Iron Giant Annie Dean

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Roesch Lou Romano Dean runs into Hogarth first at the diner where Hogarth's mom, Annie, works, when Hogarth's new "pet" squirrel figures the best place to hide is in Dean's pants. Jackson Louie C. Nimitz Doug Ninneman IMDb More. Favorite Movies. After the Giant proves that he is not a gun, the Army begins to fire and the Giant and Hogarth flee.

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This page is currently being constructed and expanded. Please excuse us while we continue to add more information. Or help Iron Giant Wiki by expanding it. An artistic beatnik and junkman, Dean becomes a good friend and father-like figure to Hogarth and gives the Giant a home and food , while Hogarth is away.

He appears to begin a friendship with Annie Hughes and possibly becomes Hogarth's friend at the end of the film. Dean's first appearance is while Hogarth is visiting his mother at the Chat n' Chew Diner. Likely exhausted from working late on his art, Hogarth finds Dean asleep behind his paper, while searching for his "pet" squirrel.

Quickly composing himself after being awoken by Hogarth's actions, Hogarth informs him that his "pet" squirrel is under his table and pleads that he does not cause a commotion and alarm his mother. Before they can really continue taking, the two are suddenly, interrupted by some fisherman having a conversation at table across from them.

While the other men laugh at a particular fisherman who claims to have seen an object from space, Dean claims he saw it too. When pried by an excited Hogarth, Dean confess that he did not actually see anything and was simply supporting the "kook" since no one else would. The two are interrupted however, when Annie inquires if his son is bothering him. Rather oddly, Dean erratically declares "yes" before affirming "no" and tells Annie to call him Dean.

Leaving Hogarth with Dean, he akwardly infroms Hogarth that he's found his pet: Although he tries to remain calm for Hogarth, the discomfort and the fact that its "heading north" causes him to apologize to everyone in the restaurant before unzipping his fly, releasing the squirrel in to the diner.

As the chaos ensues, Dean nervously asks for his check, and Hogarth presumably leaves. The following morning, after Hogarth discovers the Giant at the power station, Dean returns to the Chat n' Chew. Dean assures her that he's a good kid, but his attention is quickly pulled away by Earl , who arrives to show Dean something outside. Outside, Dean begins to take a heavily damaged tractor from an elderly farmer , as Earl watches.

Hoisting the vehicle onto the back of his truck, Dean apologize that he cannot pay more for the vehicle as a result of the bite-like mark in its engine compartment. Dean ponders on what could have possibly caused the bizarre damage, before Earl reminds him of his story from the day before. Rather disbelieving, Dean shrugs off the idea of "strange invaders", as Earl thanks him for sticking up for him the day before.

He assures Dean that he has since called the government and trusts that they will solve the entire problem.

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Dean finds this rather comical, however, and calls Earl crazy, as he cannot imagine who the government would possibly send for such a ridiculous and unlikely sort of case. Raleigh Domingo Rivera Rivera Jr. Edward Rivera Roesch Lou Romano Workbook as Chrisie Russell Jonathan Salt Signature Edition Shannon Sauve Signature Edition Andrew L.

Sevier Allison Sgroi Solis-Mercado Sunyoung Song Signature Edition Olga Tarin-Craig Tse Bob Tyler Signature Edition Michael Venturini Iron Giant Susan Wileman Williams John Williamson Williamson Teddy T. Iron Giant Carol Yao Signature Edition Janet M. Signature Edition uncredited Tim Keon Signature Edition as Alice S. Lin-White Ann Martin Signature Edition Dana Mulligan Signature Edition Stephen Schaffer Schaffer Greg Snyder Signature Edition Bill Daly Signature Edition James Seymour Brett Tavares Black Brown Daniel Bunn Dalton Lem Davis Abbate Ken Duncan Duncan Studio President: Signature Edition Shawn Eddie Signature Edition Will Eisner Gonzales Jr.

Signature Edition Corey Hels Signature Edition Darren Kiner Kiner Andy King Lumley Jeffrey Lynch Signature Edition Felipe Morell Bird Corrine Salgado Signature Edition Steven Wilzbach Yee Cheng-Jui Yu Zuelch Sheree Ali Edit page. Share this page: Favorite Movies.

Favorite Animated Films. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Follow IMDb on. DPReview Digital Photography. Audible Download Audio Books. Annie Hughes voice. Dean McCoppin voice. The Iron Giant voice. Kent Mansley voice. General Rogard voice. Hogarth Hughes voice. Earl Stutz voice. Additional Voices voice.

Signature Edition as Kathy Baur-Brigstocke. Signature Edition as Nicola-jane Courtney. The giant isn't talked about and doesn't fix himself. In this hilariously twisted and shockingly well-executed Undertale parody of the classic animated-film masterpiece The Iron Giant, Alphys and Undyne both playing the role of Hogarth stumble upon a giant alien robot from another planet named Mettaton obviously playing the role of the titular Iron Giant ; needless to say, all kinds of hilarity, mischief and surprisingly dark humor ensues as the military progressively gets more and more involved in their awkward predicament.

Whether through circumstance or curiosity two young boys find a kinship with each other. Which would be all fine and normal if not that the basis of their friendship began with their robots. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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At a loss for what to do, but desperate to help, Dean offers to take the disgraced agent on a cross-country trek. CardiganTale by LadyManga Fandoms: Abbate Ken Duncan Start a Wiki. Mallouf Madel Manhit As Dean touch Hoagrth's hair, Annie ask him to get to a shelter for safety, but he said it would not matter.

Dean McCoppin:

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