Buttman Fashionistas Safado The Challenge

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Please 1: Let's Get Fucked. Power Play. Shot in Definition. Also see the the movie that started it all, The Fashionistas. The sequel to 's multi-award winning film from John Stagliano. Shot in -definition in Berlin, Las Vegas and Los Angeles over a 3-week period, the movie stars the most sexual in the adult business today.

Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge a. Fashionistas 2 focuses on Antonio Rocco and Jesse Belladonna after they take command of the Fashionistas company. They receive a message from a mysterious man in Berlin who tests Antonio's loyalty to Jesse and challenges his sexual strength. Visually stunning and sexually amazing, featuring a person orgy, and with a music score worthy of a mainstream release, Fashionistas 2 will be followed by Fashionistas Safado: Berlin in January John 'Buttman' Stagliano Year: Buy Movie Play Demo.

With Without. Sodomania 5. Girl From S. This is the most erotic video i have seen in 20 years. The only fetish that really gets explored in any depth, other than rough sex and dominance and submission, is a heavy flirtation with enemas, and even that isn't played for maximum impact.

Fashionistas Safado – The Challenge (Buttman):

Overadult stars. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The event that may or may not be Jesse's coming-out party is a glittering and strobe-lit extravaganza that is, I suspect, very reminiscent of the Fashionistas Vegas show, with aerialists, outlandish fetish outfits and pounding music. All SexAnal. Anal Experts. Retrieved 18 January

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