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You know, just your an average day in Resident Evil. Insectoid Aliens: The sources tend to contradict themselves on if zombies are Technically Living Zombies undergoing necrosis as a side-effect of the virus, or if they are legitimately dead and have been brought back. Other Monsters. Never thought I'd see Chris Redfield wasting away in a shithole like this.

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Barry Burton. Barry in Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Rebecca Chambers. Rebecca in Resident Evil 5 Brad Vickers. Richard Aiken. Enrico Marini. Albert Wesker. I'm not destroying the world, I'm saving it! Only a handful of humans truly matter. Everyone else is just so much chaff.

So now, I have to separate this chaff from the wheat. And with Uroboros, I can finally accomplish this. Lisa Trevor. The iconic Resident Evil monster, the zombies are the direct result of exposing humans to the T-Virus. Crimson Heads, which have only appeared in the REMake version of Resident Evil 1 , are zombies that have undergone a secondary mutation as a result of being incapacitated without taking a critical injury; the flood of adrenaline-rich blood through their body dyes their skin a gory dark red, they sprout claws, and their speed and reaction times all increase.

And I Must Scream: Boom, Headshot! When you kill a zombie with a headshot in any of the traditional RE games except Code: Veronica , their head explodes quite messily and with a wet, crunchy noise, just so that you can be sure they're dead. Continuity Snarl: The sources tend to contradict themselves on if zombies are Technically Living Zombies undergoing necrosis as a side-effect of the virus, or if they are legitimately dead and have been brought back.

Zombies have been seen clawing their ways out of graveyards in both Resident Evil 3: Veronica , but it's unclear if this is factual or just a Shout-Out to the famous sequence from Return of the Living Dead. Half the Man He Used to Be: King Mook: Man Bites Man: Zombies only attack by biting, although in some games it's possible to trigger a Zombie Puke Attack from them. Personal Space Invader: Because their sole instinct is to feed, zombies attack only by grabbing onto their victims aka, your player character and proceeding to chew on them until either they are pushed off or they kill their victim.

Plague Zombie: The zombies in Resident Evil are created by a viral bio-weapon, and can spread the contagion with their bites. Playing Possum: On rare occasions, zombies that have been sorely wounded will fall to the ground, but not actually die; if a player character gets near, they will grab that character and automatically inflict damage before the character kills them by crushing their head or kicking it off.

You can identify a "feigning dead" zombie by its lack of a surrounding blood puddle in 2, their heads move on the direction you're at. In the REMake version of Resident Evil 1 , all zombies not killed by a headshot or kneeshot will effectively do this; if Chris or Jill doesn't find kerosene or a flame grenade, for Jill and burn up the corpse, it will ultimately turn into a Crimson Head.

In the remake of Resident Evil 2 , zombies do not go Crimson Head; however, it can be near-impossible to tell if you actually killed one or if it is playing possum, with only decapitated zombies definitely being dead. The safest way to find out is to stab it with a knife. Removing the Head or Destroying the Brain: Shooting a zombie in the head is the quickest, easiest way to kill it, and a headshot confirmed as such by the head messily exploding is guaranteed death, preventing a zombie from playing possum in any game, or becoming a Crimson Head in the REMake version of Resident Evil 1.

Super Prototype: The Crimson Head Alpha, the first ever documented case of a zombie undergoing the transformation in the REMake version of Resident Evil 1 , is a mini-boss that can tank multiple shotgun blasts or grenades before dying, whilst a standard Crimson Head can be decapitated with one shotgun blast, just like a normal zombie. Turns Red: Wolverine Claws: Crimson Heads grow pronounced claws from their fingers, which gives them the ability to claw at the player as well as grab them.

Zombie Puke Attack: In some games, zombies will, under specific circumstances, vomit short-ranged gouts of acidic bile at players. MA- 93 "Cerberus". OK Cancel.
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Sign in to remove this from recommended. I imagine a beehive haircut is really hard to manage and you need a lot of hair. It often gets cut off by the camera. That tip basically applies to all the women characters in Resident Evil. You do you. Sometimes simple is best and Wesker is a perfect example.

He just wakes up and slathers his hair in two cans of gel, slicks it back and grabs some shades. Maybe not the most inventive or fancy look on this list, though I respect how great he looks. Doing something simple, but doing it perfectly is impressive. While Wesker and his slicked back hair have appeared in numerous games, I always prefer the RE1 Remake take on this hairdo.

There is a lot of volume in this version of the classic look. Hanging around a party - sure this is fine. Rachel eventually becomes a monster herself and her hair grows into a part of her body and ends up covering more of her face. Rachel is a great example of how a great hairdo can go bad. Sometimes a hair cut is too dumb to be good. Remember those stylish looks from earlier up on the list, well this is before those fashionable styles.

What was that? A massive ocean city was infested with monsters and blown up using a super sun laser. You know, just your an average day in Resident Evil. I fully appreciate that some folks love this look. I found a ton of great cosplay showcasing this outfit and hairdo.

Plant 42 can be killed with fire or by spraying herbicide over its roots. Breakout Character: On the one hand: Other Monsters. Man Bites Man:

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Man-Eating Plant: Yet through all the changes it always looks great, though I prefer his RE4 hair over all his other styles. Body Horror: Beard Growth Comes to Video Games.

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