configure how you want them to display. Image Slide Show Source supports the following image formats: This source type will allow you to use the digital green screen features of an Intel RealSense camera. RealSense cameras have a combination of a normal camera, infrared lasers, and an infrared camera to map the space in front of your PC and detect which parts of the video can be removed in a green screen effect.

There is no configuration necessary for this source, simply add the source, pick your camera, and watch the magic! Media source is a great option to add all sorts of different media types to your stream. The currently supported file types are:. This Source is often overlooked, and while one of the simplest in function, it can allow for some of the most powerful functionality in OBS Studio.

Since all Scenes are considered Sources, you can add an entire Scene as a Source anywhere you want. For example, this can allow you to create a static overlay that you want to use in every Scene, called Overlay. If any changes are necessary to any of the Sources in Overlay, you can just update them it will be updated everywhere else. This is just one of many examples on how this Source type can be used!

The minimum resolution you want to live stream an event in would be xp with a 1. Once you have determined the settings you want to use for live streaming consider setting up your OBS system in advanced streaming mode.

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Check out our other articles about Open Broadcaster Software below:. Paul Richards. Author Paul Richards. Author's archive. You may also like How To 0 0. Paul Richards February 1, How To 0 0. Paul Richards January 31, Paul Richards January 30, Some webcams have built-in microphones, so you'll want to make sure the correct Audio Input Device is selected in the Audio section.

You should now have two sources in your scene -- a game source and a webcam source. But you will not see any visuals in OBS until you start streaming, recording or previewing your stream. To see what your scene will look like to your viewers, hit Preview Stream.

This preview can give you an idea of what a session of The Typing of the Dead Overkill will look like when streaming. At first, your sources will be all over the place -- maybe your webcam feed is covering an important part of your game's interface. To move and resize elements, click Edit Scene.

You can now drag elements around the screen and resize them with your mouse. When your stream looks exactly the way you want it to, click Edit Scene to exit the editing mode. Turn a photo into an Excel spreadsheet: Microsoft's new tool for Android phones saves you endless time. Credit cards for cord-cutters offer cash back for streaming.

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. Gaming Twitch streaming from your PC guide: By Sarah Jacobsson Purewal. Time to set up your stream, including the feed from your webcam. Step 1: Settings in OBS can be tweaked for your streaming needs.

Step 2: Create a scene When you use OBS to stream, you first build a "scene" of all the elements you want your viewers to see. Step 3: Add your gaming source The first thing you will want to add to your scene is a gaming source -- the source that displays the game you're playing.

Game Capture Game Capture captures the feed from a single game. Pick out the game you want to capture for your Twitch stream here. You can also choose to capture a specific window. Monitor Capture Monitor Capture captures your entire monitor.

I will say that the PS4 camera is absolute horseshit and nobody should bother with it on stream. Just right-click in the Scenes box and click Add Scene from the dropdown menu. Experiment if you have issues selecting the right game and see which works best for you.

How to setup OBS and SLOBS to Stream from PC and Console:

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