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My neighbor works there, and she was told they may be closed through Sunday. Breen Sarr Theln Carrier. Secretgardenblood Guru. He has such a good life that he's not ready to go yet, but I'll take him in if he tells me best in too much pain. New items from Holiday Item Vendor: Giada's Holiday Handbook.

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At least it's raining for now. I hope the best for Puppy! He says thank you. He has such a good life that he's not ready to go yet, but I'll take him in if he tells me best in too much pain. So far the medicine has made him feel better Aaaw old chihuahuas are adorable, especially if they get a little pudgy.

Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing, now you must stsy inside to be warm and hapoy some fun time and eat something delicious The pictures are great. I find it strange thing about snow , its so terrible when you want to get somewhere or to get home. But people love to play in the same stuff that has caused them so much stress. Like the school closes because of the snow, but the kids and teachers go out and play in it … Thank God you Safe at Home with Puppy.

North Carolina. So glad it has barely snowed here in Minnesota! But our snowy months are yet to come: Lol it snowed another couple inches yesterday and overnight. My boss gave me tomorrow off too so I don't have to drive in it. Basically I'm getting a 3 day weekend because of this foot of snow. Its very alien to me, the idea of businesses being closed, loss of income.

Nice pictures. Lol yeah. We don't get snow a lot, so we had to close because we got a foot this time. We closed once last month because we had about 4 inches. We have a lot of old patients and my boss and I drive an hour to get there, so we close for everyone's safety My neighbor drives a charger and he kept spinning his tires just trying to get put of the parking lot.

He joked his next car will be a truck for weather like this Thank you. I guess if its one day a month that's not too bad, you would not want to be living on a tight budget though. Well I am and I'm not getting paid, so that does suck. But I'd rather be home safe and unpaid than have to drive in weather like this. My car is shit on snow and ice.

My boss gave me Monday off this week so I don't have to drive in it tomorrow either. Thanks for sharing your MyTake with us , very well written yes Winter months are amazing but the snow can really hammer us good. Yes the pictures look really good thanks for sharing them with us: Awesome pics! I love snow when its snowing and 1st day its clean and on the ground.

Beautiful and coming home to a nice warm shower to warm up would be amazing. You only get an upvote because I've heard the song.

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Mature crossdresser free videos watch download If I hadn't, you would just be a creep. He is my sweet boy. He's almost 16 and is unfortunately dying of a throat tumor. He's the best cat I've ever had. He's had a really good life and he's happy.

I read online that cats usually only live about 3 months with his diagnosis, but he's had it since August. His medicine is helping. No sarcasm this time. Oh thank you! I've never done any professional photography, just like taking pictures. I've had him for almost 16 years and he is unfortunately dying of a throat tumor.

We are both glad I got to stay home with him this weekend And he is meowing at me right now. This was beautiful. Thanks for posting the pictures for us to enjoy. DO you know what kind of trees those are? Lol nope. I know there's a lot of oak trees out here and I think there are some maples, but I'm no botanist. Idonthaveausername Yoda. I took some pictures on my walk and wanted to share them with people who don't have snow or are otherwise incapable of taking a walk in the snow to snap their own pictures of it And thank you again to the half a dozen men and women who stopped on the side of the road to ask me if I needed a ride anywhere My front porch early this morning I snapped this picture around 6 AM because I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep.

This one is my favorite that I took this morning because of the lamp glowing and reflecting off the branches This grass was my favorite image while walking One of the other complexes in my neighborhood has a little gate with this spiky grassy bush. You can see Taco Bell is also closed in the background A prime example of the standard scenery Most of the road looked like this.

I also took a close-up of this tree on my way back I liked the twisted branches and the grass I didn't check the temperature outside, but I know it was freezing because the snow never stopped. At a certain point I turned back because the snow started melting through, but overall I was pretty warm with trecking a decent pace Yellow lines in the middle of the road and my left shoe Due to the several inches dumped overnight, I couldn't find the sidewalk, so I walked on the road.

Once I hit the main road, I jumped off to the side to avoid being sloshed with slush when cars whizzed past Part of my neighbor's house Something about the trees lined up in this one make me laugh because they look like dancing gingerbread men. My neighbor works there, and she was told they may be closed through Sunday The only tree with colored leaves left Wish I had a better picture of this one, but I had to stand in the middle of the road to take it.

It was the only tree I passed that still had colored leaves on it A tiny bridge with caution signs Last night I avoided this bridge driving home. Part of me wishes I had a sled to slide up and down it So many lonely fire hydrants Everything was closed along the road to the hospital, even the Urgent Care facility. I know we called all of our patients yesterday to let them know we would be closed today, so I assume most businesses did so as well Here I was able to walk through thinner snow Part of the road was plowed in the middle of the night, but the snow never stopped coming down, so it piled back up.

And it turns out trudging through snow is amazing for your glutes Standard intersection covered in slush Most of the intersections were covered in slush. I'm glad I didn't get stuck in one because my little car is terrible on snow Miles of snow in all directions As I climbed through mountains of snow and dodged cars on the main road, I saw piles of snow in all directions.

Last time I saw this much snow was 10 years ago Walking backwards down the turn lane Snow plows came through the neighborhood last night. Walking on the road wasn't too bad, just a bit soggy This is my cat Puppy When I stomped back through my front door, this little guy was waiting for me. Share Facebook. Walking In A Winter Wonderland. Add Opinion. Blondeandfree Yoda. Wow thanks for MHG and hope your cat is herring better.

Jjpayne Editor. I am melting right now I can just hear his purring. Hans Guru. Recommended myTakes. Other Why I'm an Ally. Other A little personal take, about my dog. Because I need to vent. Other Why are we always living in fear? Other Few Things happening every Second around the World. Join the discussion Sign up or log in to share.

Sort Girls First Guys First. SydneyTW 5 Xper. TonyMetal86 Yoda. Gedaria Guru. Paris13 Master. CaffeinatedCactus 5 Xper. I have a cousin out in Minnesota. When you do get snow, good luck. Guanfei Guru. You can't even start to imagine how jealous I am now. GoodGuyBreakingBad Master. Zorax Master. Cin88 3 Xper.

Happiness comes from the inside! This was very thoughtful of you. Fabulous photos, making me shiver just looking at them. Ahhh I wish it snows here It's cool!! I'm so hot right now lol. Fantastic take its snowing in scotland as well very cold. FunkyMonkee Yoda. Show All Show Less. Thanks, but I didn't write it.

Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. Season 4, Episode 5. Giada De Laurentiis hosts a holiday party for kids and transforms the house into a winter wonderland complete with snow globes and snowflakes. Creamy Tomato Soup. Crispy Chicken Sandwiches. Italian Flag Cookies. Triple Chocolate Hot Cocoa. Next Episode Family Christmas Dinner.

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Guy's Grocery Games 7pm 6c. Guy's Grocery Games 8pm 7c. Guy's Grocery Games 9pm 8c. Guy's Grocery Games 11pm 10c. Guy's Grocery Games 12am 11c.

Most of the intersections were covered in slush. Basically I'm getting a 3 day weekend because of this foot of snow. Quality quality quality, which is just excellent to me since we've had some real letdowns with buffets at some decent branded hotels back in Bangkok, having said that there are some awesome ones over there too. First Contact Day. Duty Officer. D I guess Puppy will find a warm spot in from of the heater, cats know how life works: FunkyMonkee Yoda. Indeed, whilst the opening display here of snow and ice is pleasant enough, it sure as fuck doesn't compare to the sight of these two Eastern beauties doing their best to keep warm together indoors.

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  • Most businesses paid to have their parking lots plowed, but there were few cars in the parking lots.
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  • At a certain point I turned back because the snow started melting through, but overall I was pretty warm with trecking a decent pace.
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