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You Are Leaving Pornhub. The page you're trying to access: A great idea! We'll take off our clothes and tie them together to climb down! Anyway, she gives him a Flat "What" , and he follows with, "Wash, but don't use soap. In Logan's Run , after emerging from water into a frozen cave, Logan suggests to Jessica that they should take their clothes off, lest they freeze to death.

Jessica complies. However, the presence of some dry clothes means that the nudity is short-lived. In Evolution , Ira is reading the periodic table printed on the back of Allison's T-shirt. He has a sudden idea, and when Allison asks him he explains and adds "Take off your shirt, I'll show you. Even after he explains, she's not happy with him.

The irony is, he's the one who's bugged. A classic version of this happens twice in the second Crocodile Dundee movie. First Mick tells Sue, "Take your bra off. He then uses the bra as bait for a booby trap for the goons although he does look disappointed that Sue removes it without taking her shirt off.

Later in the same film, when he captures one of the two lead drug lords and holds a knife to his throat, Mick orders him to take his pants off The look on the captive's face says he believes a different interpretation. Brill asks this to Dean in order to search for bugs in Enemy of the State. Eventually he does Played for Laughs in Constantine when Angela is about to get in a tub so Constantine can teach her how to awaken her psychic abilities, and the following happens: Do I have to take the rest of my clothes off or can I leave them on?

I'm thinking. A lady returns home late at night and finds one of her servants in her bedroom. She approaches him and says "Take off my shoes. It's for a completely innocent reason — Ward needs something to blindfold himself, so it's not as if he would be able to see anything, anyway. Harry Potter: Hermione tells Ron and Harry to do just this in book 7.

It is simply because they would draw too much attention to themselves out in the Muggle world in their robes. She has spare clothes in her Bag of Holding. Note that the clothes she's telling them to take off aren't just robes, they're dress robes, since they had fled from Bill and Fleur's wedding reception.

Another version occurs in Robert A. Heinlein 's novel Friday. One evening Boss showed up, tapping his canes and whuffling [snip]. He settled heavily into the visitor's chair [and] said [snip] to me, "Take off your clothes. From Boss it merely meant that he wanted my clothes off. Perhaps this isn't the best idea. What are you talking abo— [looks at Russell] Oh.

Live-Action TV. Babylon 5: In one scene, Ivanova walks into a slum clinic run by Dr. Franklin, and Franklin, without turning around, tells her to start by removing all her clothes. Ivanova replies by asking for flowers and a dinner first. Non-verbal example in Bones , episode "The Goop on the Girl". After Booth is nearly caught in a suicide bomber explosion, Brennan is busy recovering the human fragments on his clothes, and undresses him herself so he doesn't compromise the evidence.

Naturally, Camille enters the room when Booth is down to his underwear and Bones is kneeling in front of him , to everybody's embarrassment except Angela's. Doctor Who: The Doctor tells Clara to take off her Pimped-Out Dress in " The Snowmen ", since said garment gets stuck in the window, making it harder for her to climb out.

Not helping is the fact that he says it just after a Suggestive Collision. This is followed by the Doctor awkwardly clearing up what he meant. In an episode, Joey asks for one of the girls to remove her bra after first asking who had the biggest breasts. It turns out he wants a piece of wire to pop the lock on a car door — they were locked out and it was snowing.

The bigger the boobs, the bigger the bra, the bigger the bra, the bigger the wire! Poor man. He definitely needs help. Get in the search room and strip! Meredith, take off your dress! No, dear God! They're in the trash can! In the kitchen! It's coming off anyway. We could have just asked her.

Asking female officers for their clothing could lead to misunderstanding. Video Games. Agarest Senki: After an earthquake swallows Ladius and one of the heroines they end up in a cave and fall into an underground river. Once he assesses the situation, Ladius concludes that they should probably wait for rescue.

However, since they are soaking wet the cold is a major problem, so, to best conserve heat, Ladius promptly asks the heroine to remove her clothes, to their varying levels of confusion and embarrassment on her part. A girl-to-guy example occurs in The World Ends with You.

When Shiki sees that a button on Neku's pants isn't sewn on right, she demands he take off his pants to let her fix them. He doesn't really interpret it as a come-on, but he's incredibly uncomfortable around people and it's pretty awkward. One scene in the first chapter of the Neverwinter Nights 2 mod "Dark Waters" has Heather demanding Daniel's belt so that she can construct a device to go rescue the player.

Daniel has evinced an attraction to Heather before this point, so his responses are quite humorous. One skit in Tales of the Abyss involves the party minus Anise complaining that inside a volcano, Jade seems to be walking off coolly while the rest is obviously getting too hot with the temperature At the end of the DeathGate computer game, Haplo rips his shirt open and dares his double Sang-Drax in disguise to do the same.

When Sang-Drax complies, he reveals massive wounds crossing over his heart rune, which would have been fatal if Sang-Drax was who he claimed to be. In Persona 4: Arena , Akihiko Sanada , already walking around topless , asks Kanji to take his clothes off. Visual Novels.

Issei responds appropriately , leading Shirou to forcibly strip him. Happens on Hanzo's route in Nightshade ; Hanzo and Enju get caught out in the rain, and once they finally make it to a cave, Hanzo is rather blunt about telling Enju that she needs to get out of her clothes so that they can dry. The player can choose to do it immediately or protest, but it happens regardless of what you pick, and simply following Hanzo's instructions is the right choice in order to gain points with him.

Plumbers Don't Wear Ties has Jane discovering dirty reasons behind her job interview once this line is delivered. And when the guy repeats it, it's unsubtle: Web Animation. It makes MUCH more sense in context. That's nasty, you're a pervert. Web Comics.

In a strip of GastroPhobia , Phobia doesn't take well to being asked "Take off your belt! A girl-to-girl example is Erika and Kimiko in a strip of MegaTokyo. Kimiko's expression in panel three says it all. Gunnerkrigg Court has an example of this: The court tracks us through our food. I haven't eaten anything in days, so they can't find me. Wouldn't it make more sense for them to track us through our clothes?

Those are also provided by the court. Good point. Maybe we should— Reynardine: Do not finish this sentence if you know what's good for you, boy. RED Engie: B-but the readers are looking! Can't we wait until bed time? Western Animation. In episode "Nurse Stimpy", Stimpy decides to give Ren a sponge bath. Ren's reluctant about taking off his fur, so Stimpy has to ask him to do that, eventually suggesting that he does it for Ren.

Another example is contained in "The Great Outdoors", where Stimpy decides to go skinny-dipping and has to talk Ren into stripping. Wakfu , season 2 episode 8: While imprisoned in an Anti-Magic cell, the heroes have to throw some cloth over the device that neutralize their powers. However, all the first few attempts are failures, until the three males of the group are down to their underwear.

Thus they turn toward their two female companions, Evangelyne and Amalia Even when Sadlygrove points out that he'd already seen Eva nude But then they realize they omitted one piece of clothing: Yugo's Nice Hat. Trigger a surprised response and a "Goodnight, everybody!

In the "Steerminator" episode of Darkwing Duck , Gosalyn and Honker are trapped in a cage in Taurus Bulba's secret lair behind a water fall. Goslyn tells Honker to take off his clothes, and his eyes bug out. She insists she needs his shirt and backpack, and throws them onto a branch near the water. Some paint that was in his backpack spills out, creating a stream in the waterfall that lets Darkwing see where they are.

Star vs. At the end of their date, after a hug, Jackie suddenly tells Marco "Take off your shirt. The Crumpets: In "Save Granny", Granny commands her neighbor Cassandra into swapping their skirts. In "Octosquito", Ma removes her dress and converts it to a suit that protects her from the monster. In "Acne Dents Happen", Cordless takes off his Space Invaders shirt so he can rub his radioactive acne cream on more skin.

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Hermione tells Ron and Harry to do just this in book 7. Cam Sex Porn Games Premium. She approaches him and says "Take off my shoes. Happens on Hanzo's route in Nightshade ; Hanzo and Enju get caught out in the rain, and once they finally make it to a cave, Hanzo is rather blunt about telling Enju that she needs to get out of her clothes so that they can dry. Happens early on:

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