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We'll be working on the next chapter when inspiration comes to us, but I will promise none will be as long as this one. The apple glowed and turned into a small airplane. Where's the sunblock? He is making an army of demonic or mutated pumpkins and has a machine that will drain Santa of his magic to make his army unstoppable. Kim then asked Grim something that has been bothering her for the past half hour now. Tara looked the glove over before checking inside, "A tag. Drakken didn't take any notice as he looked to Grim.

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Not yet, Rufus. Egg nog's after we sing carols, but before the Christmas skit. You're forgetting the most important tradition of all Every Christmas, this couch, that TV and my favorite cartoon snowman. It's on early? It's the four-forty-five promo. But not anymore! Take a powder, Snowman, 'cause this year Christmas is a turbo-charged collision of cool.

Live from the North Pole This could be e best Christmas ever. They cancelled Snowman Hank? Maybe this'll cheer you up. Um, is it a cartoon snowman who teaches kids the power of friends family and turning bad guys good? Well, no. But, uh For me? You're on! He just loves unwrapping gifts. That's us! It's a cyber-scrapbook. Do you like it? We're singing carols.

Coming, Dad! I'm just gonna, I'm just gonna take a minute here. Oh, hey Ron. Sorry about Snowman Hank. It stinks. And what's worse is Kim made me this perfect gift. And you got the Bueno Nacho Bueno Bucks? Well, she seemed to like them last year.

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So what's up? Silent night. Just wanted to wish Kim a Merry Christmas. Thought I could catch her before carol time.

It looks like Shego just stole some kind of experimental power cell. On Christmas Eve? Definite naughty list. Well, what are we gonna do? Christmas with the family means everything to Kim. Yeah, I know. Maybe Drakken knows that too. He must be up to something major.

Yeah, ruining Kim's Christmas! You have to tell her. I guess Wait a minute. That's it! What's it? The absolutely perfect gift for Kim. Christmas with her family. Then who's going to stop Drakken? Here you go chief, one stolen battery thing. Feliz Navidad. Excellent, Shego.

Drak-Force One is complete and this time Kim Possible will not get in the way. And why is that? Because it is Christmas. The one time of the year she is off-duty. Busy with her twinkle lights and mistletoe and carols and roast beast and frim franglers and zoob zooblers Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa Doctor D.? You've stopped using words. Where's the sunblock? In the mudroom. What do you want sunblock for?

Uh, I'm on vacation now. But don't you want to stay to see the culmination of everything we've been working toward? I'll get me some "me time. The world will have a blue Christmas! It's Extreme! It's X-mas! And it's tonight at eight! We are so there! Your Grandfather and I got that one on our very first Christmas. That's why it's my favorite. Did Ron go home? Thanks for the ride Captain Louis.

It's the least I can do, after you saved this old tub from sinking. Hold on. Kim Possible saved my tub from sinking. Oh, that's right. And I'm always right there. You know There was a fellow with her. Busted my radio. Used my navigational charts for a napkin. What was his name?

Ron something. Yes, yes, yes. Something didn't work out. We had to let him go. So, uh, I'll see ya, I'll see ya. We have achieved Egg Nog, Hon! Where's Ronald's little rat thing? Oh, he always loves the eggnog. I guess they went home. Ron was pretty bummed about Snowman Hank.

I hope he's all right. He didn't even say good-bye. Here we go! Come on, come on, come on! Hmm, hmm, hmm. You want a piece of Ron? Excuse me. Thank you! Oh, my eyebrow! Don't pinch me! Get your finger out D-Force 1: Initiating Launch sequence in five seconds Finally, a holiday where I get what I want.

Total global domination! This is going to be the best Christmas ever. Alrigh alright, let's see, let's see. Now this one looks good. Commencing landing sequence. Got it on the first try. Not bad. Commencing take-off sequence. Commencing take-off Please make up your mind. Initiating emergency system test. Launching escape pods. Initiating self destruct. Initiating bedtime sequence.

Wait a second I don't know what you're talking about. Before the Teddy Bear! Self-destruct in twenty. What did you do? This was my chance to rule the world. All I want is what's coming to me. All I want is my fair share. Chill out! I have escape pods. The garbage is jettisoned in an impact resistant container. I said, it's an escape pod full of garbage.

Okay, works for me. Self Destruct in five Land ho! No kidding. We're alive! We did it! So, while General George Washington set about finding food and shelter for his men, Colonel Zim Possible snuck into the British camp to find a Christmas tree. Delivery man: Kim Possible?

That's me. Merry Christmas! Would be if I didn't have to work. I guess I shouldn't open it until it's officially Christmas. It's Wade! Open me now! A Kimmunicator? I've already got one. Exchange it, dear. You can do very well in the after- Christmas sales. Actually, your other one got destroyed in the stratosphere. Ron took it when he went to stop Drakken from launching his "Drak-Force One.

Whoa, Wade, rewind. Ron went on a mission It was kind of a secret Santa thing. But listen, before the explosion satellites picked up escape pods. Ron's gotta be in one of them. And these pods are where? So far I only have fix on the first one. It's in London. Of course you do. Don't worry, we'll hold the story of Colonel Zim until you come back. Don't ruin your Christstmas.

I'll get Ron and My fault? It's not my fault. This is so your fault. I'm supposed to let you take over the world? In the spirit of the season, yes! Oh, you want to throw things now. Stop it! You stop it. You started it. That's a cell phone! Yes, it should leave quite a welt. Oh, no! Not for throwing, for calling.

Calling for help. Hell, I wouldn't even know if Santa died. Her hands lit up before she gathered a ball of plasma and threw it down the hole. Everyone leaned over to see the glowing ball fly down, before the darkness slowly swallowed the light until it was gone. Even Shego was taken aback by this, before she noticed the smirk Kim sent her way and scowled.

Tara and Mini jumped into the hovercar and started to search around before Tara pulled something from under a seat, "I found some flares! The others climbed into the hovercar, with Shego and Drakken falling behind. The woman glanced at her boss, "I'm doing this for the bonus vacation, why the hell are you agreeing to all of this.

Drakken scowled at her, "Shego we are literately saving Christmas. If we don't then we don't get Christmas either. Shego could easily accept that answer better. Still acting like a hero again puts a bad taste in her mouth. She hopes there would be something to fight otherwise she will take it out on Kimmie when this was over. With flares lit the group started to descend into the darkness on Drakken's hovercar.

Making sure not to go too fast but still keeping a decent speed due to their deadline. However, it wasn't long before they realize they would be at this a while. Two hours later and several songs repeatedly song by Mini, Tara and Drakken, cause Shego to really regret coming along.

She glanced down into the darkness and wondered if she jumped now would she die and not deal with this anymore. However, she noticed a glow coming from the bottom and was getting bigger. Everyone stopped and was tense. Drakken was steady on his controls as he lowered won even more until he was no longer surrounded by darkness. They entered a cavern that was lit somehow and gave an eerie orange and green light mix.

The lowered and stopped on the ground while the group looked around. All they saw was tilled fields like a farm where lumpy plants were growing everywhere. They were several other trees but they were bare and the branches were made to look like clawing hands. The only other structure they could find was a massive building that was given the look of a jack-o-lantern with a wicked looking evil grin.

Let's go get him. Drakken then jumped over the side as if to be dramatic but paused. He looked down to see his foot was now stuck on one of the plants. He stood on one leg and shook his foot to get it off. Grim hummed as he saw Drakken was stuck in a pumpkin before glancing around to see all the plants were also pumpkin. That's when they noticed Ron pointing to the various decorations, which was for Halloween.

Considering that there were skeletons hanging from the clawed trees, pumpkins, tombstones, and a sign that said, 'Happy Horrifying Halloween' in red and green lights. When they got close they notice the door was about to open so they quickly moved to the side of the building as the door opened up.

Walking out was a man in medieval style clothes and a pumpkin for a head. Once inside Shego turned to Grim and demanded in her usual tone, "ok spill bone head; who the hell was that guy? He did nothing pulled childish pranks on everyone until the villagers had enough of his shit. So, they sent a pranked package to the queen under his name. Drakken winced, "She didn't take it well did she?

In his own mind, anyways. Grim shook his head, "not at all. She sent one of her knights to punish him, after which he met me. But the fool wasn't willing to go even if his time was up. He was willing to exchange it for immortally so he can prank forever. I didn't want to but I needed to get me scythe back so I did it.

He shifted his scythe and it glinted for a second, allowing them to get the message. Drakken gulped and held his neck while Shego tried to keep her cool. Ron however had a different question "But what's Jack doing here? With a whole bunch of pumpkins and Halloween stuff to boot. Wasn't he imprisoned in the underworld?

Grim nodded, "he was. I have no idea how he got out. With how often he pranked everyone there was no way he would be let out. They walked over to her as the girl frowned over what she was looking at. On the desk were several larger sheets of paper and some blue prints. However, the writing and drawings were crude and childlike, with one plan seemed to be made by crayon. Everyone seem to be unable to make heads or tails of this but Drakken leaned over, rubbing his chin in thought.

He shifted a few of the papers and looked them over before he declared, "this Jack is the one that stole Santa. And he plans on ruining not only Christmas but all other holidays. Drakken points to several of the plans "he kidnapped Santa but that is only step one of his plan. He is making an army of demonic or mutated pumpkins and has a machine that will drain Santa of his magic to make his army unstoppable.

After which he plans on not only running Christmas but every other holiday, expect for Halloween. The two started to argue, ignoring the stares they were getting from the none villains of the new team. Tara herself felt worried as not only has Santa been kidnapped, which was bad enough, but this monster planned on hurting him to ruin the other holidays.

She knew it would be miserable if that happen and she wouldn't be able to face her friends again if she fails to stop this. Deciding it would be best to stay out of the argument, they were friends after all in her opinion they should fight, Tara glanced around the room for a sign where Santa was. The closest door to them got her attention so she walked towards it to check.

She placed her ear to the door and barely heard a muffled sound. Tara raised a brow at this and tested the doorknob. It was locked but as she tried harder the lock broke by accident. She blushed at this, since she sometimes doesn't know how much strength she uses at time, before she pulled the door open. Inside was a simple closet but tided on the floor was a figure she knew very well.

This got everyone attention as they turned to see Tara's discovery. They all saw Santa struggling before Tara reached out and untied his gag. This Jack guy is planning on destroying all the other holidays expect for Halloween. We are here to restore Christmas and bring Saint Nicholas from thy dastardly clutches!

Mini blinked at this and she wasn't the only one confused "You speak of the great William Shakespeare as if you are acquainted with him. Jack groaned and ran his head down his pumpkin face, "I always hate when my old nosy neighbor is brought up. He's an annoying hack that made up half the words of his plays to make himself seem smart.

That annoying little bugger was more trouble than he was worth. The only reason I stopped pulling tricks on him was because he didn't react to them and wasn't funny anymore. Everyone just stared at him like he was crazy. Finally, Grim muttered aloud "You have issues man.

Too bad they look as dumb as the last bunch. I simply planned on making Halloween the only holiday but since you're here Grim I can take my revenger as well. You are going down. Jack started to chuckle at this. That chuckle grew until it became a loud cackle. He started to walk backwards, his glowing eyes still on him.

This got the group concern before they followed him outside to see what he had planned. There Jack stood in front of one of his many pumpkin patches. But now the pumpkins were much bigger all had jack-o-lantern faces with green light inside. Vines and plants form limbs as the monsters all gather around and stood.

Several pumpkins the size of houses stood on elephant shape stumps to move towered over everything. Even the trees stood with their branches like limbs and dark faces breaking out of the trunks. Jack stood cackling with his arms spread to show off his army.

Grim gave Santa a look, "Ya had to ask. Santa looked nervous before he declared, "get me out of this and I will make sure you all are on the nice list; permanently! Shego rolled her eyes but powered up anyways. Kim brought out her scythe again while the others got into their stances, ready for a fight. Mini didn't get into a stance per-say as she focuses her magic into her nails which extended a few inches into claws, barely noticeable unless one looked for them.

Tara herself had a determined look on her face while four long black tentacles sprang up from her back. Kim twirled her scythe around before held it ready to swing, "watch each other's back and keep them away from Santa. This was the preverbal gunshot that caused both sides to charge forward, only Grim stayed behind with Santa next to him as the final line of defense.

Kim swung her scythe when the pumpkins got in range and went right through them like nothing. This did nothing to slow her down as she spun rapidly, her weapons slicing viney limbs and bodies of the possessed pumpkins. Ron didn't use any weapons as he jumped from pumpkin to pumpkin, either smashing them with the force of his jumps or striking them with a marital art blow.

He used one pumpkin as a stand to kick another behind it before he lifted pumpkin and threw him into a group of smaller ones. They all burst on impact, leaving a gooey mess. He didn't see one pumpkin with spider like limbs jump to catch him from behind. However, before they landed they exploded, causing Ron to turn around.

Drakken blow the smoking end of his gun before he whipped around and fired at two more pumpkins, which explode, "don't get cocky sidekick. Ron gave him a deadpan look before grab one vine of another pumpkin and spun it around once before he released it, causing it to smash into a pumpkin the size of a man and broke both of them.

Ron raised a brow to the villain who pouts at him, "I had that. Mini found it strange how the two seem to bicker when they all are not only surrounded by enemies but also in the middle of an important mission. And while Mini would reprimand them of their actions normally she felt the matter at hand was more important.

She weaved her way through the charging pumpkins, her demon sense allowing her to easily dodge their attacks. But she wasn't just being idle as her hands seem to wave around her slowly, at least from her perspective. If one was notice the slightly streak of color lights that trailed her crawls as she waved her hands.

When her hands waved pass pumpkins trying to attack her, they were slice to ribbons before nothing but a mess was behind her. Mini focus on one large pumpkin charging like a bull before she took a breath. She focused her power before she lashed out with a double palm strike.

The attack met the pumpkin head on, which bulged before it exploded. Mini allowed a small smile before two small pumpkins jumped her from behind and wrapped vines around her body and legs, trapping her. Mini struggled for a second before she was released. She turned to see the two pumpkins were now caught in the tentacles that belong to Tara.

The demon girl scowled as she caught two more pumpkins. At the last word Tara's tentacles squeeze and crushed the caught pumpkins. Mini smiled over to the demon, "My sincere thanks. I am honored to be your friend. The image however would be ruined to outsiders as her tentacles behind her caught another group of pumpkins and shocked them till they burst.

Tara beamed before she turned and gave a tiny pumpkin a mighty kick that sent it flying as it screamed in a high pitch tone. Shego jumped back after avoiding a charging pumpkin, which was blasted seconds later, and slid to a stop with Kim behind her. The two fighters barely glanced at one another before they stood back to back as the pumpkin army started to surround them.

Shego smirked which Kim could simply feel, "already killed twenty-five of these suckers. How about you? Her blade sliced them with ease before she smacked another one with the pole and sent it to the ground. It actually survived the impact but as it tried to get up Kim landed with the pole of her scythe stabbing through the top.

Kim straightens up and says, "thirty-seven. Kim didn't reply as they focus on something stomping towards them, causing the ground to shake. One of the pumpkins that were the size of a house was slowly charging towards them. Its trunk like limbs rose to try and smash the pair but they split up, allowing a few unlucky pumpkins to get caught in the friendly fire.

Kim however gained a determined look in her eyes. She used the head of one pumpkin to leap high into the air. The footstep in question flew towards Shego who simply backhanded it to finish it off. Kim herself was on one of the legs of the giant pumpkin and used her weapon to pole vault to the top.

There several pumpkins that were flying on viney batwings tried to swarm her. But Kim wasn't deterred as she spun her scythe around, slicing any unlucky victim that got near her. After that she ran to the side of the giant pumpkin, avoiding a divebombing pumpkin bat, and stabbed her blade into the side of the beast. Using her momentum, she slid across the side and back of the pumpkin before reached the front and jumped off.

Kim handed with ease while the giant pumpkin groaned before it stumbled and fell apart, the back end ripping right open. Kim sent a smirk at Shego, who was just staring at her in disbelief. Finally, the older woman declared, "That only counts as one! Grim kept his stern look as he stood ready. He was lucky so far as none of the pumpkins of Jack's army has gotten pass the others and tried to get Santa.

Every now and then he would fire a small blast from his scythe into the crowd but otherwise he was on standby. Santa whistled, "man they are really going all out. Grim open his mouth before he closed it, lost for words. Santa found himself back near his workshop, but it wasn't the exact place.

In fact, it was a cave with a large furry creature and a guy hanging upside down wearing something from Star Wars. Shego thrust her hand forward and her clawed hand went right through a tall pumpkin. You'll never get him now. It took Jack a few moments to realize that Grim was telling the truth. And he was beyond angry as Santa was now back at the North Pole, which ruined his plans.

Prank here, joke there, but now you have made me angry! That was when he snapped his fingers and some of the pumpkins started fusing together, the gooey remains of the defeated pumpkins moved and followed before they added to the fusion. The once organic monsters became harder and more solid. Once they were done a giant pumpkin shaped battle robot stood before them.

Everyone looked up at the battle robot, some in disbelief while some looked frighten. Why not? Fall before my Pumpkinator! Everyone just gave him deadpan looks. Shego turned her head to Drakken, "I swear he got the idea for names from you. This only made Jack angrier. He pointed down to them while ordering, "Pumpkinator!

Destroy them! The Pumpkinator obey and lifted one hand to face them. They group get ready to move, expecting the hand to try and smash them. However, it surprised them but lunching several flaming Jack-o-lanterns at them like missiles. The group scattered to avoid the blast, Drakken and Shego returned fire.

Part of the main body and arm were damaged with the hand even falling off. But the Pumpkinator regeneration the hand and the damaged part grew up and were like new again. Up top Jack laughed hard. There's nothing you can do that it can't heal. They all manage to get out of the way as the foot came down. Tara held onto Mini and used one of her tentacles to grab the leg and pulled them up.

Mini used her claws to grab onto the leg to get a proper hold and pulled them two higher. Kim and Ron both pulled out their grappling hooks and fired up allowing the heroes to climb to a higher level. Shego, not wanting to be outdone, ran up to the one of the legs and jumped up, allowing her powered up hands to get a grip and climb up.

Drakken and Grim were left behind but neither one was in a hurry to join the others. They glanced at one another before Drakken thumbs behind them towards the hovercar, "I think we should guard the car…you know, to make sure our escape plan is safe. Jack noticed them climbing aboard his precious Pumpkinator and growled in annoyance. At least back then there was only two of them and one was an idiot.

Tara and Mini manage to pull themselves up to the hip of the Pumpkinator before several pumpkins attacked to thick vines grew from the side of the Pumpkinator and unleashed streams of fire at them. They both ducked under the attack before Tara used her tentacles to grab the 'necks' of the pumpkins, cutting their fire off.

Mini used this moment to rise and slash at the heads, slicing them to pieces. Once done she smiled to Tara, "You have my thanks in defending the honor of our friendship. Tara smiled back at her, "thanks isn't needed. I value friendship above all other things. Even if Christmas wasn't at stakes I would defend anyone who is my friend.

Shego, who was not that far from them gagged, "I swearing I'm going to be sick from all of this. Ron and Kim manage to get higher up and were battling a small number of pumpkins that were appearing to try and stop them. Kim shook her head, "Ron we already went through this, Drakken wasn't trying to steal Christmas. But Jack is now so we have to stop him.

And that was with Billy and Irwin helping her. The part of the Pumpkinator they were standing on shook before it cracked open, causing many thorny vines to pop out. Kim raised her scythe to cut them, but they were fast and struck her across the chest. The wind was just knocked out of her, but the worst part was she lost a hold of her scythe.

Kim watched as the weapon fell out of scythe. He was pulled to the shell before more vines appeared and trapped him and prevented any kind of movement. Kim tried to help but her wrist was caught by another vine and was pulled. But instead of being pulled to the shell, like Ron, she was pulled upward.

Kim stopped in front of Jack before a second vine captured her other wrist and hung her almost limp. Kim herself scowled and tugged at the vines, trying to get free. Jack looked amused, "sorry brat, not happening. He snapped his finger and the vine grew thick thorns that stabbed into Kim's wrist. She grits her teeth pain but kept focus, not allowing her enemy to get the satisfaction.

She glanced at her right hand, ignoring the blood dripping, to see her bracelet was still bare and her scythe still wasn't back yet. Jack himself pouts at Kim's actions. But you seem to be the one in charge of this little pain in the ass; so I'll give your friends a nice treat. Kim watched as Jack pulled a large dagger out, the blade curving back and forth to show now painful it will be.

Jack had Kim brought closer to him and then stabbed her in the side, avoiding her ribs. Kim grunts and keeps her cry of pain down. Jack however was amused and pulled the dagger out, "still giving me the cold shoulder eh? I wonder how many stabbed I have to make to get you screaming. He was ready to stab again when he noticed the stab wound he made was closing up and healing over.

This confused him for a moment before it dawned on him. Jack looked into Kim's face and ask, in a somber tone, "so you too? Kim glanced and saw her scythe was back and she pulled with all her might. With the blood aiding her, Kim was able to free her left hand but at the cost of getting ripped up and bloody.

Just Kim cried out as she got free and reached for her scythe in a flash. She pulled it free and the weapon expanded allowing her to cut her right hand free. Kim landed on the shell and charged at Jack. Jack himself was backing away while forcing more vines to block Kim's path. But Kim sliced right through them and kept charging.

Jack stumbled back, avoiding another swing before he commanded the vines to stop him. It was then did he notice the vines Kim had cut weren't regenerating at all, even when they should have already. Jack stared as Kim was over him with her scythe swung back to attack again. The cursed man stared and had a feeling of dread fill him, and it was coming from the scythe. He only had this feeling once before and Jack realized what that was.

Kim didn't even give a reply as she sliced jack right in half, the two pieces falling away from each other, leaving the immortal defeated and even worst off the first time. The Pumpkinator groaned, ceasing its attack on the others before it stood still and then the body grew dark. The color faded and started to fall apart.

The heroes knew it was over and they all took their escapes, Shego jumping off, Mini holding Tara and using her wings and Kim, after she came down and freed Ron, used her grappling hook to get them to the ground. Once they were all safe they turned to see the Pumpkinator crumble and die before them, leaving nothing but a massive mess of pumpkin guts and plant matter.

Everyone gathered around, even Grim and Drakken came out of hiding to join them, and they all stared. I'll get a cleanup crew to pick him up and locked away. Let us return to him and share the good news. The group were back at Santa's workshop as Nancy was helping everyone relax a bit with some hot cocoa. Claus for the hot chocolate.

I'm just so glad he's back. Tara needs to get back to her folks, as I don't think she told anyone she left, and we were spending time with Ron's grandparents for the holidays, I'm not sure what's happening right now. Let's just relax for a bit. Drakken blinked and scowled at this. He didn't think of that as he was more worried about Christmas in general.

And as I promised you all will be on the permanent nice list starting next year. I would add you already but it's pretty much too late to change it for tomorrow. Shego gags at this. She didn't really care until an idea came to her, "Say when you visit my brothers you think you can leave a copy or note saying I made it onto that list?

Shego scoffed, "not really, they would no doubt be even more annoying. But the reaction I would get from Hego and Mego that they would never make it there is too good to resist. With one final cup of hot chocolate and round of goodbyes the groups went their separate ways. Drakken and Shego took the hovercar to fly back to their hideout for their Grim open and portal and they took Tara back to the center of the earth.

The girl was hugging Mini in a teary goodbye, with Mini doing the same. Ron was there to try and getting them apart and to remind them they would see each other again when school starts again or when they were around Middleton. Off to the side Kim stood next to Grim. Kim already said her goodbyes and didn't want to get caught in the painful grip of Tara's friendship hugs again.

Kim then asked Grim something that has been bothering her for the past half hour now. So, I punished him but cutting off his head. And a reaper's scythe can make it so when it cuts something off, it can't grow back or be reattached; even for an immortal. Grim shook his head "you might not be one yet but ya scythe was made for a grim reaper. You don't have control of ya abilities you shall get as of yet, but you are able to use a few of them at times.

This was one of them in the heat of the moment. Kim said nothing, thinking it over before she said, "I don't feel bad about it.

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Which Kim Kardashian Are You? Everyone was on edge, even more so when they saw who exit the portal. I have escape pods. Grim swung his scythe and opens up another portal. At least back then there was only two of them and one was an idiot. Kim landed on the shell and charged at Jack. Are you kidding me?

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